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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 15994
  hooraay, muffins.
be back for posting around 12 p.m. <3
hope you like it.
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>> No. 15995
Hai Catie :3
>> No. 15996
File 137303673115.png - (198.77KB , 413x374 , 1353008441849.png )
Hi Catie , how are you today ? was 4th of july fun for you ?

You know "Creating Edible Things With Boxxy" sounds like a fun idea , what do you think about it ?
>> No. 15997
I did like it, but can't be there when you visit. So have a nice one, hope your fourth went well :)
>> No. 15998
File 137303825573.png - (29.89KB , 115x131 , catie iz tired of ur shit.png )
howdy Catie.
muffinz make da best breakfast.
>> No. 15999
File 137303842324.jpg - (205.34KB , 777x681 , derpy_hooves__by_oze_jp-d59i9lt.jpg )
couldnt resist.
>> No. 16000
File 137303996980.png - (25.63KB , 550x400 , derpyhooves.png )
also,u foargot to mention da part when u added da most important ingredient,luv.
>> No. 16001
File 137304207527.jpg - (76.91KB , 960x720 , 16566_332368913544941_1713956709_n.jpg )
this iz bai far da best CETWC vidya.
cupcakes would be nice too tho.
and ramen >:(
>> No. 16002
File 137304260635.gif - (1.51MB , 320x180 , thatswhatshesaid.gif )
Those muffins are really big.
pic related
>> No. 16003
I adore video with cooking something tasty. Catie always a very sweet :3
>> No. 16004
dunno if you know this or not but you can microwave honey for a few seconds and it gets thinner/easier to pour
>> No. 16005
File 137304429075.png - (955.73KB , 785x723 , thatz wat she said.png )

>> No. 16006
>> No. 16007
File 137304686636.jpg - (243.37KB , 897x664 , inspiring-mario-magic-mushrooms-by-citizenwolfie.jpg )
Pizza, mac and cheese, muffins... Clearly, catie <3 carbs! Maybe I'll send you my easy vegetable soup recipe.

Needs moar MUSHROOMS!!!!
>> No. 16008
File 137304755412.gif - (438.59KB , 500x381 , alice1.gif )
one more hour til Caitie o'clock.
>> No. 16009
Looks yummy :3 om noms om noms
>> No. 16010
20 minutes until Catie is here :)
>> No. 16011
Anybody who doesn't luv yer muffins is a freak.


(I would suggest you add one more ingredient, but maybe I should post that on /m/, lol;)
>> No. 16012
hay guys, going through the thread right quick. <3
>> No. 16013
Hi Catie. Thank you for liking my Minecraft picture I sent you on Facebook :) You made my day <3
>> No. 16014
Hi Catie how is it going ?
I myself am lifting stones lol x3 right now, but i will still be here, talking :p can do both :P
>> No. 16015
Hai Catie, how's going? :)
>> No. 16016
How was your 4th of July? besides getting your thumb burned with a cherry bomb?
>> No. 16017
Do you even lift?
>> No. 16018
Hi Catie,

Fridays are my favorite day because of you <3 I love your CETWC videos because I am trying to learn how to cook lots of delicious things. Thank you for all that you do!
>> No. 16019
File 137305127166.jpg - (40.30KB , 500x375 , ferrarity.jpg )
i sent u this on twittah Catie but i dont think u see mai tweets to u.
>> No. 16020
Na, not really :P to the stones are about a very small person ca 40 kilograms = 88.18 pounds.
but yeah not really lifing to get big, more to stay fit :P urge everyone to workout now x3
>> No. 16021
he said he duz,Flaska.

>> No. 16022

it was pretty good, set of some fireworks, swam in a pool. :3
that does sound fun, but i there are a couple issues with it-- one being that boxxy doesn't edit her videos. :p

thanks for visiting. <3

they really do. and thanks for all the derpy. :3

yeah! i know. its because i started making the red muffins, and then i realized i forgot to put them in there, and then i just quickly did it without explaining it. so no footage, basically. :p

lel, i know. i was jux following the recipe.

that is what i ended up doing.
isn't that in the video?
i thought it was. maybe it got cut for time. hrm.

who doesn't love carbs though?
i think people are mistaking this videos for what i actually eat on a regular basis.
i'm just making stuff i think people want to eat, and usually people want to eat junk-- so i'm just showing them the healthier versions of junk without them knowing it.

wut ingredient? :/
>> No. 16023
File 137305149061.jpg - (52.60KB , 360x239 , catie fite me.jpg )
omg,great vidya idea.
"workingout with Catie" or better yet she could just kawll da vidyaz "fite me" lol.
>> No. 16024
Lifting stones is not that lifting I'm talking about :E

Catie, y u not posting
>> No. 16025
File 137305151234.jpg - (73.04KB , 645x405 , 1353008039769.jpg )
Oh let the party begin

seems like people are coming
>> No. 16026
correction, the stones i workout with are not small people, but they weight about as much as a very tiny person x3 i repeat i do not lift Ompalompa's
>> No. 16027
who the fuck lifts stones?
you're weird zangief. xD

pretty gud thankyuh.

learning to cook from me is probably not a good idea. :p

i did see it! D:
i favorited it!

>> No. 16028
File 137305170512.png - (279.64KB , 1280x800 , reallygoodboxxy.png )
Catie, I predicted that fans would one day share Boxxy with their children, and after all the times I turned out to be wrong, this makes up for all of them. Assuming that it's never happened before, I think it's a very special milestone. Congratulations!
>> No. 16029
File 137305180270.gif - (589.30KB , 320x180 , ooooohhh.gif )
I think he mean that you were waiting until the honey comes out out of the packaging, so you could put honey to microwave and then pour it, but imo that plastic bottle would melt D:
>> No. 16030
" >wake up to make video public
>go outside my room to go downstairs for some water
>chad is passed out on my stairs
>all my wtf."
Did you ever figure out why Chad ended up on your stairs?
>> No. 16031
ehhh, it's a good concept, but when i work out i'm actually working quite hard-- so i don't know how entertaining that'd be.

flaska, y u no read?
>> No. 16032
I'm posting too slowly on chan ;(
>> No. 16033
LOL I know i am wird ;p and i like it, you know, a 2 pair 20 kilos dumbbells cos 150 dollars D:

So got two stones for free :p

Haa sorry, :P but yeah this is fun tho.
>> No. 16034
  this iz a song foar da sphere when catie visits.
>> No. 16035
Lol, true.
>> No. 16036
So how was yesterday for you ? as i understand it, it was the independence day of USA, how did you celebrate the independence from the UK and the queen ?
>> No. 16037
I figured he was exhausted from humping the bannister.
>> No. 16038
that kid is so flipping cute.

a couple of seconds after that gif (3:31) you see me put something in the microwave for a couple seconds. it's the honey. i put it in there for like ten seconds, and the bottle was a little warped.

cause he was drunk? o:

i know rite?!
i don't know why people don't post on here more often.
>> No. 16039
File 137305242938.jpg - (68.76KB , 491x507 , 1353008863595.jpg )
most of them don't know how to chan

atleast this is what they are saying
>> No. 16040
The 4th of July is amazing, it is a day where you have to do the most murican thing possible, for instance, I wore an American flag as a cape and ran into some local fast food establishments singing, "Murica, fuck yeah" and wearing a tinfoil hat explaining to everyone how the government is using technology to brainwash us.
lel, I would be too I guess if I decided to dry hump a bannister.
>> No. 16041
Also lel inviting you to join the sphere tomorrow x3 to watch Back to the future 3 pm Cali time x3 http://www.twitch.tv/karlzangief if you have nothing better to do :P will be a few forum dewllers there.
>> No. 16042
And that's song when Catie isn't posting.
I mean that you could put all bottle into microwave, so you could get out honey easily.
>> No. 16043
i think most dont come here cuz chans scare them.
also,a lot of times ppl say mean stuff or post perveted stuff abowt u but a lot of mods here dont care to remoov it.
that makes da chan nawt feel so nice when they come to this place foar da person they luv n they havta see that crap.
>> No. 16044
Hi Catie. Thank you for liking my Minecraft picture I sent you on Facebook :) You made my day <3
>> No. 16045
whoa, i do my best to remove stuff here :c
>> No. 16046
Only Boxxy impression I can stand to watch.
>> No. 16047
i swam in a pool and lit fireworks.
i burned my thumb.
it's okay now.


oh. hm.

>back to the future
ehm, i'll pass. but thank you for inviting me. :3
>> No. 16048
LOL, well i tried to convince the forum to select an other movie x3
And it can't hurt to ask :P. Seen any good movies as of lately
>> No. 16049
and i'm saying, that's what i did. xD

i'm sorry love-- it wasn't me. D: i don't typically go on the Facebook. i don't know why that is, but it's true. but if you'd like to show me the picture now, i'm sure i'd love it. <3
>> No. 16050
>> No. 16051
mfw my city has a strict code against setting off fireworks.
Also, I sent you a pm and if you could read it that would be kewl (when you have the time)
>> No. 16052
File 137305301128.png - (46.23KB , 189x393 , 1353012080378.png )
Well Commando was the best option , but no it had to be back to he future. xD
>> No. 16053
File 137305301462.jpg - (8.25KB , 256x197 , images.jpg )
fml forgot to attach file
>> No. 16054
File 137305304780.jpg - (66.45KB , 1280x720 , Boxxy Minecraft.jpg )
Here is the picture :) I built it for you.
>> No. 16055
Old boy is a really really really really good movie, just re-watched not to long ago
>> No. 16056
nawt u silly,ur da best.
it just sukz when u ban a troll and then sum other mod unbans da troll.
very suspicious activity,i would say.
>> No. 16057

Think i will have to take a look at that !
also sorry for the 20 questions LOL but you have been vidoes for some time now :P what would you say is the nr 1 thing to think of before making a video ? lel in before make sure the camera is on and the cover is removed :p
>> No. 16058
Iron man 3 reminded me reminded me of Joseph Campbell's comments on Darth Vader. Movie ends with Tony Stark throwing the nuclear device that had made his heart work into the sea. The man freeing himself from the machine, which is the military industrial complex.

Boxxy never got me interested in my Little Pony, but Catie got me interested in the original Star Wars Trilogy, which I hadn't even seen since before she was born.
>> No. 16059
Catie,if sumpony were to make a vidya foar u,wat would u want to see in said vidya?
>> No. 16060
File 13730534798.jpg - (4.92KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
Ohh yeah done working out :P time to shower as soon as thís chat here is over!
>> No. 16061
File 13730535012.gif - (486.74KB , 270x204 , tumblr_inline_mh8riqoD5E1qz4rgp[1].gif )
You put bottle with remains of honey, and I'm talking about you could put ALL bottle -_-
>arguing with Catie
Not sure I'm so badass or so stupid.
>> No. 16062
wow,ur a thing ruiner.
spoiler much?
>> No. 16063
i'll read it the next time i'm on the forum.

thats awesome!
thank you so much! i would have totally liked it on Facebook if i ever went there. <3

uhhhh, making sure the memory card has enough memory.
>> No. 16064
File 137305360174.gif - (749.46KB , 317x338 , 12027__safe_rarity_animated_sweetie-belle_cute_pon.gif )
-hugz Flaska-
>> No. 16065
LEL you mean do not run home and empty it 3 times to answer 20 questions :P also your best friend she has gone missing, have not seen any post with the name Pocky! here in ages again ;c
>> No. 16066
I don't really see that as ruining very much, but I apologogize nevertheless.
>> No. 16067
iron man three was okay.
i liked the continuity between it and avengers.

whatever their heart desired.

>> No. 16068
A little star struck right now <3
>> No. 16069
Oh does your town have any festivals in it's name ? my town has a 7 day long festival now :O
Kristianstad dagarna :P if you ever, in your life visit sweden, do so in midsummer, festivals everywhere, lots of people and fun, in every town almost. Every town has its own festival, ranging from 3 days to 2 week long
>> No. 16070
k, thanks
Also, out of curiosity, would you ever consider doing a "draw my life" style video?
>> No. 16071
File 137305410172.gif - (1.96MB , 290x264 , Barney-Im-Out[1].gif )
Yeah, imo you should put bottle into microwave before trying to pour out all honey. Wtf Catie, y u don't understand it :O
>> No. 16072
>> No. 16073
im only kidding.
>> No. 16074
Oh any vacation destinations this year ?
>> No. 16075
I would discontinue the argument because from my side, you are only digging yourself into a grave, did you not know that Catie has never lost a fight and would destroy you? lol
>> No. 16076

I started reading Mists of Avalon, which Lisa said is her favorite book. It's kind of touching to see how it's similar to Star Wars!

I have a biological son (formerly a daughter) who was adopted, and I never met him until he was in his twenties, and it was weird and wonderful how much of the same stuff we were into. We both had MST3K "Torgo" Screensavers, and My Dinner With Andre on VHS. I'm up to my ass in cats, and he's up to ass in pet rabbits.

Another swell video, catie. No I do not imagine you living on Pizza Mac and Cheese and Muffins. If you did you're be really really BEAUTIFUL if you know what I mean.

>> No. 16077
alright guys, i gotta get going. <3
iluall. byee.

is it your country that has those weird goat devil things that kidnap bad children at christmas?

because there is a language barrier.
there wasn't a need to microwave the whole bottle before i poured most of it out, because as you said, it would fuck the bottle up, and i didn't know if i was going to need all of it anyway.

there is no need.
>> No. 16078
Ikr, I'm just waiting to die in fire ;(
>> No. 16079
bai <3, enjoy your weekend!
>> No. 16080
File 137305470272.png - (204.72KB , 353x484 , 1353027624451.png )
Good bye Catie , take care yo

it was nice chat ...bout honey
>> No. 16081
File 137305470747.jpg - (42.83KB , 540x410 , 1000827_10151539755173386_1991430745_n[1].jpg )
Ok, whatever.
Bye Catie, have great weekend :3
>> No. 16082
i currently am dying in a fire and it sukz so much.
>> No. 16083
Bye :)
>> No. 16084
yes, mostly in the north, and only at chrstmas :p
julbocken http://andradimensioner.se/jul_o_nyar/images/bild_Julbock_Uppland.jpg
But dont worry its just for christmas, and the bad kids :P
With that said take care :3 have a nice weekend

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2PYbtDslawhvDn1XPyqy6YimPxUQKrNrow3xzOUgB0NA8ygUY my town now next weekend :p
>> No. 16085

Call 911!
>> No. 16086
I love these cooking video's so much <3

They are almost like the new Boxxy videos. I'm just sad I missed Catie posting. I didn't get to tell her I love her.
>> No. 16087
Apart from honey drama all went surprisingly well. Next time i'll remember to microwave it too.
>> No. 16088
Är du från Kristianstad? Det var spännande. Jag bor i en närliggande stad som heter Hässleholm, jag antar att du känner till den jävla hålan.

Och de här festivalerna är väl ändå inte så spännande att drottningen själv borde komma?
>> No. 16089
Jag brukar åka genom Hässlehålan när jag åker till Lund, eller Helsingborg.
Och jag menar om Catie skulle besöka Sverige, så är nog festival tiden den trevligaste tiden här.
>> No. 16090
File 137307306754.jpg - (220.02KB , 1009x1057 , Remove Kebab.jpg )
>känsla för fester/firande

Min bror kom hem från Belgrad idag(Serbiens huvudstad), där har du ett folk som vet hur man firar. En vardaglig kväll där nere är en "festival dag" här.
>> No. 16091
lol Stravo.
Har själv serbiskt påbrå. Vart i Serbien ca 17 gånger nu. :3
>> No. 16092
I really liked seeing that cat again. I like seeing our Queen with cats.
>> No. 16093

Perhaps you should, it is after all your facebook page and you do have access to it. *shrug*

Also, check your P.O. box pretty lady. ;D
>> No. 16094
heheh...have an idea now?
>> No. 16095
>a couple of seconds after that gif (3:31) you see me put something in the microwave for a couple seconds. it's the honey. i put it in there for like ten seconds, and the bottle was a little warped.
ah ok, just didnt notice it in the video, figured it could be helpful next time.
>> No. 16096
>> No. 16097
File 137310501820.gif - (1.94MB , 384x216 , CatieWayneFuckYeah!.gif )
No matter what happens, there's always one thing I'll love about America.
>> No. 16098
Our Queen looks so lovely in this video. She always looks lovely.
>> No. 16099
You sure got that right. I love Catie so much, she's truly incredible.
>> No. 16100
File 137333861981.jpg - (1.08MB , 1159x1364 , ratko-mladic-1-FRAJ.jpg )
>Srbin iz Kristianstada
Mi se mozda cak i znamo! Bolje da ne pitam kako se zoves.

Vidim da ti namefagas ovde cesto, dobro sad bar znam da si moj zemljak.

Evo ti jedan dobar video, brate:
>> No. 16101
Ha, I have been here for over 2 years now :3
Sorry for the late response, been busy.
Watching. hvala
>> No. 16102
I really want to make these :D I love Catie's cooking video's.
>> No. 16103
File 137341208467.jpg - (59.16KB , 500x320 , 4kids.jpg )
Those muffins look like Giant Trix.

Some Trix would be pretty good right now. I don't think I've had a bowl of Trix since the seventies.
>> No. 16104
File 137341339718.jpg - (117.34KB , 449x648 , FarSide_-_HatePlace.jpg )
Hey Catie how bout making some gazpacho? It's too fucking hot to bake right now.
>> No. 16106
File 137344607023.jpg - (87.69KB , 1218x698 , image.jpg )
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