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File 135400884677.jpg - (132.67KB , 612x926 , daw.jpg )
4171 No. 4171
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>> No. 4172
Hi. pocky!
>> No. 4173
Hi, :) how are you ?
Also a very nice pic
>> No. 4174
Just noticed you and Catie are about the same hight, always thought you were tall for some reason.
>> No. 4175
Hi, you and Catie look amazing in that picture
>> No. 4176
Hi Pocky.

Nice pitcha. Whatchoo guys doin'?
>> No. 4177
File 135411919515.gif - (175.73KB , 370x318 , CatiePockyBFFs4eva.gif )
I love this picture. Youse are so beautiful.
>> No. 4178
You guys look great. :3 Hope you've been well, Pocky. <3
>> No. 4179
we have always been the same height until recently...
i think im an inch taller now :3
>> No. 4180
how have you been? How is the apartment?
>> No. 4181
wow, you both look great.

>> No. 4182
Hmmm ... I actually thought you were bending considerably in that pic.
>> No. 4183
File 135418182719.gif - (161.41KB , 208x160 , Doogie-p-.gif )
Colonel Howser reporting in.
>> No. 4184
File 135418423929.jpg - (54.00KB , 466x377 , 128943150632.jpg )
I so thought I was going to prove you wrong by digging this pic out. But now I've looked through a few, I have to concede the difference isn't as much as I'd thought, (of course taking into account variations due to choice of shoes where women are concerned).

Though in most shots we've seen you at least appear to be significantly taller most of the time due to the angle or whatever. The OP pic is probably one of a few where we get a direct comparison.
>> No. 4185
i was bending awkwardly in this photo.
scuse my terrible posture. :D
>> No. 4186
Well still a nice pic, I think catie said you and here became friends as small kids in school, I guess that would mean you and Catie also did compete in most things. P - "I'm a inch taller then you, C -NO your not D:"
Now we only need to find out who is the best at Super smash bros brawl.
>> No. 4188
if i recall, pocky is 5'4, and catie is 5'3.
Hi Pocky! wow it's so nice to see you! What's your shoe size?
I have a confession to make, i've always secretly liked you over Catie XD
tell her Zangief, I be repping Pocky hard on the forums haha
>> No. 4189
File 13543433682.gif - (123.99KB , 268x245 , Equals Love.gif )
>> No. 4190

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