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File 130393774113.jpg - (141.79KB , 464x348 , disneyland_tshirt.jpg )
2569 No. 2569
In this thread we discuss Disneyland because Fearless Leader just went there.

Things I liked about Disneyland:
>The Star Wars ride
>The rollercoaster in California Adventure
>The 3D Muppets minimovie
>The full-size A Bug's Life world
>The turkey leg I had for lunch

I was only there for a day, and I was in college. So I didn't get into the characters/parades etc. and I didn't see everything.

Who else has been to Disneyland? Tell us all about it!
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>> No. 2570
Never been, don't want to go.
>> No. 2575
I like Disneyworld better.
>> No. 2576
Me too. But Pocky didn't go to Disneyworld, now did she?

Tell us about Disneyland.
>> No. 2577
My mom went to Disneyland once. She said it was nice I guess. I want to go to both though.
>> No. 2578
I've been to both DL and DW. I love it. D: I love theme parks and Disney, so both together is like a double gasm.
>> No. 2579
What a copout. Which is better? The people need answers!
>> No. 2581
File 130396859899.jpg - (50.00KB , 512x381 , face145.jpg )
Is there actually shit to do in these places? I always saw them as a place for kids, like a dumbed down version of six flags.
>> No. 2582


>both together is like a double gasm.

This would imply that there is fun stuff to do I think. but yea let us know more, because I am not travelling to Paris in order to find out if its fun
( Sorry French people lurking here, but Paris is run by gangsters and I do not plan on getting murdered rite now .)
>> No. 2584
Not even as a kid?
>> No. 2586
File 130399350776.jpg - (163.26KB , 1066x800 , spa1.jpg )
Went to Disney Paris, things I liked:

7- The Phanton Manor
6- Big Thunder Mountain
5- Captain Eo
4- Star Tours. ^_____^ Funny how all kids were silent but old guys were like "wheeeeeeeeeeeee".
3- Space Mountain 2 rollercoaster. FUCK YEAH!!
2- Visitting in March: Few people, little waiting in the row for games. Indiana Jones' rollercoaster had only 4 people in its row. Longest row I saw was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, which had a 25 min. waiting row (using the free pass).
1- I'm a thirty something guy but still I enjoyed these games as if I were a ten years old. I felt as if this place had been always waiting for me.
>> No. 2587

Space Mountain was both terrible and awesome, it was good fun and all, but your head was fired around like a feckin pinball!
>> No. 2588
no shit, i went to disneyland too D8
what a coincidencee

Space Mountain was fucking awesome, but we waited in line for like an hour which sucked. Other than that, I spent the whole trip astounded by how much effort has to go into planning and designing all of the rides there.
>> No. 2589
Nope. Doesn't that involve going to Florida?
>> No. 2591
That's why we brought chairs when we waited in the lines. It sure was worth it.
>> No. 2592
I've gone a couple times... Its pretty epic but i do prefer the cali adventure... its more adult

just found out my girl has never been to a theme park... sounds like an excuse if i've ever heard one!
>> No. 2593
California. One advantage of Disneyland is that there's plenty of other stuff in the LA area if you're not into all Disney all the time.

The biggest drawback of Disneyworld is that there's nothing else to do in Orlando.
>> No. 2595
I dunno I thought Disney land was in cali, all theme parks in my state are shitty.
>> No. 2596
Best thing about that place was the small world ride, fucking awesome B)
>> No. 2599
File 130409157460.jpg - (784.44KB , 1658x1866 , hong kong.jpg )
Yeah, it was very very cute. From the exit kids were running to put in line again. I could no stop thinking about that simpsons episode when they go to the Beer Park.

I friend I had told me too that line waits were very long. To avoid them next time you should try visiting in low season, or using the fast pass (it's free and you can use it more than once).
>> No. 2720
don't know if troll or retard who has never been to Orlando
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