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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 130830450229.png - (1.16MB , 1366x768 , june17lol.png )
1232 No. 1232
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>> No. 1233
>> No. 1234
File 130830468932.png - (137.57KB , 429x410 , crowguy.png )
>> No. 1235

>> No. 1236
Catie always delivers! I love this video!
>> No. 1237
>> No. 1238
posting in an epic thread
>> No. 1239
HA :D <3 <3
>> No. 1240
I can't believe you stayed up just for use <3, also lol at all the people that went to sleep now for once living 14-17hours infront of everyone has payed off.
>> No. 1241
>> No. 1242
So whats anewhopeee channel going to be for?
>> No. 1243
I loaf it, and I loaf you Catie. Lol now what are the haters going to say? You've still got it n.n
>> No. 1244
>> No. 1245
its caties, not boxxy's.
don't expect intelligent responses at this hour.
>> No. 1246

I LARV YOU!!!!!!1
>> No. 1247
mfw its june17 AND I LOVE YOU
>> No. 1248
I kind of knew it ♥ I thought I was too gullible though.
>> No. 1249
watched this two times now get even more awesome :D
Boxxy has returned to the internet, a fucking win for you Catie a fucking win :)
>> No. 1250
Somebody sounds mad
>> No. 1251
Good to have you back
>> No. 1252
File 13083061601.jpg - (26.37KB , 460x605 , adolf_hitler_portrait.jpg )
>> No. 1253
excuse me, no it isn't.
kindly gtfo.
>> No. 1254

>captcha: Brasil ANUSdep
>> No. 1255
File 130830622584.jpg - (4.71KB , 265x190 , images.jpg )
>> No. 1256
i am speechless
>> No. 1257
Catie, what is going to happen to the anewhopeee account is that just for vlogs or other characters
>> No. 1258
I never thought this day would come

Brb going to cry tears of joy
>> No. 1259
im feeling the same
>> No. 1260
Yeah, I almost thought the same thing until I realized that's just how the camera handles frames. The nonuse of a webcam is a sea change for Boxxy.
>> No. 1261
why was my post deleted?
I just responded to a guy who was trolling,
in fact, I was defending the video....
>> No. 1262
Catie, I'm at a loss for words. Thank you so much, it was well worth the wait.
>> No. 1263
ilu catie.
>> No. 1264
this, love this video
>> No. 1265
File 130830737687.jpg - (29.07KB , 495x350 , 1307229968856.jpg )
>> No. 1266
4chan is SHITTING-BRICKS ATM. Like every thread is Boxxy.
>> No. 1267
it was a bit jittery and faster than the old Boxxy videos. D:
the new shirt will take some getting used to.
but you're just as cute as ever Catie. :3
>> No. 1268
Soo.. Today is my girlfriends birthday. But that didn't mean shit, until I found out Boxxy returned. Now June 17th has soo much meaning :3
>> No. 1269
.. :| wow.
>> No. 1270

Not really. There's just the one thread. Nice try though.
>> No. 1271
Love the video, although not all the same cuteness as before. but stil gudd
>> No. 1272
I'm not joking, it really is her birthday! I'll surprise her with this video when she wakes up! She will be so happy, she won't even care it is her birthday!
>> No. 1273

Yes, there is just one thread. IF YOU ONLY LOOK AT THE FIRST THREAD.

Shit is blowing up, retard!
>> No. 1274
File 130830822143.jpg - (50.22KB , 560x420 , 49857347529435.jpg )

>> No. 1275
There's been 6 threads that i've counted so far that have announced Boxxy on /b/, but only 2 of them are being continuously bumped and only one of them is being raged on really REALLY hard
>> No. 1276
what did he say catie?
>> No. 1277
File 130830859458.png - (86.25KB , 250x250 , 96.png )
>> No. 1278

It's 7:03 EST, most Americans are still sleeping/just waking up...
>> No. 1279
>> No. 1280
File 130830934958.jpg - (4.24KB , 114x171 , 130759009983.jpg )
OMG I love it!!! so much <3
>> No. 1281
File 13083096915.png - (9.00KB , 95x126 , 1415235257.png )
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? HOW MANY BOXXYS THERE IS??? i am very confused at the moment.
>> No. 1282
stop trying too hard
>> No. 1283
File 130830980742.png - (7.64KB , 493x402 , 17.png )
You're so pathetic and creepy. You're all gonna cause another Nexx.
>> No. 1284
I'm still banned for another 8 days. :(
Any screenshots?
>> No. 1285
amazing job Catie!!!!
>> No. 1286
why's it so fast.... looks wrong somehow
>> No. 1287
This is good and all but I wonder what Svetlana has to say about it.
>> No. 1288
File 13083109666.gif - (3.05KB , 50x50 , b971af46e0de2246462eaa3d426bb.gif )
>> No. 1289
Guess I got a birthday present a week early!
>> No. 1290
Oh Catie you failed the eyeliner ...
The acting is too obvious IMO but I'm still happy you finally made a new Boxxy video.

Waiting for the next one !
>> No. 1291
its obviously sped up
>> No. 1292
File 130831142393.jpg - (113.71KB , 500x313 , 1300972115991.jpg )
>> No. 1293
Life is now complete, enlightenment achieved
>> No. 1294
Anticipation can really mess with your emotional responses. When I first realized this was an honest-to-goodness Boxxy video, I mentally prepared myself for something less than stellar, just in case (no offense, I hope; I still had faith). But, woah. Now that it has sunk in and I have regained my faculties, I must say that I am impressed, especially for such an apparently spontaneous video. It's classic Boxxy mixed with modern Catie--quite a fascinating result. The first thing that came to mind for me was that the lighting wasn't the same, but I realize this is because I was sort of expecting it to be similar to FE, so my initial reaction was unjustly biased. The FOAR ANT-like reality of the video ended up surprising me in a pleasant way. And of course, the camera, the largest change other than those in yourself, is a jarring difference. It all takes some getting used to, but damn. Nice work.

ilu <3

Oh, and June 17 was a great touch. xD
I hope you enjoy swimming with the dolphins knowing that Boxxy has finally delivered to her fans and made her return--a worthy one at that.

To the mods: the bans seem a little excessive, no?
>> No. 1295
File 130831186260.jpg - (32.87KB , 500x385 , Is_This_Real_Life_-_Or_Is_This_Just_Fanta_Sea.jpg )
IT'S HAPPENED. thank you Catie.
>> No. 1296
Well I'll be. Hahahahaha.
>> No. 1297
Catie uses the langue she wants.
>> No. 1298
File 130831278961.png - (388.22KB , 550x545 , Boxxy is still queen.png )
The throne is now secure!
>> No. 1299
File 130831284162.jpg - (1.96KB , 73x102 , 128359107891.jpg )
Go to her.
>> No. 1300
i fucking love you, catie. <3
thank-you SOOOOOOO much for this. how do we thank you?!
>> No. 1301
fake boxxy is fake
>> No. 1302
I wouldn't say that to someone who was homosex cuz thats not nice.


omg Catie you mad me LAUGH. HARD.

amazing vid <3
>> No. 1303
fuck yesss =)
>> No. 1304
Hey, fuck you.

>> No. 1305
Yaaaah!! :D <3
>> No. 1306
i also wanna say thank you for this Catie <3
i woke up to magic!
>> No. 1307
Thanks Catie,

>> No. 1308
File 130831486090.jpg - (98.06KB , 660x597 , BoxxyReturnCampingHatersZero.jpg )
>> No. 1309
File 130831509296.jpg - (45.76KB , 462x260 , omgitzcheese.jpg )
<3 n <:)
>> No. 1310
File 130831515478.jpg - (7.96KB , 238x208 , 12833919372.jpg )
I was just working on something.
>> No. 1311
File 130831531595.jpg - (147.75KB , 1366x768 , tfygtuhiko.jpg )
>> No. 1312
lol wat
>> No. 1313
Toasting in an epic bread

also; Boxxy <3's Homosexes
>> No. 1314
>> No. 1315
File 13083162829.jpg - (26.44KB , 476x352 , i am boxxy you see.jpg )
You're welcome, you.
>> No. 1316
File 130831631421.jpg - (84.88KB , 765x437 , r56t7y89.jpg )
inb4 anon harrassing her life
>> No. 1317
I literally have tears rolling down my face when watching FOAR SVETLANA. It's like waking up from a long nightmare and finding yourself safe and surrounded by the ones you love.
>> No. 1318
>> No. 1319
I always click on the captcha to get a new one before entering it.
>> No. 1320
did ANYONE ELSE think that it felt forced?
>> No. 1321
File 130831753764.png - (80.19KB , 253x235 , 1302026716001.png )
The REAL Boxxy never had to speed up her videos.
Slowed much Catie?
>> No. 1322
File 130831773891.jpg - (137.10KB , 720x480 , m5wUC.jpg )

inb4 boobjokes
>> No. 1323
In my opinion, it wouldnt have been a boxxy video without that awkward last frame when you're trying to turn off your camera
>> No. 1324
File 130831860974.jpg - (173.35KB , 1600x900 , 1308318007612.jpg )
>> No. 1325
File 130831908299.png - (66.73KB , 350x338 , 1303387631252.png )
too staged
>> No. 1326
Perfect! Love it! I fangirl'd hard.
>> No. 1327
That must have taken a lot of courage to make a new Boxxy video. Congrats Catie.
>> No. 1328
>> No. 1329
I'm sooooooo happy right nao! I'm glad Catie got the June 17th message. I really enjoyed the video and you have made it worth the wait.

The day of the 2nd coming is now fullfiled.

>> No. 1330
File 130831979143.jpg - (17.00KB , 250x320 , borat-very-nice.jpg )
is there a reason why she made a new account?
>> No. 1331
Seems like it's playing about 25% fast. If you play it in VLC at 0.8x it makes it better IMO. (If that makes it low pitch, enable time stretching audio in the prefs (changes to that setting require exiting and coming back in again).)



Okay Hi! My name is Boxxy, and, um I was just a-surfin, on the Internets, like I dooo, and um I happened across your video, and um so I watched it, um and you were talking about meeeee! And so I just thought that I should make you this video um to clear a couple of things up.

Um, okay so um, I think that you're confused, um because the girl that you hacked is er not me! Um, because um my account is not ANewHopeee. Um, it is boxxybabee with two E's. Um and I would have posted this video on there but I haven't gotten my account back yet. Anyways um, so, um, yeah, and um, er, so, and so that girl um that you hacked um she looks a little bit, well a lot like me, er, and er, but we're not the same person. And, er, so I thought that you should know that. Um, because er, also, I wouldn't um say er that word er to some one that who is homosex because that's no' nice. Um, and also I think that er it's not, um, me that you're thinking of because if we had had a class together I would've remembered you because I love your HAIR. [*gasp-squeals*]

And um, an- and yeah, and it's so- it's so pretty and it's So Long and, and I have been growing my hair out for two years and this is as far as it's gotten, and it's sad, as it's not very long, um but your hair is so long and it's just wuahhhhhhhh!

And, um, and so it must have taken forever for it to get that long and I really like it and so I think I would have remembered you because I really love your hair! Um also, um I really love your kitty! He's so kewt! And he drums, and his mao mao! And he's super cute and I would if I had him I would just, I would love him and cuddle him all day long! And um, you should too. Um you should be happy you have such a cute little kitty that's so wonderful. He's so cute. Um, and um, also, er, when it[?] made[?] your nails fell off um, bu- I, [*giggles*] I kinda giggled, er because that used to happen to me ALL THE TIME. Like I would be it and I would be writing or typing and it would just be like [*byuuuch* (explosion noise)] and I would just be like fuuuuuuuuu!

And so yeah. Um, um, but now I go to the manicure place, and um, and that doesn't happen any more because it's connected. Um, anyways, and um, and then, [*drums on table*] and then when you almost sneezed and you were in the just like oh my God, why d-, what, what did I, fo- th- ah, huhhhh, yeah. And and and but but I was like, oh my God, I feel for you. [*taps table twice*] I FEEL FOR YOU! Um, but you know what is worse than um having to sneeze and then, not, er, be is is when you you're like in a plane, and, um, and then you have um yo-your ears need to pop and so you try to make yourself yawn and you're just like ha, ah, ah, but but but then and then it gets almost there almo- ah, and but then but then it goes away. That's the worst.

But er, yeah! And um, so I think that you and me should be friends, um and just put all of this, this silly biz-ness behind us um and so because then I can be like *ha*! And then you can be like *wuah* and then and then it just could be, it just be SO WON-DER-FUL! And so yeah, um, so, I love you! And, um, I think that um, you should, YouTube me. Okay, bye! MMmmmmm!
>> No. 1332
File 130831985995.gif - (437.14KB , 301x210 , woc2.gif )
>> No. 1333
We, the fans who have been studying and obsessing over it for 2 years know more of it than she does.
>> No. 1334
im guessing spambot?
thats funny...lol

*adds some Boxxy/Catie love*
>> No. 1335
>> No. 1336
File 130832023375.png - (68.02KB , 447x364 , 1302524872127.png )
shes ashamed of it
>> No. 1337
Yeah, and I think it's in foar addi also
>> No. 1338
File 130832030674.jpg - (31.59KB , 490x349 , MonkeyKeyboard1.jpg )
It's like "Double Rainbow" ^_~!
>> No. 1339
Well done, Cate. I have no complaints.
>> No. 1340
Beat me to it. I was almost done too. Oh well.
>> No. 1341

Thanks for the transcript !
>> No. 1342
Obvious shoop is obvious.
>> No. 1343
File 130832090692.png - (163.72KB , 576x432 , 1294117390183.png )
>> No. 1345
Post it anyway? I'm confused with the transcripts whether to include the erms/ums, ers, and likes, since the brain naturally skips through them in speech, and how to handle the noises and silly voice parts she does.

Also did anyone ever transcript or subtitle the birthday vids?
>> No. 1346
File 130832142619.jpg - (5.56KB , 215x268 , 1303491605057.jpg )
/a/ here

Check em
>> No. 1347
File 130832215364.jpg - (33.10KB , 640x360 , D.jpg )
>mfw when I see the new Boxxy video.
>> No. 1348

Pls see this thread. >>58456
>> No. 1349
>> No. 1350
It's a bit too slow.
>> No. 1351
Just one question: The hat, keep or remove??
>> No. 1352

I think it might come off as too forced if she tried to do it faster. She's not that same person anymore, you know? She's got to do what's natural for her now, so the tempo shifts down a bit.

Actually reminds me more of kikichan than Boxxy in a couple of ways. I think she picked up a couple mannerisms from June.

i went thar.
>> No. 1353
>> No. 1354
Your reply doesn't make sense. Maybe you should watch the video I was replying to.
>> No. 1355

oh, lol.
im a faggot.
>> No. 1356
Is this a joke?
>> No. 1357
File 130832442284.png - (29.39KB , 336x336 , Awesome_Face_bigger.png )
>wake up in morning
>think about committing suicide
>see this on forum
>decide to not kill myself

Thank you for everything.
>> No. 1358
File 13083247203.png - (220.72KB , 631x529 , OMG.png )
Oh my God.



>> No. 1359
File 130832533632.png - (13.64KB , 679x427 , 1306873550862.png )
>> No. 1360
>> No. 1361
weird that i just decided to check here for the first time in atleast a month and I see this... lol.
>> No. 1362
File 130832604980.jpg - (7.19KB , 257x196 , raspberry.jpg )
... Well then

I feel foolish. :|
>> No. 1363
File 130832683531.gif - (651.85KB , 99x74 , Thisthreaddelivers_1.gif )
>> No. 1364
File 130832703641.jpg - (26.81KB , 800x600 , 1308317022448.jpg )
>> No. 1365
I can only imagine the newfags reactions to the spambot posts xD
>> No. 1366
File 130832775046.png - (123.01KB , 300x450 , slingblade8fo.png )
It were awesomes.
Thanks Catie. Your better'n biscuits.
'N mustard.
I should probably go.
>> No. 1367
inb4 youtube servers explode.
>> No. 1368
File 130832846671.jpg - (52.74KB , 490x365 , lesko.jpg )
Catie, you have made me very happy today. Thank you.

Pic related. Mfw I was watching the video.
>> No. 1369
File 130832870846.jpg - (13.82KB , 161x178 , character_barney[1].jpg )
As long as boxxy doesn't give a shit at the haters we should all be fine. I will be leaving catiewayne for things to chill down since there will a ddos attack sometime.
>> No. 1370
>> No. 1371
File 130832879065.jpg - (38.81KB , 481x359 , pocky.jpg )
>> No. 1372
File 130832881099.jpg - (33.28KB , 375x500 , 1301525824356.jpg )
>> No. 1373

>> No. 1374
nice try spamming the sticky re re
>> No. 1375
nice job responding to a bot.
>> No. 1376
File 130832964586.jpg - (5.81KB , 126x121 , face.jpg )
>mfw no black background
>> No. 1377
File 130832968043.png - (636.66KB , 1019x756 , june thumbs up.png )
....but mfw the video as a whole. You did good Catie.
>> No. 1378
I was expecting the pitch blackground too, but whothefuckcares. She's got the eyeliner, attitude, look. It's all good whatever way you look at it.
>> No. 1379
File 130833016395.gif - (15.43KB , 640x480 , 267.gif )
>mfw "as seen on bodybuilding.com"
>> No. 1380
Hey Masonprof, do you the thread before moderators mutilated it, fucking up replies and stuff?
Kind of annoying getting here and not being able to see what Catie and others were replying to ._.looked like honest criticism, but I didn't see it so I can't judge
>> No. 1381

You're late, too.

It's rare that I get to respond to something before both you and Anom.
>> No. 1382
File 130833059491.png - (6.80KB , 160x154 , Joy.png )
My internet goes down at like 1 AM this morning.

"No big deal, didn't look like she was doing anything anyway."

Go to work. Come home to this. I don't even.
>> No. 1383
File 130833059852.jpg - (32.13KB , 257x276 , 129936763277.jpg )
>> No. 1384
yeah. Looks like I went to sleep shortly before this thread was made.
>> No. 1385

Has Jelly not seen it yet?
>> No. 1386
File 130833079457.png - (236.33KB , 646x490 , untitled.png )
I'm happy to witness this today.
>> No. 1387
File 130833089162.png - (225.14KB , 636x360 , demcheeks.png )
Dem cheeks...i luff them
>> No. 1388

herp, try read next time Rory
>> No. 1389

He has. He got here about an hour ago.
>> No. 1390
File 130833104964.png - (153.02KB , 623x347 , Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 1_19_48 PM.png )

and it came out perfect! <3

>> No. 1391
File 130833117683.gif - (780.45KB , 400x224 , FSFB3.gif )
Looks like she's slapping someone, kinda.
>> No. 1392
File 130833561865.png - (289.83KB , 599x347 , Capture2.png )
>> No. 1393
File 130833579492.png - (399.09KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2010-08-24-23h30m41s206-1-2.png )
Epic Win!
>> No. 1394
Thank You! It is perfect, I can tell a lot of love went into it. The Aboxxalypse is nigh.
>> No. 1395
>> No. 1396
>> No. 1397
>> No. 1398
File 130833746382.png - (10.39KB , 500x500 , eggplant.png )
>> No. 1400
File 130833988773.jpg - (92.61KB , 667x473 , BAWKSEE.jpg )
>> No. 1401
>> No. 1402
So. Awesome.

>> No. 1403
hrm? i don't know what to think about this

>not my trip
>> No. 1404
File 130834051213.jpg - (437.01KB , 1024x1536 , 1297309297615.jpg )
Love grows
>> No. 1405
File 13083418566.jpg - (14.66KB , 250x250 , cameroncam.jpg )
MFW I saw this thread because I thought it must be a practical joke, I didn't believe it until I after I started watching the video
>> No. 1406
File 130834269546.gif - (0.99MB , 584x360 , iknowkungfu.gif )
Boxxy knows kung fu
>> No. 1407
File 130834381538.png - (193.60KB , 580x321 , wowboxxxxy.png )
>> No. 1408
this is the definition of trying too hard.
>> No. 1409
1 earring?
>> No. 1410
Yeah well, you know that's just like, your opinion, man
>> No. 1411
lol, I got that on my formspring, thinking people were trolling.
>> No. 1412
wow it finally let me post.
Yup. You guys notice the 1 earring?
>> No. 1414
File 130834619051.jpg - (523.94KB , 1280x1024 , 013TheLordoftheRings-TheReturnofthe.jpg )
lousy but funny shoop from 4chan. they're fairly excited about the video.

no they wouldn't
>> No. 1415
Her teeth are perfect as always and fuck that shirt is awesome.
>> No. 1416
File 130834623146.jpg - (2.52KB , 240x180 , 78.jpg )
>> No. 1417
File 130834628156.png - (171.50KB , 633x342 , 1308314169358.png )
>> No. 1418
File 130834656587.jpg - (54.98KB , 455x365 , bawksy.jpg )
>> No. 1419
File 13083465767.jpg - (156.02KB , 461x570 , 1308311765047.jpg )
-New Boxxy video
-99.9% PERFECT
-New Boxxy costume ^__^
-Boxxy video :D

-No Mooninites :(
-Background isn't as dark as usual =/
-Felt a lil more scripted/staged than usual (completely understandable, it HAS been years after all)

>> No. 1420
File 130834663333.png - (143.22KB , 400x359 , Boxxyjustwantstoloveyou.png )
>> No. 1421
>> No. 1422
tried too hard talking too fast

it seems pretty crazy seeing boxxy older/in better lighting

>> No. 1423
File 130834687978.png - (484.38KB , 1339x739 , Screenshot.png )
someone on 4chan posted this cap of the files they saved in the previous hour. ^_^
>> No. 1424
Link to thread with all the OC:
>> No. 1425
File 130834722635.jpg - (59.62KB , 512x356 , checkem.jpg )
>> No. 1426
File 13083479517.jpg - (87.77KB , 500x361 , durgz.jpg )
they don't seem to be as excited as they were about TAATGI
>> No. 1427
File 130834815347.png - (200.85KB , 519x351 , BOXXY FFFUUU.png )
more stuff
>> No. 1428
File 130834824857.jpg - (39.90KB , 1550x369 , she says its not sped up.jpg )
:/ Saders gonna sad. There's nothing to "own up to", it's actually better at a slower pace (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpiXSYNvsiY)

inb4 banned for implying it's sped up.
>> No. 1429
I actually like the slower version.
>> No. 1430
File 130834850441.jpg - (50.79KB , 300x300 , 1308330171215.jpg )
>> No. 1431
File 130834856299.jpg - (58.68KB , 500x505 , 1302225624206.jpg )
Dude I know right.

That version was a lot better. It was too fast, too hyper.

Cool shit anyways, but the OG one's were so cash
>> No. 1432
It's better the second or third time.
At first I felt like it was slightly forced and/or slightly visibly acted, but after seeing again, I changed my mind.

Girls that act hyperactive like this usually do it partly on purpose. They aren't acting, they are just being "fun" and letting loose. The one's that don't need to let loose are probably the ones that are on drugs. The original videos made many people think that she was on meth or something, and FSFB loses that. But it's not unnatural compared to the others, at least in my opinion. I would almost say it's MORE natural, because it's more relateable because she doesn't appear to be drugged out or psycho.

I think FSFB loses most of the mesmerizing effect of the originals that helped propel them to superstar meme status; this is mostly because the lighting is changed and Boxxy is saying more relevant things for you to follow.

FSFB does gain quite a bit from the originals. That's right, it IMPROVES on some things. The biggest thing is that the video has more of a purpose, or a plot. It is part of a back-and-forth between Boxxy and her archnemesis. I think that having a plot adds a lot to my enjoyment of it.

Catie looks prettier in this one. That's another improvement for FSFB. Of course this is subjective, but I think she looks prettier and/or more attractive in this one compared to the others. Without the crazy lighting of the originals, she is less mesmerizing and more relateable; and she is also more fully visible. Catie has AMAZING eyes and great skin, and they are both fully featured in FS and weren't visible in the originals.

Rating as a supermeme alongside the other Boxxy videos: 7/10

Entertainment and enjoyment: 13/10

>> No. 1434
Exactly. The original video is fine, but I enjoy the slower version more.
>> No. 1435
What makes me sad Catie is the fact that YOU don't trust US.
>> No. 1436
Well it most clearly is sped up. Maybe she did it manually, maybe she just can't work the camera. I'm confused as to why she's so defensive about it though.
>> No. 1437
File 130834970448.png - (11.82KB , 570x533 , 1302516216002.png )
Maybe it isn't Boxxy that changed, but you did.
>> No. 1439
File 130834978611.jpg - (337.06KB , 1243x871 , 12121212121212121212.jpg )
>> No. 1440
File 130835007343.jpg - (29.97KB , 458x356 , boxxyqueen2.jpg )
>> No. 1441
Dear Catie,

Slow down a little, and while you're at it, darken the background a little more.

Other than that, I think you're doing great.

>> No. 1442
do tell, why she no trust us? or just certain pplz?
>> No. 1443
insecurity? that's my bet.
>> No. 1444
Anyone know what shirt she's wearing?

It's gray with a heart on the left shoulder and it says something about love.
>> No. 1445

boxxy + pocky goes looooooove

>> No. 1446
File 130835486836.png - (129.02KB , 1316x576 , shirt.png )
>> No. 1447
Thanks, Anom.
>> No. 1448
File 130835502845.jpg - (139.67KB , 578x536 , 1293978515369.jpg )
i'm in love, i really am ...
Boxxy you are the most amazing girl in the universe :3
I can't stop watching your videos, and your voice is lush... ah well :')
much love xx
>> No. 1449

>> No. 1450
I'll try and see what I can do later.
>> No. 1451
>> No. 1452
OMG! It's a miracle!, you really are fking magic, dude! XD. Thank you so much, you just made my day a million times better than it already was!
<3UCatie/Boxxy and I hope to talk to you soon :3
>> No. 1453
File 130835633649.jpg - (89.34KB , 714x665 , 130455867219.jpg )
>> No. 1454
Much appreciated, brah :P
>> No. 1455
thanks. :D you should also reply when people ask about freezepop music in your yt vids ;)
>> No. 1456
File 130835833059.jpg - (2.09KB , 162x115 , 127722295681.jpg )
Mau5's Twitter account is a complete mess. Deleted comments, responding to herself and her lame spelling make it a pain in the ass to read.
>> No. 1457
How much editing was done on the original boxxy vids?
>> No. 1458
hai guis, is boxxy back yet? :o
>> No. 1459
File 130835933074.png - (886.41KB , 1920x1080 , 1154.png )
not sure if bot or just stupid.jpg
>> No. 1460
File 130836050010.png - (198.93KB , 640x359 , wat.png )
>> No. 1461
I don't know if anyone has any concrete evidence one way or another yet, but I don't think the video was sped up.
1.) Catie's reaction. I don't think she would react that way if it really was, even if she didn't want people to know it was sped up.
2.) 1:03, 2:08, 2:18 , she taps on the desk. In the slowed versions, this tapping sounds really weird. It is completely natural in the original. The tapping is a natural sign of excitement/hyperness, and the speed that she does it in the original is the natural rate of a hyper drumroll(I would know, I have ADHD).
>> No. 1462
well just wanna say a couple things:
1: the video was nice was good to hear from you i thought the internet had scared you away.
2: you dont need to try hard to do the boxxy character, just be yourself. it may disappoint the people with unnatural expectations but your natural charm comes through no mater what you do. my motto: its better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you arent (not original i know)
also your site could use some work. if you like i could probably spruce it up some as it happens im a computer programmer with a strong base in php, javascript, and html (on top of non-web-related languages like c/c++/c# visual basic,qbasic, and scripting languages like bash, python, and mirc script)
so there is pretty much nothing i CANT do with a website.
>> No. 1463
How does one give love over the internets?
>> No. 1464
Boxxy, I want to have like 10,000 of your babies. I'm a guy so I'm not sure how this would work but I'll figure out a way.
>> No. 1465
File 130836586456.jpg - (47.25KB , 618x402 , Love staring you in the face.jpg )
If you don't know this then you're not a true disciple of Boxxy.
>> No. 1466
File 130836689882.jpg - (14.79KB , 646x364 , Boxxy spaced out.jpg )
Pic related, MFW I saw the video.
Also, posting in EPIC thread.
>> No. 1467
Let's smile.
>> No. 1468
File 130837243729.jpg - (88.41KB , 449x548 , 129711194275.jpg )
Okay, I saw this video last night, (my time zone), and today I can't get any work done because all I can think about is how awesome Boxxy is, and how much I love Catie.

Well I've been trying to get shit done, but I keep fucking things up in the most retarded ways possible. Good think I don't work at a nuclear power plant.

Brain ... not ... work. So ... full ... of ... Boxxy.
>> No. 1469
Oh... My... Gawd. This is why I freaking wub you, Catie.

BTW you did the make-up so well that it looked like an expertly photoshopped picture if that makes any sense
>> No. 1470
She restores my faith in humanity.
>> No. 1471
oh wait, every thread is a Catie love thread :D<3
>> No. 1472
File 130837524085.jpg - (80.38KB , 472x600 , 1301258150723.jpg )
Either I'm can I can no longer read sentences or this thread got retarded.
>> No. 1473
File 130837534447.gif - (443.62KB , 500x381 , 1302313688759.gif )

>> No. 1474
>Catie's reaction.
On the contrary, her extremely defensive reaction indicates it was sped up. She only responded to one post ITT, and that was to the allegation that it was sped up.
I haven't investigated the tapping yet.

and the last 50 or so posts were spam....
>> No. 1475
and I was considering liking you...no longer
>> No. 1476
One of the reasons Cate thinks boxxy is some great elaborate thing is insecurity.
>> No. 1477
I want Cassie Wayne to be my gf someday
>> No. 1478
File 130837995125.jpg - (67.70KB , 482x375 , Pikachu much approval.jpg )
Why...Why did I sleep so much? I missed this? either way, we are all observably pleased and FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH APPROVAL!
Check Catiechan expecting same 'ol same 'ol. shit pants with suprise and excite.
>> No. 1479
Reading the YouTube comments. People are actually calling her an imposter. lolol
>> No. 1480
Here you go.
>> No. 1481
I literally almost cried when I saw this.

It is incredible in every sense of the word.
>> No. 1482
Boxxy, you did a great and amazing thing

Your return is perfect PERFECT
>> No. 1483
File 130838517411.jpg - (31.88KB , 366x550 , KMDN-Daily-PicDump-No_74_35-366x550.jpg )
Catie, this thread is huge and I don't really expect you to read this. I cannot watch the video today because my internet is seriously messed up it like a fraction of what it normally is D:
Thank you foar making this video though, I will be downloading it overnight so I can watch it tomorrow. :3
>> No. 1484
The queen returns, nuff said
>> No. 1485
Catie, you have proven yourself beyond imagination.

The level of perfection in this video is really

there are no words.

you are the true queen
>> No. 1486
In the name of the Queen

Post links in this thread to mobilize!

Spread the word, far and wide

>> No. 1487
You know, while the video isn't a perfect recreation of the iconic Boxxy we've all grown used to, people still love it. Why? Because it's Boxxy, and she's finally come back. Simple as that.
>> No. 1488

Well yes, except that the video is truly perfect. Look at the visuals side by side and compare, it is perfection I tell you.
>> No. 1489
File 130839351545.png - (108.07KB , 478x354 , boxxy_heart.png )
I just giggled like a little fucking girl watching this.
Love <3
>> No. 1490
>> No. 1491
Truly perfection... She should upload this version on boxxybabee, forget the original.

It's PERFECT, bro :3
>> No. 1493
File 130840247945.jpg - (9.32KB , 250x200 , 20100720_maltese250.jpg )
This vid is what dreams are made of.
>> No. 1494
Catie delivers!

Looks almost the same as original Boxxy <3
You are just too pretty, Catie.

I can imagine people who have never seen Boxxy seeing this video though and thinking wwttttfff!
>> No. 1495
File 130840624119.jpg - (78.09KB , 522x399 , 1307396807820.jpg )
I just discovered the new video today. Dawww so cute.
>> No. 1496
File 130840645534.jpg - (135.64KB , 1280x720 , 0300.jpg )
This video really makes me question whether Boxxy is just a character. Catie seems to be trying to impersonate Boxxy, if that even makes sense. Don't forget, the original videos where just for her Gaia buddies not the entire web, and they sat unknown for a year. You may very well act differently in a message like that but a 'fully developed' character is pushing it.

We all behave differently towards different people. Your personality to your husband/wife is gonna be a lot warmer than it is to your milkman for example.

Bottom line - I think Boxxy essentially IS Catie. However it's Catie as she relates to her Gaia friends, so it was a specific mindset. Problem is those days are over. As much as I liked the new video I really felt it was an impersonation of a part of her that can no longer naturally exist.

So we're left with the paradox of past self impersonation which means any future Boxxy would HAVE to be a character. I'm convinced however that the original Boxxy IS Catie.

Sigmund Freud mode off.
>> No. 1497
Perhaps we can debate what was, or appreciate what is. I'm still stuck in dawwwwwwwwww mode though ^_^
>> No. 1499
Any comments from Boxxmom regarding Boxxy's return?
>> No. 1500
File 13084186407.jpg - (69.99KB , 375x346 , 1308203837284.jpg )
I couldn't stop smiling the whole time OMG Boxxy I love you. You're so cute I can't stand it! and I'm gonna die.
>> No. 1501
File 130841935059.gif - (96.67KB , 130x84 , datupperlip.gif )
Who says Boxxy doesn't have an upper lip? Look at that juicy thing.
>> No. 1502
File 130841981859.png - (4.75KB , 302x259 , yay.png )
mfw seeing this video
>> No. 1503
it got stung by bee
>> No. 1504
gotta love when the queen delivars
>> No. 1505
>Wait for new Boxxy video.
>wait some more.
>Keep waiting.
>Catie delivers
>Fall off my chair at how stunning Boxxy now looks... woooowwwww!!!!!!!!

>Realize will never meet a girl like Boxxy.


But Catie, ILU.
>> No. 1506
You have to watch the video over and over and over

you have to because you do
>> No. 1507
File 130842831586.png - (484.12KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot-30.png )
ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily
>> No. 1509

Yes I was thinking about that as well, people are simply overwhelmed with the fact of the boxxy video. It is just too much to handle emotionally, I bet most are still under it's effect.

It's also discussed in a lot of other threads as well, not only here but on 4chan /b/, fighting there for our queen also takes up a lot of time.
>> No. 1510

That's because people around here care more about some random girl than Catie.
>> No. 1511
File 130843300930.jpg - (41.86KB , 396x352 , 1308423680001.jpg )

I don't even get what you are saying
>> No. 1512
File 130843314927.jpg - (57.42KB , 398x457 , 1308423000002.jpg )
>> No. 1513
because we are busy watching THE VIDEO
>> No. 1514
See here >>56700
Stupidest thread to ever come about on CC.
>> No. 1515
File 130843357623.jpg - (68.99KB , 458x356 , 1308350000003.jpg )
rollin rollin
>> No. 1516
File 130843373696.jpg - (60.89KB , 623x347 , 1308331000004.jpg )

let's not defile this epic thread with links to garbage...

<--------- I will post some appropriate content for this thread
>> No. 1517
We've ridden out from the castle to defend the Queen's honor Internet-wide.
>> No. 1518
File 130843408179.jpg - (65.23KB , 636x360 , 1308300000005.jpg )
>> No. 1519
File 13084341382.jpg - (262.29KB , 1280x672 , 1308300000006.jpg )
And so then I was like
>> No. 1520
File 130843442165.jpg - (165.10KB , 1041x642 , 1308300000007.jpg )
>> No. 1521
File 130843453277.jpg - (422.10KB , 1920x1080 , magic.jpg )
>> No. 1522
File 130843568498.jpg - (25.80KB , 424x493 , 1.jpg )
Let's do some oldschool as well
>> No. 1523
File 130843598431.jpg - (25.00KB , 360x394 , 2.jpg )
taking the thread to 300, because it just deserves a few more replies than it currently has
>> No. 1524
File 130843605886.jpg - (24.11KB , 472x394 , 3.jpg )
calling all boxxyfans
>> No. 1525
File 130843615546.jpg - (22.79KB , 500x372 , 4.jpg )
>> No. 1526
File 130843623574.jpg - (29.11KB , 420x352 , 5.jpg )
>> No. 1527
File 130843626395.jpg - (40.05KB , 834x457 , 6.jpg )
>> No. 1528
File 130843630244.jpg - (24.87KB , 491x288 , 7.jpg )
>> No. 1529
File 130843632981.jpg - (51.76KB , 541x508 , 8.jpg )
>> No. 1530
File 130843635170.jpg - (19.51KB , 411x360 , 9.jpg )
>> No. 1531
File 13084363682.jpg - (24.92KB , 346x325 , 10.jpg )
>> No. 1532
File 130843638991.jpg - (19.82KB , 352x278 , 11.jpg )
>> No. 1533
File 130843640779.jpg - (42.63KB , 314x475 , 12.jpg )
>> No. 1534
File 130843642698.jpg - (14.82KB , 271x200 , 14.jpg )
>> No. 1535
File 130843644568.jpg - (29.03KB , 405x356 , 15.jpg )
>> No. 1536
File 130843650522.jpg - (35.04KB , 419x360 , 16.jpg )
This thread needs more Boxxy, providing assist
>> No. 1537
File 130843652394.jpg - (43.00KB , 498x358 , 17.jpg )
>> No. 1538
File 130843654447.jpg - (34.26KB , 384x397 , 18.jpg )
>> No. 1539
File 130843656072.jpg - (33.04KB , 472x360 , 20.jpg )
>> No. 1540
all the action is occurring on youtube. also can someone stop spamming this thread with boxxy pics? save room for discussion.
>> No. 1541
Have you ever stopped to consider that this is an Boxxy imageboard, hal? Maybe you should take a week off after new videos; give the butthurt of being wrong some time to flow thru u.
inb4 no u
>> No. 1542
Spam is spam.
>> No. 1544

Lol at calling wonderful Boxxy pictures spam.

Besides I only did it because the count of replies to the thread was below 300, which I found outrageous.

Let's face it the thread deserved a lot more replies in the first place.
>> No. 1545
besides you can just scroll down the amazing Boxxy pictures, and continue the discussion...

That is if you have something to say about the video?
>> No. 1546
I agree 100%. She has been trying (and succeeding) to convince her fans that boxxy was just a character, but I've thought for a very long time that it was herself.. a bit hyper, but herself. The new boxxy video is very much an act. Catie just be yo self! c:
>> No. 1547

The video was visually stunning which is all that counts in the end, in terms of screen caps etc. Someone even slowed down the video that version is VERY close to the tone of the oldschool Boxxy vids.

>> No. 1548
>> No. 1549
What I like the most about this video is the fact that other groups on /b/ started to respect the power of Boxxy once more. The false queen Chloe was humiliated and cast back into the shadows where she belongs.
>> No. 1551
File 130844974144.jpg - (22.50KB , 300x300 , A dream to die for.jpg )
>> No. 1552
File 13084497907.jpg - (108.33KB , 473x365 , 1308341778795.jpg )
>> No. 1553
File 130845000311.jpg - (11.56KB , 320x480 , Boxxy is love.jpg )
>> No. 1554
...what? "deserves" replies? just how new are you? that's the kind of shit jwahfga says.
>> No. 1555
>don't lurk catiechan for 2 days
>check ANewHopeee to be sure that nothing big happens
>come back
>she uploaded a video on another account

Anyway,I think it's great, thank you!
>> No. 1556
Did you watch the video? Svetlana hacked ANeHopeee.

She wanted to post her next Boxxy video on boxxybabee but she didn't get the channel back in time. We egged her on with June 17 propaganda and she followed through.
>> No. 1557
I wish she wasn't so damn secretive. We could have propagandized the internet more. Myself, I ignored June 17th stuff and slightly tried to suppress it, under the grounds that if she didn't do anything, she would have lost a bunch more fans like last time.
>> No. 1558
Yeah, didn't expect it though. Also, I just realized that the new video is on ANewHopeee's favorites, right on the front page. I probably totally forgot to see if there was anything new yesterday or something. Oh well, my fault D:
>> No. 1559
Would you stop trying to be so dang helpful. You don't need to do anything, just enjoy it and let Catie handle everything.
>> No. 1560
I would have liked her to hint something about it as well. Even something as little as, "maybe" would have made me fall out of the chair.

I was an extreme advocate when this June 17th started but later came to accept the fact that nothing was going to happen. And then we got this video.
>> No. 1561
It was the rational thing to do. Ironically, the debate about it probably helped fuel speculation which was beneficial in the end. I'm glad it happened as it did.
>> No. 1562
What was the rational thing to do?
>> No. 1563
OMFG WUVVV -squeals-
>> No. 1564
>I ignored June 17th stuff and slightly tried to suppress it, under the grounds that if she didn't do anything, she would have lost a bunch more fans like last time.
>> No. 1565
catie delivered.
she did good.
i bet the pressure was intense.

awesome job, catie.
>> No. 1567
I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who sees it. Sometimes I can really see how this place is becoming a cult.

lol no.

Wise words. This is what people have to understand in the end.
>> No. 1568
Mind Blowing. You're absolutely correct.

Watch out, you're slipping into this too much.
>> No. 1570
Way to stereotype. I'm just constructively pointing out flaws in the video rather than to pointlessly mock Catie. I'm nothing like those people you mentioned.

>>Its almost as bad as seeing catie fans saying "yep svetlana is indeed (f)at and the accent was horrible I'm glad to see some you are coming to your senses."

Hypothetically speaking, if this were true, would it be wrong to question it just because we are "Catie fans"?
>> No. 1571
well of course it's not a character, I thought we had already hashed this out.

so naturally, when she's trying to "play" herself, it won't fell 100% right. The only way that will happen is if she just...kind of sits down like she did with TAATGI and starts talking about things, but with a little effort towards making it boxxy (lighting, makeup, slight acting maybe, like with FE. FE was Catie's legitimate reaction to what was going on at the time, with just a little role playing thrown in [the 3x5 card with the talking points, for instance])
The question is, does Catie want to open herself up like that again?

meh, I don't really like making long posts about this stuff. At any rate, the video was good for what it was and I have no real complaints as far as that goes.
>> No. 1572
tl;dr looks ugly, bumping off the page. last two posts for courtesy
>> No. 1575
>>The question is, does Catie want to open herself up like that again?

I see where this gets complicated really quickly. It's questions like these that are going to decide how this community will change and exist. And I believe it will be a question best answered with honesty and sincerity. Of course, that doesn't mean we need be cruel. That's not what I was suggesting.
>> No. 1576
File 130847883078.jpg - (115.32KB , 575x431 , toast of love.jpg )
How lucky we are for the queen to bless with a new Boxxy video.
>> No. 1577
Cathie Magnum is generous with her fans, it pays to stick around
>> No. 1578
Just watched FOAR SVETLANA?
Dislike the lighting?
Does it seem sped up to you? (Making it feel "forced")

SEE >>62323
>> No. 1579
File 130849527368.png - (113.58KB , 477x358 , 129487999332.png )
Oh God. I am not ready for this. Watched 5 seconds and now i need to take a deep breath. This is so AWESOME.
>> No. 1580
Rauhoitu vain, kyllä se siitä! Video on tosi hyvä!
>> No. 1581
Madison thread got a lot of posts because she was actively posting at the time and doing photo requests which everyone jumped in at.

If Catie was here right now, this thread would have hundreds of messages.
>> No. 1582
Yes, can you imagine the shitstorm if Catie camwhored and made people signs in a thread? It would probably 404 the site.
>> No. 1583
This is actually one of Catie's longest threads on CC which she only posted once or twice in.
>> No. 1584
File 130850099272.jpg - (112.98KB , 450x600 , Boxxy pony.jpg )
Was June17th announced by Catie herself, or did fanons pressure her into it?
>> No. 1585
100% fan made. it happened last year as well, it's a recurring thing "the queen will return on June 17th"
>> No. 1586
We pressured her into it and made it seem like a good idea.

See >>/c/46098
>> No. 1587
not to mention the bitter and hutburt arguing that took place a few days previous about whether she would do it or not.
>> No. 1588
The video was posted on a new channel. So she doesn't make any money off this video unless she gets ads and whatnot.
>> No. 1589

If I had a sign from Catie I could die a happy man.
>> No. 1590
If I had a sign from Catie I would die of happiness right there and then.
>> No. 1591
If I had an autograph from Catie I wou-- Oh, wait.
>> No. 1592
this turned out better than i expected
>> No. 1593
>> No. 1594
File 130851972158.jpg - (83.34KB , 746x426 , queen.jpg )
Our Queen <3
>> No. 1595
File 130851981781.jpg - (96.98KB , 746x426 , fdhdgfh.jpg )
>> No. 1596
File 130851985138.jpg - (34.32KB , 759x420 , fhdfh.jpg )
>> No. 1597
File 130852149374.png - (11.43KB , 381x219 , Boxxy_Is_OK_With_This.png )

Our Queen approves :D
>> No. 1599
File 13085335854.gif - (470.24KB , 350x197 , FAG.gif )
idk new gif
>> No. 1600
You're bad at lip reading.
>> No. 1601
File 130853733743.png - (8.12KB , 382x219 , Boxxy_Is_Meh_With_This.png )
>> No. 1603
>> No. 1604
>> No. 1605
File 130855774467.jpg - (42.85KB , 750x563 , the fuck you say.jpg )
>> No. 1606
File 13085625652.jpg - (38.06KB , 640x360 , ohshi.jpg )
oh fuck, we've got a legit hacker in our midst.
he knows xss and everything.
somebody call eyrev.
>> No. 1607
some people won't realize you're being sarcastic
>> No. 1608
File 130857138067.png - (8.32KB , 383x219 , Boxxy_Is_Sad_With_This.png )
>> No. 1609
Your name is pretentious. You are not the Boxxysphere, you're just a speck in it.
>> No. 1610
File 130858228597.png - (5.29KB , 191x219 , Meh.png )
Your point being?
>> No. 1611
That you should not use that name, it's an insult to what the Boxxysphere really is. It's too arrogant of you to call yourself that, it's like naming yourself "God". No one does that.
>> No. 1612
True dat. Then what name do you suggest?
>> No. 1613
TacoBellKenny. Have you heard of him and the Taco Bell incident?
>> No. 1614
>the Taco Bell incident

Please, asplain.
>> No. 1615

>> No. 1616
File 13085962918.jpg - (26.47KB , 406x388 , Boxxytrollface.jpg )
After many hours of intense speculation I've decided upon my new name. From this day forth I shall bear the title of "generic namefag number 56".

>> No. 1617
So you're the jerk who took "generic namefag number 56".
>> No. 1618
I'm afraid I am.
>> No. 1619
File 130859778520.png - (249.82KB , 560x400 , 1301363212700.png )
>> No. 1620
>> No. 1621
lol, nice consistent trip, learn to samefag.
>> No. 1622
Huh? So I changed my trip. Where does samefagging come into this?
>> No. 1623
I'm changing my trip again.
>> No. 1624
That's because I gave him the trip after the name.
>> No. 1625
File 13086152528.jpg - (19.05KB , 491x339 , beetles.jpg )
>> No. 1626
File 130861543138.png - (143.27KB , 478x355 , 129920860197.png )
I'm not sure what to think of this.
>> No. 1627
smurf boxxy lal
>> No. 1628
sure Its a bit strange, but there is smurf :P
>> No. 1629
I think it might be Avatar Boxxy. Nonetheless I wish to cuddle it.
>> No. 1630
how does she manage to look so gosh darn adorable in every cap?
>> No. 1631
inb4 first frame of the guy from north islands video.
>> No. 1633
>> No. 1634
i lold at her saying homosex
>> No. 1635
its fantastic, it has that same energy as the first 3.
>> No. 1636
new thread
>> No. 1637
and this one. Everything's kind of deteriorating now though, people are busy arguing with jwagzz in the original thread.
>> No. 1638
Someone help explain?
>> No. 1639
Nonsensical post is nonsensical.
>> No. 1640
Thread indicated some chick asking why we find her attractive: she's obviously new. some are trying to explain, some are calling her new, some are talking about how only newfags call people summerfags. I think I've lost interest in the thread anyway.
>> No. 1641
File 130863024141.jpg - (31.20KB , 289x280 , 130845662544.jpg )
nightmares, nightmares and more nightmares
>> No. 1642
i see there are ads on FS now.
dunno if that has been pointed out yet, so, yeah...
>> No. 1643
Thanks for pointing it out, I never disable my ad block.

And can you not refer to it as "FS"? Makes me think of Formsrping.
>> No. 1644
>And can you not refer to it as "FS"? Makes me think of Formsrping.
Nope. From this point on, I will always use "FS" to refer to the video and spell out "Formspring".
>> No. 1645
Well I for one, will continue to refer to formspring as "FS" and only to the new boxxyvideo as "FS" when I'm using it in conjunction with the other videos, ie "FE, FA, TAATGI, FS"
>> No. 1646
Looks like it. >>62323 has ads now too.
>> No. 1647
File 13086432278.jpg - (138.12KB , 608x750 , Northern Ireland.jpg )

It's Northern Ireland, Miss teen USA.
>> No. 1648
We could call it 'FoarS' or 'foarsvet'
I like 'foarS' because it sounds kind of like corruption of "force"
"use the FoarS, Boxxy!"
>> No. 1649
File 130865619151.png - (7.74KB , 189x214 , OK.png )
>> No. 1650
or 4S I guess
>> No. 1651
Aw. Her new video made my heart melt, especially with the cat imitation. You go, girl!
>> No. 1652
Hooray for ads! (not joking)

Catie should be making money for such an incredible talent. Plus making money from videos means more incentive for her to produce content, which is awesome.
>> No. 1654
File 130869817326.png - (22.00KB , 150x146 , rainbow_dash_shrug_by_dropletx1-d3j6g5i[1].png )
Boxxy is awesome

~𝑷𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒚 𝒐𝒇 𝑺𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒕
>> No. 1655
Ahhh the queen has returnd
>> No. 1656
File 130874357078.gif - (461.45KB , 288x192 , 339023040-1233306265488.gif )

That was awesome Catie! I'm still smiling. :DDDDD All your videos so much fun!
>> No. 1657
Why am I only just seeing this today? I fail.

>> No. 1658
if you think the original is fast watch this

>> No. 1659
And if you thought it was too slow, try this: youtube.com/watch?v=22wTxn78CKk

omg, I came at 0:02
>> No. 1660
File 130878362814.jpg - (11.69KB , 407x344 , lol.jpg )
>> No. 1661
File 130879178291.png - (415.36KB , 1001x479 , boxxy random.png )
>> No. 1662
i wanna buff boxxy's box
>> No. 1663
sit on my face, boxxy
>> No. 1664
>> No. 1665
pretty much had an orgasm
>> No. 1666
My life is now complete, Boxxy is back and all is right with the world.
>> No. 1668
File 130889608452.png - (679.72KB , 1280x800 , boxxy103.png )
Why would you need to bump this?
>> No. 1669
File 130890362835.png - (632.08KB , 1024x606 , tawkshitgethit.png )
>> No. 1670
Why don't you have a seat over there
>> No. 1671

I wouldn't really say that she looks all that different in this video from the way she looked in FOAR EVERYWUN. Different haircut, sure. No mooninites shirt, okay. Slightly different style of eyeliner, mmhmm. The biggest difference is the style of lighting... in previous videos, the room around her was completely dark, and the emphasis was entirely on her face and her movements. Here, there's an even yellow tone across the entire picture. There's less contrast. The darker parts of the image are not as dark, and the lighter parts are not as bright. Before you were drawn to Boxxy alone, Boxxy in the dark; here your attention is distributed between her and the space around her. It might not seem like that sort of thing would be all that distracting, but for over two years people have been talking about the impact the lighting may have had on her videos' success. Granted, compared to her acting itself, the lighting seems like a relatively minor thing, and while that may be true, it is also one of the reasons why we shouldn't underestimate its importance... if people don't realize the difference that a certain aspect of the video makes, when it changes they may be left feeling that some unidentifiable "special quality" has simply vanished.
>> No. 1673
She did mention the video was rushed, so it's possible there's room for improvement in terms of lighting. Could it be her camera which makes this difficult? I don't know. June should explain the process to her if Catie's forgotten.
>> No. 1674
It's possible to darken the background by messing with the camera settings or editing it in post production.
>> No. 1675
File 130896598557.png - (897.59KB , 1520x1080 , 130838646953.png )
Catie I love you.

Can you please say something? Like anything to me? I'd really appreciate it :3
>> No. 1676
File 130896799680.jpg - (21.90KB , 647x597 , I love you (2).jpg )
She already said she loved you in the video.
>> No. 1677
File 130899655585.png - (152.02KB , 367x358 , 129956080270.png )
Shes got that crazy look in her eye. And I liiiiiiiiiike it.

>> No. 1678
File 130899696899.png - (141.96KB , 400x390 , Come here crazy.png )
>> No. 1679
I love Boxxy, this is a true statement, very true.
>> No. 1680
File 130900947422.jpg - (108.92KB , 720x540 , fan of queen.jpg )
>> No. 1681
Boxxy I <3 you. From cold Russia.
>> No. 1682
File 130906898740.png - (75.02KB , 604x453 , hyperlinks.png )
>> No. 1683
third party? im pretty sure thats not catie herself posting here
>> No. 1684
File 130916007310.png - (752.60KB , 1920x1080 , 1788.png )
You can't be serious.
>> No. 1685
I wonder how this video would have come across if people didn't know Boxxy was actually a character.
>> No. 1686
you wear contact lenses?
>> No. 1687
Maybe. Probably not. I have yet to see any signs that she has impaired vision.
>> No. 1688
She blinks at least twice as often in FS as in the previous Boxxy videos, so maybe.
>> No. 1689
File 130929666621.jpg - (33.60KB , 600x733 , boxxyart1.jpg )
go back to uni you troll XD
>> No. 1690
What Tinychat you have entered? I am the time of http://es.tinychat.com/unichan
>> No. 1691
>> No. 1692
File 130931282324.gif - (181.35KB , 440x325 , pyramid.gif )
>> No. 1693
File 130931290181.jpg - (109.27KB , 500x471 , boxxyvengiance.jpg )
>> No. 1694
File 130931312414.jpg - (115.94KB , 1024x768 , DSCF0239.jpg )
really now...
>> No. 1695
Really mow! You couldn't have said "Really mow!" really! REALLY!
>> No. 1696
File 130931464991.jpg - (24.94KB , 450x375 , black_and_white_donnie_darko-11380.jpg )
Boxxy do you wear contact lenses?
And if so, do you have reptilian/cat eyes for lenses?

pic not related. video not related.
>> No. 1697
File 130940877412.jpg - (42.93KB , 456x339 , smurfoxxy.jpg )
>> No. 1698
File 130940900973.png - (25.77KB , 379x214 , imsadwiththis.png )
>> No. 1699
>> No. 1700
i luv June
>> No. 1701
It's been a while since this video came out, and I'm still having to put on new pairs of pants every time I watch it.
>> No. 1702
is ya real name wayne or gomez?
>> No. 1703
Ever tried checking the url first?
>> No. 1704
um well ive checked it.. but i thought maybe its not the real name :/ and found some "news" from 2009 about like "Catherine Gomez dead" what makes me confused. sorry bro
>> No. 1705
It's the name OSBE used to misinform the public and to try and detract attention from her real dox.
>> No. 1706
>> No. 1707
>> No. 1708
HOLY SHIT... how does everyone feel about this?!?
>> No. 1709
why should we feel anything?
It's just a pic of an actress holding a t-shirt with a shooped Boxxy on it.
>> No. 1710
File 130948523992.jpg - (84.44KB , 479x358 , 129782148749.jpg )
>> No. 1711
I find Boxxy to be very awesome; her videos are so fun to watch. I'm glad that she has returned to the interwebs.
>> No. 1712
This picture wins at life!
>> No. 1713
File 130950557970.png - (2.26MB , 900x2754 , tutorial.png )
Catie criticizes somebody for applying Boxxy's eyeliner incorrectly yet she herself can't do it properly either? It's ironic, even if what she does or changes to Boxxy officially becomes a part of the character.

Why'd she change her style in the first place?

This isn't the Boxxy everyone's come to know. Comparing this to FE would be like comparing FOAR ANT to FOART 4DD1. They're completely different styles of Boxxy and it's obvious which style people prefer. There's a reason FOAR ANT had less views and inspired less remixes.
>> No. 1714

About a poor meaningless shoop?
>> No. 1715
There's also a reason why Catie did FOAR ANT the way she did. I also wanted her to wear the mooninites t-shirt, but I have little choice but to respect what she does. I mean, I'm already very, very grateful that she delivered a vid in the first place.
>> No. 1716
She changed Boxxy's style on purpose, and she had a good reason. She's a smart girl, give her some room to do what she does and be creative.
>> No. 1717

I liked FOAR ANT. Just because it got fewer views than the other two doesn't mean that people didn't like it. Over the past two years, the average youtuber just had more reason to check out FOAR 4DD1 (the first video) or FOAR EVERYWUN (the newest and most controversial video) instead, and not everyone who watches one Boxxy video goes on to watch the other videos. FOAR ANT was the middle child, and got less attention, but that doesn't mean that the people who did watch it didn't appreciate it.
>> No. 1718
>she had a good reason
The only reason she's given us is, and I quote, "Boxxy doesn't have one style."

It seems she does what she wants as opposed to what the fans want. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes the fans know what's best for her.

You've got a point, but even still, the fact there are more remixes of 4DD1 does say something.
>> No. 1719
Doing what the fan wants instead of what the artist wants is the worst thing an artist can do.

It's obvious that she wants Boxxy to have different styles because she wants Boxxy to become a multi-faceted, well-rounded character. A lot of people seem to dislike this idea, but I fully support it, and not just for the sake of supporting Catie at everything. It's clearly the best thing to do for Boxxy.
>> No. 1720
i luv Boxxy
>> No. 1721
File 13095434729.jpg - (6.82KB , 177x183 , clinton4.jpg )
>> No. 1722
>It's clearly the best thing to do for Boxxy.

In a way, yes, but this isn't a movie. You couldn't even call it a short. Her characters don't need to have incredible depth. It's okay if they're somewhat one-dimensional.

With this video, she's making a return almost as a different character. What made Boxxy so iconic was the shirt and pitch-black backdrop. Neither of those elements are in this video.

What if this video was shot in the same way FE was? Would it have had more success?
>> No. 1723
If she had the same backdrop and t-shirt and everything every time, it would have less impact than changing those details. It makes sense that Boxxy would always have lots of eyeliner, especially because it's like her superhero mask, but she doesn't have to wear the same things and be in the same setting every time. The three original videos had changes between them, though those weren't necessarily to show more of Boxxy the character.

I don't think she's measuring success in hits or shitstorm size.
>> No. 1724
>I don't think she's measuring success in hits or shitstorm size.
And she shouldn't, but views do give an idea of what people think.

Well, it looks like we're just stating our opinion and slurring possible scenarios without giving any evidence to back it up, so let's just agree to disagree.

It's fine Catie doesn't wear the same costume and mimic the same mannerisms in every video I suppose. All I ask is that she brings back the dark background. It's unique to the Boxxy character and nobody else does it like she can.
>> No. 1725
I do agree that a darker background would have been good for FS, because it was another vlog-style message video. But hopefully we'll see Boxxy in other settings at some point.
>> No. 1726
next time just use an all black backdrop. it'll add more color to the main object.
>> No. 1727
File 130961790876.jpg - (39.56KB , 473x341 , keeponsmilen.jpg )
>> No. 1728
File 13096751656.jpg - (62.61KB , 640x480 , 2551.jpg )
Or use the old Kodak camera she used for FE. I'd be okay with that.
>> No. 1729
You are the most awsome and funniest Girl in the world Love i got in love whit you first time i watch your video, pleas respond to me it wold mean the howl world to me <3
>> No. 1730
File 130976459688.jpg - (107.00KB , 699x788 , haters gonna hate (2).jpg )
inb4 new video tomorrow

inb4 I'm wrong
>> No. 1731
Svetlana doesn't recognize the 4th of July as a holiday.

p.s. nice trips
>> No. 1732
That's what makes me doubt there'll be a new video.
>> No. 1733
File 130986441330.png - (25.13KB , 623x421 , akk day long.png )
oh boxxy i would also cuddle lulu ♥
>> No. 1734
It just wouldn't look the same if she put a black backdrop in the background.
>> No. 1735
Dear Catie,

Please remove "um" from your vocabulary.

Thank you.
>> No. 1736
long live boxxy <3
there is nothing wrong with um either!

just be yourself and those who adore you will adore you~
oh my gawd i love you so much >///<
>> No. 1737
File 131006029571.png - (158.98KB , 476x358 , 129748641560.png )
There's a problem with "um" when you say it more than 40 times in 3 minutes.
>> No. 1738
the original first 3 boxxy vids are not that dark, at lest not on my PC..
>> No. 1739
File 131007672490.png - (176.12KB , 639x521 , srsly.png )
The first two videos aren't dark. The third is. In fact, the third video is so dark, it's pitch black, and all the focus is put on her face. This is what made FE stand out from the rest.
>> No. 1740
the 3 one is not pitch black are you blind? y
ou can clearly as day see stuff in the background
>> No. 1741
on my PS3 stuff are much brighter
>> No. 1742
File 131008012012.png - (244.14KB , 477x357 , srsly.png )
I hope that's sarcasm.
>> No. 1743
maybe I just want to start drama :P
>> No. 1744
Oh yeah. She comes back. It's cool! =)
>> No. 1745
Boxxy iz pretty
>> No. 1746
File 131069813780.jpg - (154.12KB , 459x395 , 1310630789469.jpg )
>> No. 1747
File 131070809746.png - (868.07KB , 1920x1080 , 2215.png )
/r/ing old Boxxy. ;_;
>> No. 1748
File 131078572790.jpg - (35.77KB , 642x234 , 1268181184015.jpg )
The interjection, umm... is a common Boxxy vocalization.
Like, umm...ok?
>> No. 1749
File 131078612092.jpg - (51.23KB , 757x488 , Boxxy Roll (5).jpg )
No. It's just a very bad habit late teens develop. She should really try to avoid using that word.
>> No. 1750
File 131081006232.png - (1.02MB , 1920x1080 , 22155.png )
ITT: Which do you prefer?
>> No. 1751

Meh, both about the same
>> No. 1752
Left personally.
>> No. 1753
Hey admin do NOT click this or raidfags will steal your password.
>> No. 1754
What is it?
>> No. 1755
It exploits xss vulnerability
>> No. 1756
Admin died so it doesn't matter either way.
>> No. 1757
>> No. 1758
File 131093582216.jpg - (35.53KB , 812x881 , 1308621314362.jpg )
so do it faggot.
>> No. 1759
File 131093867340.png - (40.48KB , 660x134 , youtubeee.png )
3,546 views, 3,726 ratings, and 3,128 comments, all in 15 hours.

YouTube is incredibly slow with updating the view count today. #1 most viewed video has 70,000 views for some odd reason.
>> No. 1760
>>68653 they made software updates couple days ago, view counting hasnt been working at all after them.
>> No. 1761
File 131093987717.png - (102.40KB , 729x760 , WHY.png )
Catie, why do you link our chan to these people? Pic related.

Also, the three Boxxy videos on ANewHopeee have been taken down.
>> No. 1762
they have been set to private.
>> No. 1763

Why do you put a copyright claim in the description of your videos, especially when you're trying to play Svetlana, Catie, and Boxxy off as different people?

It makes no sense. The only purpose it serves is to protect your videos, but your content is already protected under YouTube's ToS.

Why would you want to remove duplicate copies of your videos anyway? They don't hurt you - in fact, they do quite the opposite.
>> No. 1764

I think she wants it to be very clear that she is back, and taking this seriously. And now that she is a partner, duplicates would have an effect on her.
>> No. 1765
>I think she wants it to be very clear that she is back, and taking this seriously
Yeah, I got that, but this is completely unnecessary. It's not something I would see Boxxy doing. It's like she's gone completely mainstream and needs to copyright everything she touches.

>duplicates would have an effect on her
Duplicates are what kept her alive for two years.

>now that she's a partner
But she's not in it for money. Are you saying she is?
>> No. 1766
That's nice, did he say "hey tuodecaps"?
>> No. 1767

I didn't say I agreed with it. Also, she accepted partnership, so she's not turning down money.


Yeah I'm sure Catie's just gonna waltz in here and answer all his questions like she's so wont to do right? Did I ever say "Hey Gmaster, what do you think about my opinion?"
>> No. 1768
Yes in fact, there is a high probability that she might do that.
>> No. 1769

>> No. 1770
Doubt she'll respond considering she hasn't responded to any other arguments brought up in this thread.

I was gonna post >>68667 in /c/ but I didn't feel it deserved one.
>> No. 1771
File 131097360969.png - (6.11KB , 485x92 , derp.png )
>> No. 1772
God-fucking-damn it.
>> No. 1773
File 131097435997.png - (23.50KB , 555x400 , derp.png )
Skimmed through the comments. Found a collection of 'em.
>> No. 1774
Thems some sharp observations...
>> No. 1775

>Thems some sharp observations...
I think I die, just a little each time I see comments on youtube. Its has to be trollin, it just has to .
>> No. 1776
File 131098112646.png - (371.32KB , 769x678 , cute annotation.png )
YouTube's views are all messed up, but FS is at 50,348 views right now. Compared that to RWJ's 350,000 (as opposed to a usual 3.0-3.5m) and make an estimate of actual views yourself.
>> No. 1777
Youtube user "xXSlyFoxHoundXx" just favorited the video. His subs are flowung in, he has almost 200k of them. Many hasn't heard about boxxy, so there will be lots of silly comments..
>> No. 1778
i think it's grate she's back
>> No. 1779
File 131098411521.jpg - (6.23KB , 200x247 , bush1.jpg )
Actually I'm the King of CC.
>> No. 1780
File 131098441841.jpg - (10.08KB , 360x426 , bush2.jpg )
If he wants my crown, he'll have to come and take it.
>> No. 1781
File 131098443657.jpg - (551.45KB , 2348x2227 , 3910682473_2faeaec278_o.jpg )
>> No. 1782
Boxxy is a damn good argument for human cloning. There needs to be a million of her, so that we could all get our own Boxxy to have children with. =)
>> No. 1783
File 131100686859.jpg - (15.41KB , 510x510 , me gusta.jpg )
>> No. 1784
New Boxxy sucks. Trying to hard and is fucking ugly.
>> No. 1785
File 131100798454.png - (45.27KB , 320x480 , IMG_0169.png )
Obviously my heart burn with the intensity of 1million Blue gas giants for her. Makes you a summerfag. Pl gtfo
>> No. 1786
Cloning Boxxy could mean the new evulotionary leap forward: Instead of man and woman, there would now be man and Boxxy. (Other women would naturally die out in a couple of hundred years.) The world would become Heaven on Earth. =)

I'm sitting here imagining what other things would change when there would just be man and Boxxy (except global peace and stuff). I imagine the squirrel would probably become the favorite home pet. ...and man would probably not be needed at the workplace anymore, except for heavy lifting, because Boxxy would do everything TEN times as fast. =)
>> No. 1787
boxxybabee is starting to gain more subscribers per hour than RWJ on a consistent basis. holy shit.

I think it's because her video hit the front page.
>> No. 1788
Here's something that was written over on Unichan. He said exactly what I wanted to say:

I wish she'd take the copyright notices off. They're stupid. I'm sure she can still throw DMCA claims around if she needs to. All the copyright notices are doing is antagonizing Anonymous-type people and mucking up the endearing image of a defenseless little girl making webcam videos, instead suggesting the image of some manipulative corporate body invading YouTube. Does anyone else feel that? I'm not suggesting that's the actual truth -- I think she just liked the idea of making her videos seem grown-up and important -- it just doesn't come across right.
>> No. 1789
I think it's more a case of her getting fed up of people taking her videos and posting them wherever they want rather than doing it to feel "grown-up."
>> No. 1790
Who cares if your videos are re-uploaded, really? The only problem was HouseXElectro, and he's gone now.
>> No. 1791
Obviously Catie cares or the copyright wouldn't be there.
>> No. 1792
She cares, yes, but it's pointless to have it there.
>> No. 1793
She wants to put people off from taking the videos, it's no big deal. Catie isn't a regular youtube camgirl, she's taken a lot of crap. I think it's ok to have a little control now which she appears to be attempting.
>> No. 1794
Do you have any idea on YouTube works? Re-uploads of her videos do not harm her. They keep her alive.
>> No. 1795
File 131103392546.jpg - (29.14KB , 596x498 , boxxyback.jpg )
>> No. 1796
I love you, Catie!
>> No. 1797
File 13110569343.png - (283.49KB , 782x383 , #winning.png )
>> No. 1798
445,000 views on FS in less than a couple days? THANK YOU FRONT PAGE
>> No. 1799
She posted the video on July 16th. Why not July 17th? lol
>> No. 1800
Bamp Jizz Jizz Jizz
>> No. 1801
u r hot a bit crazy but hot
>> No. 1802
File 131111094657.jpg - (34.72KB , 447x552 , WithFinality2.jpg )
>> No. 1807
<3 u catie
>> No. 1808
  How do you have so much energy? You're like a kitten shot full of Red Bull. I really don't get how you don't just spontaneously combust at the end of every video. Anyways, cool.
>> No. 1809
>> No. 1811
File 131120760344.png - (17.28KB , 88x88 , c6b949.png )
Boxxybabee avatar just changed :D
>> No. 1812
I just saw it :D
>> No. 1813
This is awesome!
>> No. 1814
wallpaper sized pic of her avatar please?
>> No. 1815
File 131127919629.jpg - (280.03KB , 1920x1080 , profilepicbackground.jpg )
here you go, friend.
>> No. 1816

Oh my God new wallpaper.
>> No. 1817
File 131128162239.png - (400.84KB , 500x740 , Queens-Speech.png )
I dare you to make a better version of my queen's speech! OC rite here
>> No. 1818
Nice job with the color correction.
>> No. 1819
Need something else than "When God couldn't save The Queen, The King turned to someone who would" because it doesn't make sense. Anyone help?
>> No. 1820
It's fine as is, but if you want, just switch King with Queen.
>> No. 1821
I think this works better
>> No. 1822
File 13113313738.png - (398.48KB , 500x740 , Queens-Speech.png )
Forgot picture -.-
>> No. 1823
i love that disgusted look she has on her face lol. as if she watched some of the creepy videos some of her fans have on their favorite's list =P
>> No. 1824
oooh dats mah bday
>> No. 1825
File 131186325783.png - (3.70KB , 327x46 , ANewHopee V tabs24x7.png )
Uh oh. tabs24x7 is about to be passed by ANewHopeee.
>> No. 1828
we love you boxxy!
>> No. 1829
LOL The ginger kid hates you boxxy, how do you feel about that? any response video?

>> No. 1830
That would be feeding the troll.
>> No. 1831
FE fed the trolls. Hard.
>> No. 1832
I don't really see how people called that troll bait.
>> No. 1833
I am havig trouble posting.

Why am I being asked for an "imbed" whatever thingy?
>> No. 1834
Stop using Internet Explorer and get Firefox or Chrome.
>> No. 1835
File 131218566244.png - (91.93KB , 600x450 , ThoseBeautifulEyes.png )
I'm glad to see that Catie has returned to the Internet, but Son, I am somehow . . . disappoint.

Don't get me wrong, though, I mean, I LOVE Boxxy - Like, Really . . . Like, Status. lol

Seriously, I think she is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen on the internet, and I wish her the best in everything she does.

But I miss the Boxxy from FEFB.

Hope she comes back soon.
>> No. 1836

The look or the attitude?
>> No. 1837
File 131218941866.png - (42.22KB , 240x200 , Boxxy_thumb.png )

>> No. 1838
File 131232629828.jpg - (6.43KB , 191x234 , 2104903298294238504.jpg )
>> No. 1839
i'm just going to leave this here.
>> No. 1840
File 131254157170.png - (155.40KB , 476x358 , 129798408850.png )
>> No. 1843
Oh, bump
>> No. 1845
File 131271390932.png - (975.79KB , 1920x1080 , 5278.png )
>> No. 1846
File 13127833123.png - (853.32KB , 1920x1080 , 2198.png )
>> No. 1848
Not sure i understood everyting. Is there where we can talk to you ? Let's hope so. I just discovered you on youtube by chance, and i actually though you were amazing. Truthfuly, i watched the first video because you were so beautiful, but i watched the others because you're so funny, and... Cute-minded ? Can i say it like that ? Anyway, all that chating is just to ask you this : are you really like this ? I mean, is that a kind of playing-a-part thing, or are you really that exuberant in real life ? Not really important i guess, but i'd like to know^^ (and i love that anyway. Keep going !)
>> No. 1850
File 131287415775.png - (830.31KB , 1920x1080 , 1639.png )
>> No. 1852
File 131291074132.jpg - (20.59KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
Whats the story on Dan ?
>> No. 1853
Long story short: Old boyfriend of Catie from her High School life. Boxxmom (Catie's mother) doesn't really like him.
>> No. 1854
File 131294406368.png - (84.05KB , 767x583 , BeautifulBoxxy - Dark.png )
Catie is such a striking natural beauty.

I think she should ALWAYS capitalize on that when she does Boxxy, because that is a huge part of Boxxy's appeal, along with her thoughtful, and playful innocence.

I also think she should stick to using VERY subdued lighting, and ALWAYS wear black, because it adds an artistic touch of mystery and depth.
>> No. 1855
I don't know. I liked the FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY video and she wore white in that one
>> No. 1856
File 131295030563.png - (63.75KB , 600x450 , BoxxyPoint3.png )

Well, that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

>> No. 1858
File 131297283386.jpg - (32.65KB , 800x600 , BoxxyPhenomenonpic.jpg )
>> No. 1859
File 131299523554.png - (59.45KB , 720x1440 , Boxxy RYG.png )

Look. I'm not saying that I didn't like FAFB.

I did like it, for what it is. I just think that F4FB and FEFB were BETTER because of the lighting and wardrobe.

Little things do mean a lot.
>> No. 1862
File 131300718757.png - (275.91KB , 480x360 , Boxxy Profile.png )

I also think that F4FB and FEFB were, above anything else, what made our beautiful Boxxy a sensation in the first place.

In my opinion, she can never lose by building upon that strong foundation of her fame.
>> No. 1864
I agree as well. In my opinion, the dark, subdued lighting is just one of many attributes that makes Boxxy's character what it is. It's great in F4 and perfect in FE.

The lighting in FS isn't half bad. I know she tried (she talked about it a few weeks previous to FS in /c/ saying it is something she's very concerned about). Still, I believe there is room for improvement, and I know she can pull through with her next video. In the mean time, I've decided to take it upon myself and adjust some things myself, including the lighting, speed of the video, and sound. video related.
>> No. 1865
>> No. 1866
boxxy is still dead.
>> No. 1867
As real as it gets.
>> No. 1868
TWO MONTHS since the last video! I hate to say it but it just gets boring. I mean people have been waiting for Catie to do Boxxy for years now and in all this time only four short videos. It has no true comedic timing. For an "actress" there is no understanding of holding an audience.
>> No. 1869
File 131355099993.png - (96.91KB , 480x360 , 04902.png )
>> No. 1870
File 13135635585.jpg - (52.45KB , 900x253 , not a half bad boxxy.jpg )
Speaking of Mii...
>> No. 1871
Still waitin for that next vidya?
How long? Two months?
Baksee be trolllinnn
>> No. 1872
File 131370790479.png - (159.05KB , 477x357 , 13068917054.png )
We went two years without a video from her, so what's two months? Be patient. Enjoy FS while you can. Try and not ask her for much.
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