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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 5985
  hay guys.
new boxxy video uploadinggg.
it's just a quick little promo video for little kinky.
we traded: i give them youtube views and possible donations and they give me a place to record.
i thought it was fair.
hope you guys like it.

pic unrelated.
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>> No. 5986
fuck i love you catie
>> No. 5987
why u post at 1 AM D:

I was just about to head to bed. lol
>> No. 5988
wow, Catie, you never looked so sexy in a video.
>> No. 5989
good deal but im not feeling little kinky at all....whatevs i guess.
>> No. 5990
don't worry, i'm going to bed too.
i just needed to post this.
i plomised them i would.
>> No. 5991
File 131391528043.jpg - (6.91KB , 240x222 , 1309145079550.jpg )
Your up late :3 Hows it going boxxy?
>> No. 5992
That was very good indeed. You look great.Intro was awesome.
>> No. 5993
File 131391552368.jpg - (250.94KB , 2048x1292 , 265919_212306322141334_197127730325860_549658_2839.jpg )
I love boxxy so much <3 Great video, Catie <3
>> No. 5994
hey there boxxy i am a long time fan of yours. I love your Voice, and i think your epic..
i work for an online radio station called bladeradio.com.. it's a gameing radio station
now i was wondering if you'd consider doing us a simple Voice Ad just Simple saying " HI THIS IS BOXXY! AND YOUR ROCKING OUT TO BLADERADIO THE CUTTING EDGE OF GAMING ENTERTAINMENT!"

thank you for your time
Dj Midknight of Bladeradio
>> No. 5995
Sorry I ever doubted you catie. That was so good.
>> No. 5996
>> No. 5997
>> No. 5998
File 131391622210.png - (151.13KB , 479x355 , 130436757367.png )
>> No. 5999
That was awesome Catie, thank you! <3
>> No. 6000
>> No. 6001
Go on...
>> No. 6002
Nice. I promise to only make 2 gifs from this
>> No. 6003
Weren't you paying attention? Little Kinky did the intro.
>> No. 6004
Those little kinky guys are Catie relatives or something, anyway the intro is nice(why black hair), apparently they are collecting money to buy Pro Tools HD software for $6,500??? I got it for free on pirate bay lol. That sounds strange.
>> No. 6005
>> No. 6006
FOAR ______ _____ FRUM BOXXY
>> No. 6007
File 131391747424.gif - (425.45KB , 500x229 , cat.gif )
Unichan approves.

Come visit us, dood.
>> No. 6008
Sounds strange that not everyone is pirating their softwares?
>> No. 6009
File 131391800153.png - (244.58KB , 636x358 , 1313916158381.png )
You look so damn pretty in this one just sayin <3
>> No. 6010
Am I the only one that liked the "Ok hi, my name is Boxxy" with the "calmer voice"?
>> No. 6011
The software producers earn enough from companies and small businiesses, it should be free for use for non-profit production. That's the core of political pirate party's policies here in Europe.
>> No. 6012
Woa :D you are a PPG but you are not buttercup :P
anyway nice vid also ninja'd that vid :D

lal I did forget to remove my joke tripcode i use in /m/
>> No. 6013
>should be free
>should be
Maybe but it isn't. Let's not hijack the thread.

No one mentionned yet that she is wearing the Foar Ant t-shirt?
>> No. 6014
It could just be any old white shirt. But it could be THAT shirt as well.

I liked how she went with the dark background and white shirt as throwbacks. Had a touch of nostalgia to it.
>> No. 6015
this vid is in HD
Did she get a new HD camera :D
>> No. 6016
Well, I kind of disagreed with the concept of the video. I mean, in my own little useless fan opinion, Boxxy shouldn't be used as a means for advertisement. At least make it a Catie video if needed.

Anyway, that's just me. I don't control her actions and she's free to do what she wants. I just disagree with this one.

inb4 I'm branded as a hater
>> No. 6017
Could be, or she was using her "Friends" Camera again.
>> No. 6018
She looks gorgeous though, especially with the white shirt.
>> No. 6019
File 131391903886.jpg - (24.56KB , 200x200 , second.jpg )
>> No. 6020
Boxxy just needed more Catie in her. You are a beautiful person Catie. Thank you for this.
>> No. 6021
File 131391971436.jpg - (90.38KB , 454x310 , karaoke.jpg )
Even if it is advertising it is still fine because it gives Catie a chance to sing in a song recorded in a "studio".
>> No. 6022
when dose she actually ask for money though. a lot youtubers do crosspromotional what's the big deal. i realy liked this video.
>> No. 6023
Where does that happen? The video I saw asked you to check out her frands' band.
>> No. 6024
>> No. 6025
Her friends band is "directly" asking for money for studio, if they get the studio money Catie will record the song, so it is kinda "donate money if you want to hear me sing".
>> No. 6026
I'll probably sleep over this or something. It's way too early for a Boxxy video.
>> No. 6027
File 131392057514.jpg - (11.04KB , 300x300 , boxxyheart.jpg )
thank you boxxy. Looooooove! <3
>> No. 6028
I want to know what she sounds like, she claims to be a good singer
>> No. 6029
Thread on uni about this:

>61 posts and 23 images omitted.

Thread on CC:

>41 posts and 10 images omitted.
>> No. 6030

I cant believe im witnesing this right now ;D
Love you Catie ;**
>> No. 6031
>> No. 6032
well it is awfully late. unintes are made up of mostly creeper who naturally atay awake at odd hours.
plus no capatcha
>> No. 6033
Youknow what's interesting? Uni has been generally positive about the video. I haven't seen the usual "this isnt da same boxxy" stuff. It's kinda weird though, it's as if the tables have turned, but just for this video.
>> No. 6034
What's funny is the thread on Unichan didn't get a single reply until 15 minutes after it was posted.
>> No. 6035
this they do not hate it, not instant hate it.
So strange, what if they start to like catie again 2012...dun dun dun
>> No. 6036
She also has her foar ant tan back perfect
>> No. 6037
I think that if she continues to progress Boxxy in this way, they will like it more. Someone over there stated how they like the direction she's taking it...
>> No. 6038
Catie, you said they made the intro song but did they make the intro cartoon too?
>> No. 6039
File 131392212788.jpg - (28.43KB , 768x768 , 1284018625877.jpg )
I'm honestly surprised at how well unichan is receiving this video.

Maybe it's the nostalgia feel to it for them or something.

I'm also surprised at how UN-well some of CC is receiving this video.
>> No. 6040
i loved it. there was a lot less awkardness in it a lot less uhms. i do like her tan and shirt and hair.i don't realy mind the advert this is whati come to expect from entertainers.
>> No. 6041
Yeah I agree. She looks really REALLY good in white.
>> No. 6042
i fall in love again
>> No. 6043
File 131392309930.gif - (1.00MB , 444x247 , boxxyhug.gif )
she wants a hug
>> No. 6044
File 131392361619.jpg - (40.03KB , 865x486 , yeah muthr fuckrz rock and rock.jpg )
or she wants to rock out.
but u know, could be either one.
>> No. 6045
File 131392388811.png - (307.43KB , 1023x443 , bawksiee.png )
i hugged my laptop.
>> No. 6046
File 131392390644.png - (8.19KB , 493x402 , 1312795043571.png )

/Heart melts.
>> No. 6047
So Boxxy is the new marketing tool around here ? Great ...
>> No. 6048
>> No. 6049
I going to marry you catie :3 <3
>> No. 6050
not sure about the intro

very sure about boxxy <3

awesum :D
>> No. 6051
File 131392517063.jpg - (103.27KB , 1437x947 , hehe.jpg )
Anonymous face :P
>> No. 6052
the real thing that most people seem to be missing here is that the end result of this video would be us finally getting to hear C-Dubs sing. That should get you amped.

Although psh if I had a studio I would have booked time for her, gratis (no charge). Catie this seems like an interesting and benevolent path to try and get this guy some pub as well but it couldn't hurt to try and record some demos on your own computer first. I imagine if you put those out and people like you can get others to record you without any need for "payment via promotion" Just saying.

anyhow, excited to hear your singing voice.
>> No. 6053
She looks really purty in this video :D(not implying that she doesn't in others).
>> No. 6054
>> No. 6055
File 131392538326.gif - (1.12MB , 524x294 , Boxxy New Vid.gif )
It's never too early.

Just made this GIF.
>> No. 6056
File 131392582042.jpg - (6.11KB , 220x180 , tn_1245518051840.jpg )

>> No. 6057
I love the new video Catie<3 awesome job.
>> No. 6058
It kinda looks like she's sitting in an abandoned warehouse
>> No. 6059
File 131392800189.png - (41.81KB , 251x218 , boxxywat.png )
>> No. 6060
mine too
>> No. 6061
File 131392829751.jpg - (19.84KB , 570x416 , haha yeah.jpg )
was there a joke I missed or something?
>> No. 6062
So what? :O
>> No. 6063
File 131392888744.png - (103.14KB , 612x351 , whatthefuck.png )
No. i just like stretching boxxy's face and making it look like an elephant on drugs.
>> No. 6064
File 131393003818.jpg - (24.90KB , 697x480 , oh my god.jpg )
that's horrible. D:
she's too beautiful for that :(
>> No. 6065
File 131393015058.jpg - (28.10KB , 492x414 , demotivational-posters-quadruple-facepalm.jpg )
>> No. 6066
When I first saw the caps on Uni, I thought they were just making Black Boxxy shoops from FS, but then....
>> No. 6067
Why everybody think that the spice in the intro is marijuana?
>> No. 6068
looks like she used her friend's camera again. HUGE improvement on the lighting; it's nearly perfect. the fact that she is talking about real people and real events was mentioned on uni and is a refreshing departure from FS.

i wonder if the resolution was cut to 1440x1080 by the camera or the editing program. i think rc has a point: the voice is... odd at times. but i still love it.

i assume that "secret doves" guy made the intro.
>> No. 6069
>the fact that she is talking about real people and real events was mentioned on uni and is a refreshing departure from FS
This was my favorite part.
>> No. 6070
File 131393337985.jpg - (58.87KB , 1100x851 , Boxxy Checkem.jpg )

I think that's what people are trying to say, but they all keep making the same typo. Weird.
>> No. 6071
Really great to hear her talking about real people, makes her character feel authentic and she nailed the look but the now squeaky voice? Please, I don't mean this in a mean way, at all, and I would be upset if she was upset by the comment, but the tone didn't sound like Boxxy of old to me. Boxxy's voice of old sounded smooth, mature, at ease maybe? I wonder if that's a deliberate break away from the original voice or it's just hard to do when you're older? I mean, if she was a guy her voice would have broken as she got older, right? I'm thinking aloud. Mainly I am grinning with happies :D Her happiness is so infectious, always my favorite thing about her character. Really great intro theme video, too!
>> No. 6072
File 131393426015.jpg - (18.49KB , 264x221 , BOXXXXXX.jpg )
u can never have too much boxxy :D

rawr rawr rawr
>> No. 6073
Don't know if there is one yet, but here's a rough transcription:

Okay, hi. My name is Boxxy, and [um] did [um] did anyone else see that [uh] just now? Because [uh] if you did, I'm pretty sure that if you have a working brain, you probably thought that that was amazing! That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! [um] And--and I--I--I honestly, I have no words for once in my small life. [um eh] I have no words to--to thank these people because--because they--they just messaged me one day, and they were like, "Hey Boxxy, we really love you," and I was like, "Oh, I love you too!" And--and they were like, "We made an opening song for you," and I was like, "What?" and that was it, and I was like, "Oh my God, that's amazing!" and [um] and their band name is Little Kinky, and I know that most of you will be thinking, "Well, that's just provocative." Well, it's not, so you--you knock that off, mister. And [um] and it was amazing! And [uh] and it's--it's so catchy, and it's like [insert onomatopoeic interpretation of intro music], and--and it's so awesome. And [um] so yeah... and--and they were like, "You know, [um] we really really love you, and--and [uh] we love your voice," and I was like, "Well, thank you." And [um] and--and they were like, "You know, we--we wrote some songs for you," and I said, "For me?" and they were like, "Yeah, for you to sing," and I was like, "I love to sing!" And--and--and--and--and--and--and it was--it was awesome! And so now me and Little Kinky are going to be singing songs together, and--and this is just getting--this is just getting too seductive for my own good. And [um] and [uh] so [uh] yeah, and it's--it's--I'm so excited about it, [um] and [uh] so you guys should--you guys should check them out because they're so talented, and they're so nice and wonderful and everything under the rainbow! And [uh] so everything that you need to know about them is in the doobly-doo, and they're just, you know, some kids trying to make it, and--and--and I know that feel, bro. And [uh] so yeah... I just--I thought it was really great of them and nice of them to do what they did for me, and how could I not share something like that? I think you should go watch it again because I'm going to. Okay, [um] so yeah. [um] I love you all, [um] and [uh] hopefully, you'll see me soon. I love you. Bye!
>> No. 6074
Hmmm, Porphy has experience with graphic design. She's going to college for it. Is it possible that's where the intro cartoon came from?
>> No. 6075
>> No. 6076
I mean, that would mean Porphy did it in less than a week. That seems like not that much time, but I'm not sure.
>> No. 6077
just realized
>And [uh] and it's--it's so catchy,
should be "And [uh] and I--you know, it's--it's so catchy, . . . "

>> No. 6078
File 131393660745.jpg - (60.66KB , 482x310 , 9494429.jpg )
We love the new video, Boxxy/Catie!
>> No. 6079
File 131393916655.jpg - (16.33KB , 600x303 , neo_choice2.jpg )
Keep it goin CW do moar CoLab... and draw moar audience to yaself.
we'll be here to support you always...

>> No. 6080
It's amazing Catie. You improved on a few things. You're so goddamn cute. Look into the camera more. And if you're trying to recreate the old Boxxy lighting, you did better, and I would suggest using a computer monitor as a floodlight for your face like in the old ones.
>> No. 6081
File 131394055190.png - (88.97KB , 264x221 , babee.png )
sure is tripfag in here

so where can I get me one of these 'boxxybabees'??
>> No. 6082
looks like the brunette version of a tabby video.
>> No. 6083
File 13139415628.gif - (396.38KB , 320x240 , boxxywave.gif )
>sure is tripfag in here
>> No. 6084
What's this?

A boxxy video on my birthday!
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