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File 131162248621.png - (29.36KB , 342x522 , Fearless Pocky.png )
3583 No. 3583
What is fearless leader's youtube account?
I assumed it was nopockyforyou or nopockyfoaryou but they're both deleted accounts.
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>> No. 3585
I have seen this answered somewhere, But don't remember where. Did pocky have a Formspring?
>> No. 3586
File 131165390224.png - (105.03KB , 386x384 , pockyfisheye.png )
her formspring is prilawls. if she has a youtube account, i've never heard what it is.

i found nick's band on youtube though (i'm pretty sure), and none of the linked accounts appeared to be hers that I could tell.

i suck at doxxing.
>> No. 3587
so close
>> No. 3588
Pretty sure it's also prilawls. Unless I'm thinking of pockyfan1, boxxyfan's account.
>> No. 3589
She had a couple, this was discussed in a thread here, if i remember correctly. Pocky was asked about them. I don't archive and accounts didn't seem to be important, she wasn't using them. That thread is gone. skimmed formspring, there was nothing about accounts.
>> No. 3590
well shit there is a prilawls. Why didn't I think to try that? XD
nothing there though.
>> No. 3591
ding ding. we have a winner!
>> No. 3592
I hope it's Prilawls, I just commented and I dont want to feel like a noob. D:
>> No. 3593
I think she linked it herself once. Or something like that.
>> No. 3596
File 131173171666.jpg - (36.90KB , 500x375 , 128948506924443920.jpg )
>> No. 3599
actually don't even remember :l
I think something got lost somewhere in the hacking bidnezz. xD;

anyways just as a heads up I just finished my summer chem class (which was the toughest course I've ever taken :l) and I'm leaving for India & Europe for the next 3 weeks :3
>> No. 3600
Where in Europe? Also, have fun.
>> No. 3601
Cool. Sounds like fun. Don't get killed. You know how savage the Yuropeans are and then you have mudslimes in India causing trouble.
>> No. 3602
Ruh roh, noob comment on prilawls then. D:
Have fun. :3
>> No. 3603
Take pictures.
For tha revolution.
Or something.
>> No. 3604
This. A vacation photo essay would be pretty cool.
>> No. 3609
File 131222559417.jpg - (44.13KB , 560x418 , Paris.jpg )
They say that Paris is hot in summer. And empty, since frenchman are going to south to beaches.

Eiffel tower, The Louvre, Seine, catacombs, triumphal arch...

Only lack of money and time keeps me from there
>> No. 3611
I went to Paris in March and it was freezing. Versailles gardens looked like a post-apocalyptic forest, but at least Disney was empty.
>> No. 3612
>visit Paris
>go to Disneyland

waaaaat. That would be like 100th on my list of things to do in Paris.

How long were you there for? What else did you see? What were the highlights? I would love to go to Paris.
>> No. 3613
File 13122516297.jpg - (51.63KB , 640x426 , Sacre-coeur-montmartre.jpg )
But I've always wanted to visit Disney :)
Oh, I get it: you are American, right? You have two Disney parks in your country. Well, we haven't one of those in my hemisphere, so going there was a good idea since we're not planning crossing the Equator for the next 7 years or so.

We were in Paris for like a week. We visited the Eiffel tower, the Louvre & Orsay Museums, Versailles... we walked through that big street from the Louvre to the Arc of Triumph, we went to a big restaurant and asked for onion soup, we took a boat trip through the river and a street painter made us a portrait in Montmartre.
BTW: The Moulin Rouge looked to me like a somewhat classy red-light district. Also, Sacré-Cœur Basilique > Notre Dame.
>> No. 3614
>Oh, I get it: you are American, right? You have two Disney parks in your country.

Fair enough. I've been to both US Disney parks. Not by my choice either time; it's not something I'd seek out on my own. I think the further you are from Disney, the greater appeal it holds (call it the once-in-a-lifetime factor).

>we walked through that big street from the Louvre to the Arc of Triumph, we went to a big restaurant and asked for onion soup

This is what I'd want to do. I'd like to see the big sights and then just walk around the city and hang out. It would probably help to speak some French though. Did you know the language at all? Do you think it made a difference?
>> No. 3615
> Did you know the language at all?
No, I didn't knew a word of french.
So, what I did was being very, very polite and asking for directions to people who looked nice or people who worked at an info booth or so. Also: almost every place we visited was somehow prepared for receiving people from different countries. Many places have texts in different languages, or at least it have some (bad) translation to english. They want your money, so they will try to make it easy.

When I was really lost, I politely asked for directions in english or spanish. They were actually very kind and helpful, in fact, they were kinder than the people we found in Italy and Greece (surprising). I think they recently had a campaign against being rude.
>> No. 3616
I went to Paris for 3 days and we went to Disneyland and one of the nights we walked under the Eiffel Tower for like 15 minutes and then thats it. :3
>> No. 3617
File 131240300215.jpg - (605.60KB , 1200x800 , london.jpg )
Good, good. but there are other cities in Europe too to visit. For example London, city Of Queen and tea(?). My favorite visit places would the British museum, tower of London and maybe madam Tussauds wax cabinet. I could also try to trace the most famous killer of all times; Jack the Ripper, or just walk along the Thames river.
>> No. 3620
File 131248625716.png - (2.97MB , 1097x1411 , europetrip.png )
OK new Pocky vacation discussion. Say you have two weeks to spend on a dream vacation to Europe. Draw your itinerary on the map.

Pic related: London, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Florence, Marseilles, Barcelona, Paris. That's probably too ambitious but who cares.

Another option: do the same for India. I don't know enough about India to do that.
>> No. 3621
File 131248629622.jpg - (487.34KB , 1097x1411 , europe_pol_2004.jpg )
>> No. 3623
File 131248748187.jpg - (1.23MB , 1097x1411 , dreamy two weeks of Europe.jpg )
I recommend trains to get around. They are pretty fast these days.
>> No. 3646
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