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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 15696
  woot woot.
before you ask, no, this did not actually happen to me.
but it did happen to my mom, a long time ago.
be back for posting at 12:00 pm. <3
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>> No. 15784
Catie how did your trip go? the one you mentioned on twitter.
>> No. 15785
>>funny you say that, because i originally didn't post those pictures because i didn't like the way i looked in them. but now i'm just sort of
>>didn't like the way i looked in them
Are you trolling ?
They are very nice pictures n you best know it.
also anyone want a cup of coffee ?
>> No. 15786
File 137063612174.gif - (324.60KB , 400x324 , lunarainbow.gif )
>> No. 15787
>i wouldn't feel right about that.
what? but why?

>could have had it by like seven a.m.
it would have been four a.m. over here.
>> No. 15788
I'd say you're cute as always in the kitty pictures. And yeah 7AM, dat's not double digits, I'd be like "get to bed." XD
>> No. 15789
oh, cool, i'll be looking forward to the birthday video then.

any opinion on the recent details of the massive dragnet spying by our government?

pretty crazy. makes me glad i don't use skype or facebook. i wonder if end-to-end encryption in social applications will become more mainstream soon; i hope so.
>> No. 15790
>also anyone want a cup of coffee ?
Teach me how to drink coffee, it's kidna disgusting foar me.
>i originally didn't post those pictures because i didn't like the way i looked in them
WTF, you're purely photogenic and so beatiful, only need someone who is good in taking photos.
>> No. 15791
>also anyone want a cup of coffee ?

coffee puts lead in your pencil, but I don't have anyone to write home too :P
>> No. 15792
coffee makes me sleeepy lol
>> No. 15793
Nice ^_^
will be fun to see what people sent n_n
>> No. 15794
hey catie,
did u play BoxxyQuest yet? How did you thought of it?
>> No. 15795
you would get up at 7AM for us?
>> No. 15796
brb guys, new MDK.
feel free to watch with me, if you want.

>what? but why?
i dunno. if i were to use a thank you video as one of my "ERR FRIDAY" videos, i can't help but feel like it'd come off less sincere. /shrug

it went fine, thanks. :3
>> No. 15797
File 137063691837.gif - (960.01KB , 312x234 , nailed-it-apple-arrow.gif )

Why'd everyone stop posting?

Gif unrelated
>> No. 15798
moodie with catie O.O -My Drunk Kitchen
You forgot the "buffers" and 1.2 .3 play ;p
>> No. 15799
First I read
>brb guys, new MDK with me
I was like "WHERE"
*after quick search throught video*
Oh, wait a second...
>feel free to watch with me
>if you want.
>> No. 15800
Hey Catie. If I will make to LA, may I be able to take video interview with you for our website? :)
>> No. 15801
>>Looking for Alaska..
I remember someone that was looking for someone in Alaska once..
>> No. 15802
hey, she opened that bag with her teeth just like Catie did before
>> No. 15803
File 137063719860.jpg - (169.61KB , 499x671 , tumblr_lqq2noRvK81qj0jsjo1_500 (1).jpg )
>> No. 15804
File 137063730942.gif - (210.22KB , 500x199 , yolo.gif )

What even is My Drunk Kitchen?

I'm watching it... I don't know why...

But I'm watching it...
>> No. 15805
File 137063740154.gif - (913.38KB , 715x480 , 32374__safe_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_animated_gummy.gif )
i also sleep with mai mouth open.
and i haz a deviated septum,noses r useless.
>> No. 15806
D: you saw nothing !
>> No. 15807
You may have just introduced me to something new and awesome. o_o It helps that John Green was in it though. XD

I would've been worried about the kid having the hammer and swinging it so close to people. Lmao.
>> No. 15808
i'm sorry to be all like
"Brb" and then not come back, but, that's kind of what's happening.
i gotta get going. <3
love you all. byeeee. glad you like the new video. :3
>> No. 15809
I only use youtube for Catie's videos, and I don't follow anyone one else or watch anyone else's videos.
>> No. 15810
Bye Catie, take care :)
>> No. 15811
this quit offendz Slaanesh
>> No. 15812
Catie's Pizza beats their pizza
>> No. 15813
bye Catie <3 thanks for everything
>> No. 15814
Awww :C
Well take care Catie <3
Nice to see you here :3
>> No. 15815
File 137063758182.jpg - (25.79KB , 400x300 , Dawson crying.jpg )


>> No. 15816
Bye Catie!!! <3
>> No. 15817
File 137063767946.jpg - (59.05KB , 224x353 , disturbing stuff lately.jpg )
>> No. 15818
File 137063769394.gif - (650.35KB , 350x199 , princess luna iz best pone.gif )
dammit,fine go.

jk ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
>> No. 15819
File 137064775063.png - (781.04KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2013-06-08-01-24-24.png )
I'm sorry, but the Svetlana character has never been (and most likely never will be) my cup of tea. Thus, as a natural result, I didn't find this week's video very entertaining or enjoyable to watch. However, as I don't really have any constructive criticism to put out there (I simply don't feel the character), I'll leave it at that. But basically, when it comes to your anewhopeee channel, nothing comes even close to beating the videos with you just being you. Cool glasses in this video though, and you did a decent job with the accent as well. Bloody eyeballs will haunt me in my sleep tonight though, that's for sure :sadface:

Anyhow, I'm really sleepy now, so good night. Oh, and it was sweet of you to upload this week's video at a more "Europe-friendly" hour. Fingers crossed that you'll upload your future videos around the same time as this one.
>> No. 15820
File 137065478747.jpg - (93.29KB , 350x448 , ITGIRL.jpg )
Boxxy is awesome, but Boxxy has become a ritual, a symbol. Svetlana is a character. She's like a character on "the Office." You start out hating her, and then she becomes more human and sympathetic.

The accent started out sort of bad. Then it got better. Now you're finding music in there. It's a pleasure to listen to Svetlana talk.

I'm glad to read that 3v3 will be returning. It seemed to me that Santa Baby never generated the views to justify all that effort and production values, but it was a triumphant moment for you.

However, Santa Baby is not a great song,IMO. A REAL song, something catchy and smart, and a little bit sexy, that would be a new level of Catie kicking ass.

Do I prefer Catie to Svetlana like the last guy? Yes, but what I love about Catie is that she surprises me every week. Did nt expect a Svetlana video this week.
>> No. 15821
For all those who were making claims about Aspartame and its adverse effects check out the debunking by science based medicine. There isn't actually anything wrong with the stuff.
>> No. 15822
Would avoid aspartame, but it's the only way to go, almost , when you have diabetes. Or any other artificial sweetener.
>> No. 15823
Nice vid btw!
>> No. 15824
File 137067708141.jpg - (774.60KB , 2048x1428 , Vladimir_Putin-6.jpg )
>> No. 15825
Aspartame causes eye bleeding.
Dr Redpill.
>> No. 15826
File 137071558733.jpg - (47.43KB , 500x537 , OH NO.jpg )
My friend and I rescued a cat from the street. SHe's got an appointment to be spayed, but we just found out she's pregnant. OH NO!
>> No. 15827
I see your accent has traveled far and wide since last video. Is like vocal road trip through Europe, very pleasant.
>> No. 15829
File 137075472975.jpg - (50.17KB , 582x478 , 00000393.jpg )

>>i like your facial hair.
but then i generally like facial hair, provided it's well taken care of and not too crazy.

I kept growing my beard because I want to make another Santa Claus video. I better make it soon, before I look like one of the dudes on "Duck Dynasty".
>> No. 15830
File 137079799428.jpg - (35.48KB , 245x274 , 1367007979746.jpg )
Is the birthday video uploading now?
>> No. 15831
>> No. 15832
Svetlana Is always used to deliver bad news.
>> No. 15833
File 137083769417.jpg - (81.35KB , 837x686 , youthinkthisisamotherfuckinggame.jpg )
>Svetlana Is always used to deliver bad news
>always used to deliver bad news
>always used
>always .. bad news
2 out of 3 videos.
2 out of 3

Totally didn't see that one coming.

Never change internet.
>> No. 15834
When there is bad news, Svetlana is there to deliver it. Therefore; Svetlana is always used to deliver bad new.

Nigga please, hush yo mowff.
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