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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 5985
  hay guys.
new boxxy video uploadinggg.
it's just a quick little promo video for little kinky.
we traded: i give them youtube views and possible donations and they give me a place to record.
i thought it was fair.
hope you guys like it.

pic unrelated.
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>> No. 5986
fuck i love you catie
>> No. 5987
why u post at 1 AM D:

I was just about to head to bed. lol
>> No. 5988
wow, Catie, you never looked so sexy in a video.
>> No. 5989
good deal but im not feeling little kinky at all....whatevs i guess.
>> No. 5990
don't worry, i'm going to bed too.
i just needed to post this.
i plomised them i would.
>> No. 5991
File 131391528043.jpg - (6.91KB , 240x222 , 1309145079550.jpg )
Your up late :3 Hows it going boxxy?
>> No. 5992
That was very good indeed. You look great.Intro was awesome.
>> No. 5993
File 131391552368.jpg - (250.94KB , 2048x1292 , 265919_212306322141334_197127730325860_549658_2839.jpg )
I love boxxy so much <3 Great video, Catie <3
>> No. 5994
hey there boxxy i am a long time fan of yours. I love your Voice, and i think your epic..
i work for an online radio station called bladeradio.com.. it's a gameing radio station
now i was wondering if you'd consider doing us a simple Voice Ad just Simple saying " HI THIS IS BOXXY! AND YOUR ROCKING OUT TO BLADERADIO THE CUTTING EDGE OF GAMING ENTERTAINMENT!"

thank you for your time
Dj Midknight of Bladeradio
>> No. 5995
Sorry I ever doubted you catie. That was so good.
>> No. 5996
>> No. 5997
>> No. 5998
File 131391622210.png - (151.13KB , 479x355 , 130436757367.png )
>> No. 5999
That was awesome Catie, thank you! <3
>> No. 6000
>> No. 6001
Go on...
>> No. 6002
Nice. I promise to only make 2 gifs from this
>> No. 6003
Weren't you paying attention? Little Kinky did the intro.
>> No. 6004
Those little kinky guys are Catie relatives or something, anyway the intro is nice(why black hair), apparently they are collecting money to buy Pro Tools HD software for $6,500??? I got it for free on pirate bay lol. That sounds strange.
>> No. 6005
>> No. 6006
FOAR ______ _____ FRUM BOXXY
>> No. 6007
File 131391747424.gif - (425.45KB , 500x229 , cat.gif )
Unichan approves.

Come visit us, dood.
>> No. 6008
Sounds strange that not everyone is pirating their softwares?
>> No. 6009
File 131391800153.png - (244.58KB , 636x358 , 1313916158381.png )
You look so damn pretty in this one just sayin <3
>> No. 6010
Am I the only one that liked the "Ok hi, my name is Boxxy" with the "calmer voice"?
>> No. 6011
The software producers earn enough from companies and small businiesses, it should be free for use for non-profit production. That's the core of political pirate party's policies here in Europe.
>> No. 6012
Woa :D you are a PPG but you are not buttercup :P
anyway nice vid also ninja'd that vid :D

lal I did forget to remove my joke tripcode i use in /m/
>> No. 6013
>should be free
>should be
Maybe but it isn't. Let's not hijack the thread.

No one mentionned yet that she is wearing the Foar Ant t-shirt?
>> No. 6014
It could just be any old white shirt. But it could be THAT shirt as well.

I liked how she went with the dark background and white shirt as throwbacks. Had a touch of nostalgia to it.
>> No. 6015
this vid is in HD
Did she get a new HD camera :D
>> No. 6016
Well, I kind of disagreed with the concept of the video. I mean, in my own little useless fan opinion, Boxxy shouldn't be used as a means for advertisement. At least make it a Catie video if needed.

Anyway, that's just me. I don't control her actions and she's free to do what she wants. I just disagree with this one.

inb4 I'm branded as a hater
>> No. 6017
Could be, or she was using her "Friends" Camera again.
>> No. 6018
She looks gorgeous though, especially with the white shirt.
>> No. 6019
File 131391903886.jpg - (24.56KB , 200x200 , second.jpg )
>> No. 6020
Boxxy just needed more Catie in her. You are a beautiful person Catie. Thank you for this.
>> No. 6021
File 131391971436.jpg - (90.38KB , 454x310 , karaoke.jpg )
Even if it is advertising it is still fine because it gives Catie a chance to sing in a song recorded in a "studio".
>> No. 6022
when dose she actually ask for money though. a lot youtubers do crosspromotional what's the big deal. i realy liked this video.
>> No. 6023
Where does that happen? The video I saw asked you to check out her frands' band.
>> No. 6024
>> No. 6025
Her friends band is "directly" asking for money for studio, if they get the studio money Catie will record the song, so it is kinda "donate money if you want to hear me sing".
>> No. 6026
I'll probably sleep over this or something. It's way too early for a Boxxy video.
>> No. 6027
File 131392057514.jpg - (11.04KB , 300x300 , boxxyheart.jpg )
thank you boxxy. Looooooove! <3
>> No. 6028
I want to know what she sounds like, she claims to be a good singer
>> No. 6029
Thread on uni about this:

>61 posts and 23 images omitted.

Thread on CC:

>41 posts and 10 images omitted.
>> No. 6030

I cant believe im witnesing this right now ;D
Love you Catie ;**
>> No. 6031
>> No. 6032
well it is awfully late. unintes are made up of mostly creeper who naturally atay awake at odd hours.
plus no capatcha
>> No. 6033
Youknow what's interesting? Uni has been generally positive about the video. I haven't seen the usual "this isnt da same boxxy" stuff. It's kinda weird though, it's as if the tables have turned, but just for this video.
>> No. 6034
What's funny is the thread on Unichan didn't get a single reply until 15 minutes after it was posted.
>> No. 6035
this they do not hate it, not instant hate it.
So strange, what if they start to like catie again 2012...dun dun dun
>> No. 6036
She also has her foar ant tan back perfect
>> No. 6037
I think that if she continues to progress Boxxy in this way, they will like it more. Someone over there stated how they like the direction she's taking it...
>> No. 6038
Catie, you said they made the intro song but did they make the intro cartoon too?
>> No. 6039
File 131392212788.jpg - (28.43KB , 768x768 , 1284018625877.jpg )
I'm honestly surprised at how well unichan is receiving this video.

Maybe it's the nostalgia feel to it for them or something.

I'm also surprised at how UN-well some of CC is receiving this video.
>> No. 6040
i loved it. there was a lot less awkardness in it a lot less uhms. i do like her tan and shirt and hair.i don't realy mind the advert this is whati come to expect from entertainers.
>> No. 6041
Yeah I agree. She looks really REALLY good in white.
>> No. 6042
i fall in love again
>> No. 6043
File 131392309930.gif - (1.00MB , 444x247 , boxxyhug.gif )
she wants a hug
>> No. 6044
File 131392361619.jpg - (40.03KB , 865x486 , yeah muthr fuckrz rock and rock.jpg )
or she wants to rock out.
but u know, could be either one.
>> No. 6045
File 131392388811.png - (307.43KB , 1023x443 , bawksiee.png )
i hugged my laptop.
>> No. 6046
File 131392390644.png - (8.19KB , 493x402 , 1312795043571.png )

/Heart melts.
>> No. 6047
So Boxxy is the new marketing tool around here ? Great ...
>> No. 6048
>> No. 6049
I going to marry you catie :3 <3
>> No. 6050
not sure about the intro

very sure about boxxy <3

awesum :D
>> No. 6051
File 131392517063.jpg - (103.27KB , 1437x947 , hehe.jpg )
Anonymous face :P
>> No. 6052
the real thing that most people seem to be missing here is that the end result of this video would be us finally getting to hear C-Dubs sing. That should get you amped.

Although psh if I had a studio I would have booked time for her, gratis (no charge). Catie this seems like an interesting and benevolent path to try and get this guy some pub as well but it couldn't hurt to try and record some demos on your own computer first. I imagine if you put those out and people like you can get others to record you without any need for "payment via promotion" Just saying.

anyhow, excited to hear your singing voice.
>> No. 6053
She looks really purty in this video :D(not implying that she doesn't in others).
>> No. 6054
>> No. 6055
File 131392538326.gif - (1.12MB , 524x294 , Boxxy New Vid.gif )
It's never too early.

Just made this GIF.
>> No. 6056
File 131392582042.jpg - (6.11KB , 220x180 , tn_1245518051840.jpg )

>> No. 6057
I love the new video Catie<3 awesome job.
>> No. 6058
It kinda looks like she's sitting in an abandoned warehouse
>> No. 6059
File 131392800189.png - (41.81KB , 251x218 , boxxywat.png )
>> No. 6060
mine too
>> No. 6061
File 131392829751.jpg - (19.84KB , 570x416 , haha yeah.jpg )
was there a joke I missed or something?
>> No. 6062
So what? :O
>> No. 6063
File 131392888744.png - (103.14KB , 612x351 , whatthefuck.png )
No. i just like stretching boxxy's face and making it look like an elephant on drugs.
>> No. 6064
File 131393003818.jpg - (24.90KB , 697x480 , oh my god.jpg )
that's horrible. D:
she's too beautiful for that :(
>> No. 6065
File 131393015058.jpg - (28.10KB , 492x414 , demotivational-posters-quadruple-facepalm.jpg )
>> No. 6066
When I first saw the caps on Uni, I thought they were just making Black Boxxy shoops from FS, but then....
>> No. 6067
Why everybody think that the spice in the intro is marijuana?
>> No. 6068
looks like she used her friend's camera again. HUGE improvement on the lighting; it's nearly perfect. the fact that she is talking about real people and real events was mentioned on uni and is a refreshing departure from FS.

i wonder if the resolution was cut to 1440x1080 by the camera or the editing program. i think rc has a point: the voice is... odd at times. but i still love it.

i assume that "secret doves" guy made the intro.
>> No. 6069
>the fact that she is talking about real people and real events was mentioned on uni and is a refreshing departure from FS
This was my favorite part.
>> No. 6070
File 131393337985.jpg - (58.87KB , 1100x851 , Boxxy Checkem.jpg )

I think that's what people are trying to say, but they all keep making the same typo. Weird.
>> No. 6071
Really great to hear her talking about real people, makes her character feel authentic and she nailed the look but the now squeaky voice? Please, I don't mean this in a mean way, at all, and I would be upset if she was upset by the comment, but the tone didn't sound like Boxxy of old to me. Boxxy's voice of old sounded smooth, mature, at ease maybe? I wonder if that's a deliberate break away from the original voice or it's just hard to do when you're older? I mean, if she was a guy her voice would have broken as she got older, right? I'm thinking aloud. Mainly I am grinning with happies :D Her happiness is so infectious, always my favorite thing about her character. Really great intro theme video, too!
>> No. 6072
File 131393426015.jpg - (18.49KB , 264x221 , BOXXXXXX.jpg )
u can never have too much boxxy :D

rawr rawr rawr
>> No. 6073
Don't know if there is one yet, but here's a rough transcription:

Okay, hi. My name is Boxxy, and [um] did [um] did anyone else see that [uh] just now? Because [uh] if you did, I'm pretty sure that if you have a working brain, you probably thought that that was amazing! That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! [um] And--and I--I--I honestly, I have no words for once in my small life. [um eh] I have no words to--to thank these people because--because they--they just messaged me one day, and they were like, "Hey Boxxy, we really love you," and I was like, "Oh, I love you too!" And--and they were like, "We made an opening song for you," and I was like, "What?" and that was it, and I was like, "Oh my God, that's amazing!" and [um] and their band name is Little Kinky, and I know that most of you will be thinking, "Well, that's just provocative." Well, it's not, so you--you knock that off, mister. And [um] and it was amazing! And [uh] and it's--it's so catchy, and it's like [insert onomatopoeic interpretation of intro music], and--and it's so awesome. And [um] so yeah... and--and they were like, "You know, [um] we really really love you, and--and [uh] we love your voice," and I was like, "Well, thank you." And [um] and--and they were like, "You know, we--we wrote some songs for you," and I said, "For me?" and they were like, "Yeah, for you to sing," and I was like, "I love to sing!" And--and--and--and--and--and--and it was--it was awesome! And so now me and Little Kinky are going to be singing songs together, and--and this is just getting--this is just getting too seductive for my own good. And [um] and [uh] so [uh] yeah, and it's--it's--I'm so excited about it, [um] and [uh] so you guys should--you guys should check them out because they're so talented, and they're so nice and wonderful and everything under the rainbow! And [uh] so everything that you need to know about them is in the doobly-doo, and they're just, you know, some kids trying to make it, and--and--and I know that feel, bro. And [uh] so yeah... I just--I thought it was really great of them and nice of them to do what they did for me, and how could I not share something like that? I think you should go watch it again because I'm going to. Okay, [um] so yeah. [um] I love you all, [um] and [uh] hopefully, you'll see me soon. I love you. Bye!
>> No. 6074
Hmmm, Porphy has experience with graphic design. She's going to college for it. Is it possible that's where the intro cartoon came from?
>> No. 6075
>> No. 6076
I mean, that would mean Porphy did it in less than a week. That seems like not that much time, but I'm not sure.
>> No. 6077
just realized
>And [uh] and it's--it's so catchy,
should be "And [uh] and I--you know, it's--it's so catchy, . . . "

>> No. 6078
File 131393660745.jpg - (60.66KB , 482x310 , 9494429.jpg )
We love the new video, Boxxy/Catie!
>> No. 6079
File 131393916655.jpg - (16.33KB , 600x303 , neo_choice2.jpg )
Keep it goin CW do moar CoLab... and draw moar audience to yaself.
we'll be here to support you always...

>> No. 6080
It's amazing Catie. You improved on a few things. You're so goddamn cute. Look into the camera more. And if you're trying to recreate the old Boxxy lighting, you did better, and I would suggest using a computer monitor as a floodlight for your face like in the old ones.
>> No. 6081
File 131394055190.png - (88.97KB , 264x221 , babee.png )
sure is tripfag in here

so where can I get me one of these 'boxxybabees'??
>> No. 6082
looks like the brunette version of a tabby video.
>> No. 6083
File 13139415628.gif - (396.38KB , 320x240 , boxxywave.gif )
>sure is tripfag in here
>> No. 6084
What's this?

A boxxy video on my birthday!
>> No. 6085
>> No. 6086
How is tabby formed?
>> No. 6087
I could make some OC from this :D
also I hate Captcha
>> No. 6088
File 131394329971.png - (448.74KB , 4000x4000 , fluttershy11.png )
>Dat Intro
>Dat Video
>Dat Boxxy

You're awesome, Catie. Thank you. :D <3 :D


Happy birthday!
>> No. 6089
File 131394423725.gif - (419.75KB , 200x119 , pinkiepiee.gif )
<3333 Had a dream where you visited me at college last night and we talked. At the end you kissed me on the lips and I was all "OMG YES I CAN DIE NOW I LOVE YOU CATIE <33333"
>> No. 6090
I really hate her skin tone in this video. I don't know if it's the lighting or what but... It's not natural.
>> No. 6091
thank you Catie<333 i love it
>> No. 6092
Catie, have i ever told you i love you?
>> No. 6093
File 131394645957.png - (190.93KB , 573x369 , 1313574998266.png )
Not sure if chicken still exists any more... On one hand it's better than FS but on the other hand it's just one big plug for some band...
>> No. 6094
I watched it, I Liked it. The intro was cool and unexpected. Catie was cute as always, I recognized Boxxy's gestural, expressions and fast moving :3 Well done Catie.
>> No. 6095
catie, i love it.
i wake up..and see the video, and it makes my day
>> No. 6096
I donated to Boxxy's quest. Only issues are they make you create an account with kickstarter.com (which only takes 2 seconds, but most ppl are dumb and might get confused and abort) and then you pay thru amazon--it looks like you must create an account with them if you don't already have one. I do so the whole process took less than a minute.

I have a bad feeling it will be too complex for the youtube crowd. They probably won't even think to check the dooblydoo for the links. I hope I'm wrong
>> No. 6097
Catie you should see if they can set up an alternate method of paying with Paypal, that might seem easier or more familiar to a lot of ppl
>> No. 6098
File 131394876465.png - (162.03KB , 529x293 , snapshot17.png )
You been working out? Damn, Girl! Too seductive for your own good? Catie, I know that feel...

The makeup has been refined, and it looks great. The intro is dead on perfect. I've always said that you're my hero, and here you all all grown up and professional. I couldn't be prouder.
>> No. 6100
File 13139491702.png - (49.91KB , 500x500 , 1313786579355.png )

I hope this isn't really Boxxology...
>> No. 6101
The seductive part is just quoting her in the vidyo
>> No. 6102
I need moar Boxxy in my life. Or Catie. Either way, you're awesome!
>> No. 6103
Intro: 9/10
Content: 4/10
Lighting: 4/10
Mannerisms: 8/10
Voice: 5/10
Boxxy's look/prettiness: 10/10

Overall: My least favorite of the five, but I still enjoyed it a lot. And DAMN girl, you are gorgeous. You look even better in the two new videos than the old three.
>> No. 6104
File 13139511281.png - (147.49KB , 500x373 , 2-10-2011 1-45-01 PM.png )
>You look even better in the two new videos than the old three.

>> No. 6105
Last time not really. This time... MY GOD!
>> No. 6106
Thank you, Catie. She's back. Really this time.

Think I might be falling in love all over again. :333
>> No. 6107

He does, and it's my opinion that she's more attractive in the first three, so why so mad?
>> No. 6108
You were sort of acting as though your opinion held more value than his.
>> No. 6109
The new video seem way too forced and the intro gives it that sellout feel. But Catie looks very beautiful in it. Probably the best looking out of the rest.
>> No. 6110
And we're supposed to value what someone who calls himself Timothy McVeigh says?
>> No. 6111

If it seemed that way, you guys really take yourselves too seriously.
>> No. 6112
File 131395385228.jpg - (283.87KB , 1713x1631 , boxxy-4chan-awesomeface-epicsmiley.jpg )
Fun fact: someone on 4chan made the original back in spring 2010
>> No. 6113
File 131395406467.jpg - (44.70KB , 300x400 , 1311305253414.jpg )
I think she's got too many logos on her...umm... logo. "Youtube" and "boxxybabee" sort of crowd out the "Boxxy" and are redundant anyway ... she can put all that stuff elsewhere if she's concerned about watermarking or something. The green part of the url is almost unreadable in a small embed. Nice that she has an open now though, I like the PPG look.

I liked the performance, even if it was basically an ad, and I reacted to it as if it was what it was. I'm willing to put up with this if it means more Boxxy. I smiled a couple of times.

Still not sold on Little Kinky though.
>> No. 6114
File 131395412313.png - (347.59KB , 370x461 , 1313527460269.png )
Copyright problems on the powerpuff girls?
>> No. 6115
Nah, Little Kinky changed the eyes and hair. No problem here, "Commander".
>> No. 6116
I thought it was amazing! All of it!

The intro was awesome too, put my attempt to shame :/
>> No. 6117
File 131395573690.jpg - (72.14KB , 960x1280 , Uten navn.jpg )
I approve this.
>> No. 6118
Oh come on! Are you guys hateposting as an attempt to get Catie back on Uni?
Foar Kinky was a delight, it was the best thing to come from her since FE, and don't pretend you don't know it, mister.
>> No. 6119
File 131395618931.gif - (13.27KB , 278x333 , samefag.gif )
>> No. 6120
Was that supposed to be Power Puff Boxxy punching Svetlana in the animation? I thought they were friends now. :'( Why would Boxxy resort to physical violence?
>> No. 6121
File 131395692197.jpg - (6.09KB , 240x181 , Boxxy - The Fuck You Say.jpg )
>> No. 6122
she'd get my money if I had a damn job.
but i don't so i guess the joke's on her.
>> No. 6123
File 131395723924.jpg - (58.70KB , 600x442 , ftcd3.jpg )
it's so amazing what you can do with your face D:<

without a doubt - you are truly talented

keep up the great work!
>> No. 6124
The fact these guys are trying to raise money for a Pro Tools HD rig running on a PowerMac G5 shows they don't have the foggiest clue about modern audio production technology. I wouldn't trust them to make a Flash animation for me, let alone produce music.

But what would I know? I'm only a senior recording engineer in a NYC studio that bills at $1500/hour.
>> No. 6125
File 131395824882.gif - (273.70KB , 408x277 , twoface3.gif )
>it's so amazing what you can do with your face D:<

Lol the left side is flat affect while the right is hyperexpressional, while saying the same words. She's the master of facial muscles!
>> No. 6126
File 131395838519.jpg - (13.52KB , 200x124 , 32255834.jpg )
i love you
>> No. 6127
lmao :D thats great
>> No. 6128
i agree with your assessment of the video mostly.
>> No. 6129
File 131395862946.png - (415.72KB , 885x816 , qvy.png )

I can't afford the $1500/hr for Boxxy's music. However, I can afford the $50 or $100 to help they guys record Boxxy singing!!
>> No. 6130
File 131395924460.jpg - (48.07KB , 960x554 , roflbot-6qso.jpg )
>> No. 6131
File 131395957155.gif - (496.04KB , 180x208 , 8222.gif )

I have a new fetish...Her arms.
>> No. 6132
File 131395959542.jpg - (50.33KB , 960x593 , roflbot-9YpH.jpg )
>> No. 6133
File 131395966987.jpg - (45.66KB , 600x799 , 1271739195116.jpg )

I've liked them for awhile. Pic related. :3
>> No. 6134
File 131395969775.jpg - (54.10KB , 960x593 , roflbot-UNLa.jpg )
>> No. 6135
>Edit too seductive
>> No. 6136
File 131396045045.png - (837.02KB , 1280x777 , boxxy1.png )
posting some caps
>> No. 6137
File 131396046916.png - (697.38KB , 1280x765 , boxxy2.png )
>> No. 6138
File 131396048436.png - (779.10KB , 1280x738 , boxxy3.png )
>> No. 6139
File 131396050258.png - (751.95KB , 1280x820 , boxxy4.png )
>> No. 6140
>> No. 6141
File 131396052021.png - (892.38KB , 1280x799 , boxxy5.png )
>> No. 6142
File 131396053629.png - (723.32KB , 1280x791 , boxxy6.png )
>> No. 6143
File 131396058048.png - (721.35KB , 1280x817 , boxxy8.png )
heh heh
>> No. 6144
I like boxxy more now than i ever did before
>> No. 6145
a lot more negative comments than i'd thought there'd be. bummer.

But to those who liked it;
i'm glad you liked it.
i tried really hard to fix the lighting. (:
also; yus it's foar ant shirt.
>> No. 6146
i thought it was awesome, i know little kinky made the song but who made the video?
>> No. 6147
So, this intro animation. Is that Porphy's design?
>> No. 6148
>a lot more negative comments than i'd thought there'd be. bummer.

Hopefully you understand why.
>> No. 6149
From what I've see, its mostly positive feedback.
I think you did an excellent job!

Also, did you ever get my e-mail lol?
I apologize for not replying earlier, sorry :P
>> No. 6150
it was not porphys design. xD
the person responsible for it wishes to remain anon.
>> No. 6151
>> No. 6152
well let them know that they did an awesome job, there were so many funny little things in it.
>> No. 6153
btw how soon is

"hopefully you'll see me soon" eh?
>> No. 6154
>> No. 6155
>a lot more negative comments

what? seems like more good comments than negative ones.
>> No. 6156
Yeah Catie, Uni and CC switched places for a little bit. xD
>> No. 6157
And i think the only negative comments were coming from anon's so that could be just one guy giving them a bad rep
>> No. 6158
Hey Catie,
Here is my intro in case you didn't get.
Glad I sent it late though, I think the intro you used is more fitting!
>> No. 6159
>> No. 6160

I'm sorry, Catie. D: There are still a lot of us who liked it, though.


LOL. So much for that.
>> No. 6161
File 131396324750.jpg - (92.97KB , 640x480 , 1020.jpg )
Exactly the kind of intro I expected from you.


She doesn't need one, especially not one so overdone like yours.
>> No. 6162
File 131396342439.jpg - (349.80KB , 945x945 , 1313961519345.jpg )

>a lot more negative comments than i'd thought there'd be.

You should be glad tripfags finally step up to the plate and doesn't just deliver platitudes like "Catie is majik" and "This is the best thing evah, until your next video".

Real fans care about more than just being yes men.
>> No. 6163
Yeah, I know.
It doesn't match the silly and hyper vibe that boxxy has. It really only took me a few hours, most of it was spent on syncing the audio and rendering. Once again, I know this intro is garbage, just felt like posting it since i just finished it.
>> No. 6164
Youtube folks were friendlier than usual, too.

I dont't think there were so many negative comments here, or at uni surprisingly.
>> No. 6165
I thought the intro was awesome.
Not too long. Not annoying. Just right ^_^
And you look amazing btw.
>> No. 6166
well you were only one namefriend, i don't think any other namefriends disliked it.

And just to clarifying catie wasn't asking for money for herself, she was doing it to help her friends. I don't see anything wrong with that at all.
>> No. 6167
She is using her character as a way to promote something which she will later become a part of. She's doing it to help her friends, who will later help her with recording. This could have been just fine as a Catie video.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
>> No. 6168

>And just to clarifying catie wasn't asking for money for herself, she was doing it to help her friends.

Actually it's business. She makes them a video and they let her borrow their studio.
>> No. 6169
>i don't think any other namefriends disliked it.
rc and monz did and were much more vocal.
>> No. 6170
I already know that. No need for clarification.

PS why the hell do you keep using friend as a suffix? It looks stupid.
>> No. 6171
i can understand that but it's not like she's gonna be a full time singer or anything. But i get what your saying
>> No. 6172
So you sent her a rushed intro knowing it was complete garbage?
>> No. 6173
because i don't like saying the other word, and i've been using that since i got here
>> No. 6174

That's funny, the intro is probably the part most liked.

You need to try harder, much harder.
>> No. 6175
I stopped working on it once I found out she had already uploaded the video.
I was going to add alot more elements.
So it wasn't really done, I was actually planning on completely changing direction on it.
But whatever...
>> No. 6176
>This could have been just fine as a Catie video.
but the music intro they wrote was for boxxy. i think that's why.
>> No. 6177
It's still stupid.
>> No. 6178

Also, let's not forget Catie videos don't get as much attention.
>> No. 6179
File 131396402882.jpg - (34.39KB , 364x450 , nouchirac.jpg )
>> No. 6180
I'm sure 100,000 views is more than enough to raise enough money for Little Kinky. boxxyabee is just overkill and unnecessary, in my opinion.
>> No. 6181
She can do what she wants to do, i think alot of people are just too close to this. They're telling her how she should smile to make it more "boxxy like" and trying to make everything the way they want it to be.

Sry for raging anon, i just read the thread on the forum and am hurtmad
>> No. 6182
mmafan is a friendfag?
>> No. 6183
File 131396446597.jpg - (28.91KB , 1000x561 , 8-21-2011 3-00-39 PM.jpg )
I personally love the shirt.
>> No. 6184
>> No. 6185
I'm expressing my opinion. I am not telling her what she should or should not be doing. I'm a fan and I would like to suggest ways for improvement. Shouldn't my opinion be counted for something?
>> No. 6186

>in my opinion.

So if i told you you could have 1K$ you'd rather have 100$ because it's enough? Good luck IRL.
>> No. 6187

The only thing Magibon stayed true to was keep her teeth in the worst shape possible.
>> No. 6188
File 131396489482.jpg - (102.95KB , 639x361 , 130842039155.jpg )
pic related

I know but if she wants to make a video helping her friends out as boxxy then let her. It's really only going to bother the chaners (chaninites, chantards?) anyways.

but like i said i was hurtmad from some other things i had read, sry
>> No. 6189
he was refering to this intro
>> No. 6190
I'm sorry. I just want the best for Catie's image and her fanbase. I may not always be right, but I still try.
>> No. 6191
i can't wait to hear you singing catie <3
>> No. 6192
In and of itself, I really enjoyed the video. I didn't really like the intro, but I don't so much care about that.

It does raise some questions about the future though. I believe Catie's said in the past that she doesn't want Boxxy videos to become commonplace because it would devalue Boxxy, and she wants new videos to generate excitement and anticipation. That really can't be the case if she's going to make videos like "Foar Little Kinky" and "Foar Contest Winner". Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm not going to able to continue treating videos like this as an "OMG NEW VIDEO" event to get freaked out about and watch ten times in a row etc.

Now, I dont think there's anything wrong with making videos like this. I would just hope it's part of a plan to make a lot more videos in general. If there's a new video of some sort every week or whatever, then this kind of thing fits right in, and I'll keep loving every video. But if Catie's going to continue with only making Boxxy videos every couple months, and she expects the same level of enthusiasm for this and "Foar Contest Winner" as she got for the original videos, and even "Foar Svetlana", then that's kind of disappointing, to be honest.

But the important thing is that I did really like this video. A lot.
>> No. 6193

Ah, Zorro!
>> No. 6194
I just read this ad I'm afraid it might not make sense. So...

tl;dr: I don't have a problem with Boxxy promoting bands or t-shirt contests, but if that's all she's doing, then I am disappoint.
>> No. 6195
i understood it, and thank you for the way you said it

dang i'm white knighting so hard today, it's like a sickness, i'm gonna go play mass effect and kill the council
>> No. 6196
it is an awesome vid catie.
love the lighting and the shirt :3 reminds me of the old videos. ur mannerisms are funnier than ever
>> No. 6197
Catie looks hawt in this video. Like...wow.

White shirt ftw.
>> No. 6198
You can buy your T-shirts at

Have a nice day, dear sir!
>> No. 6199

My comments about Catie working out could be construed as sleazy if not for the fact that she HAS been working out, and it really DOES show, and after all the grief she's taken about her weight, I think she deserves everybody's praise and support.
>> No. 6200
File 131396756359.gif - (423.37KB , 175x175 , sw7543353sw.gif )
>> No. 6201

This video tells me that Catie is all in. You can't be Boxxy all the time and stay an amateur.


I second that derp.
>> No. 6202

You do know that the cheap ho on the corner has sex for money, right? I'm not really seeing the parallels here.
>> No. 6203

Is that the same T-shirt from FOAR ANT?
>> No. 6204
That's what she told us.
>> No. 6205
>> No. 6206
File 131397031833.png - (8.84KB , 344x341 , corn.png )

Mooninite Boxxy continues to be the better Boxxy.
>> No. 6207
The cloths don't make the woman or the man Jelly.

But FE was pretty fuckin awesome.
>> No. 6208
File 131397102749.jpg - (15.24KB , 343x332 , 129585952254.jpg )
>> No. 6209
Foar Everywun and Foar 4DDI were both better than Foar Ant and FLK
>> No. 6210
File 131397127773.png - (709.23KB , 1440x1080 , vlcsnap-2011-08-21-10h23m45s160.png )
>> No. 6211
File 131397141658.png - (134.30KB , 402x316 , 130955547171.png )
Truest fans know foar ant is best.
>> No. 6212
File 131397185463.png - (189.78KB , 480x360 , 1308623360094.png )
conceited basterd.
>> No. 6213
File 131397204220.png - (142.99KB , 478x359 , 1280978189525.png )

>> No. 6214
File 131397207337.png - (471.13KB , 954x715 , 130955565025.png )
its cus i have a penis.
>> No. 6215
I agree with you Jelly, even though you don't like me. :/
>> No. 6216
File 131397225634.gif - (489.51KB , 240x183 , Angry Panda.gif )
Sorry, but no matter how hard I tried I just saw Catie, not Boxxy. It was also too commercialised, too sell out, too...conformist.
>> No. 6217
File 131397228125.jpg - (76.59KB , 532x427 , 131277839212.jpg )
>> No. 6218
oh boxxie you are indeed amazing
>> No. 6219
File 131397357896.jpg - (36.04KB , 364x493 , fuck.jpg )
I just can't believe it. The animation is really funny. She looks incredible, and she announces that she announces that she's going to be SINGING, for fuck's sake, and some people are... disappointed??? What? Huh Fuuuu.. eh? I mean, she's obviously lost some weight, which would be nice if it wasn't a possible sign that she me be actually listening to you derps.
>> No. 6220
Forget your trip, Boxxology?
>> No. 6221
File 131397511753.png - (29.47KB , 208x176 , boxxxyy.png )
<3 Boxxy! New video = fantasticalness! Soo happyyyyyy to see you again.
>> No. 6222

>> No. 6223
Yes, It was just what i needed to get my Boxxy out of my system. THANKYOU! Was needing a new video :)
>> No. 6224
"They're so talented, and nice, and wonderful, and everything, under the RAINBOW!"

favorite part
>> No. 6225
best part "I know that feel bro"
>> No. 6226
Please for the love of mike, Catie, if you ever join a band, please never get a tattoo. It would be a crime to defile your healthy wholesome being with skank tags. It would not be hot and no one would be impressed. Don't mean to be a busy body but, really, why graffiti the mona lisa? New vid is aces by the way.
>> No. 6227
>skank tags
I take offense to that.
>> No. 6228
Sorry, jelly.I forgot you had that tattoo on the small of your back.
>> No. 6229
File 131398133271.jpg - (56.48KB , 430x395 , tattooPorphyria.jpg )
It's on my arm, actually.
>> No. 6230
.........Are you shitting me? You ACTUALLY got that tattooed on you?

Well alrighty then. Fair enough, I considered getting a boxxy tattoo.
>> No. 6231
Wow. that's dedication. Nice tat you harlot.
>> No. 6232
Srsly? When did you get that?
>> No. 6233
July 23rd.
>> No. 6234
File 131398474126.png - (347.19KB , 520x650 , SchoolIsForFools.png )

'Boxxy' is just Catie's personality when she was younger (ie Boxxy IS Catie), I've tried explaining this to them, but it's preachig to the choir.

There never was any 'act', or any 'character', there was just a girl who made a couple of vids to her Gaia friends and an insanely irrational reponse from the internet.

Catie enjoyed the attention and fed the fans speculation back to them about the whole 'character' rubbish etc. She actually gets her 'ideas' off them, they're the collective authors of 'Boxxy' you see.

This post will of course fall on deaf ears. I know you people lackthe capacity to ask onesimple question -"How did this all actually start?". When you look at that question and answer it honestly it's very hard not to see how ridiculous this is.

'Boxxy'is just Ctie talkng to her Gaia buddies, she IS NOT a character. You gave Catie that idea, and she fed it right back to you all. Look at the last 2 videos, she's trying to impersonate her younger self and failing, because it's not who she is any more.

It's just money now ppl. Do you give it to a charity or other deserving cause? Does Catie do a charity blogTV to help some charity? No, you just keep feeding her.

>> No. 6235
I disagree that Boxxy was ever really a character, so to speak. She seemed to just be Catie being happy and appreciative, and thats the way it happens to manifest. I don't think this video was forced, and if I can be honest, Foar Ant always felt the most forced of her videos.

And how are so many of you delusional enough to believe all her old videos were the same anyways? She talks slower in Foar Ant and FE than in Foar 4DD1, the lighting and shirt is different in Foar Ant etc.

Keep making videos and being happy Catie- it looks good on you.
>> No. 6236

That 'Boxxy' is simply Catie when she was younger. The 'character' concept of 'Boxxy' is a retroactive creation, an idea that was given birth by fan speculation, adopted by Catie, and fed back to you, so it seemed you were right all long.

She's just giving you what you want, because she knows it sells. The real creators of 'Boxxy' are the die hard fans.

I can't say whether I wouldn't do the same in her position. It's a great shame that 'Boxxy love' isn't being used for good though, you're just showering her with gifts and blind praise.
>> No. 6237
Nice circular logic bro.
>> No. 6238

It's not circular logic. I'll explain it differently.

Let's say one a guys car breks down and I have a look at the engine for him. I then very accidentally do something that fixes it. This something is 'Boxxy' in this example.

The method I used goes forgotten for a year until the guy whose car it was mentions it to some ppl, who mention it to others etc. The whole time I think nothing of this.

Suddenly there's a bunch of ppl all amazed at this miracle engine fix I 'invented' which was actually a complete accident. I realise there's money in this and I tell them "Why yes, I did indeed invent this method, you're all quite right". Then I patent it, the end.

The rest is history
>> No. 6239
I was talking about your claim that people thought Boxxy is a character, which causes Catie to think Boxxy is a character, which makes Boxxy a character.
>> No. 6240
File 131398733327.png - (374.27KB , 609x678 , lunchbox.png )
'Boxxy'is just Ctie talkng to her Gaia buddies, she IS NOT a character. You gave Catie that idea, and she fed it right back to you all. Look at the last 2 videos, she's trying to impersonate her younger self and failing, because it's not who she is any more.

>>This post will of course fall on deaf ears. I know you people lackthe capacity to ask onesimple question -"How did this all actually start?". When you look at that question and answer it honestly it's very hard not to see how ridiculous this is.

BUT you're not thinking it through far enough. Gaia is all about roleplaying. I think that was the joke. She was playing the role of the little cartoon character in the top left hand corner. I always thought the heavy eyeliner was an attempt to approximate the look of anime eyes.
>> No. 6241

Did you just buy something? I didn't buy anything? What the fuck are you talking about? Look, she's trying to be professional. She's try to have a career.

She grew up. You should too.
>> No. 6242
File 131398786323.jpg - (32.50KB , 600x480 , tactical_facepalm%5B1%5D.jpg )

>I was talking about your claim that people thought Boxxy is a character, which causes Catie to think Boxxy is a character, which makes Boxxy a character.

Catie DOESN'T believe 'Boxxy' is a character, she KNOWS it's just her younger persona. She has tried to make a character from herself in the original Boxxy vids to appease fan speculation that it was a character. It's clear though that she impersonating, not acting.
>> No. 6243

I think Catie's the one who gets to decide whether Boxxy is a character. Clearly not you, as you are not very smart, even though you really really really think you are.
>> No. 6244
>> No. 6245
Not boxxy. It's fastmode catie doing a commercial. I seriously dislike this video.
>> No. 6246
I don't get the people who say they don't like this video, personally I'm just happy with any video she makes, she's also really cute in this video, you can't argue with that.
For those who don't like that this video is a 'commercial', her friends camera broke so it's eather this video or no video at all.
And she is obviously trying to bring back the old 'Boxxy' but it isn't easy, it's been almost 3 years.
Give her a break.
>> No. 6247
>For those who don't like that this video is a 'commercial', her friends camera broke so it's eather this video or no video at all.

I don't see how the two relate.

Speaking of camera, which did she use for this video? It's 720p, which means she didn't use her kodak. That begs the question: why? FE is what everyone wants, and that was filmed with the kodak.
>> No. 6248
I agree on some points you make, Boxxy was an ironic Catie act, not a character. She might have put the idea of it being a character out because people at school made fun of her for it or she was ashamed, so she said it is a "character" to avoid being seen as a youtubefag by people from school and friends. Youtubers have very bad reputation in some circles, saying that you are a youtuber makes you look desperate for attention and not cool, 3-4 years ago youtubers had even worse reputation.
>> No. 6249
I would also like to point out, when making this intro I used here youtube channel design as reference, I'm guessing that was a mistake?
>> No. 6250
Tbh I'd rather have no video now, and a quality video later, than what I saw today.
Saged sticky intentional; I'm sure most of you don't want to see more of this in comparison to the other videos.
>> No. 6251
She basically had no choice but to make this video. The deal was the she makes the video to get free recording time in the studio. She couldn't pass that opportunity up, nor should she have. I am excited for her.
>> No. 6252
"it's just a quick little promo video for little kinky.
we traded: i give them youtube views and possible donations and they give me a place to record.
i thought it was fair. "

We got a boxxy video and future songs from catie?
And people are still complaining?
>> No. 6253

Funny how things aren't working out, at least not yet. From close to 100K views they have gotten 26$, is that correct?
>> No. 6254
Yeah and I was $5 of that. I'm thinking maybe since she doesn't ask you to donate in the video itself plus she doesn't say 'check the description' she says doobleedoo, that 90% of people don't even check the description or know of a possible donation and 95% of those that do, don't donate cuz they figure someone else will.
>> No. 6255

I'm more leaning towards the theory that while some of you faggots will do anything for Catie personally you won't rush of throwing gold at random places just because she tell you to.

Also, their band is shit.
>> No. 6256
File 131401722110.jpg - (4.56KB , 300x57 , chanical.jpg )
I read ppls being positive and ppls being negative about how CW dus her vidyas...
Let me tell you sumfin to those of you who's words irks the hell outa me, because they sound as if you're trying to get Catie to do it "YOUR WAY VIDYA"... we all love the start videos because she was truly happy and was having fun with it. now ppls has a problem because is not good enuff for ya... here is the issue... YOU are not in her shoes, YOU are not being pressured to produce vidyas, it apears to me that she's not having fun anymore cause CW is not a vidya factory, for those of you that critizice and have nothing positive to bring to the table I say keep your crap to yaself... Furthermore to those who are being positive aim for things that CW is doing great dun just kiss ass... look guys CW is not a slave ok, and is not up to us to demand perfection, I'm sure CW is trying real hard to please every1. CC is her sanctuary, how bout giving her that back, take it ez on the Boxxy vidya hunger, ask nicely, be a critic but damn don't be a Fackin Simmon... contribute in a positive way yes is ok not to like things but stop being a doosh.
The root of the issue here is that she needs to do what she does for fun not because we demand it.

and if the shoe fits wear it...
hhmmm hhmmmm
>> No. 6257
$1 = gold to you? you must be fackin broke!

Theoretically the moar money you give the more studio time she can get. However that's implied since she doesn't specify.

Also I AM disappoint that the hardcore fanbase hasn't stepped up to cough up a buck each, if nothing else than a favor to Catie.
>> No. 6258

>$1 = gold to you? you must be fackin broke!

You need to try much, much harder friend.

That said, i wouldn't piss on LK if they were n fire and the fact that the sphere doesn't blindly follow any wink makes me proud. Son.
>> No. 6259
>You need to try much, much harder friend.
I wasn't trying, you're the one that equated a few pennies to 'gold', dramatizing her indirect request.

If you liked LK and thought they were good would it be a different story? Otherwise it sounds like you just enjoy it when her fans are unfaithful to her, and want to see her friends fail. Which would make one question your motives for being on her site.
>> No. 6260
Negro please.
I support catie, just because I won't spend my money to help out a band whose music I can't stand does not make me any less of a catiefan than you or anyone else here.
If I liked LK, then yeah, I could see spending a buck to help out. But I don't, so I won't. Try usin your brain for a second, drone.
>> No. 6261
I thought it was incredibly adorable and fit Boxxy's character perfectly and it was also nice of Catie to do a shout out to the band. Win-win-win. I also think she looked really pretty in this video too <3.
>> No. 6262
Ohai , you and catie are working on something together.
What might that be ? If you where to speculate your self :o
>> No. 6263
File 131403711534.jpg - (94.71KB , 428x662 , 1313486067829.jpg )

Don't let the haters get you down Catie. This video wasn't quite what I was expecting, but I was happy to see your face again and you always make me smile so keep it up and I'm looking forward to the next one :)
>> No. 6264
File 131403833632.png - (316.76KB , 717x342 , broadway9.png )
This is what that video just did to Boxxy.

pic related

The copyright text was the first warning signs this was starting to suck and becoming fake and plastic.

Now you're giving a shoutout to some unheard of talentless losers, who sing to demo tunes on a 1975 Casio organ they found in the attic. Their 'studio' *cough* means their garage. Might sound interesting trying to sing while being affected by petrol fumes, but I don't wanna hear it.

Shame on you, Catie.
>> No. 6265
hey this is slow but watch it and read it http://chan.catiewayne.com/animation.php?board=o&id=13140385769 (I wasn't going to put these thoughts down with font or ink... coz it fags up the place. but seriously, i hope you see my point
>> No. 6266
>> No. 6267

>dramatizing her indirect request.

Noting indirect with the request nigger, it's what the video is for.

>If you liked LK and thought they were good would it be a different story?

Maybe but i doubt it, she should just have made a regular v-log. Boxxy selling stuff is just bad through and through.

>want to see her friends fail.

I doubt they are her friends, sound to me like they are just some random people of the net who sent her an intro. Then they made a great deal, "studio" time for Boxxy video, to bad they suck so they can't capitalize upon the opportunity.
>> No. 6268

>Don't let the haters get you down Catie.

Sounds like you're late to the party. When even rc says he didn't like the video the old "go back to uni hater troll" goto phrase kinda lost even the small amount of validity it had.
>> No. 6269
Yeah I was kinda disappointed by rc, he didn't even give the video a 2nd chance or time to sink in before making a conclusion. It's like he was aching at the chance to get criticism off his chest or something, like he's tired of being known as a universal supporter. Maybe he was butthurt that Intrepid knew more than him about the week's surprises.
>> No. 6270
File 131404072467.jpg - (24.69KB , 500x473 , 1313768227211.jpg )

Ah yes, while you do make an excellent and well thought out point let me inform you about an alternative theory that i have been working on for quite some time already.

He didn't like it.
>> No. 6271
>he didn't even give the video a 2nd chance or time to sink in before making a conclusion

It's the first impression that counts.

After watching something enough times, it's only inevitable you will begin to like it. It's like waking up in the morning at 8 AM for High School, then 6 AM for college. It'll be hard at first, but you'll get used to it as your body adapts.
>> No. 6272
Did 4chan have any reaction at all?
>> No. 6273
Not like they did with TAATGI, FS, or FE, no.

When FS first came out, there was at least one thread about it on the front page of /b/. It took a couple minutes to find one about FLK.
>> No. 6274
His main complaint was the voice was different. It seems like that's something that can grow on you if you start to appreciate the differences rather than immediately condemn them. But he just said 'it sucks I hate this and the boxxosphere and everything that Catie stands for' and moved on. I hear he moved to the woods and lives off of tree bark now.
>> No. 6275


I saw a couple of threads yesterday but still not a single thread today. Even worse then i expected.
>> No. 6276
The threads themselves didn't gain much traction either. With FS, threads as simple as "lol boxxy is a troll" would get 50+ replies within less than an hour.
>> No. 6277
You're right, I am late. Not all fans are old fans, you see.

Like others said, it wasn't anything major. There were a couple "Queen has returned!" type threads and of course the ones complaining. No major shitstorms that I saw.
>> No. 6278
This. Though the difference is tha there's something to be gained (studio time) so I suppose that makes it ok.
Inb4 samefag
Inb4 whiteknight rage explosion
Inb4 ban just stating how I am starting to see it, : /
>> No. 6279
4chan itself is kind of dead.
Anyways people are just mad boxxy is evolving in to something more than what appeared to be an innocent 16 year old girl vlogging. Lord knows 4chan has a thing for young girls.
>> No. 6280
File 131404526179.png - (353.96KB , 1360x768 , boxxyred.png )
This video makes for some pretty cool wallpapers.
>> No. 6281
>Their 'studio' *cough* means their garage.
well, technically his mom's basement, but yeah.

that was... unique. not all criticism is negative, though.

>I doubt they are her friends, sound to me like they are just some random people of the net who sent her an intro.
one of them is boxxmom's friend's nephew.

a very good point.
>> No. 6282
That was over what types of sexual noises her female fans make in bed. So until I hear sex noise simulations in their songs (or using Catie to make those noises in particular), I will consider them different.
>> No. 6283

4chan has 10,200,000 unique visitors per month and you call it "DEAD"?
>> No. 6284
I have no problem with swearing and generalized vulgar language. Like "you're a gay goat-fucker" because it is obviously not intended to be anything other than a colourful insult. If I say "your mother is a whore" I obviously just want to insult you, it's not really directed at your mother who I probably don't really know anyway. It's conveys more emotional impetus than saying "you are a stupid person" any day.

But I find specific and truly personal vulgarity puerile and genuinely unfunny. Talking about what adults might get up to in the wee hours of the morning is so obvious it's on about the same level as kids looking up dirty words in the dictionary and giggling.

I remember the first time I was incensed over something like this was at my older sister's wedding where people sent crude "telegrams" (part of some lame tradition). Everyone has a fair idea what happens on the wedding night and I'm okay with that, but the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of drunken scumbags getting their infantile jollies talking about it ... almost trying to share in it in some way in their own minds.

I don't find any person's real sex life an appropriate topic of discussion. I don't tell anyone one single thing about what my girlfriends and I might have done, even after they are my ex and hate my guts, even if I hated them, and even if they don't adhere to the same standard. Not my best friend, not my next girlfriend, nobody. I've never confirmed or denied one single detail, because it's nobody else's business.

It obviously comes down to personal preference, (some people would genuinely find "gay goat-fucker" offensive), and I don't know exactly how Catie would define the distinction she makes but it seems somewhat similar to mine, and I at least understand how you can have one.

>inb4 You're a white knight so people should ignore anything you say herp derp

No you gay goat-fucking retard. If you really have trouble understanding the concept of don't-kiss-and-tell to the point where you think it's hypocrisy not to be okay with anything and everything then you need to shut your whore mouth.

And by the way, your mother is also a whore ... and she was a little kinky last night.
>> No. 6285
File 131405075872.jpg - (7.57KB , 200x113 , 40yo_virgin.jpg )
That sounds provocative to me.
>> No. 6286

and you are .. ?
>> No. 6287

The fuck... Did mods really delete my post or am i using the drugs? Let's try again.

>Like "you're a gay goat-fucker" because it is obviously not intended to be anything other than a colourful insult.

Hey! My dad is a goat-fucker and many of my friends are too, none of them are gay! I find that to be typical bible thumping offensive harassment and slander and i know mods will not stand for it!
>> No. 6288

It's not dead, but its rate of growth is slowing down and is continuing to slow more as time passes. So its sort of maturing, and eventually it will reach a peak like most things that grow.
>> No. 6289

inb4 MathGuy
>> No. 6290
bullshit, the point is catie is not really interesting anymore, when she was younger and more awkward, she was

now there is no big difference between her and the other youtubers at all so why should there be a hype again?
>> No. 6291
File 131410250699.png - (196.72KB , 476x452 , CatieWinning.png )

U sooooooooo jelly!

Don't worry, it's okay to be that way - just ask jelly.

>Captcha is getting almost fucking impossible lately. Had to refresh it like ten times to get something even half-readable.
>> No. 6292

Well well well, taking time out of your busy schedule to post on chans again are we? How are those Catie stocks going brah? Butt healed up alright after the last thrashing on Uni?
>> No. 6293
>>75365 <3Boxxy4EVA
>> No. 6294
How did CC receive the Foar Kinky?

Counting the posts up until Catie came back into the thread (>75720), trying to avoid samefriend "votes".

Positive = 41

meh/indecisive = 4

Negative = 7

How did Uni receive the Foar Kinky?

Counting the posts up until they started to compare boobs, (>266667), tried to avoid samefriend "votes".

Positive = 8

meh/indecisive = 4

Negative = 7

Results: Around 50% liked it @Uni,
but around 80% liked it @CC.
>> No. 6295
>until they started to compare boob

That one include one of your favorite tripfriends on CC, Kryptec.
>> No. 6296
Lies. Who would favorite a Cecil wannabe?
>> No. 6297
That's neither here nor there. Besides, I don't even know who Kryptec is.
>> No. 6298
what are you doing boxxy,trying to create a personal army of somesort.Make your own /b/?Haha you are insane
>> No. 6299
Catie I love you will you please date me!!!!
>> No. 6300
so like xD i am not used to 4chan posts i totally came here for boxxy :> and its hard to read or notice names cause cause idk O.O im used to game forums xD itll take me time to get used to this </3
>> No. 6301
maybe youd like the forum better? iz forum.catiewayne.com

check it out <3
>> No. 6302
don't post your e-mail...
>> No. 6303
I love new boxxy video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111one
>> No. 6304
Gah you're dumb.
It says 87 IMAGES omitted.
>> No. 6305
There once was a girl we knew and loved
Playfully she said hello
To friends far and wide
But a few garnered more attention
Those with names of 4ddi and Ant
Videos were made
And we, the rest of the world watched
Amazed by what we saw
Empowered, disarmed, inspired, disgusted
Loved, hated, strengthened and weakened
By one person, a girl like no other
There was hate
There was love
and a war like no other reigned
Then there was a video foar you
She made our lives
A scandal
a disappearance
Some lost hope, some lost faith
Some scammed and lied
Some went crazy and others died
Some tried to leave
But the allure was always too strong
She brought something out in all of us
She embodied a kindred spirit
And we followed
Through the harshest of winters
No light shone for 2 years,
then one fateful day it all changed
No longer were we looking at the past
we now saw the new
we now saw the truth
A dream some had was smashed
but in death was birth
and in the death of one they loved
many a hater began their descent
their fall began
Those that trusted
that once loved now became
The haters that ravaged her existence
some stood strong in the face of terror
Then Little Kinky came
And many a knight died
I alas fell and now I write
not to hate catie
not to hate Lisa
not to hate Boxxy
but to inform that my love
onve pure and free
is now turned to the black tar
of deceit
for we have been lied to
you and I alike
we were promised a friend
and a wolf in sheeps clothing were we given
no this is not for any reason
I no longer proclaim love
but merely sadness
Catie has been attacked by the likes of me
disappointed in her choices
we feel cheated
we have a reason to feel this way
we lost a sister
a cousin, a friend, a love
And with her gone
we have nothing more to say
but to ask her to come back
or alack we may finally say
to all the things we knew and loved
to all the people we wanted to meet
to all the feelings we wanted to share
to everything and everyone we didn't experience
that this is no longer our time
our journey may be over
but time begins for a new one
we may feel like it is over
we may feel like it is not worth continuing
and as such we must finally depart
and with that, I bid you my good friends
>> No. 6306
File 131427663673.gif - (1.46MB , 265x244 , 2d7u32e.gif )
>> No. 6307
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, faggot!
>> No. 6308
Gah, you're even dumber. There have been ALOT of posts deleted from this thread frum ppl who didn't like the video. But fans who didn't like the video are no longer welcome I suppose. Lemmings.
>> No. 6309
wow your not branded or deleted. imagine that. >>75761
Bingo! wow that Masonprof is smrat
Thank you.
>> No. 6310
Don't forget that Catie first started making Boxxy videos to get "gaia donations" 'n'stuff, that's part of her, making videos to get favors.

I like'd the video and everything, but those little kinky guys produce shit music, the intro was okey but ther other songs are horrible. I think Catie could get "semi-famous-rising-underated" bands to collaborate for few songs and offer her a pro studio, not some cheap basement.

"Boxxy" singing with some really good band has huge VIRAL potential. LK aren't edgy, they try hard to be provocative but in reality, there is nothing new to see there, if they wanted to be provocative these days they would need a swastika or something. Their cover could be provocative in 80s or 90s, not in 2011.
>> No. 6311
>"Boxxy" singing with some really good band has huge VIRAL potential.

Tabby probably thought the same thing in regards to her own music videos.
>> No. 6312

>yfw Catie isn't called over the pond to record a song?

You have no face
>> No. 6313
You can't compare tabby with "Boxxy", tabby has zero viral potential whatever she does, because there is nothing original ther, Catie is whole another lvl.
>> No. 6314
File 131431509683.jpg - (74.43KB , 478x355 , 130712539495.jpg )
Tabby and Boxxy have their similarities. They both stemmed from 4chan. They both vlog. They both sell merchandise. They both sing.

That's not a bad thing, is it?
>> No. 6315
who cares if the both sing and blabla, in few years noone will know who tabby is, she is just using 4chan to get views, 4chan has become a shithole anyway.

you sound like a 12 year old kid, go to forum, your faggotry will be more appreciated ther.
>> No. 6316
Fucking Copypasta you jerk...
That was Big Kebab who wrote that for unichan you useless fuck

And he wrote it as a fanon just for them. He was saying good bye to uni.
>> No. 6317
Actually people have pointed out my dislike for the video, though not branded.

Also, I doubt they'll oust somebody who's been a regular here. For example, what if an Anon types up a comment saying "What the fuck was that? Sorry, I didn't like it at all." It's certainly not constructive criticism, and with the recent deletions going on, I won't be surprised if it was included in the purge.

But what if somebody, let's say RC, makes a comment like that. Do you honestly think he'll get the same treatment?

I thought that she disliked how Addi (or Ant? What the fuck. I seriously need to rewatch the videos again.) Kept on giving her gifts and she was a bit uncomfortable with it.
>> No. 6318
>Kept on giving her gifts

I was under the impression they were Gaia gifts and not real ones.
>> No. 6319
>Also, I doubt they'll oust somebody who's been a regular here.

Very true. It's unfortunate that we anons don't get the same treatment as namefriends. I can try to criticize her video, but for all you know I could be a hater, which hurr durr gives mods enough reason to delete my post.
>> No. 6320
They were as far as I know.
>> No. 6321
>>This seems rather hypocritical of her imo. Inb4 some retarded whiteknight says they are two separate types of behaviors. Nope.

Yep. Catie was objecting to sexual comments mentioning actual women by name. Huge difference.
>> No. 6322
File 131434531799.png - (618.11KB , 958x718 , 1111111.png )
It was 4DD1 who kept donating to her quests. She never had like 100k in her life.

and the gifts were pixels. yeah.
>> No. 6323
>4chan has become a shithole anyway.
>has become
you're welcome
>> No. 6324
>How did CC receive the Foar Kinky?

>Counting the posts up until Catie came back into the thread (>75720), trying to avoid samefriend "votes".

>>Positive = 41

>>meh/indecisive = 4

>>Negative = 7

You Tube
7,039 likes, 1,335 dislikes

Catie, the good news and the bad news are the same, and that is that this is what success on the internet feels like.

You did it. You brought Boxxy back, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, while the negative response has strived to compensate by being overwhelmingly obnoxious and sometimes horrific.

And that's probably as good as it gets. Congratulations. After everything you've been through, it kills me to see people being mean to you, but it's time for me to let go of that and start being being happy for you, and proud of you, I hope that you can be happy and proud because you deserve it.
>> No. 6325
>I thought that she disliked how Addi . . . Kept on giving her gifts and she was a bit uncomfortable with it.
Right, and from reading her Gaia posts, it seems apparent that it was her way of socializing when she had nothing to do. Catie (Boxxy?) often lamented when there was no one on to talk to. She has stated before that she spent a lot of time on the computer back then, so I think her primary motivation for making the videos was that she actually enjoyed conversing with them.

I'm not sure whether this is sarcastic or not...
>> No. 6326
>I'm not sure whether this is sarcastic or not...

Definitely not sarcastic
>> No. 6327

I somehow knew this would happen.
to be honest, i never intended that entire thread to blow up into a feminist sexist discussion.
i just wanted to state that he knock that shit off and leave.
but clearly that didn't happen.
of course i don't think all men are pigs.
of course i don't think all women AREN'T.

I'm going to post this tl;dr and then leave you to tear apart every word i say to find something wrong with it, or find anything possibly odd, or mispoken, or even intelligent.

the whole reason this chan was made was so i and my chan format accustomed fans could go to a chan without seeing racist, sexist, degrading bullshit.

because, if you would lets take a walk back through time, say two years ago.
every single thing posted, commented, blogged, or said about me was one of the three phrases:

-she's cute, but she needs a cock in her mouth
-i'd fuck her silly to hear what kinds of weird noises she would make
-she's ugly as fuck and an annoying cunt
(mind you, me typing this does not condone anyone else saying it in a serious manner, i'm sure that's gotten across but just being cautious)

nevermind all the rape threats and so on, those three comments is what it really boiled down to.
only after i left did i start to see things like
"she's really pretty, and cute"
and actual compliments that weren't associated with a dick in my mouth.
but that isn't to say that those comments didn't go away
because they still haven't look at the youtube comments now, they aren't much different then they were back then

but there is a massive difference this time around:
i have this place.
this place made out of rainbows and unicorns and where people shit candy, because that's the way i like it.
i like the fact that i can come here, and not have to worry about someone showing a picture of some poor naked girl who took those pictures for her now ex boyfriend
not have to see disgusting shops of my face on someones body getting defiled,
not have to see shops of my face bloody and cut
not have to see my ex boyfriend with a sign that says "i fucked boxxy"

so, it turns out andromelk and gmaster were right
there was something i was mad about, i just wasn't thinking about it before i saw the post

but wait, i have an image to uphold
i can't go batshit crazy about every little post someone says something about me
shit like that gets said EVERY day.
it gets worse EVERY second
about ME
so why would i care if there is an entire thread discussing my virginity and my sexual habits?
so what if it's invasive to my privacy? so what if it isn't anyone elses business?
it's the internet
it gets said all the time.

i have to ignore it, lest i look like i'm caring too much, getting overly angry when it isn't necessary.

i wouldn't wish this on anyone
especially not to any of my fans.
so i guess, when i saw that post about not just june, but madison too
i guess i lost it.
i guess i offended some people, and for that i'm sorry. it wasn't my intention to offend.
but i hope you can understand where i'm coming from at least.

this post isn't meant to be boo hoo poor catie, she's been through so much.
it's meant to say
"oh, thats y she mad."

i'm going to leave now
because i might actually film a video today, provided i'm in the right mood, i wouldn't want to come off as pissy in the video.
i'm not going to come back to this thread, i'm not going to say anything else
because anytime i ever show any kind of emotion other than
it turns into a shitstorm
>> No. 6328
File 13144633566.jpg - (18.32KB , 175x131 , tomo.jpg )
>> No. 6329
fast post test.
>> No. 6330
Wait wat, is that a copy pasta or does that mean that UgglyBabee is Catie? I'm kinda a newfag so i'm confused...
>> No. 6331
He copypasta'ed a Catie post.
>> No. 6332
File 131447788783.jpg - (86.03KB , 500x375 , basil_pesto_final.jpg )
Catie Copy Pesto
>> No. 6333

To explain:

It has to do with this:
And this:

I copypasta'd to document my contention that Little Kinky, while kind of sleazy and gross in a generic sort of way, has nothing to do with the kind of direct violation of individual women's privacy that Catie was complaining about. If anyone can find instances of Little Kinky making comments about the sexual life of any actual persons, male or female, other than themselves, thus proving Catie hypocrite, please document.
>> No. 6334
Catie I love this video!<3 it's perfect. The voice, the opening. It's magic. Catie y u such a boss?
>> No. 6335
>> No. 6336
File 131450315379.png - (139.31KB , 406x292 , coolstorybob.png )

Seriously? "It's all interconnected?" Once everything is all interconnected, anybody can be accused of hypocrisy. Most rape is alcohol-related. Can I be against rape, and have a glass of wine?

I think it's all right to treat a woman as a sexual object if she says it's all right, usually privately, and ideally in the context of a loving relationship that contains many other facets.

But the key is always consent. CONSENT is a very clear line that any real adult can understand, and therefore adults should have no problem addressing sexuality without taking away someone's right to consent. What Catie is talking about is a public violation of that line with real consequences for real people, and I don't see Little Kinky doing that.

Catie can be wrong. She says rude things about homeless people, and she just endorsed a really crappy band. There's no reason why I wouldn't say that Catie was wrong if I thought she was, but I really don't see it. There's a vast moral difference between talking about sexuality, even in a dumb cheesy way, and talking explicitly about someone else's sexuality without their consent. I see that as a very clear line.
>> No. 6337
File 131451341487.jpg - (9.28KB , 279x267 , 1point.jpg )
>> No. 6338
File 13145143605.jpg - (9.94KB , 279x267 , trying too hard.jpg )
>> No. 6339
You sir are a moron, and literally do treat Catie as if she shits rainbows or whatever Boxxmom said.

Not so much. It's not Catie who shits rainbows. It's you who have a massive arch of shit clogging your horizon, obstructing your view of the sky.
>> No. 6340
this<3 love you Catie
>> No. 6341
File 131455504912.gif - (695.04KB , 475x268 , imboxxy.gif )
Yes she has been working out! And she repeats "I'm Boxxy" with every rep
>> No. 6342
File 131455532247.png - (905.24KB , 1280x1024 , 131392083433.png )
>> No. 6343
That looks airbrushed. I can't believe that's actually her face
>> No. 6344
File 13145565379.png - (78.38KB , 399x308 , 131392671386.png )
I know right
>> No. 6345
Catie will kick your buttocks
>> No. 6346
>> No. 6347
>> No. 6348
>> No. 6349
I wish u guise wuld stop calling Boxxy Catie. Catie has her own board it is /c/. Doitrite or GTFO. Boxxy, when is the new vidya comin out, the one w/out all the advertising and promotional BS. <3
>> No. 6350
What the fuck are you talking about.
>> No. 6351
That would be nice.

But you can't possibly think that it could ever be the same.
>> No. 6352
>But you can't possibly think that it could ever be the same.

Why can't it?
>> No. 6353
because she isn't?
>> No. 6354
File 131481579985.jpg - (9.04KB , 251x218 , 301634_164668946944163_113696932041365_333888_4671.jpg )

Who says that she isn't?
>> No. 6355

Who says that she isn't?
>> No. 6356
you know those Anons that are so full of shit that you can tell their eyes are brown with out ever seeing them? your one of them. stfu.
>> No. 6357
except for when she was 15
>> No. 6358
please go take moar anti depressants or change your meds or something.

constructive criticism does not involve saying the same negative shit over and over just slightly worded differently every time. That is actually a form of harassment.

If anything she has gotten better at Boxxy with time. Better at acting. You leave her alone. If Cate really is Boxxy all that means is that she is a wonder full person. She deserves better fans you. Asshole.
>> No. 6359
OMG! You made a vid for my birthday! LESSTHAN3
>> No. 6360
You are assuming that anyone who says they don't like the new video is samefag. I hate to tell you that alot of long time fans did not like the commercialism in the new direction for Boxxy. Your words are so full of hate it makes the board smell like poop. GTFO my /b/.
>> No. 6361
your a Legion Fag.

so just because a bunch of people don't like it it's ok to agree with them? I'm sorry if I'm disgusted by your attempted defense there of
"well don't just blame me I'm not alone in my opinion"

I'm sorry, excuse me.


Love is, always has been and always will be the direction, the prime directive, of Boxxy. If that posture were to change then it would not be the Boxxy persona but a different character.

The person who created Boxxy, Cate, needs to eat. She has material necessities. She also has every right to receive the Love of her devoted in any form she chooses. Money is the most practical medium of transference. She also has the the right to do so with out harassment by jealous people angry that they are not her. Actually I really don't care what motivation they have for saying it, they need to just stfu and accept that it's her life and not theirs.
>> No. 6362
>The person who created Boxxy, Cate, needs to eat. She has material necessities.
>Sells her love
Let me guess, you're a prostitute for a living.
>> No. 6363
let me guess you need help with your shopping list on a regular basis and you think your trolling.
artist's do things that people like and in return they get paid for it because people love them. Is it really that hard to understand?
>> No. 6364
OMG, wow. we got it-you don't like the new Boxxy.
>> No. 6365
There is no difference between the new and old Boxxy. inb4 the new Boxxy is asking for money, no sorry that's Cate that's doing that if you think they are the same thing your new here.
>> No. 6366
hi. forgive me while i try to articulate my thoughts on this, and if they seem a bit incomprehensible.

i was around for the first boxxy/4chan stuff a few years ago and to see she is now posting new videos, has a website with a 4chan-like imageboard named /b/, and is still the same character jostles me.

i mean, i'm glad she's still around doing her thing. it just strikes me as funny that should appropriate the same site's formula that propagated her fame/caused her to move and stop having an internet presence at all.

i don't really actually know what to think of this and it disorients me. however, i hope everything works out.
>> No. 6367
File 131500980163.png - (306.72KB , 480x360 , heart.png )
Well a large majority of her fans came from 4chan and are accustomed to the chan posting format

Anyway, it's good to see that Boxxy is still being rediscovered, stick around and post if you want to. Everyone's welcome :)
>> No. 6368
She's come to terms with it and is no longer afraid.
>> No. 6369
How are they not one in the same? Catie is the one portraying Boxxy. What she does affects the character.
>> No. 6370
File 131501830586.jpg - (54.64KB , 480x360 , Drama.jpg )
you apparently have no comprehension of the concept of acting what so ever. Have you been checked for aspergers? you should ask your doctor about it.
>> No. 6371
File 131501844910.jpg - (28.54KB , 480x360 , 131387618797.jpg )
I'd continue this discussion if I didn't have an underlying suspicion you're Cecil.
>> No. 6372
It's fine. All your doing is repeating yourself with slight variances anyway. kinda boring. People have a tendency to not be able to handle it when I do it right back to them.
>> No. 6373
Yeah, I can say the same right back at you.
>> No. 6374
Yeah, I can say the same right back at you.
>> No. 6375
Let's face it, Boxxy has oldfags and newfags. I for one am an oldfag and have been around since the beginning. Most of you posting on this board are newfags who are so fuking whiteknighting you are blind. Boxxy did not start out as nice, sweet, loving, blah blah blah. Boxxy was born on /b/. She had his name written on her boob. WTF. You candyass fags r pathetic. N E one who disagrees w your idol worship is from /b/ or a fakin headcase, bleet stfu will you puhleese. Fukin newfags. Oh I love Boxxy I just found her this summer. Catie I fukin <3 u hard for three years.
>> No. 6376
>She had his name written on her boob.

one of the reasons she became Queen was because she never posted noodz. She has always been decent, but also a teen aged female with teen aged female interests. Like penis. Just not a total slut. She is still the same class of person she was 4 years ago, and more.
>> No. 6377
File 131503038527.jpg - (112.52KB , 528x784 , 124748990532.jpg )

It was her upper boob. It wasn't as if she bared all or anything. It wasn't provocative or anything really.

>pic related
>> No. 6378
I overheard a conversation on Twitter about Catie making a shirt with a reference to that picture. Looks like Boxxology's "make an Upper Boob shirt!" thread got taken more seriously than it should have.
>> No. 6379
Pretty damn good Catie, you're really back to your old amazing self
>> No. 6380
catie...im infatuated with you, completely enamoured with your playfulness, fawning whit appreciation with your love for your fans. i wish i could meet a girl like you, you're unlike any girl ive ever met.
>> No. 6381
only happens in the movies and besides she has a bf.
>> No. 6382
Catie. D: It's Summer. I miss your face, and your new videos are cute. (: Please call me so I can come see you.
>> No. 6383
Boxxy is annoying, she talks too fast, sometimes she talks gibberish and othertimes about such insignificant things that what she says doesn't matter.

Boxxy is also cute, when she goes hyper and starts talking about crap it doesn't matter, what matters is that a person somewhere in the world is really that happy and excitable.

Ask anyone who sees a boxxy vid for the first time, the first 20 seconds you'll see them squirm in their seats while they try to comprehend whats going on and then some of them (the clever ones) settle into it and get taken on the same journey as this excitable annoying kid and all the wars and bills and taxes in the world don't matter any more and you know why...

..because I love your hair...omg its sooo long :D
>> No. 6384
File 131535060734.jpg - (82.29KB , 500x333 , 2190903226_1be8b3766b[1].jpg )
>>boxxy is annoying
>> No. 6385
I think boxxy was more real than Catie might ever have realized
>> No. 6386
heyy catieee! what youtube are you currently active on?? i sent you a message on boxxybabee from (insane---)
>> No. 6387
Every time you lose belief in Catie, a Boxxy dies :(
>> No. 6388
^ cool! :D
>> No. 6389
how is it a failure?
>> No. 6390
Well, FOAR EVERYWUN is generally considered the best Boxxy video. You also do know that there was a one year gap between FOAR ANT and FOAR EVERYWUN, right? Two months is nothing compared to the year.

I don't think anyone was complaining how she, quote, "lost Boxxy" in that time gap.
>> No. 6391
you have a rude way of saying that you want more.
we all want more, so we kinda agree.
>> No. 6392
I was making the point in how you said she will "lose Boxxy" if she waits 2 months every time she makes a new video. I proved that 2 months isn't going to suddenly make Catie forget how to be Boxxy.
>> No. 6393
What's up with the black box around the video? It wasn't intentional, was it? If it wasn't, the problem was most likely caused by creating a composition with a resolution that didn't match that of the imported video. For example, by creating a composition with a resolution of 2056x1157 and importing a video with a resolution of 1920x1080, you will create black bars due to the empty space around the video.

Catie, next time you upload a video, set it to unlisted first so you can make sure everything is ready to go before releasing it to the public.
>> No. 6394
>> No. 6395
Light Yagami has spoken.
>> No. 6396
Apparently, the video's aspect ratio is 4:3 with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 when it should be 16:9 and 1920x1080.

Very odd. Probably an issue with her camera settings.
>> No. 6397
  I adjusted the lighting a little to try and match that of FOAR EVERYWUN. The 4:3 aspect ratio and 480p resolution was intentional.
>> No. 6398
File 131659578445.png - (672.40KB , 1164x1014 , boxxyxyxyxyx.png )
>> No. 6399
File 131659688862.jpg - (4.10KB , 118x125 , 131486016988s.jpg )
I'm a longtime Boxxy fag but I don't dwell on her personal life. I'm generally new here I've only been actively posting for a couple months now so forgive me for askin what may be obvious questions. Anyways though she has a bf? When did this happen? Is it this "rc" I've been hearing about? I don't mean to pry, I just didn't know.
>> No. 6400
catie, y u no use kodak camera anymore?

>Is it this "rc" I've been hearing about?


To our knowledge, the last relationship she was in was with Chairguy (from the birthday videos), but they are no longer dating according to Catie and Boxxmom.
>> No. 6401
File 131660259851.jpg - (4.61KB , 116x120 , 116px-Boxxy_was_so_cash.jpg )
Lol I know people seem to joke around with that rc nameI just kept seeing posts with innuendo aimed at him...or her lol..Idk who that is, so like I said, forgive me XD. Anyways, I see. I didn't think she had one either but it matters little to me either way.
>> No. 6402
Catie, David Gilmour is a Jedi Master. I want to see you in a Doujin, it would be sexxy, it can't be helped. Ahnn AAhnn. Oh Catie san.
>> No. 6403
File 13169771737.jpg - (66.75KB , 371x500 , wat.jpg )

>> No. 6404
So... when is the new boxxy vid?
>> No. 6405
So... when is the new boxxy vid coming out?
>> No. 6406
>> No. 6407
Rumour has it October 1st.
>> No. 6408
There will be no video on October first. Catie confirmed.
>> No. 6409
Catie did not confirm that there would not be a video on Oct. 2nd.
>> No. 6410
File 13172173007.jpg - (11.28KB , 384x288 , FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY 005_0020.jpg )
LOL. good point.
>> No. 6411
File 13175059478.png - (250.43KB , 722x400 , 44.png )
Ummm, she makes me the happiest person on the planet.
>> No. 6412
Catie , is fantastic .
>> No. 6413
File 131795070063.png - (271.28KB , 640x480 , catie iz magikal.png )
>> No. 6414
File 131852424738.jpg - (19.45KB , 447x552 , 1264886072091__large.jpg )
We, the defenders of the Rhelm, who go to battle in defence of our Queen, the rightful holder of the very word; have been showing our faithfullness to Her Majesty and continuing the fight against all odds in Her Name and will preserver...but we need Her Majestys assistance! Just one appearance on /b/ would be of great aid as we continue to fight back those who would denounce your proper place and try to replace you with inferiors...it can not be allowed! Your subject beg of you, O Queen of /b/! Please support us in battle by your presence at /b/!!!
>> No. 6415
File 131854501944.jpg - (321.13KB , 533x800 , carrots-and-exercise.jpg )
>> No. 6416
File 131854791313.png - (159.05KB , 477x357 , 13068917054.png )
This thread might be of interest to you: >>74510
>> No. 6417
check my dubs
>> No. 6418
File 131884371210.png - (155.40KB , 476x358 , 129798408850.png )
Those aren't dubs.
>> No. 6419
So i totally just had this long legit looking message that seemed professional and what not and then *poof* it disappeared. WTF. ok ok ok My name is KJ i produce dance/trance/dubstep what ever you wanna call it, and im really really interested in making a song.....JUST FO YOU!!! Im not signed or anything its simply a hobby and i think this would be a fun project. Youre more than welcome to email me at sgtfrrg864@gmail.com(although not the quickest way to contact because i hardly check it) I would love this opportunity. You wouldnt even have to do anything ill clip your voice from your videos, unless of course you wanna give the fans a treat a do a little singing?? Either way all i ask is for your permission. Thank You. Oh and the song would most likely be titled "My Name Is Boxxy". Peace Love Happiness and Goodbye.
>> No. 6420
File 131887208966.png - (6.23KB , 312x171 , 73.png )
>all i ask is for your permission

It's nice of you to ask, but I don't think you need her permission. She likes fan art. I've done a lot myself and she's never shown a problem with it. When you're done, post it here and I'm sure she'll see it.
>> No. 6421
Jesus, more dubstep shit to add to the pile...
I seriously hate dubstep goddamit!wubuwubuwubuwbuwub
Fuck Skrillex....
>> No. 6422
Wow really. skrillex, i do enjoy....not as much as i enjoyed him in his from first to last vocals era, but not the less i do. But based off a single artist, single style, probably like 4 songs. you hate, as an entire genre, dubstep itself? Dubstep is nothing. Dubstep means nothing. Its all Electronic, the word "dubstep" simply appeals to people literally is just a word. So saying you hate dubstep is about as accurate as me saying i hate everything you've ever listened too and yet i have no idea who you are or what you're capable of. Just as you have no idea of the limitless yes FUCKING LIMITLESS possibilities of all electronic music. Now i myself love all music because i know that the person who made those songs, ablums, or even just a one hit wonder, i know they put they're soul into it. So before you claim you hate MUSIC which is what your ignorance is pouring out how about you do alittle looking around? There are a million different "dubstep" artist each sound different. Skrillex is only big because he was 16 when joined a band than changed the word EMO and the word SCENE into there own defined terms. From First to Last was HUGE yo thus ole skrillex knows a HUGE amount of stars thus he became HUGE quite FAST. So please....replace your ignorance with reason my friend :)>>80131
>> No. 6423
File 131905484147.jpg - (17.12KB , 500x375 , 131796102243.jpg )
>> No. 6424
This chan is bad and you should feel bad
>> No. 6425
File 131982634849.jpg - (15.99KB , 480x360 , 130238554287.jpg )
Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree.
>> No. 6426
how so?
>> No. 6427
This picture is like an internet hug.
>> No. 6429
>> No. 6430
...Go on.
>> No. 6431
Hi kids welcome to /b/!

Sorry to inform you that Boxxy is washin her hair right now but you can find alot of friendly members on /m/. They love to chat with each other and share makeup tips.

Have fun and welcome to the community!
>> No. 6432
Wooh, I loved it, best since FE :D keep 'em coming. You're so pretty in this one!
>> No. 6434
Oh god u are sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD ,
fuck hackers :p
>> No. 6435
File 132073845219.png - (214.53KB , 640x480 , 3947.png )
>> No. 6436
ure great :P Kinki lulz
>> No. 6437
  heyyyyy boxxxyyyy wassssuuup? haha :P
>> No. 6438
File 132143210283.jpg - (22.06KB , 310x310 , rakushun_3178.jpg )
Catie's absence exceeds even the length of my charming whiskers.
>> No. 6439
You should grow them longer. A decent moustache could do some good too.
>> No. 6440
File 132146900798.jpg - (9.64KB , 413x268 , 2urxqpy.jpg )
So Catie, next time how about looking THROUGH the heart instead of making some retarded eyes-closed wrinkled-nosed smiley face when ya do it.

Learn frum the Master - OLD Boxxy.
>> No. 6441
File 132149282726.jpg - (108.33KB , 473x365 , Boxxy Deal With it.jpg )
that was kinda rude :\
>> No. 6442
File 132153700147.png - (217.90KB , 902x1039 , 1122.png )
>> No. 6444
Compared to classics such as F4/FE this is poor. It doesn't feel genuine anymore. Since when did Boxxy do 'quick little promo videos' for crappy bands? Watch either of the first 3 and then put this on and you'll see what I mean. I miss Boxxy :(
>> No. 6445
Listen to this anon
>> No. 6446
I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but Catie should take down the 'donate $1 to LK' part in the dooblydoo, that hasn't been an option for months and only puts a spotlight on the failure of their quest.
>> No. 6448
Great video.
From Russia With Love, Catie! :)
>> No. 6449
Why were the ads taken down? Does the intro violate copyright or something?
>> No. 6450
File 132369304443.gif - (56.12KB , 361x365 , 1322337608933.gif )

>> No. 6451
File 132467841714.jpg - (13.94KB , 260x260 , 6aeda2fd57088c3c85aa1d4f7042025a (1).jpg )
Tierd of that bear now
>> No. 6452
File 132493701063.png - (188.75KB , 640x480 , 1311.png )
Hey! Why was this thread unstickied?
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