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File 130298744599.jpg - (14.00KB , 263x191 , bollywood.jpg )
2439 No. 2439
Is there somebody who could give me titles of good Bollywood movies? Or are there any? I've only seen couple, silly ones, full of romance and dance.

How does her lordess of the board feel about Bollywood?
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>> No. 2442
  i like fanaa
>> No. 2443
This song was shot in Switzerland, I think?
Many Bollywood movies has scenes from there, I hear.
>> No. 2446
Bollywood=fail! cheap rip off of Hollywood, even the name is ripped off.
Nollywood, bollywood, jesus christ third worlders.....come up with your own shit.
>> No. 2448
Fail clueless American.
>> No. 2455
Bollywood is rife with plagiarism. You wouldn't believe how many writers have stolen the story where a girl starts singing only to be interrupted by a guy who starts singing.

If that was me I would have my lawyers on their asses!
>> No. 2456
Singing lawyers.
>> No. 2463
Singing and dancing lawyers!
>> No. 2472
Fail jealous third worlder.
>> No. 2486
File 130316022675.jpg - (37.19KB , 400x280 , monsoon_wedding4.jpg )
This isn't a typical Bollywood movie by far, but it's best I've seen. it's "girl" movie, but not so bad. It tells a story of a arranged wedding. Sadly I haven't seen recently, so much to do anyway. But I recommend, at least the girly population of this place should enjoy.
>> No. 2500
So what's a "good" movie to you?
>> No. 2501
Northwest Europe wasn't part of the third world last time I looked. Fail.
>> No. 2505
File 130331511258.jpg - (89.16KB , 768x615 , Meanwhile in sweeden.jpg )
>> No. 2506
This is hard to describe, I like all kinds of them. Good movie has decent actors, script that isn't entirely worn of, and director who can create new ideas, thing to consider. Recent movies (at least Hollywood ones) are using too much of special effects, and real acting or plot development are forgotten.
>> No. 2507
File 130334602359.jpg - (66.12KB , 510x680 , slumdogmillionaire.jpg )
Here is one of the few Bollywood movies I've seen : Slumdog millionaire. I saw it in 2009 and barely remember the story but I remember it as a good movie.
>> No. 2508
Right, it was a good one, it got some oscars (i believe 8) in 2009. It has a British director, so it maybe can't be considered an pure Indian movie. But pretty close.
>> No. 2511
File 130340487742.jpg - (87.04KB , 800x600 , lagaan.jpg )
Have you seen Lagaan? It got nominated for a 'best foreign film' Oscar. The cast is partially British but the movie itself was a pure Bollywood production.

Knowing the rules of cricket helps when watching it, but it's not an absolute necessity.
>> No. 2512
No, that I haven't seen. Seem interesting, I have to give it a try sometimes.
>> No. 2538
lagaan was a good movie~
>> No. 2539
Do you watch Bollywood movies yourself? What is your most favorite movie of all movies, not just Bollywood ones?
>> No. 2583
hnnnnng yesss!
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