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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 137599326412.png - (131.53KB , 500x375 , 1371698237466.png )
16109 No. 16109
so i'll probably elaborate more on why the vidcon video isn't going to be up this friday (or maybe even next) but it comes down to "there is a lot of footage and i don't want to half ass this."

ask me your questions about vidcon, or other things and tomorrow they will be answered in the friday video. <3
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>> No. 16110
I was gonna go to vidcon
but no moneys and tickets sold out
even while living in Cali its hard to go to this cool Conventions....
So catie the first question is, top Youtubers did you meet, like which youtubers from the top subcribed did you talk to, what was their reaction to you?
>> No. 16111
File 13759941467.jpg - (43.72KB , 448x330 , 1358211208383.jpg )
correction: Which Top Subscribed Youtubers did you meet and what was their reaction to you considering your past as Boxxy etc...?
>> No. 16113
Have you meet Shane Dawson? Did you planned to do something with Phil DeFranco? Don't you get bored anymore when someone refers to you as Boxxy?

(Goddamnit I wished to be there, sometimes being Eurofag sucks)
>> No. 16114
What is your favourite superhero? Not sure if it had to be about vidicon.. Oh well..
>> No. 16115
Did anyone at vidcon say any creepy shit to you, or does that seem to be restricted to the internet? If so, what'd you do?
>> No. 16116

>Have you meet Shane Dawson?
If so, what did he say about you?
>> No. 16117
Were you annoyed that people kept calling you Boxxy?
>> No. 16118
what was your favorite thing about vidcon
>> No. 16119
What do you think about people saying they would be really nervous to say Hi to you?
>> No. 16120
What was it like when you finally got to met Phil?

And what did you think of peoples mixed reaction of you at Vidcon? Some people were really excited and others were depressed.
>> No. 16121
This isn't a question, but I just want to say that you never have to worry about letting us down or disappointing us. ilu <3 You are the best Queen ever.
>> No. 16122
Seems the forum is down, i assume posting will be done here.
>> No. 16123
thanks for the queshtuns guys. <3
>> No. 16124
you are very welcome <3
>> No. 16125
oh and must say i have enjoyed, lots of the random videos from the con, with you in, and pics too. Seems like you had a very nice time there.
>> No. 16126
I'm excited for the video
>> No. 16127
File 137600281569.gif - (816.85KB , 200x233 , 1365588605651.gif )
I'm pretty sure I'm too late, but oh well:

1) Professionally speaking, what exactly were you hoping to get out of VidCon 2013? Was the main focus of your visit there to advertise your Anewhopeee channel and enlighten and inform people about the real you, or were your intentions to generally focus on your oh so wonderful Boxxy fans?

2) How does it feel to have a fanbase where the grand majority expects and nearly demands you to be in character (as Boxxy) every time they meet up with you? Doesn't it get extremely tiresome to almost feel forced to hide the real you behind a hyperactive teenager's raccoon eyed face all the time just to please said people?
>> No. 16128
Also, did you get to meet boxxy? Some people got to meet boxxy. If you did, what was she like?
>> No. 16129
Catie what do you think about kangaroos
Also will you ever send me lives in candy crush
>> No. 16130
do you like Daft Punk?
>> No. 16131
How long did you interact with Overly Attached Girlfriend, was it just a meet and greet? do u think you'll talk with her again before the next vidcon?
>> No. 16132
Will you be going again?
I'm hoping to meet you one time.
>> No. 16133
When are you going to do a video about what it was like for you during the "Civil War" times?

Do you have another car yet?

When the heck will you finally get an awesome Star Wars tattoo?

What's a typical Saturday night for Catherine Wayne?
>> No. 16134
File 137601579176.jpg - (14.67KB , 313x295 , Avatar 54.jpg )
Not so much a question as a comment - have you considered not holding yourself to a weekly video? Maybe more quality than quantity ... and a bit more artistic mystery?

And please don't get any tats. A girl as beautiful as you doesn't need any body art beyond her makeup.
>> No. 16135
Catie, do you like south park ?
And the flag of which country do you like the most ?
>> No. 16136
I'm >>68870 again, but this time this is not a question. I just want you to know that imho if you do something with Laina it will probably be the most epicest thing ever seen on YouTube. Am I the only one who think that guys?
>> No. 16137
Possible a strange question but I will ask. What fruit would you like to be?
>> No. 16138
it's too late to ask questions now guys
>> No. 16139
File 137608461615.jpg - (39.19KB , 640x563 , 1157565_10152089001274056_385228398_n.jpg )
which of these onesies would you like the most?
>> No. 16140
>have you considered not holding yourself to a weekly video?
Youtube partnerships. How do they work?
>> No. 16141

That video of you that DeFranco uploaded was beyond epic. Not a question, I know.
>> No. 16142
I've already asked this on your Twitter with #AskCatie and #FridayVideo hastags, but let's ask even here, maybe you'll lurk again later and see it.

So, what do you think about those who keep calling you the "Queen of 4chan", a place that you don't even like or lurk I guess and which ruined you life, in a certain sense? Obviously I know that we, who loved you from the beginning, helped you to be where you are now thanks to it, but even nowadays 4chan's Anonymous are gross, creepy fuckers which keep talking about how they'll have a nice time (to not be rude) with you, for the most part. How make you feel to know that, a place that changed this much your life and put you through a very difficult times with stalkers and all that shit you know I'm talking about, is the same place in which you're considered a sort of divinity by about 1/3 of the people who are there?

Ok, brb. Sorry for the probably grammar mistakes but I'm not from an english-language country.
>> No. 16143
File 137619586122.jpg - (7.24KB , 259x194 , anon.jpg )

You're asking Catie to antagonize a large number of her fans, as well as people who have harassed her in the past. YOU'RE NOT THE FIRST.

Catie's not exactly afraid to talk about these things, but she doesn't make a big deal about them, and she doesn't talk about them at length.`If you really want to know, lurk moar.

Check out the video "Catie reacts to YouTubers react to Boxxy" to see her talk about 4chan directly. Check out the video "StoryTime" to see her talk about being a queen.

What's she's never done is say "I'm not the Queen of /b/" or "I am the Queen of /b/?" And why should she? What is possibly to be gained from that?
>> No. 16144
YouTube partners aren't obligated to post videos on a strict schedule. However they can lose their partnership if they become inactive.
>> No. 16147
I've already seen every ANewHopeee's videos (like everyone in here, I suppose hope), in her reacts video she just said that it's surprising that, in a place which is filled with ponies, people get mad for Boxxy personality, and in the storytime video she only said that it's kind of ridiculous to call her a "Queen", and that "ridiculous" was meaning in a nice way. Yet in the case which she was talking about she was irl, imho it's a different thing on the Internet, EXPECIALLY on 4chan. I just want to know if the fact that she's considered a Queen in the same place were people fiddle with gore and violence and CP and that kind of shit bother her or not, or maybe if she doesn't even care at all. And those 2 videos which you made reference doesn't help me to understand my point...
>> No. 16148

But do you understand my point?

I think you're trying to get her to say something provocative. I don't think she's going to take the bait, but she's a big girl. She can do what she wants.

I hope that she talks about this stuff someday, it's real honest-to-god history, but she's trying to start her career right now, and this won't help her. I think she'll do that in her own time.
>> No. 16149

>>Not so much a question as a comment - have you considered not holding yourself to a weekly video? Maybe more quality than quantity ... and a bit more artistic mystery?

I worry about Catie exhausting herself. She talks about being tired all the time now... but I think that the quality of the anewhopeee videos dramatically increased when Catie started posting weekly.
>> No. 16151
How insulting it must be to her to have people talk about her as if she's a helpless child or brain dead.

Catie's a big girl; she knows her own limits. Don't worry about it.
>> No. 16153
File 137634104115.jpg - (27.56KB , 400x404 , how embarassing for you.jpg )

Does this really make sense to you? Do children or brain dead people ever suffer from exhaustion?

I think you're taking my statement out of context. I'm not going to spend time explaining this to you, since you probably won't read the explanation either, but I can't resist pointing out your hypocrisy.

If Catie is insulted by something I say, being a big girl and all, doncha think she can tell me herself? I certainly do.
>> No. 16154
>> No. 16155
>I worry about Catie exhausting herself

me too
>> No. 16156

>>Catie's a big girl; she knows her own limits. Don't worry about it.

It's not like Catie doesn't talk about being exhausted A LOT lately. Are you missing this? She's been telling us about her limits, and our job as her friends and supporters is to hear her, and to acknowledge that we've heard her.
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