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File 132399235747.jpg - (328.44KB , 681x1021 , paris___.jpg )
3920 No. 3920
saying hi i guess.
and giving this board a little pocky love since i like never have.
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>> No. 3921
Wassup. Nice pic.
>> No. 3922
oh and it might be just you and me for a while, so we can chat or whatever...
>> No. 3923
File 132399265590.jpg - (57.76KB , 691x960 , wethair.jpg )
excuse the eiffel picture, i was super tired and had no makeup on. >>; but the tower looks beautiful. <3
>> No. 3924
File 132399301043.jpg - (49.43KB , 239x400 , mod.jpg )
>> No. 3925
That looks nice. What's up with that door? I see a lot of people taking pics with doors like that in the back ground.
>> No. 3926
File 132399314862.jpg - (223.92KB , 610x1022 , toiletbloqq.jpg )
nick made me this shirt.
(sxephil design)
and i tealed out a toilet. just sayin'
i look like i have scoliosis
>> No. 3927
it's inside a dressing room, so it makes sense that you would see that a lot. xD
>> No. 3928
File 132399353737.jpg - (1.75MB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0850-1.jpg )
for those who were amused by my makeshift hipster glasses.
>> No. 3929
hello, Pocky. Thanks for posting some OC. How are you liking Harry Potter?
>> No. 3930
oh hi pocky.
>> No. 3931
Pocky weren't you over seas a while ago? How did you like it?
>> No. 3932
File 132399390222.jpg - (33.55KB , 191x319 , tiny.jpg )
i took this in like 3 minutes, and made it too small. but oh well.
>> No. 3933
just to india and paris. i loved it, i really want to go back to europe. :(
>> No. 3934
that's good. I'm glad you had a good time
>> No. 3935
what did you do for Thanksgiving?
>> No. 3936
Pretty girls look better without makeup.

Any other pictures from Paris or India?
>> No. 3937
worked at kohls during black friday. /tear
but i made an almond-lime cheesecake. :3 and had dinner with the fam-bam
>> No. 3938
makeup should be used to enhance already existing features, not to completely re-sculpt someone's face haha.
we have a whole album of pictures and even made a photobook, but they're all on my laptop which is getting fixed at fry's right now. 8D; so uh. that's on hold. this was the only one i had.
>> No. 3939
Wow, I had a dream last night I was asking for some Pocky OC, something I have never even thought of doing, and today you deliver of your own accord lol. Thank you very much! Wish I could hang out and chat with you but I haz a final I need to study for, only 9 moar chapters to learn before 8am tomorrow 0_o
>> No. 3940
Posting in a interesting picture thread.

How have you been?
It has been a while hasn't it.

(implying you remember)
>> No. 3941
What?! Am I seeing things? Welcome back, you too!
>> No. 3942
Hello. :3
Did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower?
>> No. 3943
Hiya Pocky, we missed you so much. Great pix.
>> No. 3944
just to the 2nd floor, it was Iike 700 steps o:
>> No. 3947
>> No. 3949
Second, always second
>> No. 3953
FUUUUUUUU. I knew it would be a bad idea to stop checking this board. >:(
>> No. 3955
File 132618541148.jpg - (1.59MB , 1952x3264 , IMAG1082-2.jpg )
me and a cute kittay.
>> No. 3956

Kitty + Pocky = Cute

Thank you for sharing your OC. Your constant support of our chan means a great deal to us.
>> No. 3957
Is kitty yours or just a stranger?
>> No. 3960
D'awwwww adorable.

Pity that fucking cat is in the way though.
>> No. 3961
>> No. 3962

This. First time I've checked /p/ in over half a year; and now I realize that I've apparently been missing out on OC dumps. D:
>> No. 3963
/p/ is where the party at.
>> No. 3964
File 132652351966.jpg - (30.16KB , 255x345 , PockyBeheadForsake.jpg )
>First time I've checked /p/ in over half a year

Infidel! How dare you stray from your Leader's side!

Just say the word Pocky and I'll have this faithless apostate removed from your sight and stoned to death.
>> No. 3973
O.o how did I not see this thread until now. Nice pictures :D post more from your trip.
Seems like you had fun :)
>> No. 3974
File 132701253213.jpg - (48.79KB , 500x650 , FranceSurrendersToPocky.jpg )
You're just checking this board now?

May merciful Pocky forgive you for straying from the righteous path.

Oh and this is a shot I got from the newspapers when the French surrendered to Pocky. She runs their shit now.
>> No. 3975
I know,I have failed,the shame ;C they should behead me.
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