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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

No. 14980
  yay a new Boxxy video <333
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>> No. 14981
What a pleasant surprise! :D
>> No. 14982
I love this :D

>> No. 14983
:3 Very nice Lovely !
>> No. 14984
File 136397324183.gif - (46.16KB , 119x119 , 1342492169901.gif )
so happy now
>> No. 14985
Oh god, i love it!!
>> No. 14986
*so mad*

I really hope she is pretending she is liking that shit
>> No. 14987
File 136397357760.jpg - (72.52KB , 385x360 , 131733730257.jpg )
pinkie pie :3
>> No. 14988
Hmmm... Ponies...

Yeah. I'm not into all that. Maybe I'm just a hater. :P
>> No. 14989
Why ponies why :'(
>> No. 14990
I like mlp :D
>> No. 14991
i has a happy that you guys like it. :3

well, actually, no. i do like it, haha. /shrug
i don't know why you would care, it's not going to affect you in any negative way. :3

because why not?

i don't think so. if you can admit to being a hater with a smile, then i don't think you're a hater. i think you just don't like it. noffing wrong with that. xD
>> No. 14992
cool, glad to see my new trip working so beautifully. xD
>> No. 14993
I'm so glad to see you Catie. How have you been? this is you right?

dat trip
>> No. 14994

Looks like nobody has a name above them because of the recent forum hack.

Anyway, how's it going?
>> No. 14995
don't worry about that Catie. I'm just so glad you are spending time with us. I love you so much
>> No. 14996
>dat trip
i know, rite? xD

oh kewl, lol.
i'm fine, how's everyone else?
>> No. 14997
I'm fine. I'm still here. I'll always be here Catie.

Seeing any movies this weekend again?
>> No. 14998

I'm good. It's Midnight btw. I'm actually able to say hi in person rather than asking people to do it for me this week. :3
>> No. 14999
Love how you still uploaded despite the hack and information leaks Catie. Fight the trolls/haters with love :D
>> No. 15000
Im fine thank you (Catie ? ;p )
or asdfghjh?
>> No. 15001
i don't think so, but i saw burt wonderstone like last weekend or something.
it was a lot better than i thought it was going to be.

well it should be working now. :3
>> No. 15002
Catie, why da dislike for twilight sparkle?
>> No. 15003
Oh lawds. Ponies.
I'm not a fan per say, but hey, to each his own. Catie, question, do you even like doing Boxxy vids anymore? I can tell you are less enthusiastic it seems than the older ones. I guess that could be just getting older, I do prefer prefer Catie vids now, but you can't alienate all the boxxy lovers ^^
>> No. 15004
Catie, what's your favourite non-anime 90s cartoon? D:
>> No. 15005
>burt wonderstone

...I never heard of it. What's it about?
>> No. 15006
hello. :3

haha, thats how we roll around here.

well, apparently not.
also, i have gotten a little pop up box that says "wut" on it twice. so looks like someone is still in le system. everyone wave! :D

she's a socially challenged know-it-all.
>> No. 15007
File 136397633978.jpg - (93.42KB , 600x300 , lovetolerate.jpg )
I like your name Bp4.IMJzOc

looks very modern.
Since when did you become a brony ?
>> No. 15008
File 136397639856.jpg - (37.16KB , 251x239 , ok.jpg )
>she's a socially challenged know-it-all.

>> No. 15009

Yeah I got that popup too, not to mention some 500 errors on the forum.
>> No. 15010
How often have something related yto you been hacked now ?
I mean i been hacked once before ( people like reading my personal stuff you know P:) but you must been hacked so many times you lost count
>> No. 15011
yes i like to do them. i especially liked this one. though my background kept falling so i was getting a little agitated. xD

favorite? i'd have to think about it.
some of my favorites were dexters lab, cow and chicken, johnny bravo (fun fact: did you know seth macfarlane worked on that show? he also did a little short called life of larry that eventually became family guy)

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"
steve carrell, jim carrey, that one guy who i can't ever seem to remember his name.
magicians. was good.
>> No. 15012
Oh we could have game here ?
Guess who the anon is seems everyone is forced anon now O.o
>> No. 15013
File 136397657715.gif - (280.06KB , 500x414 , pinkie ss.gif )
yay your trip is working now
>> No. 15014
Now you Catie again.
Nice too see that you catie again, tho i will miss Bp4.IMJzOc ;c I hardly knew you Bp4.IMJzOc
>> No. 15015
File 136397684656.jpg - (141.36KB , 599x466 , 131518949698.jpg )
I love you Catie
>> No. 15016
Can i intrest you in some music?
>> No. 15017
File 136397695395.gif - (81.47KB , 372x347 , 13602945803.gif )
since last year. pic related. i have been keeping it under my hat for use at a precise moment.
i picked yesterday.

>lost count
lolno. more times than i'd like perhaps. but me personally probably no more than eight.

hopefully its fixed now, but who knows? xD

she will miss you too.

yer damn right okay.jpg
>> No. 15018
Hi Catie! Neat video, I like it. How are you doing now? Do you Maus is leaving the Sphere? :(
>> No. 15019
Hey Catie! I know you're into acting and stuff but would you ever think of voice acting for like an animated tv show/movie? Cause you have an amazing voice!
>> No. 15020
>dexters lab, cow and chicken

I used to watch them too. Did you watch ed, edd and eddy too?
>> No. 15021
Did the attack on your website give you inspiration to make the new Boxxy video?
>> No. 15022
Great, I catched you posting Catie!
>> No. 15023
what are your favorite pony episodes?
>> No. 15024
File 136397726319.jpg - (179.66KB , 750x1000 , 1355837588217.jpg )
There the only no second pony image i have in my hard drive.
Even ponys party :p
>> No. 15025
she wat? :|

voice acting is a hobby of mine.
idk if you guys know this
but back in the good ol inuyasha days, pocky and i used to do dubs. we got pretty good at it.
on a side note, i was just thinking the other day, as retarded as that show was if they made a live action movie i'd audition for sango in a heartbeat. cause i'm a fucking nerd.

of course.

little bit. :3
fight fire with loooveeeee.
>> No. 15026
hi Catie
i will skip the "great video" part and will go ahead and say what i am here to say

...thank you
thank you because of you i had the chance to meet all these wonderfull people

newfag over and out
>> No. 15027
I never had Cartoon Network as a kid, lived in a town of 700 people on Vancouver Island.. We had basic cable, that's it, so I watched Family Channel (Disney Channel, basically). My favorite show was The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I'm so cool. B)

Also never even considered it on 4chan, so.. How do I trip?
>> No. 15028
File 136397742113.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 132295622386.gif )
Hey! Catie, this means I can get you pony stuff for your birthday XD
>> No. 15029
Just a question, here if this website contentious to experiences "technical " issues, do think you would use twitter to talk with your I net friends here ?
>> No. 15030
This... This is wonderful news, Catie. I am so happy. :3

By the way, it was you who got ME interested in the show to begin with, y'know.

Some offhand answer you made about it way back during the Unichan days convinced me to sit down and try it.

Pinkie Pie is only SECOND best pony, though. Fluttershy is best. D:<

>> No. 15032
i will alwayz be a fan n supporter of Catie,and i still luv u gais.
im nawt coming back to da Sphere tho.
itz been fun and never a dull moment :p
i wish all good luck.

That what she posted on her Facebook. Idk if she didn't got hacked or something, but it seems it's true ;_; Maybe she will change her mind. Maybe...
>> No. 15033
File 136397760616.png - (181.92KB , 602x331 , 130544285850.png )
>Pinkie Pie is only SECOND best pony, though. Fluttershy is best
>> No. 15034
So, is it finally official that you're making videos every friday?
You've been doing it foar awhile and i think it's working great
>> No. 15035
party of one, sisterhooves social, sweet and elite, lesson zero, feeling pinkie keen, suited for success, family appreciation day, the speedy cider squeezy 6000, hearts and hooves day, a friend in deed, ponyville confidential, sleepless in ponyville.

also, i haven't watched all of season 3, SO NO ONE RUIN IT.
>> No. 15036
Did you save any of the dubbed inuyasha episodes? If yes where can I watch them?
>> No. 15037
taking a long break is more likely.She loves you very much, and if i know here well she will keep in touch some how cought twitter chough
>> No. 15038

This is Shrimp, by the way. In case it wasn't blatantly obvious from word one.

I will hunt down whatever sadistic monster implemented forced Anon, and I will do terrible things to their corpse. D:< D:< D:<
>> No. 15039
I'm going to watch those episodes again later :D
>> No. 15040
that's sooo awesome! You totally could play sango too! In my opinion nerds are like the best!
>> No. 15042
Yeah, but whoever plays Miroku is gunna get to touch her butt. D:
>> No. 15043
Zangief here, being anon is nice :3
calm down the bigger problem is some stuff as been disabled.
>> No. 15044
you're welcome. :3

i liked winnie the pooh. :D
put a # and then a code, or random letters, whatever. and thats yer trip.

if you'd like. xD

to talk? no.
to announce shit-- perhaps. talking on twitter gets too complicated.
but i think the worst is over. :3

>fluttershy is best pony
alright sweetie, whatever you say. /pat pat


almost, i think.
i want a little bit more of a track record before it's OFFICIAL. meaning i announce it in a video. cause last week i got it out on saturday, not friday.
>> No. 15045
you should cosplay as sango :D
>> No. 15047
File 136397832013.jpg - (56.49KB , 600x544 , come at me.jpg )
>if you'd like. xD

twilight sparkle stuff XP
>> No. 15048
I have to go to a dance tonight, it's a test grade for one of my classes. I don't have anyone to go with =( Will Boxxy go with me? She doesn't have to physically be there. I just want to know if she would if she could have.
>> No. 15049
Don't worry if sometimes you can't upload a video.
That happens to a lot of people on youtube that make videos every week.
That's a minor problem, i guess
>> No. 15050
your last video, story video was very funny,
also that pan must been the cleanest pan in USA, if not the world. And i must say Catie, :3 not only do i respect you a hell a lot alredy <3 but that you are here after all this mayhem, increases my respect level for you even more, you are awesome ! n_n can i give you an i-net hug I never have you know :p
>> No. 15051
File 136397847389.png - (349.68KB , 900x900 , 1363975427175.png )


After all I've done for you, after all I've created in your name, this is how you repay me? You traitor, I am devastated! Downright sick with anger!

(Or maybe not really <3 <3 <3 <3 <3)

Also, check out this Pony Boxxy fanart I found.
>> No. 15052
How is school going Catie?
>> No. 15053
there were no full episodes, and they aren't online anywhere. if one got posted i'd have to ask her first. but since i'm not likely to agree, i don't think she will be either. it's like... this dark part of our childhood where we were the nerdiest nerds that ever were nerds... it's like an awkward secret. xD

i hope. ; 3;

i actually didn't know it was you.
but if i did, i would have responded the same way.

as an actor, i am going to appear romantically attached to many people in my career. you should become accustomed.

>> No. 15054
Ok, think I got it. :o (this is Winnie the Pooh guy, EremesGuile92 on forum)
Do you have access to your forum account now then or still having difficulties with that?
>> No. 15055
I must say Catie, you caught me off guard with that Boxxy video. Was expecting Q&A Part III, but this is even better! But next week... Q&A PART III GO!
>> No. 15056
Oh Catie, you last video was so great and funny <3

when you played the guy with the hat how did you make it look like you had your hair shaved?
>> No. 15057
i will be so buttfrustrated you don't even know.

boxxy would totally go with you. :D

i have noticed people saying things like "god how long does it take you to wash a pan." i guess they missed the joke that i didn't actually have to keep cleaning it. i was just being nosy.


ilu. :3
>boxxy art
okay so i've always wondered what boxxy would look like, so i've googled that myself, but whythefuck would she be wearing a teeshirt? nopony else wears teeshirts.
she would obvirousry be a unicorn, and brightly colored. but i don't know what colors. >inb4 neon purple and green.
they don't go well together.

>> No. 15058
omg Catie, have you heard about formspring shutting down? ;______;
>> No. 15059
File 136397884332.jpg - (17.27KB , 334x334 , memes-dat-ash-ay-girl-can-i-get-yo-digletts-Copy.jpg )
Lol well you know some time you might have to act against creeper actor too :x

face related
>> No. 15060
>> No. 15061
I think the dubbed episodes would be cute. I wants to see em!
>> No. 15062
>Wash dies.
>> No. 15063
Hi Catie :)
im gonna have band practice today
>> No. 15064
Well that part i got, that you were listing in to them taking :p your roommate he know s about the boxxy stuff right i remember you saying that in the past, I could be wrong tho? Did he watch the video ?
>> No. 15065
Im agentk.k.
aprently i can only use my trip D:
>> No. 15066
File 13639791731.png - (33.88KB , 400x400 , Marvin Hope.png )
Don't mind this post. I'm just testing out tripcoding... /channoob
>> No. 15067
ohay kiddo. (don't take offence to kiddo if not kiddo.) i haven't tried forum yet. i think i will wait, due to weird "wut" popups. :3



good question. it looks pretty cool, rite?
skin colored wig cap. it's the material of stockings. it's to keep all of your hair in place when you wear a wig so your real hair doesn't stick out.

yes. i am not that devastated.
if i have questions for people i can still ask them on other sites. xD

i am well aware.
i have had to do both before. xD
>> No. 15069
I know this might be a dumb thing, but one of my biggest fears now is that you leave youtube.
Now you're making one video every week and it is awesome, but please tell me that you will be here for long.
You make a lot of people happy. :)
>> No. 15070
LOL well, i seen some pics of you acting like most have :p but what has been your favorite act so far ?
not true i can mod post :P
>> No. 15071
Not kiddo, no offense taken though, my birthday is May 13, 1992 fyi. ^_^
>> No. 15072
File 136397942766.jpg - (224.38KB , 1224x792 , 130442356316.jpg )
Catie, how do you feel about ponies in human form?
>> No. 15073

Formpring is shutting down. MSN is shutting down. The age of a Skype-dominated society has begun!

I can totes understand why you wouldn't want any of us weirdos cluttering up your real personal Skype; but it's high time you made a fake-Sphere-fan-friends Skype and joined us in there already!

Skype is a party 24/7, and you've been invited for a long time now. D:

Shrimp again BTW. :D
>> No. 15074
>we were the nerdiest nerds that ever were nerds
impossibru.jpg I can't imagine Catie beign nerd :| I think my imagination is too weak for this.

And testing tripcode, idk how this shit is working :/
>> No. 15075
If I walked into that dance with Boxxy by my side I would instantly become the coolest guy at my school. I like thinking about what that would be like. Boxxy and I walk into that ball room and everybody shits themselves out of astonishment.
>> No. 15076
You're a channoob too, midnight! I'm micah hawth btw.
>> No. 15077
File 136397954750.png - (500.42KB , 720x540 , 1361082992626.png )
>> No. 15078
well i'm glad you did, but i don't think everyone did.
he is aware, but i don't think he knows i make videos on another channel. but i said he was nice in the video just in case he saw, cause i didn't wanna cause drama. he's a jerk. i've said so elsewhere.

wooo. :D

i don't even know who wash is, and no one fucking dies in mlp. don't be silly.

i'll talk to her about it.
just a fun fact, i had to be just about everyone but kagome. boys included. which was hard, as a young girl. except miroku, because i refused to play my future husband. AND POCKY IF YOU SEE THIS YOU KNOW ITS TRUE, BETCH.

sup mang?

i wouldn't worry about it. xD
>> No. 15079

Who drew this? It's really good. :O
>> No. 15080

Hey dude!
>> No. 15081
File 136397981673.jpg - (11.99KB , 249x203 , images.jpg )

>No one dies in MLP
>> No. 15082
I love the face you were making when you where listening in, washing that pan. lol
>> No. 15083
not much, as i said on my first post, i cant trip.
sort of bothers me to post like this X)

anything special you are gonna do today?
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