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File 131898277461.jpg - (272.62KB , 1024x683 , pockeepannda.jpg )
3809 No. 3809
i was askd if Nick had a nickname,wat wud it b n so i thawt it wud b fun to come up wit sum here.

may fav snack food jus so happenz to b Pocky,i enjoy it so much,especially chocolate.
mai next fav snack i get wen i stock up on sum Pocky iz Hello Panda.
since Nick iz Pockyz bf i thawt i wud kawl him Hello Panda but jus Panda foar short.

pic sorta related,i thawt da costumes n cosplayer lookd kewt.

im sorry if u thawt dis was a retarded tl;dr.
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>> No. 3810
>im sorry if u thawt dis was a retarded tl;dr.
that line just made the whole thing
>> No. 3811
File 131898379728.jpg - (38.93KB , 400x566 , duck.jpg )
>> No. 3812
File 131898416388.jpg - (51.22KB , 325x380 , goose.jpg )
lol wel im glad den.
pic related.
>> No. 3813
File 131898473226.jpg - (73.64KB , 1024x768 , duck4.jpg )
>> No. 3814
File 131898673459.png - (576.39KB , 571x651 , considerthefollowing.png )
>> No. 3815
I see there be activity in here, should be more of that.
>> No. 3816
File 131903988760.png - (3.67KB , 76x66 , POKER FACE.png )
>talk to mau5
>make a joke asking if nick has a nickname
>mau5 goes all like ''Eureka ! Panda !''
>she ends up making a whole thread about it
>> No. 3819
I approve of this nickname

mostly because I happen to be a large asian man so it works perfectly.
>> No. 3820
So Panda and Pocky or Pocky and Panda it is, goes extremely well together btw.
>> No. 3821
things are going on inhere today
>> No. 3822

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