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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 16334
  something a little different today-- so lemme know how you like it (or don't!)

i sware this video wasn't supposed to turn out feely. but it feels feely to me.
but maybe thats because it's so close to meh.
maybe it's not feely at all.
lemme know. (:

be back for posting at 12 noon pst. <3
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>> No. 16335
Watching ...
>> No. 16336
You look beautiful as usual, and I'm jelly of all the lucky people who got to meet you IRL, but I'm glad you had a good time.
>> No. 16337
it was feely. and the music made it even feelier. but i still enjoyed it
>> No. 16339
File 137727570990.jpg - (33.85KB , 594x588 , 1365201175743.jpg )
>MFW I could have been there if it wasn't for me living in Yuropoor

I love this video so much though, definitely one of my favourites this year! You looked sooooo happy here, and your smile is infectious as always, so yeah...thanks for brightening my day, Catie!

Peace & Love!
>> No. 16340
to think you were within 15 miles of my house and i didn't know till afterward. oh well, theres always next year
>> No. 16341
So beautiful video, but to short tho. I'm so jealous that I couldn't go on VidCon -.-
>> No. 16342
This video makes me feel lonely ;(
>> No. 16343
File 137728005238.jpg - (45.31KB , 421x594 , 2FallschirmSaniAbt7.jpg )
Hi ya'll

how long till Catie's 12 ?
>> No. 16344
One hour :D
>> No. 16345
>> No. 16346
AHHHH, electronics during takeoff!




>> No. 16347
File 137728316091.jpg - (8.68KB , 277x182 , images.jpg )
Sure Catie, many feels... if only i was there!
>> No. 16348
>> No. 16349
Hola catie, video was nice today
>> No. 16350
>> No. 16351
Wow. Feels.
I would've loved to have gone!
So so so glad you had that much fun!
Maybe I'll see you one time, especially if my friend and I get some popularity on YouTube. heh.
>> No. 16352
Yeah, I'm super duper fast. Hi Catie. Why so short video?
>> No. 16353
Hai, how have you been?
I loved the video, it was really feely but I liked it, I am glad you were able to share this experience with us, you looked very very happy. Too bad I couldn't go, maybe next year.
>> No. 16354
I'm a little late to the party, but Watching now <3
>> No. 16355
othankyou. :3 i worked hard on it.


mayhaps you can be there next year?

:c <3

next year indeed.

that's so sweet! :3
welp. maybe you can saves your money for next year?
idk how worth it it'd be to fly all dat way for three days.
but. yknow. D:
>> No. 16356
I loved seeing people's faces light up and you smile. I see this trip was a big event for you in your life.
Another thing how much weight can you actually lift? xD Are you like an ant that can carry ten times their own body weight?
>> No. 16357
Hey catie, how was you're summer? Do anything fun? An did you start school yet? I did :/
>> No. 16358
How are you doing Catie?

This really gave me some feels ;__; but I'm so happy for you <3
>> No. 16359
>music is feely
i know, but isn't it pretty? :3

i really did have soooo much fun. :3
editing the video i just had a constant ":3" face.
i hope you get to go next year. :3

it... it's not that short. >>

i'm glad i was able to share it too.
but there was so much that i forgot to film because i was having so much fun. xD
>> No. 16360
it was so great seeing you so happy. Catie you keep getting more and more famous, and keep getting more fans. What's it like?
>> No. 16361
3 questions

Have you ever been to Disney land?

What was your favorite ride?

If you could be any Disney princess who would you be?
>> No. 16362
i honestly don't know how much i can... wait...
i think my heaviest person i've ever given a piggy back to was like 230 pounds.

my summer has been good, I did some fun stuff. I still want to go to a lake or something before it's over over. :3
i'm taking this semester off for personal reasons.

thank you. :3 <3
>> No. 16363
It isn't, but I thought it will be longer, about 10 minutes or even moar :<
>> No. 16364
>so much I forgot to film because I was having fun

Well, that's an excellent thing, seeing you in bliss made me very happy. I will be sure to go next year!
>> No. 16365
Catie what did you say in the beginning of the video? From 0:30 to 0:40?
>> No. 16366
>> No. 16367
File 137728602686.jpg - (17.53KB , 600x438 , Stowawaysarefun.jpg )
>*Opens wallet*
Looks like I'll be taking the scenic route ;_;
>> No. 16368
i... i don't know. xD
it's a very surreal feeling.
but going to vidcon made it a lot more tangible. :3

i went for a couple hours on disney day for the first time since i was like 14! :D
star tours.
jasmine. :3
i'd be interested to see who disney would want to hire me as though. like in the park.
if i went in, i'd bring a picture of myself with a tan to show the range of my skin tone. because if i was all like
"i'd like to be jasmine pls."
and they all like
"you pale."
i be like

i would never ask someone to compose a ten minute song.
also, ten minutes is REAAAALLY long. i hate when my videos go over six minutes. D:
>> No. 16369
File 137728620644.gif - (499.28KB , 500x281 , gif cryy.gif )
This video
>> No. 16370
>230 pounds
230 pounds!?!?!?!
Wow, that has to be at least double your weight, you are like an ant, carrying double your weight xD
>> No. 16371
You gave your camera to random people and asked them to film for you? I'd be scared they would run off with the camera.
>> No. 16372
like...like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin?
>> No. 16373
Is Ben Affleck going to be the next Batman or something? I keeping hearing jokes about it.
>> No. 16374
I wrote this somewhere already, but great video, with lots of hugs!
>> No. 16375
Yes he is.
In the next movie, with Superman or whatever.
>> No. 16376
You'd be a pretty good Jasmine, though you'd probably be good as any princess. Though, from what I've heard from people who've actually worked there, it isn't all that great
>> No. 16377
Oh, okay :(
>> No. 16378

basically that i was nervous. xD

t'is indeed more than double my weight.
to be fair it was a piggyback ride.

those are the wrong feels. D:
don't feel those feels.

no, there was only one time i asked a fan to film something, and he was very very nice, and it was like, where's he going to run to? into the depths of vidcon where he'll be stuck for an hour and a half trying to get through clusters of fangirls?

Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie breh.
where have you been?
>> No. 16379
I was just about to ask Catie about her thoughts on that :o
>> No. 16380
>those are the wrong feels. D:
don't feel those feels.

haha OK :D I happy now
>> No. 16381
>Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie breh.

You're shitting me, right? Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie hands down, sometimes I feel like Aladdin. It is a feel good movie and one that I cherish from my childhood.

>where have I been?
I have no idea #dolanpls
>> No. 16382
And Catie I want to thank you for being a part of my life too. You have really changed my life so much. Thank you for everything.
>> No. 16383
yeah he's gonna be batman in the next superman movie.
which is sort of weird.
honestly, the only opinion i have on that is that it's a little weird it's not bale. so it's unlike the marvel movies where they're from the same universe.

thank you! <3

my skin tone is pretty flexible, and for everything else, there is wigs and contacts.
but yeah. i hear you can't have any name for yourself either.
because like
if i was being all jasmine to some little girl and one of my boxxy fans came up to me like
it would ruin the illusion for the little girl. D:


yeah man.
there's a photo of me floating around somewhere from like halloween 2007 or some shit where i'm jasmine.
that movie be my favorite.

you're very welcome. (: <3
>> No. 16384
>he's gonna be batman in the next superman movie

what? The next superman movie is going to have batman in it?
>> No. 16385
That is awesome, I can see you pulling off a Jasmine, you have very big eyes like her.
What are your opinions on the second and third Aladdin movies?
For me the second one was okay, not the greatest, and the third gave me lotsa feels.
>> No. 16386
Catie have you been cooking lately? Do you know that when you boil water you shouldn't use hot tap water. You should get cold tap water and boil that.
>> No. 16387
>> No. 16388
i gotta get going guys!
maybe i'll be back later.
don't wait up. <3
>> No. 16389
>Batman vs. Superman

lol what is this? Batman is just a regular human with no super powers. How could he win against Superman?
>> No. 16390
>> No. 16391
bye, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the very nice video!
>> No. 16392
bye Catie <3 but can you let us know if you'll be back?
>> No. 16393
File 137728870372.png - (481.24KB , 509x480 , 1368304710717.png )
Who knows, it's based on an old comic series though, so I suppose it's explained in detailed there. Sounds ridiculous to me as well, but oh well. Hollywood will get their money either way, so everyone's happy, right? The production companies who make superhero movies very rarely cares about making good movies, so meh. Not surprised.
Buh bye.
>Don't wait up.
Ha. Good one.
>> No. 16394
File 137728877618.jpg - (12.61KB , 403x300 , 1343862212286.jpg )
>that is that it's a little weird it's not bale
It's not so strange really. He wasn't even a very good Batman(that fucking voice), but he is a great actor and probably doesn't want to get typecast as "the guy who played Batman".

And the last movie in Christopher Nolan's trilogy was inexcusably bad in almost every way, from the horrible writing(cops just running towards armed mercs/every single officer in Gotham went down into the sewers at the same time, and a lot more) to the even worse pacing and editing(especially the confusing time-skips).

>comparing DC universe to Marvel
The only only good thing DC has ever done is the Batman universe, which is really good. They otherwise have a tendency to create ridiculously overpowered Mary Sue characters like Superman and Flash, which just isn't entertaining at all.

Could you possibly lift my ban, by the way? Using proxies to argue with that autistic old fuck is quite a drag.
>> No. 16395
File 137728896867.jpg - (36.55KB , 191x242 , 1343859216317.jpg )
kryptonite, of course.

>> No. 16396
yeah, but still
>> No. 16397
Until the end of me
I swear
You'll be the death of me
I dare
You to cross the line again
Because deep down inside there's something that waits to be

Broken inside
Feeling alive
Forced to defy
Who casts me aside
I'm waiting to be
Broken inside
Losing my mind
Gasping for life
Crashing through times
That drive me to find
The darkness behind
Will never run dry
But all still stand

Until the end of me
I swear
You'll be the death of me
I dare
I dare you to cross the line again
Because deep down inside
There's something that waits to be
Cross the line again
Because deep down inside
There's something that waits to be

The thinning line between
You and my sanity
Is quickly fading
Takes just a breeze to cause a storm
The thinning line between
You and my sanity
Is quickly fading
Takes just a breeze to cause a storm
Takes just a breath to cause a scream
It takes me to cause a tragedy

Until the end of me
I swear
You'll be the death of me
I dare
I dare you to cross the line again
Because deep down inside
There's something that waits to be
Cross the line again
Because deep down inside
There's something that begs to be
>> No. 16398
File 137729086627.jpg - (115.28KB , 400x300 , 916.jpg )
Broken inside
>> No. 16399
Wait a second. They're fighting?
I thought they were going to work together or something.
>> No. 16400
that's what I was thinking at first too.
>> No. 16401
File 13772969001.png - (291.43KB , 1280x720 , Because Boxxy2.png )
After the end title "I love you" I was really expecting to see "Like really... Like STATUS! Like...RAWR"

Don't ask me why, lol.

(Oh yeah... Pic Related)


I will send you a virtual hug.

Unless you're all hugged out.
>> No. 16403
File 137729800528.jpg - (92.64KB , 600x480 , Italian_Heart.jpg )
I vow I'll come there from Italy next year, I start to put money aside 'til I've enough to buy a tiket from Milan to... uh, what's the nearest airport to the Vidcon area? I seriously need to know it, I want to be there for Catie next year <3
>> No. 16404
i is cannot make it back today guys! sorry babes!
i love you! <3
>> No. 16405
Maybe you'll come back here later?
>> No. 16406
It's alright, Catie!
Come back whenever you can. We love you!
>> No. 16407
don't worry about it Catie <3 have fun this weekend. ilu too
>> No. 16408
I like what you did with this video.
Reminded me of those musical segments of outdoors shows with montages of reeling in fish.

Thanks for sharing.

...Those small commuter planes are scary.
Was it a propeller plane with oil streaks from the engines on the wings?
>> No. 16409
File 137731886488.gif - (1.40MB , 375x283 , 4bgSkHN.gif )
>tfw i will never meet Catie
>> No. 16410
Awesome times
>> No. 16411
Yesterday was a really bad day, but when i saw the video i could just smile. Thanks Catie, i love you!
>> No. 16412
File 137738033140.jpg - (214.04KB , 1000x749 , feels_good_man.jpg )
I could feel the feels...

They felt good.
>> No. 16413
File 13774874722.jpg - (115.28KB , 400x300 , 916.jpg )
Oh nice video, I felt all of the feels.
>> No. 16414
  I keep coming back to how, once upon a time, this was just about the saddest story I'd ever heard. I'd never had my heart really broken before I'd heard the story about what happened to an innocent child who had created the most wonderful, innocent gifts for her friends. I thought that I would never know what happened to this girl, that I'd always think of her as a lost child hiding from the world. That's how wrong I was about her, how much I underestimated her.

When your heart REALLY breaks, it's like the joyspring is busted, like a watch that won't wind up again. Eventually, I was able to forget about her, but for those months, I was sad. I'd internalized a very powerful and visceral lesson about how terrible the world can be.

The next part didn't just happen. She made it happen, with her courage and her wisdom and her intelligence.

I saw Catie sign an autograph as Boxxy,and i remembered that I'd asked her to sign my autographed photo as Boxxy, and she had signed it Catie, and I'm glad she did, because I never think of her as Boxxy anymore. But I'm also glad that she's comfortable signing as Boxxy. I think that Catie and Boxxy are getting along pretty good these days.

The world is now a place where amazing things happen. Thank you, Catie, for being a part of one of the best parts of my life. It's not just you. I have kittens now! I'm a caregiver. I'm building a studio in my apartment. I'm getting ready to make more personal videos. Before I discovered you, I think I was getting ready to die.
>> No. 16415
File 137773655696.png - (267.31KB , 639x343 , FOAR SAGE FRUM___.png )
>> No. 16416
I've taken a screenshot of that part too, this pic has potential to be used on the chans
>> No. 16417
File 137793297483.jpg - (93.18KB , 500x364 , frabz-FUCK-YEAH-4ffd2f.jpg )

>>I've taken a screenshot of that part too, this pic has potential to be used on the chans

This is a chan.
Potential ACHIEVED!

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