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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 15696
  woot woot.
before you ask, no, this did not actually happen to me.
but it did happen to my mom, a long time ago.
be back for posting at 12:00 pm. <3
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>> No. 15697
Hi catei.
yay :3
>> No. 15698
awesome another Svetlana video <3
>> No. 15699


>> No. 15700
File 137062868464.gif - (453.94KB , 180x180 , tumblr_ljvvxcQGj71qf86qm[1].gif )
>> No. 15701
the return of svetlana O.O
With glasses.
>> No. 15702
Good video Catie, Good to see Svetlana back in action
>> No. 15703
Svetlana looks pretty with glasses on.
>> No. 15704
That was great! Wasn't expecting another Svetlana video :D
>> No. 15705
Wow! Great Catie!
Good to see another Svetlana video!
>> No. 15706
Hey Catie!
You might be back for posting in around 5 minutes.

I wanted to say hi!
How are you doing?

I am glad you are making videos so often. You truly are a WARRIOR!

Or, a Khaleesi. Hey, I recommend you check out Game of Thrones, honestly. Any thoughts?
>> No. 15707
File 13706313941.jpg - (86.05KB , 459x620 , got2.jpg )
pic related, me sitting the Iron Throne.
>> No. 15708
lol, i watched the whole video first and thought this had all actually happened. i was going to be like "how the fuck are you so calm in this video", but then i read the post. so never mind.

considering it's nearly 12, i'll go ahead and pre-emptively ask how your post-finals break is going.
>> No. 15709
i'm glad to see she was missed.

i have so many other shows that i have to nurture my fandom of, i don't know if i could handle another.

haha, yeah, i was pretty sure people would think it was true story.
but no.
my mom says that when she first told me she was bleeding behind her eye i said "that's so goth of you, mom."
i was like 12 or something.
>> No. 15710
of course we missed her. Svetlana is great.
>> No. 15711
Has your mom had any problems with her eyes since than?

After watching this I researched aspartame. it doesn't seem too good. I'm going to avoid it from now on.
>> No. 15712
File 137063246999.png - (693.25KB , 403x366 , 135694649235.png )
fair enough!

i enjoyed this video, and also quite enjoyed your video of the letter to yourself as a 13 yr old!

it brought me back to when I was a little anime loving nerd goober too! oh wait still am.

but hey, thanks to you Catie, i have met many people and long lasting friends!

pic related, its me with a couple people you know! thats me on the right, Eyrev in the middle, and Kenny on the left!!!!!
(we were skyping Cecil xP )
>> No. 15713
d'aw. :3

dude aspartame is fucking poison.
i wasn't actually drinking that stuff.
in fact i poured most of it out.
i just took sips of it and then spit it back into the cup. xD
pilots aren't allowed to drink or eat anything with aspartame in it because it fucks with your vision so bad.
my mother has quit drinking diet coke, but during the time she was drinking it she had major migraines, vision problems, balance issues (she fell a lot), and a lot of confusion (she'd get lost momentarily in simple places). AND diet products are designed to keep you beautiful >:c no wins anywhere.
>> No. 15714
File 137063254228.jpg - (51.07KB , 960x540 , BLEEDING BEHIND MY EYE!-!-!!!_mp40034.jpg )
Hai Catie :) Superb video, Maus is fricking happy xD
It seems I've got something with my eyes too, few black dots when I'm seeing, but I haven't talked with ophthalmologist D:
>> No. 15715
File 137063260573.gif - (480.05KB , 141x141 , 1367550274862.gif )
Great to see Svetlana video. I heard some breaks in the accent *gasp* but actually found them funny. Btw, you should be receiving my gift today
>> No. 15716
oh god that's awful. You can get diet soda without aspartame, but it's probably best to just not have any soda at all.

>diet products are designed to keep you beautiful

you already are very beautiful.
>> No. 15717
Oh gawd. I have some diet coke at home.
I'm gonna fucking pour it out of the sink
>> No. 15718
I fucking love Svetlana's voice
>> No. 15719
>dude aspartame is fucking poison
This. I do not understand how the FDA allows this shit in food and drinks. I wouldn't touch aspartame with a ten foot fucking pole.
>> No. 15720
Hey Catie,
loved the last video so much, will watch this one later :)
nice to see you gandering around twitter as well!
much love <3
>> No. 15721
Catie what happened to your youtube layout? It changed, but not it's back to how it was.
>> No. 15722
*but now it's
>> No. 15723
Catie,can u tell Svetlana that i luv her n that soda iz bad,stop drinkin soda Svet.
>> No. 15724
Dang late to the party. Busy being a mod on the forum dang.

I like the video Catie :3
long time no see Svetlana
>> No. 15725

you should go to the optometrist. D:
mau5 is happy?
i don't see her. >:C

haha, the breaks are semi-intentional.
for you see, svetlana is a cali girl.
she was born and raised in russia long enough to develop an accent, but has lived the majority of her life in california.
i've never heard a person with an authentic russian accent speak before, only russian cali girls. they sound just like this.
so, it's sort of intentional, because that's what i know russian cali girls to sound like, but unintentional because i don't know what real russians sound like.
>> No. 15726
Catie is twitter still confusing? What made you get back on it?
>> No. 15727

Have you been to the beach any this summer ?

I was today x3 I'm a cooked lobster ya know, shining red.

Well worth it ;p
>> No. 15728
File 137063339879.jpg - (83.75KB , 639x785 , pips_2011-09-16_2013-05-17.jpg )
I like the part from 2:50 to 3:00. Catie your cats got so big.
>> No. 15729
Also it was nice to see you back on twitter :3
Like good"old" times :3 yay
Captcha yourNose rocked lol wut xP
>> No. 15730
>no soda
yes. precisely.


i was so pissed the other day because i had to buy a pack of gum at a gas station to get cash back for the bus, and i was in a hurry to catch the damn thing and i was like "THIS GUM I NEED IT ALSO LIKE FIVE DOLLARS IN ONE'S PLEASE GO NOW PLEASE OMG"
so then when i got on the bus i looked at the gum and there is aspartame in it (as it is in most gum = 3=) and now i have an unopened gum packet sitting in my purse.

lol, i just wanna be one of the cool kids.

i will deliver the message, but i doubt she will listen.
>> No. 15731
>you should go to the optometrist. D:
orly? XD I've got this problem for about year, but I didn't had time or wanted to go, but after your video I think I'll go right after the finals.

>mau5 is happy?
>i don't see her. >:C
Yea, Maus was on TC when you uploaded video and I'm not sure if she watched all, because she left, but she was excited tho.
>> No. 15732
lol, i semi-nostalgia'd. beautiful wordfilter is best wordfilter.

oddly, there seems to be a lack of thorough studies on aspartame. so i don't think there's a strong scientific consensus on it because of that. i avoid soda anyway, though, especially diet. it's like, you may as well just drink water if you're going to have zero calories. no need to ingest a bunch of chemicals for no nutritional value.
>> No. 15733
File 137063355910.jpg - (15.17KB , 300x301 , little_audrey.jpg )
soon we get Svetlana yt channel?
>> No. 15734
Also you ..I mean Svetlana, looks very cute with glasses, well without them too. If ya dont mind me saying so.
>> No. 15735
File 137063363590.jpg - (23.05KB , 216x310 , 3owbxh.jpg )
also,i posted in this tred already Catie,i had a message foar u to give Svetlana.
>> No. 15736
File 137063364930.jpg - (91.01KB , 293x293 , congratulations_comment_graphic_04.jpg )
congrats on over 9 million video views on
ANewHopeee <3 :D
>> No. 15737
Catie what movie did you watch with your family last weekend?
>> No. 15738
only a little.
i decided to get back on it because i've wanted to for a while, but just haven't. meh.

not yet. but i'm sure i will. :3

pic related.

>eye problems
>for over a year

indubitably. every once in a while is okay, but i always drink regular soda, if i'm going to drink it.

i'd like to mau5, but it's complicated. D:
>> No. 15739
>>67415 Ha the best worldfilter ever, everyone is so beautiful inhere.
>> No. 15740
File 137063390799.gif - (221.26KB , 307x180 , 1234.gif )
i bought this used Cheshire cat purse and inside thar was a ticket to Star Wars 3.
>> No. 15741
Catie lots of us miss 3v3 too ;_;
>> No. 15742
wow image way to be too big for the chan.
brb, resizing.
>> No. 15743
3v3 is washing her hair..
Funny thing is there are a few that look very much like 3v3 here.
>> No. 15744
File 137063406641.png - (265.49KB , 713x465 , 23724_518546058176354_806385691_n.png )
i need to lose weight cuz im beautiful.
but itz day 3 of mai diet.
>> No. 15745
>eye problems
>for over a year
It's not real problem, just rly small dots. I see really well, nothing serious D:
>> No. 15746
My mother's name is Svetlana
>> No. 15747
>I have a hard time describing myself

Catie, you could describe your self as being the most amazing person ever :D
>> No. 15748
Oh and in one video you said you like to tell people what clothes they should wear and related to that i think, like hairstyle and such. So should i mustache or go clean shaven ? ( right now i just have a tiny beard :p the rest is gone.)
>> No. 15749
File 137063437680.jpg - (142.58KB , 1152x768 , rsz_s1040007.jpg )
>> No. 15750
Yeah, i do not like the idea of aspartame in gum but i use it to help with my anxiety and ADD. Damn me!!!!!! I have yet to come across gum w/out aspartame.
>> No. 15751
:3 I want a kitten, why can't i ever have a kitten ;__;
>> No. 15752
HHNNNGGG omg <333

do you think you could post the original on twitter?
>> No. 15753
>> No. 15754
>i always drink regular soda, if i'm going to drink it.
yeah, same

sounds like just floaters. they're very common and benign. probably good to get it checked out sometime, but i wouldn't stress about it. i'd say definitely go in if it gets noticeably worse, though.

>image size
yeah, the admin still needs to fix that... (if it's between 2 and 4 MB)
>> No. 15755
Dawwwwwww...... Cuteness overload
>> No. 15756
thank you. :3

the silver linings playbook. it was not as good as i wanted it to be.

don't worry. D: she's coming.
i don't know when, but be patient. it will be within this year, at LEAST. xD <3

noway. o:

well now i wouldn't want to brag.

i like your facial hair.
but then i generally like facial hair, provided it's well taken care of and not too crazy.
>> No. 15757
>well now i wouldn't want to brag.

but it would be true D:

>i don't know when, but be patient

I'll keep my hat on :3 I know it will be worth the wait
>> No. 15758
Thank you, for the tips :3,Catei vs 2 friends then x3
How will this go i wonder x3

Will have to ask friends when they come back from vacation :P
>> No. 15759
Catie do you know how much longer you will be here for?
>> No. 15760
I think we should have a thread in ILB where we upload pics of ourselves and have Catie provide tips and suggestions for us, we could have Catie as a personal stylist XD
>> No. 15761
nothing worse than not having exact change for the bus. get a clipper card already!
>> No. 15762
I know those questions probably are pissing you off, but when we'll see birthday video? ;_;
>> No. 15763
Any movies you're looking forward to seeing Catie? Have you seen any lately?
>> No. 15764
File 137063512148.jpg - (157.94KB , 1152x768 , rsz_s1040006.jpg )
one more picture of baby pips.
he was the runt, and could fit in the palm of my hand.
krysta was always picking on him, and not letting him eat food.
now he's a giant fucking fatass and won't let krysta eat food.
we always have to hold him back so krysta can eat something.
and he eats people food.
fucking anything.
he eats tofu. but we try not to let him eat any people food because it's people food and not kitty food.
i think he might be a dog trapped in a cat's body.
but anyway he's a beast.

go get one.
animal shelters bro.

eh, it's pretty giant. i think this size is fine.
>> No. 15765
File 137063516076.jpg - (18.75KB , 300x354 , confused.jpg )
The time I wake up and don't get on my laptop right away... Nearly miss Catie. <.< ha
>> No. 15766
nyaaaawwww! :3
>> No. 15767
:3 yeah why not, hmm :3
Ha I will have to ask maus for kitten advice later.
>> No. 15768
Yeah she's already been here for an hour, she was extremely early today. XD

Not that that's a bad thing, I just sleep 3 hours longer than this some days and it would suck to have missed you because of it. :3 So, herro Catie.
>> No. 15769
d'awww the kitty is so cuuute
>> No. 15770
File 137063540534.jpg - (30.59KB , 247x324 , Confused.jpg )
CATIE! Y U POST SO EARLY?! I was expecting for the video to be later in the afternoon. >.<
>> No. 15771
ha, that Kitten sure has grown so fast.
>> No. 15772
File 137063542660.png - (371.70KB , 503x375 , in love2.png )
thank you so much for the OC. I love seeing new pictures of you.

You look so pretty I can't believe it
>> No. 15773
File 13706354384.gif - (372.22KB , 499x281 , Jake_sparkly_eyes.gif )
pic related.

as long as i want.
i have to edit the birthday video though, so at most another hour.

but but but but the last time i had a clipper card it fucked me over.
i know i have to get one eventually, but i really don't wanna.

hopefully this weekend.
at latest on monday.

i have a list of movies i want to see.
amour, beasts of the southern wild, life of pi, etc etc.
but i am going to see equestria girls.
i don't yet have an opinion of it. i am waiting until i see it.
>> No. 15774
YES. clipper card is a necessary evil. once i tried to put $20 on mine and ended up with 10 muni rides instead i just wanted to get on the BART why is life so complicated.
>> No. 15775

>>i have to edit the birthday video though, so at most another hour.

will it be on your moms yt ?
>> No. 15776
File 137063563026.gif - (1.75MB , 317x199 , esUSpn2.gif )

HA. Dude. I was so lucky I checked YouTube on my phone... I don't even know why I did it... I hop on my computer real quick. And I'm all like, shitshitshitshit Catie's probably on... ._. haha
>> No. 15777
File 137063567558.jpg - (32.87KB , 500x385 , fanta sea.jpg )
>hopefully this weekend.

I was not expecting that. I was thinking it was going be one of your Friday videos.
>> No. 15778
File 137063568916.gif - (482.03KB , 300x228 , tumblr_lkobx1eXQC1qhs6zy[1].gif )
>hopefully this weekend.
>at latest on monday.
pic related
>> No. 15779
because people have been complaining that i was posting too late, so i worked really hard to be sure it would be uploaded earlier. i could have had it by like seven a.m. but i didn't want to frighten you all.

lol thanks.
funny you say that, because i originally didn't post those pictures because i didn't like the way i looked in them. but now i'm just sort of like "eh, fuck it, kittens."

my clipper card didn't keep track of my transfers. >:c
>> No. 15780
File 137063582786.jpg - (44.56KB , 305x358 , 1367911890691.jpg )
haha... I did not know how you would react. I know the idea sounds good but going through and providing fashion tips for a bunch of people would get tiresome.
Either way.... your reaction made me lol
>> No. 15781
File 137063591846.gif - (347.01KB , 250x139 , Варг.gif )
I love u, Catie
>> No. 15782
i figured that putting it on my channel might help with traffic for the website.

oh. no. i wouldn't feel right about that.
>> No. 15783
File 137063595876.gif - (498.00KB , 500x282 , No.gif )

>Seven A.M.

Holy shit No. XD
>> No. 15784
Catie how did your trip go? the one you mentioned on twitter.
>> No. 15785
>>funny you say that, because i originally didn't post those pictures because i didn't like the way i looked in them. but now i'm just sort of
>>didn't like the way i looked in them
Are you trolling ?
They are very nice pictures n you best know it.
also anyone want a cup of coffee ?
>> No. 15786
File 137063612174.gif - (324.60KB , 400x324 , lunarainbow.gif )
>> No. 15787
>i wouldn't feel right about that.
what? but why?

>could have had it by like seven a.m.
it would have been four a.m. over here.
>> No. 15788
I'd say you're cute as always in the kitty pictures. And yeah 7AM, dat's not double digits, I'd be like "get to bed." XD
>> No. 15789
oh, cool, i'll be looking forward to the birthday video then.

any opinion on the recent details of the massive dragnet spying by our government?

pretty crazy. makes me glad i don't use skype or facebook. i wonder if end-to-end encryption in social applications will become more mainstream soon; i hope so.
>> No. 15790
>also anyone want a cup of coffee ?
Teach me how to drink coffee, it's kidna disgusting foar me.
>i originally didn't post those pictures because i didn't like the way i looked in them
WTF, you're purely photogenic and so beatiful, only need someone who is good in taking photos.
>> No. 15791
>also anyone want a cup of coffee ?

coffee puts lead in your pencil, but I don't have anyone to write home too :P
>> No. 15792
coffee makes me sleeepy lol
>> No. 15793
Nice ^_^
will be fun to see what people sent n_n
>> No. 15794
hey catie,
did u play BoxxyQuest yet? How did you thought of it?
>> No. 15795
you would get up at 7AM for us?
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