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File 130515648379.jpg - (340.99KB , 500x669 , tumblr_ll1zqteGlt1qimy33o1_500.jpg )
2705 No. 2705
star wars, glasses >>14282, twitter,now pocky. much relevence here.
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>> No. 2706
File 130515668191.jpg - (1.89MB , 2576x1932 , 63422.jpg )
>> No. 2707
File 130516066071.jpg - (11.65KB , 262x296 , excuse me wtf are u doing.jpg )
>> No. 2708
This girl has been ripping off catie since day 1. I don't like it one bit; but hey that's just me.
>> No. 2710
Trendy as fuck.
>> No. 2711
Liz Lee lookz nuthn liek Pocky,not evn a bit.
I kin c a lil bit ov Boxxy tho.
>> No. 2713
I don't think anybody here implied that.
>> No. 2714
i kno,i waz jus kitten around but itz hard to get dat across sumtimes.
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