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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 16210
posting on the forum from 4:45-5:45
sorry for such short notice gais.
hope you like it. :3
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>> No. 16242
Dat file name
>> No. 16243
File 136644468259.png - (899.85KB , 920x720 , CatieD.png )
>> No. 16244
As much as it worries me, I see what you did there.
>> No. 16245
File 136645128651.png - (1.02MB , 1088x720 , Catie Dubs Everywhere.png )
Why are you worried?
>> No. 16246
File 136645331231.jpg - (219.85KB , 1920x1200 , 2013_tesla_model_s-wide.jpg )
For a long time I thought about buying you a car, but then I thought that, if I did, you'd probably think I was coming on to you or whatever, and you would freak out and it would get all awkward and creepy and shit and ruin everything about the relationship we've never had, and so then I was all like... no. I just can't. Not this year, anyway. :(

(Pic related)
>> No. 16247
"John, is that you?"
hi, if u mean me nope,i go sleep a little later after the video,it was already late here. bye :)
>> No. 16248
loved the video Catie :3
>> No. 16249
CATIE! For real, I was reminised about dem leggings in the buick photo and instantly couldn't watch the rest of the vid w/out imagining what kind of underwear you were wearing and what color they were the whole time. Not being a perv. Just, you know how they say when you do public speaking imagine the audience in their underwear? Well it's kinda like that but in reverse. I luv you Catiekins :)
>> No. 16250
OMFG DAT ASS! Finally the heavens open and Catie's ass appears in glorious perfection.
>> No. 16251
File 136651695591.jpg - (54.91KB , 640x360 , salad.jpg )
Catie's Beautiful Rage is the greatest thing ever! Seeing her go off like that after all the shit she's had to endure was cathartic, and deeply moving. I couldn't have expected how moving and satisfying that would be. She is magnificent and I love her always.
>> No. 16252
Nigger, you have got to be kidding me.
>> No. 16253
I liked it too :3
>> No. 16254
..sorry if last time i asked you about svetlana..i really forgot,that.please,sorry.smack.
>> No. 16255
ok ill fmself.xD
>> No. 16256
ok i do this.
>> No. 16257
and this.
>> No. 16258
>> No. 16259
nice video catie :)!
>> No. 16260
She also got in a fight once.
What else did you once Catie?
>> No. 16261
what's wrong?
>> No. 16263
File 136665956081.gif - (164.22KB , 500x369 , typing-an-essay_o_781547.gif )
>> No. 16265
uh oh a power hungry mod has gone delete happy.
fap fap fap
>> No. 16266
thanks for the awesome video Catie <3
>> No. 16267
The messy bun might be the best of all hairstyles
>> No. 16268
>five pages
oh god... if only.
>> No. 16269
Ilu so much, catie. To be honest, it's pretty weird.
>> No. 16270
>five pages
oh god... if only.
>> No. 16271
da faq?
computer, you so weird.
kbye gais.
>> No. 16272
bye Catie

how did you do on the paper?
>> No. 16273
File 136670956086.jpg - (7.96KB , 219x118 , 12494_3000479869022_451307624_n.jpg )
>>da faq?

et tu Catie
et tu everyone uses "da faq"

image related when "da faq" or lternatives of it is used ;p
>> No. 16274
>> No. 16275
File 136674401383.png - (182.95KB , 281x371 , rqee.png )
it would be a shame if you...sell me??
>> No. 16276
File 136676748683.jpg - (33.40KB , 640x520 , 1359866418536.jpg )
First post on this imageboard.
Just wanted to say that you looked pretty in this video...
Which isn't usually a main focus for me.
Plus red lipstick majorly grosses me out, but for some reason you looked good with it.
Good video, very funny.
>> No. 16277
Yeah, Catie's look in this video is very smart. It's not as casual as it looks. She's got a gift for makeup, a classic face, a bunch of adoring fans, and the internet. She's having a great time, and she deserves it.

(sigh) I had a heart once.
>> No. 16278
Wow, dat ass is so tite you could bounce a quarter off it. Catie must lift.
>> No. 16279
AHA! THAT'S why that crazy faggot was throwing quarters at Catie!
>> No. 16280

she was saying hi to a friend. wake up.
>> No. 16281
she was just saying hi to a friend.wake up.
>> No. 16282
Sorry, I have no idea what that means.

I was remarking on the fact that Catie is turning out to be really good at makeup, and it looks to me like she's having fun looking amazing (and always different) for these videos.

And I think that's great.
>> No. 16283
File 137600564528.jpg - (95.23KB , 450x332 , integ 2b.jpg )
You should have gotten a Volvo.
>> No. 16284
>> No. 16285
>> No. 16286
ya dun goof'd
>> No. 16287
That ad' came from a movie called Crazy People.
It needs some fixing me thinks.
>> No. 16288
Not being much of a gamer, I only just found out who Princess Peach is. Awesome Parody, Catie!
>> No. 16289
File 137614752289.gif - (497.72KB , 320x236 , 1365725825179.gif )
>All these people bumping a thread that is nearly 4 months old back to the top of the front page
>> No. 16290
File 137618180998.png - (81.43KB , 320x200 , watass3.png )

This is still my favorite video from either channel. I love the way she looks, the way she sounds, the fact that the guy she plays is not only pretty convincing but actually sort of scary.

I love that she talks about having no ass, and then defiantly proves it. Her self-appraisal is completely honest and accurate. Nope, no ass here!
And now that I know who pricess peach is, I love it more than ever.

Most of all, I love that this is light years away from Boxxy. The first time I saw this, when Catie started raging at that creepy dude (something that you probably shuldn't do in real life, btw) I was actually yelling FUCK YES in my booth at McDonalds. I couldn't help myself. I left immediately out of embarassment,
>> No. 16291
hard to believe
>> No. 16292
Actually, you caught me in an embellishment. It was just time to go home.
>> No. 16293
lololol you guise so crayzeh
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