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File 130418749330.jpg - (24.18KB , 467x331 , pocky.jpg )
2600 No. 2600
Post ITT when you finally saw Pocky in video form.
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>> No. 2601
>> No. 2602
Sup dude.
>> No. 2603
haven't gotten to that part yet, stop spoiling.
>> No. 2604
File 130419026511.png - (283.47KB , 628x418 , Picture 2.png )
>> No. 2605
wasn't the first time.
but i've only seen one picture of her with glasses before
>> No. 2606
File 130419045954.jpg - (13.22KB , 755x80 , pockeh.jpg )

Lol dial up.
>> No. 2607
I never saw that. Is it gone from the internets?
>> No. 2608
What? What are you doing? You watch like 30 seconds and you stop it?
>> No. 2609
Yeah. I checked my history, and he deleted his account immediately.
>> No. 2610
Probably; pocky doesn't want it posted.

He deleted the video, not the account.
>> No. 2611
Really? I get a "This channel is not available" when I try to go in there.
>> No. 2612
That just means his channel is private. If it was closed, it would read, "This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account."

Use boxxybabe for comparison:
>> No. 2613
That makes sense. Thanks.
>> No. 2614
So, anyone have that video saved?

And why did boxxyfan delete the video?

Also could you actually see her in it? People claimed it was bad quality.
>> No. 2615
Just slow internet. I've watched it now.
>> No. 2616
It was awesome finally hearing her voice after all this time.
>> No. 2617
File 130420239585.png - (376.72KB , 641x449 , vid.png )
not the first time.
>> No. 2618
lefty or reversed image?
>> No. 2619
>> No. 2620
I wonder how pockyfan/boxxyfan even got this video or half the pics in that one thread he posted. He's a lunatic when it comes to internetz, I'll give him that much.
>> No. 2621
>> No. 2622
So who is better at the guitar you or Pocky ?
>> No. 2623
So...how about that vid eh? I'm assuming you have it and screencaped from it.
>> No. 2625
Pocky said it was a combination of stuff. Like hacked email accounts and pictures from social networking sites. That's my understanding of it.
>> No. 2627

It was for me. I came in late to that thread. The video was gone by then.
>> No. 2628
fuuuuuu! I raged hard. I was away from the thread for a bit and then came back and F5'd and people were talking about it.
>> No. 2653
ew I forgot I was wearing my glasses. :c
>> No. 2655
nothing wrong with glasses.
>> No. 2656
they're adorable, not on me
>> No. 2658
Pics or it's not true.
>> No. 2659

Shutup. You look great with glasses. D:<

Maybe I'm just saying that because I wear glasses too. Fuck being nearsighted.
>> No. 2660
I have glasses, and I must say that only the best foreverest people use glasses, nerds use contact lenses, just saying, you look fine with your glasses.
>> No. 2663
File 130434940761.png - (80.10KB , 320x213 , ninamori.png )
they're fake.
>> No. 2664
They look hella cute D:<
>> No. 2668
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