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File 130394027198.jpg - (6.37KB , 330x248 , question.jpg )
2573 No. 2573
So Pocky, what should we do if we see you in public somewhere?

Would you rather we XD and go and talk to you saying "Hi pocky" or pretend that we don't know who you are?
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>> No. 2580
File 130396353936.gif - (441.29KB , 500x500 , 0082.gif )
Put the moves on her.
>> No. 2585
Shout nigger at her like you did before, oh that's right, you probably don't act like that IRL.
>> No. 2590
Where did I shout nigger?
And you are quite right, I don't shout nigger irl.
>> No. 2594
inb4 someone posts the screencaps
>> No. 2597
I was looking for it, but I think it's gone.

Had I known Gmaster would go from small-time troll to ultimate Catie lover of Fayo proportions, I would have saved it.

inb4 gmaster again tries to deny ever calling Pocky a nigger
>> No. 2598
File 130408883841.jpg - (23.98KB , 360x264 , ooga booga where da white women at.jpg )
Welp, I guess Pocky isn't going to give us a plan of action, just have to do to pic related.
>> No. 2624
>inb4 Gmaster tries to deny calling pocky a nigger
I'm not denying it.
>small time troll to ultimate catie lover of Fayo proportions
>> No. 2718
i'd def say hi to her while walking by if i seen her on the street, but that's about it. i'm sure she wouldn't appreciate some random person coming out of nowhere and screaming "POCKY"!!!!! out loud while throwing her up in the air and catching her like a baby.
>> No. 2719
>throwing her up in the air and catching her like a baby
>> No. 2721
Claiming sanctuary in /p/.

Also, I'm a bit interested in the question.
>> No. 2722
pocky hasn't posted in over two weeks .___.
>> No. 2726
nobody cares anymore.
>> No. 2730
>> No. 2731
Do you know anything about the situation? Is someone trying to do something?
>> No. 2732
>> No. 2734
Only to disappear again. Ghost of Catiechan!!
>> No. 2735
File 130566144325.jpg - (12.28KB , 281x236 , 1282831996507.jpg )
>> No. 2736
Yet something has happened during her short appearence... check the other boards.
>> No. 2737
Yup. although the spammer is now trying to do one board at a time. He was in c, then switched to m briefly
>> No. 2738
Pocky confirmed for mod.
>> No. 2740
File 130567244838.png - (18.32KB , 533x142 , best captcha ever.png )
Pocky has more mystique than anyone else ever.

captcha related
>> No. 2767
So apparently our dear Pocks only appears when summoned using the phrase "she never posts here anymore" or a variation of it.
Trufax. Proof is all through /p/
>> No. 2768
Fearless Leader is never early.
Fearless Leader is never late.
Fearless Leader always arrives precisely when she means to.

once or twice a month maybe
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