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File 137144541819.gif - (1.94MB , 400x300 , Crumbs.gif )
15977 No. 15977
I didn't have much time to work on it, so the tweening and clean-up are nothing to write home about, but you get the idea. I just couldn't resist when I saw that cap of Catie holding bread crumbs.

Suggest names for my little heart character. He is a brave, strong, but trusting little guy who was sad most of the time before he saw Catie. Now he is happy.
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>> No. 15978
that's awesome
>> No. 15979
>> No. 15980
File 137151046939.jpg - (10.24KB , 225x224 , epicsaga.jpg )

>>Suggest names for my little heart character. He is a brave, strong, but trusting little guy who was sad most of the time before he saw Catie. Now he is happy.

His name is Little Charlie, and he has special empathetic abilities that make him particularly helpful when he and Catie join forces to solve crimes.
>> No. 15981
Let's call him Kevin..
>> No. 15982
File 137152596911.jpg - (15.42KB , 236x229 , Hmmm ____.jpg )
Well I was thinking of someting more heart-related. Either directly related, along the lines of "Tachy", (as in tachycardia), or peripherally related like "Holter", "Ebstein", or "Actin" or something.
>> No. 15983
File 137152821077.png - (99.45KB , 1306x709 , Capture.png )
>> No. 15984
File 137153306329.png - (152.47KB , 339x393 , sillyboy.png )
Silly boy!
>> No. 15985
what about Achy?
>> No. 15986
I thought about something like that, but now I see it written down it seems a little too Billy-Ray and I don't want anything to ever remind me of him ever again.

Since I first heard of him it's been like I've been playing The Game, (the one y'all just lost coincidentally), against that song.
>> No. 15987
What about Cory? Short for Coronary.
>> No. 15988
File 137159524051.jpg - (99.41KB , 600x599 , What just \'popped in there\'.jpg )
>> No. 15989
>> No. 15990
File 137182072770.gif - (1.95MB , 320x180 , Dafuq 2MB.gif )
Another quick one because dat look on her face is so funneh.

Unfortunately this site still doesn't accept files above 2MB and at that size the quality is pretty craptastic.

Hmmm ... cool idea to use another language like that. But I like to avoid names that are too common with characters, lest they sound unimaginative. Like you named them after your best friend, dead grandmother, or stuck a pin in a phone book or something.

The best example I've ever seen of what I'm talking about is the classic Twilight Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder". The Twilight Zone didn't have particularly well-written/developed characters/story at the best of times, because the plot is usually just a thin excuse to build up to the DUN DUN DUN moment at the end, (that's why M. Night Shyamalan wears pretty thin pretty quick too). But in that particular episode after she takes the bandages off the doctor introduces her to a man named "Mr. Smith". My beholding eyes roll every time. Dude doesn't even have a first name.

On the other hand, that name does work in a positive way in The Matrix, because it actually implies something descriptive about the character.

Now you don't want to go too far the other way, like calling a baker, "Baker", but it should be kinda descriptive and funny/cool and kinda different, (or a different take on a common name), especially with a cartoon character, (eg. Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Mickey Mouse).

For the reasons stated above, I'd probably tend toward "Connery" instead if I was going to go with that. Poetically speaking it has the same "sound" to it as "coronary", but in kind of funny play-on-words type way, while being a proper but not common name - and a well-known one thanks to Sean Connery, so it already has a bit of star-level gravitas.

The only thing is, I'm not so sure he "looks" like a Connery. Maybe it will grow on me though ... I'll think about it.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and votes though. Keep 'em comin'.
>> No. 15991
tl;dr but that gif is funny. also would be cool if instead of the heart being luvvy-duvvy, made it be like something funny doing something funny.

>> No. 15992
you're using twice as many frames as necessary. cull in half (and adjust the frame delay) and add color
>> No. 15993
File 137206913721.gif - (1.93MB , 320x180 , Sammich 2MB.gif )
Way ahead of you on that, (pic related).

>you're using twice as many frames as necessary

Nope. Perhaps you refer to the standard animation frame rate of around half normal film speed. Well that wouldn't apply to animation mixed with live action now would it? Even then it wasn't handed down from Mount Sinai.

He also speaks rapidly in these because he's blurting it out before she turns around, as well as that's kinda just the way he talks. Not to mention I'm restricted into fitting everything around her predetermined actions.

You sure can't mean the top one because it doesn't even have a fixed frame rate, nor is a three-frame walk cycle overdoing it by any stretch of the imagination. So nope.
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