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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 13105716406.png - (8.46KB , 175x326 , Pocky.png )
3515 No. 3515
Does Pocky have a P.O. Box?

Maybe if we send her stuff she'll post moar.
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>> No. 3516
File 131058253429.png - (34.28KB , 534x377 , cc population.png )
The population of this Chan.
Each board is now an island.
Deal with it.
>> No. 3517
File 131059097162.jpg - (24.58KB , 533x272 , ace2.jpg )
What's being implied here?
>> No. 3519
File 131059670216.jpg - (51.54KB , 600x800 , Wizard.jpg )
I myself life on many island. Luckily they invented something called tabs..

It's magic and I'm a wizard and know how to use them!!
>> No. 3526
Pocky left,dis iz meow Svetlanaz board.
post Svetlana picz or get dwn
>> No. 3528
Pocky hasn't left, she's taking a nice vacation on a sunny university. She'll be back before you know it, you naughty girl!!!
>> No. 3529
Svetlana could never lead as fearlessly as Pocky. I'll wait patiently for as long as it takes.
>> No. 3531
shhhhh,ur spoilin mai plan.
anyway so yeah,hai Svetlana,how dew u liek ur board now dat Pocky duznt come here anymo?sweet digs huh?
>> No. 3532
File 131075043743.png - (656.50KB , 959x623 , 130644835226.png )
Da, it will do.

[spoilers]will make a cozy place to put my feet up after I own the rest of this chan as well.[/spoilers]
>> No. 3533
I can't believe I... what is wrong with me?
Lulu! Why can't I into bbcode... why does my keyboard smell like pee?
>> No. 3535
File 131075241691.jpg - (57.02KB , 480x560 , cat-girl.jpg )

beautiful-ass cyka.
>> No. 3537
Nick hur går det med svenskan?
Har du lärt Pocky några ord eller ?
Var inte en bög utan våga fråga om du vill ha hjälp med något. mmkay
>> No. 3538
Hey Eyrev, you suck
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