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No. 16294
  posting on the forum at 11:00 a.m. today.
hope you enjoy the videoooo.
goodnight. <3
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>> No. 16295
File 137666534347.jpg - (18.11KB , 385x397 , 1343860177929.jpg )
>tfw I don't know any of those people you mentioned in the video

Or I do know "overly attached girlfriend" as you called her, but I've only ever seen like a picture of her.

Do you people sit at Youtube all day watching these people do... stuff?
>> No. 16296
Love u Catie :3
Today the video came earlier than usual ะพ:
>> No. 16297

i don't keep up with youtubes as much since high school, and i have no idea who most of those people are
>> No. 16298
File 13766773202.png - (808.52KB , 1280x720 , Smile.png )
>> No. 16299
The first two questions, and answers, were fucking epic.
>> No. 16300
File 137668475254.jpg - (51.93KB , 725x703 , FreedomFuckyeah-85354.jpg )
Catie's eclectic use of incidental music... FUCKYEAH!
>> No. 16301
thanks for the video Catie. I loved hearing your answers
>> No. 16302
Star Wars.
Hell yes.
All of my yes.
I almost forgot you liked Star Wars.
>> No. 16303
File 13767121529.png - (326.07KB , 1280x720 , Because Boxxy.png )
Needs moar eyeliner... ;)
>> No. 16304
Boxxy never got me interested in My Little Pony, but Catie got me to return to the original Star Wars Trilogy for the first time since the 80s.
>> No. 16305
>but Catie got me to return to the original Star Wars Trilogy for the first time since the 80s.

How old are you, man?
>> No. 16306
File 137676345423.jpg - (42.28KB , 448x299 , FillDirt_.jpg )
I am older than dirt.

For more information, please see one of the many many threads in which this is addressed.
>> No. 16326
Some of the people individuals that have been here the longest are older than most of the kids that have joined the boards more recently.
>> No. 16332
This thread is about Catie and her new video. Let's try to keep our posts on topic.
>> No. 16333
File 137688022517.jpg - (63.73KB , 558x531 , 1372779535331.jpg )
>Let's try to keep our posts on topic.
Of course, since you're nice enough to finally change tactic.

Could you be a dear and remove the ban from my proxies? Or at the very least the first one you b&?
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