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File 130600509995.jpg - (377.30KB , 1024x819 , haunted-dark-night.jpg )
2787 No. 2787
In recent months I have been receiving alarming raports of paranormal activity from all corners of Catiechan. Most of the action seems to concentrated to "p" - board (I have no clue why it's called that). there has been odd manifestations of an entity called "pocky", who has taken a form of young woman in her twenties. She has shown herself in many threads, and has a habit of vanishing suddenly, only leaving her mysterious messages from beyond behind.

I have decided to act, before her ghostly actions create a chanwide panic. I have rounded up a team of seasoned experts and scientists in paranormal field, and working as tightknotted team we are planning to go the bottom of this ghostly mystery. I have spared no expense preparing the team to the task ahead. Our methods will be the most scientific and our tools are most modern around. At the end I know, that we have answers to these interesting questions:

1. Who or what is "Pocky", the entity from another dimension?
2. Is she friendly or evil?
3.What is her message to us, why is she here?
4. Can she tell us little about what is there in Beyond?
5. Is there another entities haunting Catiechan?

We would be very grateful, if you could share us your tales about confrontations of this "pocky". Every small detail could help us to solve this mystery. You can also give your data anonymously, as there's a lot of doubters around nowadays, who are just waiting their moment to mock others because of mystical knowledge one holds inside. There is no need to hold anything back now, there are only friendly faces around you, eager to exploit your experiences from another world!!
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>> No. 2788
File 130600890753.jpg - (30.48KB , 640x360 , 748123HaruhiSuzumiya.jpg )
There's no such thing as Pocky.
>> No. 2789
>in her twenties
She's younger than Catie...
>> No. 2790
So you have a clear picture of her age? How interesting!! I was planning to use Alexander for that, but I don't have to. We can concentrate on more serious matters...
>> No. 2791
File 130603717933.jpg - (4.33KB , 137x102 , cap.jpg )
I've heard about that entity.
Word is that she has special powers and she can even stop the rain.
>> No. 2792

he knows her birthday somehow.
I'm sure it could be found out with careful research and comparison.
>> No. 2793
*observation, not comparison.
>> No. 2794
So you are saying, that this entity has profound effect to weather conditions? I wonder how's that even possible? I must warn my team to approach "pocky" carefully. With that kind of powers she could even create tornados to hurl them away. It's always hard to find skilled replacements these days.
>> No. 2795
Let's hope he shares his research data with us. That would spare enourmous amounts of time, mine and Alexander's, to other matters.
>> No. 2796
I lol'd. :P
>> No. 2801
File 130617967127.jpg - (54.88KB , 500x341 , dowsing-rods.jpg )
Hi there!!
First part of our wonderful and intriging investigation is now over, and I am happy to report to you that we have got some interest results to ponder indeed! Our energy energy expert, Dana, has been a really busy bee and has mapped ghostly energy status of the chan with her wonderful dowsing rods. It seeems that energy has contcentrated to several energy lines, little like Ley lines in old England, and in the crossroads of these lines we have (Or Dana, of course) detected several , indeed several not one, entities or forms. This is fantastic news!!
But Dana, you have the floor...
>> No. 2803
File 130618002477.png - (52.66KB , 1128x542 , energycomp2.png )
Thank you Pdude! First I must assure you that my research methods shouldn't cause any increasing risk of cancer, these are only wicked rumours spread by my former husband. My methods extremely safe and widely trusted!!
So I have dowsed entire board area, and I have managed to draw a crude map of the main energy lines just for you to marvel. And, indeed, I have found two strong contrentations of energy lines. That means there is at least two entities loose here, one in "C" area, and one in "P" area(that's the one we already knew about). Furthermore I found an intresting anomaly in B area. But I must study that a bit more before I say anything about it. Now excuse me, please, science isn't waiting forever, must hurry to do some more.......
>> No. 2804
I'm pretty sure one of the entities has ventured to /o/ before. It sure didn't seem like a Pocky.
>> No. 2805
File 130620027847.jpg - (117.98KB , 500x313 , 5340110607_d9b9ed90b2.jpg )
Nothing living dares ventures into /o/ and none who do, return.

Not even the dead dare tell what dwells on that board.

It is damned.
>> No. 2809
This is a fascinating endeavour! One which I will do my utmost to entillibate, indeed, I shall forsake all lesser tasks, for, as the man said: "Aquila non capit muscas."
First things first: I must gather equipment. A panheterodyne ossiriscope I have here with me. My spagyric Horgon-Massy field loop is in the shop; I'll get that back next Tuesday. If no-one has access to anything more puissant than my 30 giesle VonWang array then perhaps it will do but what we really could use for an investigation like this, where trans-board entitation is suspected, is, as I am sure you must know, an ulta-high vacuum gribben. Sadly, my last assistant, Tudmig, may he rest in peace, stumbled and fell while carrying mine to the piltup bath for infloculution, and, well, I'm sure you can imagine the consequences (cleaning the shredded gobbets of his tumorous being from the steaming coils of my achirial spingum with Q-tips and Lavoris haunts my dreams to this day.)
So, I will hereby setup and calibrate that which I can and begin collecting data. Ah! The chase is on!
Oh, and if any of you Gentle-Folk can reference a quality gribbenwright I would be sincerely indebted.
>> No. 3370
you missed it. she was just here....

or was she?
>> No. 3386
Thank you for this information. It seems that despite the danger we must wander deeper to land of "o".
>> No. 3387
I am hopeful that you are successfull as well, fellow ghost-hunter! I am afraid we cannot offer you any help, your equipment seems so wonderful and weird.
>> No. 3388
File 130704531559.jpg - (44.50KB , 640x425 , pockyentity1.jpg )
Hi there! (uh um!) Sorry i've been away so long, but i have had some difficulties with the rest of the team lately. Our photographer, Robert, has lost himself to "M" world, he is also mumbling something about June all the time. Maybe he has missed the summertime so much?

Dana is missing, last seen wandering somewhere in "B", and that damned Alexander is deeply into his cursed comics that I only get semi-hostile grunts to my questions. But no matter, I have something exciting to tell you all!! Just couple of days ago on of our field cameras finally picked up something lurking here in "P". I'll enclose one of the pictures here, wait a moment, here!!

In the right side of the photograph there seems to be an entity of young girl doing something with some kind of blocks. Could this be "Pocky"? She also seems to radiate some kind of energy around her. Hopefully the other girl in the left is allright, ghostly apparitions are sometimes frightful sights. There has even been reports of hearth attacks and sudden hair color changes.

Oh well, it's time to go back to research. During the next days we are in "B", trying to get to the bottom of new "Boxxy" entity. Be well!!
>> No. 3392
File 130706299120.png - (183.05KB , 324x375 , catieno.png )
is that ectoplasm Pocky or was Nick just happy to seeing you that day?
>> No. 3393
File 130708416216.jpg - (24.35KB , 642x482 , boxxy laugh.jpg )
>or was nick just happy to see you that day
>> No. 3394
File 130711248166.png - (17.66KB , 366x230 , asd.png )
ectoplasmic girl looks like the rainstopper, indeed.
>> No. 3395
File 130711447434.jpg - (62.28KB , 339x502 , 023948029384.jpg )
i wasn't sure if this was botspam or not when i saw it.

still not, mustard is the october pantomime.
>> No. 3396
> i wasn't sure if this was botspam or not
spammer is no longer targeting boards with less than 10 pages.
>> No. 3397
oh, /p/ should be fine then.
>> No. 3429
Hello, anyone there?

If someone is there, please inform others of our horrible end. It all started yesterday, when we were researching "Boxxy" entity in "B". All of sudden something happened, we were all engulfed with strange, vibrant energies. All I could hear word "BOXXY" repeated in different voices. All that I could see was the glimmer of the energy, sparkling with all the colours of this world and others that I don't know of.

I haven't seen my colleagues since, I fear they didn't survive the experience and now lay cold somewhere deep inside "B". I don't know how managed to get free, but here I am. Although not for long, since I sense my end getting nearer and nearer. She is coming for me and soon I'll.....
>> No. 3430
Hi there again! Sorry for the interruption there, I really thought entity was after me. Must have runned for miles!! It seems that danger has passed now and now I must go and see if my colleagues really ready for coffins. I am afraid this case has proven to be too difficult for us for now and we must rethink our strategies.

Back to the drawing board, bye!
>> No. 3432
lol epic thread is thuroughly epic.
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