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File 131695080627.jpg - (124.80KB , 380x380 , happy-birthday-01[1].jpg )
3765 No. 3765
Fuck cakes, get chocolates. Or maybe I should get Pocky a cake too? :3

I hopes your birthday is fantastical. :)
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>> No. 3767
Happy Belated Birthday Pocky
>> No. 3768
Happy Birthday, Pocky!
>> No. 3769
Holy shit, today is my birthday too. guess one slice of cake goes for pocky.
>> No. 3770
Happy birthday, Pocky!!
>> No. 3772
looks like I'm late to the "late to the party" party
>> No. 3773
File 131709221596.png - (105.03KB , 386x384 , pockyfisheye.png )

Have you ever actually gotten her Pocky for her birthday, and when you did, did she punch you?
>> No. 3774
Lol missing out on your girl friends party :P

thats bad mkay
>> No. 3775
My birthday is in September too, Happy Birthday Pocky! I hope it was the best.
>> No. 3777
contemplated it last year, but decided against it.
>> No. 3778
nooo I missed the "late to the party" party, because I was at her birthday party
>> No. 3779
happy belated Pocky,we neva tawkd befo but hopeee ur bday was scrumtrulecent.
>> No. 3780
So I hope you had lots of fun :D
Also you should ( if you have not ) you shuld give her a crazy two player game.... that requires crazy motions, just saying @_@
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