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No. 3664
  Nick is 17 now.
>> No. 3665
17? You're kidding? I thought he was like... 20.
>> No. 3666
P.S. Happy Birthday!
>> No. 3668
Pocky is what, 19? Nick confirmed for alpha as fuck.
>> No. 3669
true that
>> No. 3671
O_O Chairguy? Besides, Pocky is the real Alpha., amirite
>> No. 3686
Yeah pocky is alpha as fuck, you would never ever even know just how alpha she is.
She travels the world alone and doesnt afraid anything
>> No. 3687
alone + her family
so, not really alone
>> No. 3689
Awww why ruin it ?,here I thought she was this brave 19 year old on a Indiana Jones type of adventure, now she is just a girl travelling with e family.

also nick are you jelly ?
>> No. 3694
I was quite jelly, I've always wanted to go to Europe :C
>> No. 3697

Hey Nick, I LIVE in Europe, you jelly?
>> No. 3698
Nobody gets jealous of Ireland. Ever.
>> No. 3699
nick is such a debbie downer yo.
>> No. 3703
yeah.. some times like when he is conserved about feline AIDS,, or now in this thread.
Other times he is cool n gives away minecraft n helps out in the forum,
now tell us about your word tour ¦3
>> No. 3704
for fucks sake who has been playing around with my name . D:
>> No. 3712
>> No. 3713
Pocky will you come back on and tell us about your trip?
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