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File 134073151629.jpg - (56.34KB , 206x355 , pockyalmondcrush.jpg )
4086 No. 4086
i had almond crush Pocky recently.
prolly mai new fav flavour.
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>> No. 4087
File 134076908365.gif - (142.75KB , 345x345 , Mio Akiyama using a hair dryer.gif )
I've only had chocolate and strawberry. Out of those two I'd say chocolate.
>> No. 4089
I had a Daim flavour. Was gud
>> No. 4107
wat iz Daim?
>> No. 4109
>> No. 4111
File 134507747035.jpg - (30.83KB , 640x480 , marabou_daim_summer_dream_56g_2.jpg )
That doesn't look like the classical Daim. Atleast in Sweden the Daim bars are thin and flat, with a both chewy and crispy center covered in milk chocolate.

They are quite unique, and I can't think of any other chocolate bar that is just like it.
>> No. 4154

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