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File 130426645212.png - (426.41KB , 800x616 , pravda.png )
2645 No. 2645
Happy May Day everyone! Hopefully Fearless Leader will give a speech after the parade.

Pic related: Today's newspaper
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>> No. 2672
File 130437801561.png - (132.64KB , 480x360 , 4dd102090.png )
>mfw pocky didn't post in my may day thread on may day
>> No. 2675
>> No. 2676
trip fail
>> No. 2678
>> No. 2687
i am now matt
>> No. 2688
No, you are Gary Oak.
>> No. 2689
Wowww! communist joined us here too. Nice to have a familiar face behind the scenes :)
>> No. 2690
Wait, is that actually you?
>> No. 4212
ФздялзСС ЛздДзя зиДОяСзС Вциуу...Бля, ну что это за хуйня?
>> No. 4217
LOL this thread is still here. I spent like an hour making that Pravda shoop and no one got it. Oh well.
>> No. 4244
I did.
Where's the original pic from btw?
>> No. 4245
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