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File 131377287016.png - (56.37KB , 600x300 , pockyleader.png )
3672 No. 3672
Has she abandoned us? ;_;

Captcha: flexible curries - no trolling
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>> No. 3674
File 13137778829.png - (191.47KB , 468x444 , whereintheworldispocky.png )
she'll turn up.
>> No. 3675
I think she's still in India.
>> No. 3677
at this very moment its late afternoon in india. P is probably eating some pani puri, drinking mango lassi, politely declining the chai that the servants offer to her, and trying to stay air conditioned while hearing news about the recent protests that have erupted revolving around Anna Hazare's anti-graft movement.

hope shes having fun, i want to go to india so bad.
>> No. 3678
>politely declining the chai that the servants offer to her

cool life.
>> No. 3679
.. or she landed in SFO earlier and is on her way home asleep in the car.

One of those two. n 3n
>> No. 3680
File 131398480645.jpg - (10.06KB , 359x239 , 1311304756261.jpg )
You should probably wake her up before she runs into a pole.
>> No. 3681
File 131400874824.jpg - (86.54KB , 466x566 , 131224492190.jpg )
Pocky asleep in the car.

>> No. 3682

sorry, i was having a brown moment there. tell your lady, once she has recovered, to share pictures and stories with the group.
>> No. 3684
I had a brown moment once but it was a completely different thing.

Never eat the food at a strip club. Never do that.
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