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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 16157
maybe the sf fog is actually watered down chloroform because i'm back to being sleepy.
since i didn't post here last week and the forum was being wonky, ima post here this week. <3
howsa going kids?
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>> No. 16158
omg hi Catie <3 I missed you. watching now
>> No. 16159
File 137610645291.gif - (487.33KB , 269x182 , 1372807530850.gif )
Hey look you released a video when I'm not at work for once.

>> No. 16160
Catie the number one cause of daytime fatigue is a lack of water. Have you been drinking enough water?
>> No. 16161

you work bizarre hours.

i drink sooo much water you don't even know breh.
>> No. 16162
thanks for answering my question over the impersonations! I lol'd at your attempt. I can do a mean Bill Cosby impersonation. did you get to see the questions on the forum and pick some out before it spazzed out?
How has your week been, anything fun planned for the weekend?
Oh and I am just going to assume you had an awesome experience at vidcon from all the pics/tweets/vids :p
>> No. 16163
tell us about vidcon Catie :3
>> No. 16164
Catie if we get a zombie apocalypse I'll save you.
>> No. 16165
I think the vidcon videos would summarize it up pretty well, just be patient young padawan.

Another reason for daytime fatigue is anemia, might want to get your iron level checked if fatigue/tiredness continues
>> No. 16166
Catie did you dye the side of your hair? It looks nice.
>> No. 16167
Catie are you doing to release more than one vidcon video?

Also when I cook anything I don't read the directions and just set the oven to 450 every time. Is that bad?
>> No. 16168
i did get to the forum before it spazzed out!
i actually assumed it was my internet xD
i was like "ah well, at least i answered all the questions before my internet decided to fuck me over."

i don't want to spoil anything in the vidcon video, but honestly
VidCon was one of the best experiences of my life.
i got to meet so many amazing people, youtubers and fans alike, and everyone was so super nice. :3
i would walk around for a long time without anyone recognizing me, and then one person would be like "omg boxxy ilu picture with me pls catie pls."

and then people would stare at me like "why are people asking that girl to get her picture taken?"
and then the lightbulb would go off and i'd get swarmed. :3
the whole time i was there i felt warm and fuzzy.
>> No. 16169
*Agent reporting in
Hi catie, been a lil' while i guess :P
how has it been?
>> No. 16170
I'm so happy you had such an amazing time at Vidcon. You deserve it.

I wish I could have been there to met you. Sorry you probably heard that so much already. I'd be really nervous haha sorry you probably heard that a lot too.
>> No. 16171
Do you ever try to do acting gigs like off Craigslist or something? I have no idea how that works.

I guess I'm asking how you make strides, or plan to make strides, towards furthering your acting career?

Also, hello.
>> No. 16172
>the whole time i was there i felt warm and fuzzy

Awww.... that's great
Should we expect Catie at vidcon 2014, that way I can get tickets now before they sell out.
BTW: forum is up and running now at full speed
>> No. 16173
was any one creepy to you? :/ were you annoyed by everyone calling you Boxxy?
>> No. 16174
Hey Catie!
Hope you had a super duper time @ vidcon. You looked super happy!
Please tell me you watch Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton!! (you do, right?)
>> No. 16175
>> No. 16176
okay i'll be all like "fanon halp."
that is how you'll know i need your halp.

i just got my peekaboo widened... if that makes sense. xD

>more than one vidcon video
prolly not
>constant 450
yes. :p

I've been fucking super.
how aboutchall?
>> No. 16177
oh Catie I was the guy asking for pikmin tips. I got pretty far thanks for the help, but than I died and don't feel like playing it.

How is Ellie doing? You were playing Mario party the other day?
>> No. 16178
Can you make this a reality for me? >>>/m/11063

Tell the admins this is to be. TELL THEM THIS MUST BE DONE.
>> No. 16179
I sit here, enjoy your video and then watch it again and envy your beauty. I don't understand why you are so drop dead gorgeous. I heard you love hash taging so #littlegreenmonster
>> No. 16180
Hello, Catie!

Had to google wonky, but now I know.

And forum is back up too, but of course chan is too, so.
>> No. 16181
File 137610811479.jpg - (1.81MB , 2016x2931 , 1373245410444.jpg )
YOU work bizarre hours!
>> No. 16182
File 137610822088.jpg - (27.46KB , 403x313 , 60756_681938355151684_403353082_n.jpg )
I'm here to say that Mau5 said to tell you that "she has da kewtest cowlick ever". "She" is referring to you.

Not sure what it means... But.

And also Hi. We haven't talked in months. But you probably don't even remember me.
>> No. 16183
Thank you so much for sharing all the vidcon pics with us on twitter Catie. It was nice seeing all the pics of you.
>> No. 16184
>i would walk around for a long time without anyone recognizing me, and then one person would be like "omg boxxy ilu picture with me pls catie pls."
>and then people would stare at me like "why are people asking that girl to get her picture taken?"
>and then the lightbulb would go off and i'd get swarmed. :3
Vid related. It is a social experiment where a "nobody" made swarms of people think he was a big celebrity. It might be a similar effect.
>> No. 16185
I can see the Boxxy just below the surface...

And I guess you know I LvIt. :)
>> No. 16186
File 137610839667.jpg - (115.24KB , 400x400 , 129366088760.jpg )
Maus....hrm...I mean Hathor said this on the forum and asked someone to pass the message

>in any case,can sumpony go to da chan n tell Catie that i said she has da kewtest cowlick ever?

Question: Do you plan to study for a 4-year or a 6-year degree (Bachelors or Masters)?
Ooooo... the 29th of July was mai birthday and I got to go to the Omaha Zoo and see all the cute animals (pic related)
>> No. 16187
File 137610851967.gif - (499.28KB , 500x281 , gif cryy.gif )
I know what you mean. Sometimes I get depressed that I'll never be as awesome and pretty as Catie.
>> No. 16188
Ive been great, playing Jazz and stuff

i planned to go vidcon
but tickets sold out.
i would have probably said "Hi" to you
lame i couldnt go
>> No. 16189

Just stop this
>> No. 16190
I remember seeing this, this video was an awesome social experiment, they are so interesting. This one is pretty funny too.
>> No. 16191
well this youtube thing is working out pretty swell so far.
and other than that i don't feel comfortable sharing my super secrets. :p
i feel so fucking awful guys, but i have to go cook dinner now.
i for sure will come back to post on wednesday. <3

big time.
def going again.

don't apologize, i wish you could have been there too. D:

not a single creeper in the bunch. :3
and no, i wasn't annoyed. I understand that people know boxxy, not catie. once i introduced myself as catie, people called me that for the most part, so it wasn't no thaaang.

when i get the chance to, i fucking watch the SHIT out of inside the actors studio. good stuff.

what day did you get to?

aww, that's sweet of you to say. but i'm sure you're beauteous.
hashtags are fun.
>> No. 16192
Catie should pull that shit in NYC, get some of her buddies to be fake bodyguards and stuff and get people riled up, except the crowd would be bigger cause she's actually boxxy
>> No. 16193
Catie I want to tell you I'm really happy that you got to have a great positive experience with have random people coming up to you recognizing you from the internet.
I really enjoyed seeing you embrace twitter and hashtags and retweeting photos that people took with you.

Will you do it again next year? And let those of us bigger fans on your website know a couple of months or so in advance if you are going? We could call it BoxxCon at VidCon. I think it will be the right way to have BoxxCon as VidCon will provide the security that you need.
>> No. 16194
>i feel so fucking awful guys, but i have to go cook dinner now.

don't feel awful <3 don't worry about it. See you wednesday <3 ilu have fun
>> No. 16195


You need to watch the following:
Johnny Depp (eeek)
Dustin Hoffman (was great in "death of a salesman")
Robert De Niro

I tried looking for the DVD's on amazon, but they sell them by the EPISODE. Barbra Streisand's interview was like $24.99, even though its on Youtube.

You gotta check it out!
>> No. 16196
>> No. 16197
>what day did you get to?

I'm not sure now :/ #sorry
>> No. 16198
that would be freaking awesome
>> No. 16199
I will not rest until that putrid cartoon skeleton that mildly resembles Boxxy mockingly perched atop the precious /m] board is removed; and in it's place a banner who's beauty deserves the honor to be there.

I will try, and try again until I succeed.
>> No. 16200
I wonder if Catie comes back after all the flooding dies down and reads these. Idk. If so, then hi. pshh
>> No. 16201
If she does read everything that Sigh thread would be abit weird for her to read lol
>> No. 16202
File 13761118512.png - (225.93KB , 550x340 , cb1.png )
AWesome video! So many pictures from vidcom, wow!
>> No. 16203
I stayed up for this. Worth it.

Can't wait to see more. c:
>> No. 16204
Just woken up and the party is over? Fuck me.
>> No. 16205
File 137612076685.png - (85.40KB , 960x540 , pinkie_pie_sleeping_by_zozi664-d4uy3k5.png )
Passing through in a hurry. I'm going to download this now, and watch this at home.

Are you still feeling tired, Catie?

Today I watched the MLP episode where Pinkie Pie duplicates herself in
the magic pond so she can be with all her friends at once. I thought of Catie and the internet. The episode ends with Pinkie Pie taking a nap.

>> No. 16206
Dat Ass
>> No. 16208
That's a good thing, because if I ever become a zombie, I'm going after Catie's brain first.
>> No. 16209
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