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File 130360836349.jpg - (52.65KB , 455x310 , akira-20090130034741181_640w.jpg )
2547 No. 2547
Warner Bros. is making a live action Akira... and they're moving the setting from Neo-Tokyo to 'Neo-Manhattan' and are looking at Robert Pattinson and Justin Timberlake to play the roles of Tetsuo and Kaneda.

I was just thinking about the whole Hollywood 'whitewashing' thing when I was channel-surfing a minute ago and I passed the Ten Commandments on ABC. I guess I can't be surprised that a movie made in the 60s featured an all white cast but... holy fuck you're telling me in 2011 you can't make a movie set in fucking future Japan with asians playing the role of fucking asians?

Is there a shortage of Asians in California that I'm unaware of?
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>> No. 2549
>> No. 2550
>brb cyanide
>> No. 2556
Doesn't this Belong in /m/.
Really they restarted the project I originally read that Leonardo Di Caprio was going to produce it but that the project had been canceled.
>> No. 2557
I heard they were going to use *gulp* Zac Efron D:
>> No. 2559
File 13037906867.jpg - (265.03KB , 800x450 , 130285665227.jpg )
>> No. 2677
>> No. 2702
>set in Japan
>played by asians

Will they speak Japanese?

Because I don't like subtitles.
>> No. 2703
The thing is, most anime character kinda look white.
>> No. 2704
>big eyes
>pale skin
>bright hair

something doesnt fit here D:
>> No. 3362
bara prófa
>> No. 3427
From neo-tokyo to neo-manhattan.
How fucking gay is that?'
I'd be okay with american actors and voicing but changing major parts of the plot entirely? FUCK DAT SHIT
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