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No. 15937
  birthday videooo.
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>> No. 15938
File 137081872433.jpg - (257.66KB , 1080x720 , svetlanamau5.jpg )
and i opted to make this picture for mau5, rather than having her gift in the video. cause i know she loves svetlana. hope you like it mau5.
>> No. 15939
Anything for me? no? okay :(
>> No. 15940
Hope you will feel better soon.
>> No. 15941
Watchin' ...
>> No. 15942
Hey Catie :D !
Asked quite a lot, but how can I ever manage to get a P.O box address ? I know you aren't giving it that easily, but I didn't want to bother your mommy by asking that on on of her accounts (YouTube or Twitter). Any clues ? Please ? Two birthdays missed, there won't be a third >_< !
Love !
>> No. 15943
You totally sounded just like you did in the "lifestyles of the sick and semi-famous" video.

I hope you feel better soon. <3
>> No. 15944
1 st1ll plan to send a g1ft, thought to would b fun to take my t1me. D1dn't want to be 1n the v1deo.

1t seems prtty natural that your energy should be runn1ng low after f1nals, b1rthdy, f1ne bros and a v1deo very week. Even the bloopers must take some t1me and effort to edt.

Take 1t easy, 1f you can.

Once 1 was young lke you, but you're so much better at 1t!


*old laptop kb fucked up
>> No. 15945
R2D2 phone has "served you well".

I see what you did thar.
>> No. 15946
The "that's what she said" reference made me laugh so hard ! Get well soon, beloved Carie Wayne.
>> No. 15947
File 137082077581.jpg - (53.12KB , 1280x720 , Catieeyemakeup.jpg )
>"I have the best fans ...", etc.

Well we have the best Queen ever, so backatcha.

PS. Damn I love dat eye makeup. Gorgeous.
>> No. 15948
Wasn't really thrilled by the Svetlvana video, and was kinda sad not to be cheered up by you this week, but you managed to make me happy in another way, as always. Thank you. /whocares
Doesn't seem like you'll be posting today ? Too bad. Have a great week !
>> No. 15949
File 137082111296.jpg - (78.55KB , 837x599 , Catie ear.jpg )
I love dis cap too.

Cutest ear in the universe peeking out of hair.
>> No. 15950
watching now <3 thanks Catie
>> No. 15951
File 137082223572.jpg - (89.45KB , 1280x720 , TheOneAndOnly.jpg )
>> No. 15952
Awesome :3 I think maus will love that
Also gave you some instructions on the Tic-Tac-Toe. Also it sounds like you say porn fan .. not foreign fan XD
>> No. 15953
File 137082332084.jpg - (113.47KB , 1146x720 , CatieSayWat.jpg )
>> No. 15954
yes get better soon :3
>> No. 15955
A birthday video - on my birthday

I know it wasn't for me.. but gawd.. thanks Catie,

Bsst. Birthday. Ever.
>> No. 15956
File 137082370498.jpg - (122.40KB , 1180x720 , CatieCheckem.jpg )
>> No. 15957
File 137082405649.png - (406.41KB , 507x400 , Catie and pinkie pie.png )
Catie and pinkie pie
>> No. 15958
File 137082460822.png - (448.26KB , 504x404 , kissy.png )
sorry, couldnt get you anything this year. but the next...idk yet but something'll come. also, hope that you get into hitchhiker's guide cause just everything is awesome, and you're gonna love it. also, i hope you gets better and happy late birthday!
>> No. 15959
I love this <3 thank you Catie
>> No. 15960
you mean these?
>> No. 15961
File 13708250634.jpg - (104.11KB , 831x883 , CatieNiggaYouJustWentFullRetard.jpg )
I love your expressions so much!
>> No. 15962

A rare Notsu appears? Where have you been? :D
>> No. 15963
Why do you feel down? Gifts are supposed to make you happy :(
>> No. 15964

the Y is out of line.
Y is for Yolo
>> No. 15965

Hey shrimp! good to see you again!

As for your question?

Hmm.. I been around the sphere on TC, and a lil on skype.. but I must admit I haven't been on here regularly for a while (still been here - just not regularly), and when I have I was just creepin anonymously.

Also, haven't been on minecraft because the server's gone now as far as I'm aware.. (if its just been moved then I don't know where to) damn.. I miss it so muchh ;__;
>> No. 15966
Ha1rcut st1ll adorable.
>> No. 15967
"My R2 phone which I believe was a birthday gift...too...I think"

I've been forgotten so quickly. <\3

I'm glad you actually liked what I picked out for you this year. much love. <3
>> No. 15968
Is my letter? in this?
Whats up catie
>> No. 15969
File 137083524662.gif - (1.90MB , 312x175 , catiebear.gif )
>> No. 15970
happy birthday! \o/
>> No. 15971

>> No. 15973
I love this <3
>> No. 15974
I'm going back to being anon. I don't like posting with a name and trip. I just wanted to try it, and I still don't like it.
>> No. 15975
omg Catie,ur too sweet.
im glad u enjoyed ur giftz,ur da best.
>> No. 15976
wait, haven't I seen you in IRC?
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