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File 130564295629.jpg - (260.71KB , 1024x768 , shield.jpg )
2723 No. 2723
Claiming sanctuary too.

Is it really so difficult to battle this spam?
I would like the site staff to say something about it, like "we are working on it, should be fixed in 24 hours" or so. :(

If you are really lost, then let us help you.
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>> No. 2724
itz so annoyin except foar the occaisional "oh,i must hav missd dat" or "i forgot 2 sav dat pic",but mostly annoyin.
>> No. 2725
No one's even trying to clean it up anymore. Almost no one's posted in 48 hours.

Unless they wipe the boards completely, install ReCaptcha, and put the whole thing behind a password, Catiechan's left for dead.

Too bad. I was starting to have fun here.
>> No. 2727
>> No. 2728
File 130565304865.png - (136.56KB , 711x569 , untitled.png )
>> No. 2729
>> No. 2739
Did you hear about RC? ;_;
>> No. 2741
turn that frown upside-down :D

things are still sunny in /p/!
>> No. 2743
kitten mittenz,u'll b smitten
>> No. 2746
It's been dealt with, my liege.
>> No. 2747
Oh cool. Nick get promoted to mod?
>> No. 2749
da fuck? this smoke and mirrors thing is going to far, you guise. now nick is pretending to have been promoted to mod. -_-
>> No. 2751
File 130568657992.jpg - (103.93KB , 500x635 , fuck-is-this-cat-shocked-1290535584l.jpg )
>> No. 2752
Well, thank you. A lot.

lol, you appeared and the rain stopped. I'll call you "she who stops the rain" from now on.
>> No. 2753
File 130568728934.jpg - (8.35KB , 182x102 , pocky captcha.jpg )
I told you guys. She's a mod.
>> No. 2757
> I'll call you "she who stops the rain" from now on.

/r/ing admin install a wordfilter that converts 'Pocky' to 'she who stops the rain' whenever Tama posts here.
>> No. 2758
>> No. 2760
File 130569344969.png - (92.03KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot.png )
i'm really just a janitor bro, wouldnt want to be anything more if I could
>> No. 2761
havin' a problem redeclaring your functions, Nick?
>> No. 2762
File 130569363028.png - (139.99KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot-1.png )
also, I'll save you the trouble of pointing out the fz window. its just for my apache server at home for a project I'm working on for my district.
>> No. 2763
i had forgot php doesnt have polymorphism /derp
>> No. 2764
>inb4 midir
>> No. 2765
also to clarify, I got administrative permission to state my position xD not in violation here
>> No. 2766
>I got administrative permission to state my position

from your girlfriend?
>> No. 2769
lal no special treatment for you,
xD Pocky sure is boss,
>> No. 2770
no, what happened? D:
>> No. 2771


ridiculously tl;dr:
Many users felt that RC abused his powers as a mod, so he eventually agreed to step down.
>> No. 2772
He renounced his duties as moderator, probably leaving the scene too. I personally never had any problem with him, I glanced at some of the drama but I stayed out of it, it was kinda petty if you ask me. Sure he may have made some mistakes but he is human, why take this shit so serious, no need to get all emotional about it.
>> No. 2773
:c but he was a good guy.
>> No. 2774
Agreed, he just wasn't the best choice for moderator, that's all it really boiled down to.
Also, hai pocky! How've you been?
>> No. 2776
I know. D;
I didnt want him to leave but it was 20 against 3 so. >_>
>> No. 2777
lolnohewasn't. You just didn't know him like we know him.
>> No. 2778
:///// yeahhhh....I'm not sure what to believe now. Who else would be such a noob of an administrator? And other things as well. You do know the admin personally, no? Do you ever check that youtube of yours?
>> No. 2779
Look at Nick, always has a tab on the Pocky board, keeping it safe for his fair maiden.
>> No. 2780
yeah but who really keeps tabs on who?
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