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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 5985
  hay guys.
new boxxy video uploadinggg.
it's just a quick little promo video for little kinky.
we traded: i give them youtube views and possible donations and they give me a place to record.
i thought it was fair.
hope you guys like it.

pic unrelated.
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>> No. 6399
File 131659688862.jpg - (4.10KB , 118x125 , 131486016988s.jpg )
I'm a longtime Boxxy fag but I don't dwell on her personal life. I'm generally new here I've only been actively posting for a couple months now so forgive me for askin what may be obvious questions. Anyways though she has a bf? When did this happen? Is it this "rc" I've been hearing about? I don't mean to pry, I just didn't know.
>> No. 6400
catie, y u no use kodak camera anymore?

>Is it this "rc" I've been hearing about?


To our knowledge, the last relationship she was in was with Chairguy (from the birthday videos), but they are no longer dating according to Catie and Boxxmom.
>> No. 6401
File 131660259851.jpg - (4.61KB , 116x120 , 116px-Boxxy_was_so_cash.jpg )
Lol I know people seem to joke around with that rc nameI just kept seeing posts with innuendo aimed at him...or her lol..Idk who that is, so like I said, forgive me XD. Anyways, I see. I didn't think she had one either but it matters little to me either way.
>> No. 6402
Catie, David Gilmour is a Jedi Master. I want to see you in a Doujin, it would be sexxy, it can't be helped. Ahnn AAhnn. Oh Catie san.
>> No. 6403
File 13169771737.jpg - (66.75KB , 371x500 , wat.jpg )

>> No. 6404
So... when is the new boxxy vid?
>> No. 6405
So... when is the new boxxy vid coming out?
>> No. 6406
>> No. 6407
Rumour has it October 1st.
>> No. 6408
There will be no video on October first. Catie confirmed.
>> No. 6409
Catie did not confirm that there would not be a video on Oct. 2nd.
>> No. 6410
File 13172173007.jpg - (11.28KB , 384x288 , FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY 005_0020.jpg )
LOL. good point.
>> No. 6411
File 13175059478.png - (250.43KB , 722x400 , 44.png )
Ummm, she makes me the happiest person on the planet.
>> No. 6412
Catie , is fantastic .
>> No. 6413
File 131795070063.png - (271.28KB , 640x480 , catie iz magikal.png )
>> No. 6414
File 131852424738.jpg - (19.45KB , 447x552 , 1264886072091__large.jpg )
We, the defenders of the Rhelm, who go to battle in defence of our Queen, the rightful holder of the very word; have been showing our faithfullness to Her Majesty and continuing the fight against all odds in Her Name and will preserver...but we need Her Majestys assistance! Just one appearance on /b/ would be of great aid as we continue to fight back those who would denounce your proper place and try to replace you with inferiors...it can not be allowed! Your subject beg of you, O Queen of /b/! Please support us in battle by your presence at /b/!!!
>> No. 6415
File 131854501944.jpg - (321.13KB , 533x800 , carrots-and-exercise.jpg )
>> No. 6416
File 131854791313.png - (159.05KB , 477x357 , 13068917054.png )
This thread might be of interest to you: >>74510
>> No. 6417
check my dubs
>> No. 6418
File 131884371210.png - (155.40KB , 476x358 , 129798408850.png )
Those aren't dubs.
>> No. 6419
So i totally just had this long legit looking message that seemed professional and what not and then *poof* it disappeared. WTF. ok ok ok My name is KJ i produce dance/trance/dubstep what ever you wanna call it, and im really really interested in making a song.....JUST FO YOU!!! Im not signed or anything its simply a hobby and i think this would be a fun project. Youre more than welcome to email me at sgtfrrg864@gmail.com(although not the quickest way to contact because i hardly check it) I would love this opportunity. You wouldnt even have to do anything ill clip your voice from your videos, unless of course you wanna give the fans a treat a do a little singing?? Either way all i ask is for your permission. Thank You. Oh and the song would most likely be titled "My Name Is Boxxy". Peace Love Happiness and Goodbye.
>> No. 6420
File 131887208966.png - (6.23KB , 312x171 , 73.png )
>all i ask is for your permission

It's nice of you to ask, but I don't think you need her permission. She likes fan art. I've done a lot myself and she's never shown a problem with it. When you're done, post it here and I'm sure she'll see it.
>> No. 6421
Jesus, more dubstep shit to add to the pile...
I seriously hate dubstep goddamit!wubuwubuwubuwbuwub
Fuck Skrillex....
>> No. 6422
Wow really. skrillex, i do enjoy....not as much as i enjoyed him in his from first to last vocals era, but not the less i do. But based off a single artist, single style, probably like 4 songs. you hate, as an entire genre, dubstep itself? Dubstep is nothing. Dubstep means nothing. Its all Electronic, the word "dubstep" simply appeals to people literally is just a word. So saying you hate dubstep is about as accurate as me saying i hate everything you've ever listened too and yet i have no idea who you are or what you're capable of. Just as you have no idea of the limitless yes FUCKING LIMITLESS possibilities of all electronic music. Now i myself love all music because i know that the person who made those songs, ablums, or even just a one hit wonder, i know they put they're soul into it. So before you claim you hate MUSIC which is what your ignorance is pouring out how about you do alittle looking around? There are a million different "dubstep" artist each sound different. Skrillex is only big because he was 16 when joined a band than changed the word EMO and the word SCENE into there own defined terms. From First to Last was HUGE yo thus ole skrillex knows a HUGE amount of stars thus he became HUGE quite FAST. So please....replace your ignorance with reason my friend :)>>80131
>> No. 6423
File 131905484147.jpg - (17.12KB , 500x375 , 131796102243.jpg )
>> No. 6424
This chan is bad and you should feel bad
>> No. 6425
File 131982634849.jpg - (15.99KB , 480x360 , 130238554287.jpg )
Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree.
>> No. 6426
how so?
>> No. 6427
This picture is like an internet hug.
>> No. 6429
>> No. 6430
...Go on.
>> No. 6431
Hi kids welcome to /b/!

Sorry to inform you that Boxxy is washin her hair right now but you can find alot of friendly members on /m/. They love to chat with each other and share makeup tips.

Have fun and welcome to the community!
>> No. 6432
Wooh, I loved it, best since FE :D keep 'em coming. You're so pretty in this one!
>> No. 6434
Oh god u are sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD ,
fuck hackers :p
>> No. 6435
File 132073845219.png - (214.53KB , 640x480 , 3947.png )
>> No. 6436
ure great :P Kinki lulz
>> No. 6437
  heyyyyy boxxxyyyy wassssuuup? haha :P
>> No. 6438
File 132143210283.jpg - (22.06KB , 310x310 , rakushun_3178.jpg )
Catie's absence exceeds even the length of my charming whiskers.
>> No. 6439
You should grow them longer. A decent moustache could do some good too.
>> No. 6440
File 132146900798.jpg - (9.64KB , 413x268 , 2urxqpy.jpg )
So Catie, next time how about looking THROUGH the heart instead of making some retarded eyes-closed wrinkled-nosed smiley face when ya do it.

Learn frum the Master - OLD Boxxy.
>> No. 6441
File 132149282726.jpg - (108.33KB , 473x365 , Boxxy Deal With it.jpg )
that was kinda rude :\
>> No. 6442
File 132153700147.png - (217.90KB , 902x1039 , 1122.png )
>> No. 6444
Compared to classics such as F4/FE this is poor. It doesn't feel genuine anymore. Since when did Boxxy do 'quick little promo videos' for crappy bands? Watch either of the first 3 and then put this on and you'll see what I mean. I miss Boxxy :(
>> No. 6445
Listen to this anon
>> No. 6446
I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but Catie should take down the 'donate $1 to LK' part in the dooblydoo, that hasn't been an option for months and only puts a spotlight on the failure of their quest.
>> No. 6448
Great video.
From Russia With Love, Catie! :)
>> No. 6449
Why were the ads taken down? Does the intro violate copyright or something?
>> No. 6450
File 132369304443.gif - (56.12KB , 361x365 , 1322337608933.gif )

>> No. 6451
File 132467841714.jpg - (13.94KB , 260x260 , 6aeda2fd57088c3c85aa1d4f7042025a (1).jpg )
Tierd of that bear now
>> No. 6452
File 132493701063.png - (188.75KB , 640x480 , 1311.png )
Hey! Why was this thread unstickied?
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