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File 131481471949.jpg - (6.42KB , 311x310 , 26447en_USI_QuestionMark.jpg )
3705 No. 3705
Damn Pocky
where the hell you been?
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>> No. 3706
Around the world.
Sad thing is her best internet friend gmastered is dead or missing in action, she wont provide any fun stories to simpletons like you or me.
If Gmaster was here he would get all the fun stories from Pocky
>> No. 3707
>Around the world.
only one thing comes to my mind
>> No. 3708
basketball practice?
>> No. 3709
not what i was expecting
>> No. 3714
  You are now aware you will never be able to hear this song again without picturing a fucking crow.
>> No. 3715
i is in my bed. catie is still asleep next to me. lawl.
we went night bowling last night. fun times werr has
>> No. 3716
File 131498715257.jpg - (14.72KB , 400x300 , harebaby.jpg )
d'aaawww (^_^) too cute for words! Pic related
>> No. 3717
File 13149881788.jpg - (1.96KB , 73x102 , 130831284162.jpg )

...gosh if only you had some sort of forum with a captive audience where you could just dump a bunch of pictures and tell crazy stories about your adventures...
>> No. 3718
MFW c:
you should post more, just saying :)

take care
>> No. 3719
File 131500519583.png - (143.38KB , 260x329 , 131393697142.png )
>catie is still asleep next to me.
I swear she spends all of her time thinking of ways to be cute.
>> No. 3720
holy fuck Pocky responded
>> No. 3721
i've noticed pocky has posted in almost every thread that's ever been made on /p/.

still waiting on the india recap btw.
>> No. 3722
i'm kind of interested in hear about your trip Pocky
>> No. 3723
we had funsies :3 we went for a mutual friends birthday
also catie and i made a cake :D it was kinda like a strawberry shortcake.
and it was pretty epic when we were bowling through caties backbend bridge lul. I think we were the craziest people there and the only thing we were high off of was garlic french fries.
oh then we spent an hour looking for the wallet that fell off the top of my car at like 1:30 am. catie found it and i told her i would marry her right there and then. Bl
my trip was pretty awesome, India was nice and I got to see the eiffel tower, the lourve, the palace of versailles, and notre dam. plus a million other things. it was beautiful and very different.
however I was sick with the stomach flu most of the time :( not too much to enjoy a crepe from a street vendor though :)
and my hand was injured in India so that was kind of a bummer.
but it was great. glad to be back in school though.
>> No. 3724
notre dame*
ihu autocorrect

plus I subwayd the shit out of Paris.
French people don't like using the ac. :l
>> No. 3725
>strawberry shortcake

God-tier dessert
>> No. 3726
"the lourve", good one! Louvre might be right

I lourve Louvre!
>> No. 3727

sounds like you had a fun time. the same happened to me when i went to pak several years ago (getting stomach flu). got to hang around in my ancestral village. quite humbling as they didnt have roofs there. i also was going to go to india in 08 but then the whole mumbai thing happened :/ also i didn't know you went to europe as well, makes it more exciting. i lived there for a yr but havent really had a chance to visit since. planning on doing a whirlwind tour some day soon.

any pictures you have from your travels?

and whats next for la pri? back to school?
>> No. 3728
>my hand was injured in India

how'd that happen?
is it okay now
>> No. 3731
>eiffel tower, the lourve, the palace of versailles

India haz those too?
>> No. 3732
No, Paris, France has them
>> No. 3739
so what date have you set ?
and will Nick be your best man ?
I heard he is opening a arcade.

Travel north Europe next time, brick nick with you ;e he was jelly you know.
He had to spend time with us while you was gone ...
>> No. 3745
how u no?
im trying to bring him with me to UC davis. i just signed a transfer agreement over there. hoping to get into biology/enviornmental management. or maybe comp sci since my parents might make me :9
>> No. 3747
heya pocky. I think he mentioned it on /m/ a little while ago. i got nothing interesting to add. I got a Lion in my pocket, and baby it's ready to ROAR!
>> No. 3748
wut ?
>i just signed a transfer agreement over there. hoping to get into biology/enviornmental management. or maybe comp sci since my parents might make me :9

I see free will, it does not exist, quite ;0
Anyway you will have good start in adult life with an education like that.

Or you learn HTL5, make some fucking retarded game sell it for a dollar, have 10 million people download it, and you laugh all the way to the bank.
>> No. 3749
you accidentally an M there
>> No. 3750
It is not like I can edit my post.
And its not like I can read what I type hurr durrr.. uuuu ojjoouu.

you could change all that by giving me the power !
>> No. 3751

post editing on a chan?
why that would just be madness.
madness i tell you.
>> No. 3752
think about it, the freedom to say whatever you want. And then edit it
>> No. 3753

It can work, because i've seen it done, by extending the existing functions for post deletion (so you need your post password to edit and delete) and combined with hurrchan's existing staff edit plugin, so staff have unlimited editing and users have the same, with limits.

But it would probably just provide another vector for trolling.
>> No. 3754
>vector for trolling.
yes and what a vector it would be, however A mod could see the the history, sure would require a little more data
>> No. 3784
File 131754020731.png - (1.18MB , 1449x1741 , boxxy_n_pocky.png )
>> No. 3977
>without picturing a fucking crow.
i finally understand this

never started veryes quest thing till earlier today
>> No. 3981
im sitting in bed doing my chem 1B practice test and catie is asleep next to me. xP lmao
>> No. 3982
damn you ninja! It's quiet here, I'm missing all the people..
>> No. 3983
Lol /p/
>> No. 3984
File 132916948389.jpg - (42.26KB , 600x400 , sleeping_beauties.jpg )
And then they slept and slept and slept.. surrounded by endless weird dreams. And thousands of years went by, and they were forgotten. Still they slept, dream by dream. Will they be ever wake up?
>> No. 4056
scratch that image, got accepted to UCD, UCSC, and UCSB :D
>> No. 4059
That's awesome
>> No. 4060
Surprise visit!
>> No. 4061
very nice (looks at the date posted its this year :P ) New post is new yay.
>> No. 4064
But where's Pocky now?
>> No. 4070
and ive decided to attend UC Davis this fall. :)
>> No. 4072
What are you studying?
>> No. 4073
>> No. 4075

Do you like the pocky candy?
>> No. 4076
I'm going there this fall too haha, maybe I'll see you on campus.
>> No. 4077
Pocky lurkz, I speakz.
Hi, Pocky!
How's the world treatin' ya?
>> No. 4084
bio/enviro sci
>> No. 4085
that comes from agriculture? They seem to teach it.
>> No. 4104
Texas A&M Aggies?
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