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No. 3382
  Superficially seen it seems that Pocky and Porphyria are complete opposites.
1. Porphyria is obsessed with looks and beauty concepts. Pocky is obsessed with round A's.
2. Porphyria is a sort of semiprofessional internet model. Pocky studies computer science.
3. Porphyria is all over this chan and the internet. Pocky is found no where on this internet.

Looking more into the subject Pocky and Porphyria have a lot in common. Both have a boy friend. Both like Boxxy. And both think that Boxxy is a poor girl.
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>> No. 3383
I thought Porphyria had a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.
>> No. 3384
There Fore Pocky = Porphyria
>> No. 3385
/p/ is not for porphyria
>> No. 3389
That's unfortunate.
>> No. 3391
File 130705655844.gif - (1.37MB , 290x225 , Peter.gif )
/p/ is for Peter :3
>> No. 3406
I'm disappoint that Pocky didn't post in this thread when she came on.
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