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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 14980
  yay a new Boxxy video <333
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>> No. 14981
What a pleasant surprise! :D
>> No. 14982
I love this :D

>> No. 14983
:3 Very nice Lovely !
>> No. 14984
File 136397324183.gif - (46.16KB , 119x119 , 1342492169901.gif )
so happy now
>> No. 14985
Oh god, i love it!!
>> No. 14986
*so mad*

I really hope she is pretending she is liking that shit
>> No. 14987
File 136397357760.jpg - (72.52KB , 385x360 , 131733730257.jpg )
pinkie pie :3
>> No. 14988
Hmmm... Ponies...

Yeah. I'm not into all that. Maybe I'm just a hater. :P
>> No. 14989
Why ponies why :'(
>> No. 14990
I like mlp :D
>> No. 14991
i has a happy that you guys like it. :3

well, actually, no. i do like it, haha. /shrug
i don't know why you would care, it's not going to affect you in any negative way. :3

because why not?

i don't think so. if you can admit to being a hater with a smile, then i don't think you're a hater. i think you just don't like it. noffing wrong with that. xD
>> No. 14992
cool, glad to see my new trip working so beautifully. xD
>> No. 14993
I'm so glad to see you Catie. How have you been? this is you right?

dat trip
>> No. 14994

Looks like nobody has a name above them because of the recent forum hack.

Anyway, how's it going?
>> No. 14995
don't worry about that Catie. I'm just so glad you are spending time with us. I love you so much
>> No. 14996
>dat trip
i know, rite? xD

oh kewl, lol.
i'm fine, how's everyone else?
>> No. 14997
I'm fine. I'm still here. I'll always be here Catie.

Seeing any movies this weekend again?
>> No. 14998

I'm good. It's Midnight btw. I'm actually able to say hi in person rather than asking people to do it for me this week. :3
>> No. 14999
Love how you still uploaded despite the hack and information leaks Catie. Fight the trolls/haters with love :D
>> No. 15000
Im fine thank you (Catie ? ;p )
or asdfghjh?
>> No. 15001
i don't think so, but i saw burt wonderstone like last weekend or something.
it was a lot better than i thought it was going to be.

well it should be working now. :3
>> No. 15002
Catie, why da dislike for twilight sparkle?
>> No. 15003
Oh lawds. Ponies.
I'm not a fan per say, but hey, to each his own. Catie, question, do you even like doing Boxxy vids anymore? I can tell you are less enthusiastic it seems than the older ones. I guess that could be just getting older, I do prefer prefer Catie vids now, but you can't alienate all the boxxy lovers ^^
>> No. 15004
Catie, what's your favourite non-anime 90s cartoon? D:
>> No. 15005
>burt wonderstone

...I never heard of it. What's it about?
>> No. 15006
hello. :3

haha, thats how we roll around here.

well, apparently not.
also, i have gotten a little pop up box that says "wut" on it twice. so looks like someone is still in le system. everyone wave! :D

she's a socially challenged know-it-all.
>> No. 15007
File 136397633978.jpg - (93.42KB , 600x300 , lovetolerate.jpg )
I like your name Bp4.IMJzOc

looks very modern.
Since when did you become a brony ?
>> No. 15008
File 136397639856.jpg - (37.16KB , 251x239 , ok.jpg )
>she's a socially challenged know-it-all.

>> No. 15009

Yeah I got that popup too, not to mention some 500 errors on the forum.
>> No. 15010
How often have something related yto you been hacked now ?
I mean i been hacked once before ( people like reading my personal stuff you know P:) but you must been hacked so many times you lost count
>> No. 15011
yes i like to do them. i especially liked this one. though my background kept falling so i was getting a little agitated. xD

favorite? i'd have to think about it.
some of my favorites were dexters lab, cow and chicken, johnny bravo (fun fact: did you know seth macfarlane worked on that show? he also did a little short called life of larry that eventually became family guy)

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"
steve carrell, jim carrey, that one guy who i can't ever seem to remember his name.
magicians. was good.
>> No. 15012
Oh we could have game here ?
Guess who the anon is seems everyone is forced anon now O.o
>> No. 15013
File 136397657715.gif - (280.06KB , 500x414 , pinkie ss.gif )
yay your trip is working now
>> No. 15014
Now you Catie again.
Nice too see that you catie again, tho i will miss Bp4.IMJzOc ;c I hardly knew you Bp4.IMJzOc
>> No. 15015
File 136397684656.jpg - (141.36KB , 599x466 , 131518949698.jpg )
I love you Catie
>> No. 15016
Can i intrest you in some music?
>> No. 15017
File 136397695395.gif - (81.47KB , 372x347 , 13602945803.gif )
since last year. pic related. i have been keeping it under my hat for use at a precise moment.
i picked yesterday.

>lost count
lolno. more times than i'd like perhaps. but me personally probably no more than eight.

hopefully its fixed now, but who knows? xD

she will miss you too.

yer damn right okay.jpg
>> No. 15018
Hi Catie! Neat video, I like it. How are you doing now? Do you Maus is leaving the Sphere? :(
>> No. 15019
Hey Catie! I know you're into acting and stuff but would you ever think of voice acting for like an animated tv show/movie? Cause you have an amazing voice!
>> No. 15020
>dexters lab, cow and chicken

I used to watch them too. Did you watch ed, edd and eddy too?
>> No. 15021
Did the attack on your website give you inspiration to make the new Boxxy video?
>> No. 15022
Great, I catched you posting Catie!
>> No. 15023
what are your favorite pony episodes?
>> No. 15024
File 136397726319.jpg - (179.66KB , 750x1000 , 1355837588217.jpg )
There the only no second pony image i have in my hard drive.
Even ponys party :p
>> No. 15025
she wat? :|

voice acting is a hobby of mine.
idk if you guys know this
but back in the good ol inuyasha days, pocky and i used to do dubs. we got pretty good at it.
on a side note, i was just thinking the other day, as retarded as that show was if they made a live action movie i'd audition for sango in a heartbeat. cause i'm a fucking nerd.

of course.

little bit. :3
fight fire with loooveeeee.
>> No. 15026
hi Catie
i will skip the "great video" part and will go ahead and say what i am here to say

...thank you
thank you because of you i had the chance to meet all these wonderfull people

newfag over and out
>> No. 15027
I never had Cartoon Network as a kid, lived in a town of 700 people on Vancouver Island.. We had basic cable, that's it, so I watched Family Channel (Disney Channel, basically). My favorite show was The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I'm so cool. B)

Also never even considered it on 4chan, so.. How do I trip?
>> No. 15028
File 136397742113.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 132295622386.gif )
Hey! Catie, this means I can get you pony stuff for your birthday XD
>> No. 15029
Just a question, here if this website contentious to experiences "technical " issues, do think you would use twitter to talk with your I net friends here ?
>> No. 15030
This... This is wonderful news, Catie. I am so happy. :3

By the way, it was you who got ME interested in the show to begin with, y'know.

Some offhand answer you made about it way back during the Unichan days convinced me to sit down and try it.

Pinkie Pie is only SECOND best pony, though. Fluttershy is best. D:<

>> No. 15032
i will alwayz be a fan n supporter of Catie,and i still luv u gais.
im nawt coming back to da Sphere tho.
itz been fun and never a dull moment :p
i wish all good luck.

That what she posted on her Facebook. Idk if she didn't got hacked or something, but it seems it's true ;_; Maybe she will change her mind. Maybe...
>> No. 15033
File 136397760616.png - (181.92KB , 602x331 , 130544285850.png )
>Pinkie Pie is only SECOND best pony, though. Fluttershy is best
>> No. 15034
So, is it finally official that you're making videos every friday?
You've been doing it foar awhile and i think it's working great
>> No. 15035
party of one, sisterhooves social, sweet and elite, lesson zero, feeling pinkie keen, suited for success, family appreciation day, the speedy cider squeezy 6000, hearts and hooves day, a friend in deed, ponyville confidential, sleepless in ponyville.

also, i haven't watched all of season 3, SO NO ONE RUIN IT.
>> No. 15036
Did you save any of the dubbed inuyasha episodes? If yes where can I watch them?
>> No. 15037
taking a long break is more likely.She loves you very much, and if i know here well she will keep in touch some how cought twitter chough
>> No. 15038

This is Shrimp, by the way. In case it wasn't blatantly obvious from word one.

I will hunt down whatever sadistic monster implemented forced Anon, and I will do terrible things to their corpse. D:< D:< D:<
>> No. 15039
I'm going to watch those episodes again later :D
>> No. 15040
that's sooo awesome! You totally could play sango too! In my opinion nerds are like the best!
>> No. 15042
Yeah, but whoever plays Miroku is gunna get to touch her butt. D:
>> No. 15043
Zangief here, being anon is nice :3
calm down the bigger problem is some stuff as been disabled.
>> No. 15044
you're welcome. :3

i liked winnie the pooh. :D
put a # and then a code, or random letters, whatever. and thats yer trip.

if you'd like. xD

to talk? no.
to announce shit-- perhaps. talking on twitter gets too complicated.
but i think the worst is over. :3

>fluttershy is best pony
alright sweetie, whatever you say. /pat pat


almost, i think.
i want a little bit more of a track record before it's OFFICIAL. meaning i announce it in a video. cause last week i got it out on saturday, not friday.
>> No. 15045
you should cosplay as sango :D
>> No. 15047
File 136397832013.jpg - (56.49KB , 600x544 , come at me.jpg )
>if you'd like. xD

twilight sparkle stuff XP
>> No. 15048
I have to go to a dance tonight, it's a test grade for one of my classes. I don't have anyone to go with =( Will Boxxy go with me? She doesn't have to physically be there. I just want to know if she would if she could have.
>> No. 15049
Don't worry if sometimes you can't upload a video.
That happens to a lot of people on youtube that make videos every week.
That's a minor problem, i guess
>> No. 15050
your last video, story video was very funny,
also that pan must been the cleanest pan in USA, if not the world. And i must say Catie, :3 not only do i respect you a hell a lot alredy <3 but that you are here after all this mayhem, increases my respect level for you even more, you are awesome ! n_n can i give you an i-net hug I never have you know :p
>> No. 15051
File 136397847389.png - (349.68KB , 900x900 , 1363975427175.png )


After all I've done for you, after all I've created in your name, this is how you repay me? You traitor, I am devastated! Downright sick with anger!

(Or maybe not really <3 <3 <3 <3 <3)

Also, check out this Pony Boxxy fanart I found.
>> No. 15052
How is school going Catie?
>> No. 15053
there were no full episodes, and they aren't online anywhere. if one got posted i'd have to ask her first. but since i'm not likely to agree, i don't think she will be either. it's like... this dark part of our childhood where we were the nerdiest nerds that ever were nerds... it's like an awkward secret. xD

i hope. ; 3;

i actually didn't know it was you.
but if i did, i would have responded the same way.

as an actor, i am going to appear romantically attached to many people in my career. you should become accustomed.

>> No. 15054
Ok, think I got it. :o (this is Winnie the Pooh guy, EremesGuile92 on forum)
Do you have access to your forum account now then or still having difficulties with that?
>> No. 15055
I must say Catie, you caught me off guard with that Boxxy video. Was expecting Q&A Part III, but this is even better! But next week... Q&A PART III GO!
>> No. 15056
Oh Catie, you last video was so great and funny <3

when you played the guy with the hat how did you make it look like you had your hair shaved?
>> No. 15057
i will be so buttfrustrated you don't even know.

boxxy would totally go with you. :D

i have noticed people saying things like "god how long does it take you to wash a pan." i guess they missed the joke that i didn't actually have to keep cleaning it. i was just being nosy.


ilu. :3
>boxxy art
okay so i've always wondered what boxxy would look like, so i've googled that myself, but whythefuck would she be wearing a teeshirt? nopony else wears teeshirts.
she would obvirousry be a unicorn, and brightly colored. but i don't know what colors. >inb4 neon purple and green.
they don't go well together.

>> No. 15058
omg Catie, have you heard about formspring shutting down? ;______;
>> No. 15059
File 136397884332.jpg - (17.27KB , 334x334 , memes-dat-ash-ay-girl-can-i-get-yo-digletts-Copy.jpg )
Lol well you know some time you might have to act against creeper actor too :x

face related
>> No. 15060
>> No. 15061
I think the dubbed episodes would be cute. I wants to see em!
>> No. 15062
>Wash dies.
>> No. 15063
Hi Catie :)
im gonna have band practice today
>> No. 15064
Well that part i got, that you were listing in to them taking :p your roommate he know s about the boxxy stuff right i remember you saying that in the past, I could be wrong tho? Did he watch the video ?
>> No. 15065
Im agentk.k.
aprently i can only use my trip D:
>> No. 15066
File 13639791731.png - (33.88KB , 400x400 , Marvin Hope.png )
Don't mind this post. I'm just testing out tripcoding... /channoob
>> No. 15067
ohay kiddo. (don't take offence to kiddo if not kiddo.) i haven't tried forum yet. i think i will wait, due to weird "wut" popups. :3



good question. it looks pretty cool, rite?
skin colored wig cap. it's the material of stockings. it's to keep all of your hair in place when you wear a wig so your real hair doesn't stick out.

yes. i am not that devastated.
if i have questions for people i can still ask them on other sites. xD

i am well aware.
i have had to do both before. xD
>> No. 15069
I know this might be a dumb thing, but one of my biggest fears now is that you leave youtube.
Now you're making one video every week and it is awesome, but please tell me that you will be here for long.
You make a lot of people happy. :)
>> No. 15070
LOL well, i seen some pics of you acting like most have :p but what has been your favorite act so far ?
not true i can mod post :P
>> No. 15071
Not kiddo, no offense taken though, my birthday is May 13, 1992 fyi. ^_^
>> No. 15072
File 136397942766.jpg - (224.38KB , 1224x792 , 130442356316.jpg )
Catie, how do you feel about ponies in human form?
>> No. 15073

Formpring is shutting down. MSN is shutting down. The age of a Skype-dominated society has begun!

I can totes understand why you wouldn't want any of us weirdos cluttering up your real personal Skype; but it's high time you made a fake-Sphere-fan-friends Skype and joined us in there already!

Skype is a party 24/7, and you've been invited for a long time now. D:

Shrimp again BTW. :D
>> No. 15074
>we were the nerdiest nerds that ever were nerds
impossibru.jpg I can't imagine Catie beign nerd :| I think my imagination is too weak for this.

And testing tripcode, idk how this shit is working :/
>> No. 15075
If I walked into that dance with Boxxy by my side I would instantly become the coolest guy at my school. I like thinking about what that would be like. Boxxy and I walk into that ball room and everybody shits themselves out of astonishment.
>> No. 15076
You're a channoob too, midnight! I'm micah hawth btw.
>> No. 15077
File 136397954750.png - (500.42KB , 720x540 , 1361082992626.png )
>> No. 15078
well i'm glad you did, but i don't think everyone did.
he is aware, but i don't think he knows i make videos on another channel. but i said he was nice in the video just in case he saw, cause i didn't wanna cause drama. he's a jerk. i've said so elsewhere.

wooo. :D

i don't even know who wash is, and no one fucking dies in mlp. don't be silly.

i'll talk to her about it.
just a fun fact, i had to be just about everyone but kagome. boys included. which was hard, as a young girl. except miroku, because i refused to play my future husband. AND POCKY IF YOU SEE THIS YOU KNOW ITS TRUE, BETCH.

sup mang?

i wouldn't worry about it. xD
>> No. 15079

Who drew this? It's really good. :O
>> No. 15080

Hey dude!
>> No. 15081
File 136397981673.jpg - (11.99KB , 249x203 , images.jpg )

>No one dies in MLP
>> No. 15082
I love the face you were making when you where listening in, washing that pan. lol
>> No. 15083
not much, as i said on my first post, i cant trip.
sort of bothers me to post like this X)

anything special you are gonna do today?
>> No. 15085
Hi Catie! I loved the new Boxxy video it was amazing omg! Definitely one of my favorites! I love you and you're awesome, and, uh, yeah, k bye! <3
>> No. 15086
crucible has been my favorite play so far. hands down.
is this agent kk?
did someone give you mod powers?

so then you ARE a kiddo.
if you're not 50, you're a kiddo.
i call my older siblings kiddo.

i like them. i've drawn them afore actually.

mreeeeeeh maybeeeeeee.

well, i've got this video called "i got in a fight once." you should probably watch it, it might help your imagination a little.

i doubt everyone in your school knows who boxxy is let alone thinks she's the cats meow. but she would still go.
>> No. 15087
yeah you used to say he was "rude" a few times before, but that he has become better over time.

But it can be nice to have a roommate like that too :P, better rude then crazy,like my friends crazy roommate, a person, that one day opened the window and started to dump my friends stuff through it.
>> No. 15088
No, nobody gave me mod powers. Its prolly zangief, we were talking about mod panel fucked up or something....
>> No. 15089
>i like them. i've drawn them

hhnngggg show us

please ;_;

you draw goood
>> No. 15090
No it Zangief :P moding nothing here tho :p
>> No. 15091
  Pinkie is indeed best pony, Catie.
Everypony needs a Pinkie Pie in their lives, and a Boxxy too.
I love Pinkie Pie, mostly for her songs. I've grown quite fond of the singing telegram song, for Gummy's birthday.
The remixes are awesome, too.
(I heard that names currently don't work here, I'll sign this post, to be on the safe side)
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15092
Then you're a kiddo too since you're only 15 days older than me. XP Also I think what that guy meant is that you'd be the prettiest girl there, not just because you're Boxxy. :3
>> No. 15093
fuck off, it's still a little girls show. they aren't equipped to deal with character death.
why do you think applejacks missing parents were never addressed? HM?!
troll harder. i'll believe it when i see it.


yew uh, don't have to go yknow. :/

he has wasted stuff of mine. once he sprayed my shaving cream all over the bathtub. when confronted he just said "i don't know how that happened. i didn't do it." passive aggressive little...
>> No. 15094
Woha i type strange at times ;c
well I hope you can understand even so Catie, oh have you been able to guess who we are ?
>> No. 15095
You can read the staff board too even though it's behind a password prompt.

>> No. 15096
I watched it many times, but okay, I understand it now. How you did that your name here is looking good, and mine like shit? D:
>> No. 15097

You've drawn MLP fanart? This is exciting news indeed. Post some of it.

Also, I just KNEW I was making a smart choice when I put all those pony references in BoxxyQuest. (Equestria is explicitly stated to share a border with the Sphere, Celestia cameos in one cutscene, etc.)
>> No. 15098
I wasn't insinuating they'd be star-stricken when they'd first see Boxxy at the dance. However they would be shocked that I was with the prettiest girl in the world.
>> No. 15099

Hey! Stay out of our board, you little guttersnipe! D:<
>> No. 15100
File 136398063426.jpg - (8.20KB , 225x225 , imasfsdsdfsdges.jpg )
>>he has wasted stuff of mine. once he sprayed my shaving cream all over the bathtub.

LOL perhaps he was planing something ? hhmmmm hmm mm m m
>> No. 15101
i don't have a scanner.
maybe one day i'll draw them on the computer.
but just so you guys know,
rainbow dash has short hair, twilight has a bob, and i don't know how the fuck to draw rarity's hair on a person.
one of my more favorite pony pictures i've drawn was pinkamena and pinkie side by side with the phrase "laughter is the best medicine."

have you seen the lyrics video with that song?
it's rly good.
and yes. pinkie pie songs.

yah, i'm a kiddo.
>> No. 15102
File 136398073389.jpg - (45.87KB , 330x357 , feels mad man.jpg )
>your roommate
>> No. 15103
Don't worry I'm still here! I only said "k bye" to end the post lol. But yeah, the new Boxxy vidya made my day so much better and it was awesome! Thank yew! :D <3
>> No. 15104
File 136398086816.jpg - (90.99KB , 900x900 , twilight_sparkle_2_by_123hamster-d3dm8y2.jpg )
I like this one of twilight
>> No. 15105
File 136398086983.jpg - (190.95KB , 1024x768 , 1362588703682.jpg )
>Party with Pinkie lyrics video
>"I'm horny"
I'll be damned, if that's what she really said.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15106
File 136398087395.jpg - (7.34KB , 228x221 , imsdfsdfsdfages.jpg )
them feels when im the oldest person here ;o
>> No. 15107
File 136398092528.jpg - (3.37KB , 127x121 , 136033257345.jpg )
relatively. i have an idea.

i'm extra excited now. :D

well, i think i was made a priority.
but i'm sure it'll get fixed soon enuff. :3

pic related.
>> No. 15109
Catie, what's your opinion on the PONY.MOV series? It's very strange.


~Shrimp again
>> No. 15110
You are not
>> No. 15111
It's cool bro. We won't judge you. <3
>> No. 15112
File 136398103265.png - (164.90KB , 331x288 , wow.png )
>maybe one day i'll draw them on the computer.

I look forward to it
>> No. 15113
File 136398104243.jpg - (10.93KB , 275x183 , lsakdj.jpg )
>> No. 15114
catie, are you excited for Grand Theft Auto V This year?

-Agent K.K.
>> No. 15115
I don't think GTA gets released for Wii and Mac.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15116
Catie did you used to watch sailor moon?
>> No. 15117
so... just cause i wanna start shit...


ah know. now i'm sure you see why i said he was nice in the video. so if he sees it then he won't waste more of my shit in one of his tantrums.

you're quite welcome.

oh my. i like that one too. o:

of course thats not what she REALLY said. xD

don't worry, you've got experience of the world and shits.
>> No. 15118
it will be released for Wii U.
Nintendo is taking on third party companies now.
-Agent K.K.
>> No. 15119
>i don't have a scanner.
Hmm, you could just take a picture of it...
>> No. 15120
I dunno if this is the time or place to be asking, but do you know that there was an address that was supposedly yours posted on unichan? I won't post it, not that dumb. But what would it mean if they really did get your address and were serious about stalking you again?

Sorry if this is a newfag question. >.<
>> No. 15121
Good god, that series is hilarious! XD
PARTY.MOV is by far my favorite.
Spike makes for a realistic stoner, too.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15122

SpikeXRarity is fucking adorable. No shit was started.


That wasn't her home address. That was just the address of the UPS store where fans send her stuff. XD

>> No. 15123

I think someone said somewhere that that's just the address of the PO Box. Not sure myself obviously...
>> No. 15124
File 136398137212.png - (37.13KB , 300x226 , 300_2270082.png )
>i think i was made a priority

What weather is in SF? Any signs of upcoming spring?
>> No. 15125
i've seen them. apple.mov is best, obviously. but i fucking love the animation in all of them.
but party.mov was... strange. >> so was shed.mov

i don't really play video games. >>

of course.
i have all three movies on VHS mothuhfuckuh.
>> No. 15126
File 136398146285.jpg - (306.79KB , 853x1356 , photo.jpg )
but spike and twilight ;__;
>> No. 15127
File 136398152772.jpg - (16.55KB , 224x224 , images.jpg )
Crackle is still best pony.
>> No. 15128
yeah, it's just the p.o. box. :/
i wouldn't give people my real address.

weather is okay, actually. yesterday it was rly hot. but flowers are starting to bloom and stuff. :3 i am so excited for summer.
>> No. 15129
>>VHS mothuhfuckuh.


Speaking of that, any specific reason to as why you stoped watching anime, you may not say you become an adult, its not allowed to say ever :p
>> No. 15130

know what? you're absolutely right.
i watch that episode for that joke alone.
>> No. 15131
File 136398178261.jpg - (27.60KB , 720x403 , british summer installation 2.jpg )
I wish summer could be available, here in the UK.
Unfortunately for me, summer is non-existant.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15132
I'm jealous. In my city was snowing today, do you believe it, fucking SNOWING :< Winter, if you're reading this, please gtfo quickly...
>> No. 15133
I'd ask you if you wanted to come to Bronycon with me and Mau5 this summer, but...

...Bringing Boxxy into a convention hall filled with internet-dwelling nerds...

...Probably asking for some sort of trouble...

>> No. 15134
oh lawd, i'm rly sorry gais. D:

just cause it's silly and too over the top to take seriously sometimes. i still watch it from time to time though.
>> No. 15135
File 136398191756.jpg - (9.53KB , 248x203 , imsdfdfsdfsdfages.jpg )
Will you keep that pobox ?
or will there be a new one in before trolls send you
>> No. 15136
Yeah, no blooming stuff here until like mid-May.. Currently it's 21F where I live, was 17F yesterday. Too lazy to get the degrees symbol for that.. Snow fucking everywhere, like 3 feet of it.
>> No. 15137
Maybe in the south of spain.
But here in the north i swear it's kinda like in the UK.
Last July we had like 23-24 days of rain out of 31
>> No. 15138
I believe Catie made it out of last year's ComicCon, in one piece.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15139
Catie, ever watched Shaun of The Dead?
one of my favorite movies of all time

-Agent K.K.
>> No. 15140
Lucky! We have winter and snow here. Lots of winter to go :(
>> No. 15141
File 136398204433.png - (224.40KB , 557x694 , 130955589392.png )
i'll wear a moustache.
>> No. 15142
Before you go Catie.
Do you know who Lindsey Stirling is?
And if so, what do you think about her?
>> No. 15143
Here in Sweden its fucking fucked up, snow in the end of March ;C why ;, I want to live somewhere warm, where the sun shines, Sweden 2013 the place where the sun no shine.
>> No. 15144
File 136398211732.jpg - (126.61KB , 821x1260 , mai sides are in space.jpg )

omg lol
>> No. 15145
i know this is directed towards catie,
but as a musician i must say..... that girl is OVERRATED AS FUCK!

>> No. 15146
File 136398218973.png - (298.38KB , 1991x1756 , flutterhug_by__colaeuphoria_by_ilovebakso-d4bfpvk.png )

So is that a "yes?"

I can go track down Mau5 out in the void somewhere, and the three of us could totally make this a thing. XD
>> No. 15147
you know i didn't actually go, rite?
i was just in the area. i think i posted about how the interviewers told me to lie about being there and it was hard. and i was disguised as catie, so no one recognized me.
>> No. 15148
*looks what time is it*
Oh FUCK ME! My shop will be closed in five mins D: And only thing I've got in my fridge is butter -.-
/student mode on
Oh, apples. OM NOM NOM NOM Yummy.
>> No. 15149
it's suppose to be spring time here, and we have a snow storm and cold.
>> No. 15150
I'm a musician as well dude, and she is not overrated. I can recognize someone talented when i see them, and she really is talented
>> No. 15151
lol, weather is funny here in the midwest. we could get like 6+ inches of snow in st. louis this weekend. last year it was like 90s in early march.
>> No. 15152
File 136398240115.gif - (354.54KB , 320x180 , hand heart.gif )
I love this
>> No. 15153
i have no idea who she is.

...i don't think i get it.
am i dumb gais?
i think so.

lolno, it's not a yes. i have another new york trip to make before i can go to bronycon. :3

i feel you man.
>> No. 15154
Oh, indeed you did say that. I remember.
It's kind of a bitch, that you were told to talk about something you can't have seen very much of.
However, it's probably best that you didn't go, because you had no moustache to wear, at that time.
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15155
She is overrated.
Not denying talent.
Welp, i can smell your lack of social construct, how can you get so mad over my opinion and consider yourself a musician. Social construct makes music possible since always.
>> No. 15156
>...i don't think i get it.
>my sides
>> No. 15157
Speking of commic con
watch this Catie and be jelly :p
Zangief just 10 seconds long
>> No. 15158
>...i don't think i get it

your post made me laugh really hard :D
>> No. 15159
Oops! Gotta go, Catie. Apparently the library I'm in closes at 4:00 PM.

It was great getting to talk to you, as always. See you next week. <3
>> No. 15160
Sorry man.
I respect your opinion, but it turns out that i'm a huge fan of her, so for me it was kinda like if you said that Catie is overrated.
But i still think she's not.
>> No. 15161
File 136398276862.png - (163.37KB , 900x826 , 900x900px-LL-d8b69ea0_neutral-feel-like-a-sir-l.png )
You seem like a very intelligent young woman to me. :3

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
>> No. 15162
Catie, who filmed you in lifestyles of the sick and semi-famous (getting up from ged part) and drunk boys (humping the banister)? Was that your sis?
>> No. 15163
>am i dumb gais? i think so.

Catie, you're not dumb. Don't ever say that
>> No. 15164
Its ok if you are a fan, nothing against that.
>> No. 15165
File 136398285925.jpg - (22.83KB , 411x411 , 136033278927.jpg )
oh kewl. :3

ah. i see.
catie confirmed for dumb.


pic related
oh yeah, her. sorry agent kk. she's pretty cool.
>> No. 15166
You should totally check her out.
For really
>> No. 15167
i never said she wasnt cool or untalented.
i just mentioned she was overrated
>> No. 15168
Catie, what are your other OTP for mlp?
>> No. 15169
don't worry gais, i'm not actually dumb.

my sister filmed the bed part of semi famous, and my tripod filmed the banister.
although my sister was standing right next to the camera and does this weird snort laugh thing. you can hear it in the video.
my sister decided me filming videos is a spectators sport. and it's not, ELLIE.
>> No. 15170
Well yes, Zeitgeist was at the con and made the video for me :3 now ahts nice hu ?

I would like to see "Boxxy" doing a mythbusters episode X3. Now that would be funny.
>> No. 15171
Have you ever considered doing videos with your sister and not just having her work the camera? Or is she not ready for it?
>> No. 15172
well you can only have one OTP. thats what makes it OTP.
but the only other couple i ship is AppleDash.
and i ship them SOOOO hard.
also, i guess i could see fluttermac (personality mesh) or twilightxbigmac (he licked her face and kept smarty pants). but there is no passion in those ships like there is for spikexrarity and appledash.
>> No. 15173
Nice some behind the scene information :3
>> No. 15174
i was gonna have her help with the silly face challenge, but she was at school. she and i can do the last silly face flawlessly. it was a face we made up before we saw that picture.
as far as helping helping, i'm not sure if i wan't to expose her to that yet, if at all.
>> No. 15175
>> No. 15176
>although my sister was standing right next to the camera and does this weird snort laugh thing. you can hear it in the video.
And that's why I asked about it. Thank you :3

>don't worry gais, i'm not actually dumb.
I think it's too obvious to talk about it.
>> No. 15177
File 136398366474.jpg - (50.99KB , 502x399 , 45106_large.jpg )

I am very old and very confused I have no idea what any of that is
>> No. 15178
File 136398368417.gif - (625.02KB , 262x200 , gif high five you.gif )
>> No. 15179
File 136398369623.jpg - (61.39KB , 680x575 , winternet.jpg )
Hey Catie, now that your twitter account is lonely and followed, you could use it of a way to inform what time will your be posting and such. im sure you've did it before, but i think it will be more effective than doign it here or forum. More people could follow you and know where to go when you are posting.

-Agent K.K.
>> No. 15180
File 136398372247.jpg - (41.94KB , 750x600 , whos-awesome-dog.jpg )
I adored this video and I adore you.
>> No. 15181
anyways, i gotta get going guys.
i've been here for a while. o 3o
i have homework darnit!

anyhoo, i'm glad you like the video. :3
see ya next week.

i lold.
watch mlp, you'll get back with it.
>> No. 15182
Haha yeah, that's true. I only realized she existed when watching your car vanity mirror video again while I was bored yesterday. It didn't click the first time... Okay few times.. I'm slow.. And then I was like, "HOLY FUCK CATIE HAS A SISTER!"

I've heard something about a brother somewhere else I think, how many siblings do you have?
>> No. 15183
Catie, you can press the Esc key to stop gifs. I don't know if you knew that.
>> No. 15184
Otay C Ya Next Time!
>> No. 15185
Bye Catie, have a nice day :)
>> No. 15186
bye Catie <3 thank you so much for the video and spending time with us. It was really fun. ilu

good luck with the homework
>> No. 15187
>i have gotten a little pop up box that says "wut" on it twice.
that happens when the database connection times out i think.

and fuuuuuuuuuu new vid, too busy to watch right now, not to busy to reply i guess.

almost forgot, ponies >.>
>> No. 15188
D'aw, bye. I missed the deadline. :< Was nice talking to you for real and not sending an obsessive amount of PMs on the forums. :3
>> No. 15189

>>i lold.
watch mlp, you'll get back with it.

X3 you sound like Maus now :p

I am afraid to venture in to that world, perhaps i can venture there someday, I will follow the footsteps of Alice from the wonderland. That wormhole looks tempting about to jump in it.
>> No. 15190
no names D: /shakesfist
>> No. 15191
See you around, Catie!
~Keeper Of Spongecake
>> No. 15192
Bye Catie!
See ya next week
>> No. 15193
Take care Catie :3
Awesome to see you here <3
Best wishes Zangief
>> No. 15194
File 136398517317.png - (63.59KB , 637x371 , Dibujo.png )
You know, this is the best eye makeup I've seen in Catie since FE.
Also, black t-shirt :3 (for a second I thought it was the mooninites one).

I still wish she told us with some anticipation that she's gonna be hanging here.
> to announce shit-- perhaps.
This would be a very good idea.
>> No. 15195
File 136398541713.png - (150.93KB , 557x1203 , browsing_the_net.png )
> boxxywhisper.jpg
I would have loved to see you actually posting Boxxy captures.
If you don't want to go through the hassle of downloading them to your hard disk, you can just "upload" them directly from the web (well, they actually get saved in a temporary folder but that gets done automatically). Just copy the URL ("http://site.com/image.jpg") in the Browse field.
>> No. 15196
what could possibly go wrong...
>> No. 15197
File 136399739698.jpg - (118.52KB , 800x600 , 1274336280189.jpg )
>encouraging Bronies

Oh God why

Why have you done this
>> No. 15198
File 136399829188.gif - (562.99KB , 499x281 , 1314936132074.gif )
>> No. 15199
File 136399918536.jpg - (46.42KB , 484x450 , leiaboxxyisbestpony.jpg )
Boxxy is best pony.
>> No. 15200
I thought about this video and came to two conclusions. 1. Boxxy doesn't care about what her fans think of her and uploaded this because she wanted to. Or 2. She cares about her fans and wants everyone to keep liking her. She knew uploading this was risky because some of the fans might no like it at all.
Or maybe I should stop thinking about motives so much.

I don't like mlp and in fact, this video made me kinda sad. But not nearly enough to make me not like Boxxy anymore.
>> No. 15202
I think it makes sense that Boxxy would be into MLP, and Catie's going to do what she wants.
>> No. 15203
you forgot to mention the amv's.
>> No. 15204
>I thought about this video and came
Stopped reading there
>> No. 15205
File 13640105511.png - (111.59KB , 636x390 , Sin título.png )
>> No. 15206
Boxxy just keeps getting better & better.

Keep'em a'comin' Baybee!

>> No. 15207
File 136401553235.png - (598.56KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_03_56.png )
>> No. 15208
File 136401676543.png - (618.41KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_03_55.png )
>> No. 15211
File 136401703168.png - (669.80KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_04_02.png )
>> No. 15212
File 136401713412.png - (728.17KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_04_04.png )
>> No. 15213
File 136404305844.jpg - (74.53KB , 1178x719 , boxxy+epicest.jpg )
I love you Boxxy.
>> No. 15214
File 136406391457.gif - (240.94KB , 500x375 , twilight-sparkle-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magi.gif )
>> No. 15215
File 136406394794.gif - (1.85MB , 339x264 , Queen of Bronies.gif )
>> No. 15216
oh nostalgia.
>> No. 15217
File 136415255535.jpg - (1.65MB , 1712x1996 , NewBoxxyMosaic-ss.jpg )
I wuvs your new vid!!!!

Full size pic is here:
>> No. 15218
File 136424094469.gif - (37.10KB , 256x256 , 133591275267-APPLEBLOOM_FLAIL.gif )
this iz one of da best vidyaz u ever made Catie.
but Apple Bloom iz best pony.
>> No. 15219
Alright !
>> No. 15220
File 13644504292.png - (232.32KB , 770x686 , BoxxyPony3c3.png )
Still needs a little work...

But I just wanted to put it out there.

>> No. 15221

BTW... This is "BoxxyLvr"

Don't know why my nick was changed to "Fanonymous".

Wat... is namefagging banned now?
>> No. 15222
No, do not think so, something that needs to be fixed tho.
>> No. 15223
why is she wearing pants, and a shirt? None of the other ponies wear that.
>> No. 15224
just make her "naked" with the mooninites uh, hip-logo/watermark thingy, and change the skin tone from white
>> No. 15225
File 136458891222.png - (241.57KB , 770x686 , mooninitepony.png )
Over 100 hours in MS Paint.

But seriously just a quick recoloring done by scribbling with the brush tool and the pasting in a picture of the mooninites off google. >.>
>> No. 15226
Also I didn't know what color to make her, black would look bad because you couldn't see anything, so I stuck with the original color.

Just noticed the guy I replied to called it a "watermark/logo thingy". It's a cutie-mark, they're supposed to symbolize their special talents. inb4 brony, I knew this before I even watched the show.
>> No. 15227
cutie-mark should be a heart
>> No. 15228
File 13645973998.png - (218.60KB , 770x686 , BoxxyPony3c3a.png )

She's actually not wearing anything, except a necklace, and "pony" tie near her left hoof.

What you think is pants and a shirt is just her natural coloring. :)

BTW, here's a bit of an update (outlining is bolder).
>> No. 15229
But then what about her cutie-mark? Is it in fact the mooninites in the middle of her body rather than on her flank?
>> No. 15230


Just like in everything else, BoxxyPony is unique, and that's part of what makes her so special. :)
>> No. 15231

Maybe it only ~felt~ like 100 hrs. :)

(Since you only had 38, lol) :D

But anyway... Yeah. It definitely IS time consuming... and tedious work. Pretty fair job though, considering MSPaint. :)
>> No. 15232
File 136460142640.png - (32.68KB , 811x522 , boxxypony_.png )
>> No. 15233
File 136462340829.png - (100.90KB , 818x950 , ponyboxxy.png )
>> No. 15234
Yes. This is perfect.
>> No. 15235
File 136559517714.png - (29.93KB , 250x250 , spoderman.png )
>> No. 15236
This is a test, nice video. :)
>> No. 15237
ohai whats going on in this thread?
>> No. 15238
this is my test post :P
>> No. 15239
i dun goof'd
consequences will never be the same
>> No. 15240
Hey guys, and nice video c:
>> No. 15241
Hey guys I heard Boxxy is getting married to Lifeinatent who in my opinion is better than Boxxy.
>> No. 15242
love this
>> No. 15243
>> No. 15246
File 136633855498.png - (470.75KB , 628x1000 , Pony Noodle Soup.png )
I'll just leave this here...
>> No. 15247
File 136645384013.jpg - (54.31KB , 600x401 , Womens_Rights_LOL.jpg )
>> No. 15248
ilu boxxy
>> No. 15249
File 136799242843.gif - (711.43KB , 360x202 , 1epzn.gif )
>> No. 15250
>> No. 15251
i haven't been on here in a while and seeing this breaks my heart q_q, but everyone is allowed to like what they like.

also my local comic book store has MLP energy drinks, you should check the drink out its actually now bad.
>> No. 15252
vap0r, if you haven't been here in a while, don't miss the great stuff that's been happening in the anewhopeee channel. That's the real story in my opinion. Catie's been making GREAT videos, and now she's making them every week. These are really good times for Catie fans.

I don't know why people love my little pony. I don't know why people hate my little pony. But I think its weird that Boxxy's last two videos were feminist rants (which was awesome IMO) and the MLP video is more controversial.

I can't even force myself to watch this, but past experience with Boxxy tells me that doesn't mean it's bad.
>> No. 15253
Okay, I finally made it through this, and now I am on board. Boxxy is still awesome!
>> No. 15254
I've now seen two episodes of MLP, and I can't imagine that I'll ever get into watching it, but from the "Catie Responds to YouTubers", I know that Catie sees MLP as a continuation of Boxxy's role as a symbol of kindness and love on /b/. I don't have to watch MLP to respect that.
>> No. 15256
File 137412323069.jpg - (49.72KB , 720x579 , lyra_bonbon_shut-up-and-take-my.jpg )
>> No. 15257
>> No. 15258
File 137623948586.jpg - (3.61KB , 120x120 , 1348043782973.jpg )
>> No. 15259
god damnit why. I want to remain a hipster, but she's into /mlp/ and i don't want to spend time watching /mlp/ when i still need to catch up on breaking bad and stuff
>> No. 15260
you don't have to watch something only because she likes it.
>> No. 15261
Lol who are you and why did Google take me here.-.
>> No. 15262
File 138577394680.jpg - (47.22KB , 491x363 , trap.jpg )
>> No. 15263
File 138896415934.jpg - (22.45KB , 640x512 , boxxy hd.jpg )
heyyyy sup caite :D i love you <3 how are you? :3
>> No. 15264
New Boxxy video god it's been ages since this new feeling has last happened oh my god :D I love you for this Catie thank you so much you're literally my fave <3 :D
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