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File 135501746567.jpg - (108.42KB , 859x364 , footsy.jpg )
4191 No. 4191
earlier this year, playing footsy in a hot tub :'D
inb4 foot fetishists
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>> No. 4192
Holy shit check out that provocative pichur. :o Did you guys really manage to have fun in the most depressing state ever? ._.


I hope you both remembered to take lots of pichurs of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
>> No. 4193
First I thought a new photoshop image ?
It looks like you guys had a ton of fun.
Also thanks for reviving this board with gems like this,:) I wonder if Catie knows about this :P Anyway how did this Oregon thing happen ? Like hay, lets travel to Oregon ? o.O
>> No. 4194
Hope you had fun :D
>> No. 4195
File 135508468699.jpg - (98.03KB , 1167x649 , 964.jpg )
Who made the pic? :O
>> No. 4196
i laff at dis cus thats exactly the face she'd make while saying that.
we had a shit ton of fun. i mean. all we need for fun is eachother and sea lions.
i asked her permission, and basically yeah it was kind of a spontaneous trip. xD
>> No. 4197
Will you ever participate in one of caties videos?

looking forward to that gaming video i suggested :P
>> No. 4198
Well making spontaneous trips like that can be fun,
>>sea lions.
Oregon just seems so random, what else kind of fun can you do in Oregon ?
Also it looks like you and Catie were battling it out:P- more like yeah come on who lets see who is strongest, ( I am sorry but it looks like Catie would be the stronger one in that battle. )
Also would not California have a ton of places like that ?
Or its more about the trip and the change of scenery that was the driver?
>> No. 4199
omg thank you for the picture Pocky <3

How are you? I hope you have a good Christmas.
>> No. 4200
File 135509937544.gif - (221.26KB , 307x180 , 1234.gif )
Portlandia iz in Oregon.
a pony told me.
>> No. 4201
File 135510596862.jpg - (6.33KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 4202
she looks so genuinely happy, it's nice to see that again. Thanks for sharing it with us pri.

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