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File 136963042997.jpg - (59.27KB , 612x612 , 400962_524058390990660_1207086971_n.jpg )
15835 No. 15835
i'll just leave this here.
maybe flew down to l.a. and filmed a fine bros youtubers react episode and maybe
saw joe bereta (who totally waved to me, not that i inwardly fangirled the fuck out or anything)
and then got to hang out for a couple hours with smosh, and more specifically ian.
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>> No. 15887
bye Catie <3 thanks for stopping bye
>> No. 15888
have a nice memorial day Catie
>> No. 15889
File 13696587084.png - (11.03KB , 410x284 , 1341155329744.png )
That's pretty fabulous
>> No. 15890
File 136965996538.png - (0.99MB , 961x737 , Excellent Dubs.png )
I've never heard of half of these people you're talking about because I only care about you.
But glad you enjoyed meeting them ... whoever they are.

The lucky bastards.

Nice dubs btw.
>> No. 15891
I'm so excited to see that youtubers react episode.
You really deserve to be there, and as a fan, i'm proud of you :)
Also when i saw that pic with Ian i was O.O
because i'm a big smosh fan too, and seeing my youtube idols together is just astonishing :)
>> No. 15892
oh lawdy...ill watch it for you catie, and only you
>> No. 15893
File 136968483357.png - (621.30KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_2013-05-27-21-30-48.png )
>got to hang out for a couple hours with smosh, and more specifically ian.
Dat face.

Damn, I envy you so much for getting to meet him (*cough* but don't tell anyone I said that *cough*). He seems like such a nice and likeable fellow based on his vlogs. I wonder if he's just as goofy and bubbly in reality though, but it's too late to ask you about your impression of him anyway, so meh.

>flew down to l.a. and filmed a fine bros youtubers react episode
Neat, this must be the first TheFineBros video that I'm actually really excited for in all of my YouTube browsing history.

Been subbed to Benny and Rafi's main channel for years (not sure why, lel), but I've never really been able to respect the business model they used (and still use) to get themselves famous. Applauding a channel built on content stealing would've been rather silly of me, and considering they barely make any OC, and that all they do is produce, edit and upload, literally anyone could have taken their place without the viewers noticing. With that said, I suppose I'll have to give them some credit for coming up with the "... reacts to" series in the first place, but the way they massacred your Boxxy character with their "Scene" character in their "My Music" series was just horrible. If I recall correctly you said you were okay with the whole thing, but just watching a 5 second clip of Scene in action kills me inside even to this day.

Bleh, I get derailed way too easily. What I meant to say was that I hope you had a great time in L.A., and I hope that the network in and around the Fine brother's studio will open up for more trips and opportunities like this one. I'd love to see you in other types of videos together with some of the big YouTubers out there, so fingers crossed for that.

Oh, and enjoy your summer break you lucky bastard. I'm stuck with work every weekday up until October, so not much time for me to do the same. Working when everyone you know is on summer break is so damn depressing ;_;

Oo, noice.
>> No. 15894
Hi catie, im looking forward to this video
how has it been lately?
>> No. 15895
File 136969910794.jpg - (34.34KB , 400x400 , tumblr_kq1w6i0Hb21qzu6nxo1_400.jpg )

I just flew IN from L.A.!

(And are my arms tired)
>> No. 15896
I've been working on a blogpost where I talk about why the "react to" videos are the perfect example of the "YouTube mediocre-itocracy", content that gets the most people to click by not really engaging or informing anyone. You could love Boxxy or hate Boxxy, or not be very interested in Boxxy, clicking on the Fine Bros Video won't bother you very much.

Well, never mind all that, this an awesome opportunity for Catie, We know what happened here. They saw the Catie reacts to video and said YES! I predicted that was going to be a breakthrough for Catie, but I didn't know how much.

>> No. 15897
File 13697569115.jpg - (25.66KB , 226x260 , 34rvk0g.jpg )
More pictures duh
>> No. 15898
Catie, you may only be 5'3", but 4'4" of that is brains. You shrewdly made that "Reacts to" with the Fine Bros audience in mind, bleeping out the curses for the very first time. That's when I knew you were about to blow up. Very clever, Ms. Wayne!
>> No. 15899
What I would like to know about the New Hope first draft was if it was really called "A New Hope", since the movie was originally released simply as "Star Wars"
>> No. 15900

Before I read the text, I thought that maybe this was a picture of Catie with her hairdresser.
>> No. 15901

Yeah that's really strange. It couldn't have any relation to what happens in the movie, that's for sure. Let's keep thinking about it.
>> No. 15902

>>It couldn't have any relation to what happens in the movie, that's for sure. Let's keep thinking about it.

I already know what happens in the movie. I'm curious about how early in the process was the grand design of three trilogies conceived.
>> No. 15903
File 137027751478.jpg - (40.83KB , 450x464 , TTOOs02t9tY.jpg )
:> smos ees bed :<
>> No. 15904
ty pidor ebany
>> No. 15905
>> No. 15906
File 137049777580.png - (232.31KB , 496x433 , 1370328307431.png )
:> smos ees bed :<


che eto znachit
>> No. 15907
dvachuyu means ya soglasen s toboi' yoba
>> No. 15908

What language is this?
>> No. 15909
mix of russian and 2chan


spasibo yoba
>> No. 15910
Another youtubers react came out today.
Unfortunately Catie isn't in it.
Also, Ian was wearing a different shirt than in
>> No. 15911
Russian and local russian 4chan.
>> No. 15912
  Keep that pepper spray handy, Catie!
>> No. 15913
It probably takes a few weeks to assemble one of those videos from five or six youtubers.
>> No. 15914
File 137079111093.png - (81.09KB , 350x350 , HeresyStamp.png )
don't forget us , ever!
>> No. 15915
idg why it takes so long to compile a video like that...
>> No. 15916

Because you have seven or e1ght d1fferent part1c1pants, some of whom, l1ke Cat1e, don't l1ve 1n the local LA area, and because the F1ne Bros are always do1ng several projects at once.
>> No. 15917

Most of my v1deos are made w1th a budget of noth1ng and average <300 v1ews. 1t sort of blows my m1nd to th1nk that someone would get on a plane to fly to another c1ty and make a youtube v1deo.
>> No. 15918
>> No. 15919
File 137088229169.jpg - (56.03KB , 500x510 , mta.jpg )
You wrote it in the subject field.
>> No. 15920
Thats so sick!
>> No. 15921
Do you know when the video is going to happen Catie?
>> No. 15922
File 137107857281.png - (662.47KB , 599x800 , Boxxy.png )
Hey Catie, very sorry for the OT but I dunno where I can ask directly to you if not here... can u explain to me this photo? I'm just scared. Love you.
>> No. 15923
...that photo has nothing to do with Catie.
>> No. 15924
But this totally looks like Catie's home! I know that Katie isn't a satanist or something like this but... this pic maked me shit out myself. Catie pls reply :3
>> No. 15925
>But this totally looks like Catie's home!

...it does?
>> No. 15926
Yup imho. I mean, for what I've seen on Anewhopeee it seems her house...

Oh, I've found this pic on 4chan in a Boxxy-thread that now is falled in 404.
>> No. 15927
it's not her house
>> No. 15928
There's only one who can ascertain it...
>> No. 15929
someone with common sense?
>> No. 15930
>getting trolled this hard
>> No. 15931
File 137110936433.jpg - (38.63KB , 612x612 , Boxxy - I am Boxxy you see.jpg )
Why do you think that I'm trolling?

Just wait to see what says Catie (even if I'm sure it's not her house). I'm fucking serious, I've compared the pic with the video where Catie make the pesto pizza and come on, the room in the pic is totally looks like it, just with a goat head sacrifed on a table instead of the fridge with all the nice things over (sorry for my eventually bad english, I'm from Italy). I'm not saying that IT'S her house, I'm just saying that it SEEMS to be her house, and this is crazy.
>> No. 15932
File 137111121677.png - (565.69KB , 1400x1050 , nope.png )
nope nope noppe
>> No. 15933
Yes.. So, you are saying that "I'm not trolling, but catie seems to be devilish satan worshipper"

>> No. 15934
>catie seems to be devilish satan worshipper

Where the f*ck do I sayed that? Meh.
>> No. 15935
Hello, as you may notice in the photo there is a picture of Tabby above the satanic shrine. Tabby has mentioned that she is a Wiccan, and some practices which claim satanism have similarities to Wicca. Tabby has also been called "The New Boxxy" by early followers of her videos. So I would say that photo is just some Tabby subscriber's place of satanic worship. Maybe it was posted in a boxxy thread because tabby is considered to be a brand which is competitive against boxxy.
>> No. 15936
Oh, thank you very much for the explanation, it's the most accurate I've heard so far.
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