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File 13025049379.png - (29.39KB , 336x336 , 3193437.png )
2282 No. 2282
these are a couple excerpts from a paper i wrote for my english class on the internet and identity. not my best writing, just more of an interesting story.


"This story centers around a young girl, barely 15. It started with a click on a link to join an online forum called GaiaOnline, followed by a swift post on the forum to introduce herself and harvest some company. Shortly after, a camera fell into the young girl’s hot little hands; greasy fingerprints stained the record button as she pressed it. A final click on the Upload Video button on YouTube sealed her beautifule. Permanently etched in the online realm were her face and story, and she was unable to turn back the hands of time. Three years ago her name was Catie Wayne, my childhood best friend. Now it is Boxxy, Queen of the internet. The video featured her introducing herself as “Boxxy” and talking about an online friend from Gaia, the web forum. With a quirky personality, adorable face, humorous expressions, and an apparent “je ne sais quoi,” she scaled up the great mountain of Internet fame. Starting from merely one of thousands on Gaia and YouTube, she has captured the attention and hearts of more than millions of people. However on the internet, no one can have a great number of fans unless there is a great or equal amount of haters. I have been best friends with Catie for 12 years and have witnessed the fear and turmoil she has experienced. The content of the video is irrelevant; the effect was much more significant in shaping Catie into who she is today. Before the acceptance of fame, she endured a countless number of threats and harassment, which resulted in her hiding from the internet due to the development of shame and a skewing of her identity. The alteration of Catie’s online identity soon carried over into her real life, leaving her to hit the pause button on her online identity and question whether or not she was more Boxxy than Catie."

"Between Catie and the few people she was found to be connected to on the internet, it was a race against time to remove all of her personal information that had been mindlessly stained into the tangled webs of the internet. It was unbelievable the amount of information on Catie’s personal life has been plastered on display for anyone to take and smear around or threaten her with. Parts of Catie’s identity that were forever captured by the snares of the World Wide Web had been skewed by a few nameless faces."

"To me, “Boxxy” will always be Catie, my best friend since 1st grade. To everyone else, she will either be a topic of ridicule or love, based on the minute to two minutes they have witnessed of her. Some extremists will devote all of their time to her. Some will spend every waking moment trying to dismantle her and compromise all of her personal affairs online and off."

". She realizes that the person whom she portrayed was not really her, but accepts Boxxy as a slight entity of herself. “Boxxy is and always will be a character,” Catie states, “I’m only her when I consciously try to be. Although often time’s people identify me as her and ignore who I am.” Although the internet has altered Catie’s online identity, and affected how she treats her real life identity, all of the support for Boxxy had inspired Catie to continue making videos and introducing even more characters than just Boxxy. This experience has shaped “Boxxy” into a new and improved Catie. She has moved to a new city in response to this and now has multiple fan sites and 600,000 hits when “Boxxy.” is googled. She also plans to create a YouTube partnership and utilize this experience as a stepping stool to further her career and develop her identity even more."

Hope you enjoyed~
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>> No. 2285
apparently i can't type
f a t e
but it's f a t e, not beautifule. D8
idk why it's correcting to that. :|
>> No. 2286
>> No. 2287
wordfilter for f­at
they added it a few days ago
thanks for sharing this with us
>> No. 2288
hi pocky.

catie's on /c/ right now.

so poor timing on your part w/r/t generating maximum hype for your paper.

but i promise to read it tonight.
>> No. 2289
>> No. 2290
yeah i just got that, lmao. D:
>> No. 2291
wah, kya cheez hai
>> No. 2292
Thanks for sharing it.
>> No. 2293
File 130250630123.png - (232.36KB , 642x482 , 1.png )
>sealed her beautifule
I love the filter.
>> No. 2294
I red it.
I haz a sad meow.
>> No. 2295
>> No. 2296
awesome job pocky
>> No. 2297
aw she liked it.
i'll give you the full version later. :3

>> No. 2298
wow. i like it a lot.
thank you for sharing! (:
>> No. 2299
i did do that.

but your way of wording things is always so kewl.
>> No. 2300
i just realized i think i forgot to add an excerpt. D8 there's probably alot more i could have included. i may later.

and how you has nets ? :0
>> No. 2301
>but your way of wording things is always so kewl.

but so is yours Catie
>> No. 2302
shes using her moms net now
>> No. 2303
nice get.
i have nets cause my mom is here.
but my modem came.
>> No. 2304
oh shank you.
>> No. 2305
i was playing mp8 with someone the other day and i had 23 coins. i was like OHSHIT23. and she was like. o__o?

and nice. :3
i'm going to beddybye now. ilovesyou. <3
see to it that a message of text is exchanged between us between now and the next 24 hours. night. <3
>> No. 2306
>> No. 2307
k some one tell me what mp8 is and how to play?
>> No. 2308
23's everywhere...

And that thread we were just in on /c/ was deleted...

>> No. 2309
>> No. 2310
mario party 8, brah
plays just like any other mario party
if you haven't played one, do so
>> No. 2311
yeah wtf happened there?
>> No. 2312
Dunno, but I'm sure mason has it archived.

Clearly the OP deleted it. Wasn't a janitor.
>> No. 2313
night ferreal
>> No. 2314
oh ok I didn't know that's what she meant.

the OP must have deleted the post which would delete the thread, but I had it archived before he did.
>> No. 2315
oh man. i can just imagine the reaction of the namefriends tomorrow when they find out they missed a catie thread and it got deleted. lolol.
>> No. 2316
nah, i saved it. and i'll up load it for everyone <3
>> No. 2317
I have most of Catie's posts screencapped as well so nothing was lost.
>> No. 2318
Thanks man. I had just clicked it and it fuckin 404'd within the 30s of me loading the main page and openin that thread. /feelsbadman
>> No. 2319
no problem. I'll upload it after work as soon as I can. But I never used any kind of upload site before either, so I'll try my best.
>> No. 2320
I'm no writing expert but that was a really good read. Thanks for sharing Pocky, it really shed some light on some of the things Catie had to go thru.
>> No. 2321
File 130250917295.gif - (372.90KB , 300x168 , 1302290454206.gif )


>> No. 2322
I wanted more details about the extent of the threats and the changes she had to make in her life, but it was still good.

Also technically, you should have added up the minutes of the Boxxy videos and the Bambi In Power Park video instead of summing them up as 'one to two minutes' we have seen of her. But maybe that was your point, that it may as well have only been two minutes.
>> No. 2323
I've got an online version of the thread up now:
>> No. 2324
Perfect. I've got an extra two posts off the end. Here you go:
>> No. 2325
Thanks; I added them on. The thread was deleted within a minute of those posts.
>> No. 2326
When I get home Imma over analyse this and sound really clevar
>> No. 2328
You forgot to indent your paragraphs and cite your sources.

Other than that, good job.
>> No. 2329
thank you so much. That's more complete then the archive I had <3 the archive I had ended with Zangief's post then Catie's two posts in a row.
>> No. 2330
>and cite your sources.
lol I think Pocky her self was the source
>> No. 2332
nice will read more when i get home from work:)
>> No. 2333
File 130253372512.jpg - (13.41KB , 320x243 , mad-spidey.jpg )

I liked it.
>> No. 2334
File 130253544143.gif - (1.47MB , 300x208 , 1269259657_omg_cat.gif )
mfw i chek my sav catie tred only 2 find it 404'd too.
tanxz foar a postn dis,u rule
>> No. 2335
RIP anonimau1, anonimau2, anonimau3 and anonimau4. Nevar forget
>> No. 2336
>> No. 2339
Really good. :3

Also Catie + Pocky in same thread = LUUUV. <3
>> No. 2341
Whoa, nice read even if some things are sad, the behaviour of some can make me go insane.
>> No. 2342
Ohh no It was a nice thread :( I am not going to postin a thread created Fanonymous
A Namefriend would not delete a good thread like that, :( crap id did not screen cap that Catie promoted me to oracle : ( was it oracle ? )
>> No. 2345
O.o I'm not sure :D and shank are two items normally put together lol
>> No. 2347
File 130256166334.jpg - (15.13KB , 219x291 , are you serious son.jpg )
>The alteration of Catie’s online identity soon carried over into her real life, leaving her to hit the pause button on her online identity and question whether or not she was more Boxxy than Catie.

>> No. 2349
>> No. 2350
>> No. 2351
>> No. 2354
Beautiful essay. I'd give you an A+ :>
>> No. 2356
Shut the fuck up. I cringe every time you post. PLEASE, just SHUT THE FUCK UP.
>> No. 2357
I feel the same way towards people like you. Funny world, isn't it?

Anyway, I loved the essay, Pocky. Feel free to share more. :D
>> No. 2358
gotta get that postblocker bro.
>> No. 2359
cringefag detected.
>> No. 2360
I mean, wow. I don't even know what it's like to be so adored and hated at the same time and I wouldn't want to know. I imagine that it would be pretty scary, every time I come on here I try to visualize this through the eyes of Catie or her family and friends and it seems kinda scary sometimes. Sorry Catie...
>> No. 2361
>I feel the same way towards people like you. Funny world, isn't it?

winners? non-faggots?
>> No. 2363

>> No. 2364
lol yes, I shall give up writing for English class. :3
>> No. 2365
No don't do that!!
I would be so disappointed in you!
Or are you just kidding?
>> No. 2366
It's probably because you forgot to indent your paragraphs and cite your sources.
>> No. 2367
you don't needz good ritin' ur spell to be an murcin riter. ur shit gets a bolg.
>> No. 2368
Then you'll fail :|
herp derp. Of course. She is mocking the other persons post, implying that he is judging her as a professional writer when she's just writing for English class.
>> No. 2370
Priest, I think I got that already, I was kinda mocking him too. But thank you for trying to help me. This proves that you have a good soul deep inside you.
>> No. 2371
File 130258183852.jpg - (132.78KB , 400x343 , are you not entertained.jpg )
>> No. 2372
Priest, Of course I am, by you and whole circus. This is like soap opera, always new twists!!
But I am a fan too, like you. Or are you in love with her?
>> No. 2374
File 13025835281.png - (13.51KB , 679x427 , face62.png )
In love with who? Pocky or Catie?
>> No. 2375
Well, Catie, of course. Or do you love Pocky?
i might be wrong, but I have sensed vibes of love from your texts, sometimes. Always wanted to ask you about that, priest, ever since you changed your name.
>> No. 2376
File 130258512046.jpg - (31.07KB , 550x733 , 1302327866964.jpg )

Goddamnit Unichan.
>> No. 2377
File 130258878340.jpg - (19.09KB , 295x448 , kim jong ill.jpg )
Calling Pocky a faggot? mfw I have no face
Love is a strong word. I hate saying it. I hate when people throw it around. And I'm not in love with either of them.
>> No. 2378
All right, but please don't hate, if there is nothing to be hated of. It's a waste of time anyways.

Farewell, priest.
>> No. 2379
>> No. 2380
I was waiting for this kind of answer from you. You certainly know all the words, priest.
>> No. 2381
You flatter me. And what's this "priest" thing?
>> No. 2382
That was great!
>> No. 2383
> the Bambi In Power Park video

I'd totally watch that.
>> No. 2384
O/p/ delivars!
>> No. 2387
File 130262524416.jpg - (15.45KB , 250x221 , Go-on.jpg )
this is SO GOOOD!!!!!
>> No. 2388
File 130263543169.jpg - (19.20KB , 298x319 , samefag.jpg )
>> No. 2390
File 130264398320.png - (12.82KB , 163x59 , thabuck.png )


>> No. 2391
>the Boxxy videos and the Bambi In Power Park

Is that another weird word filter or did you just go full blown retarded?
>> No. 2392
He's probably a newderp.
>> No. 2393
Well, some parks may have bambies leaping around in the long grass.
>> No. 2394
File 130266151445.jpg - (74.59KB , 1024x768 , bambi1.jpg )
And here's the proof.
>> No. 2395
For English class..that works then. Its pretty colloquial, but exciting. The story is really as intense as the writing. Definately an interesting perspective on the phenomenon; had your prof been a fan I'm sure they would have shit brix.

I can't help but think that the parts she excluded are the real meat of it. And if this were a bit more drawn out, it could be a great piece of journalism.
>> No. 2396
File 13026638993.jpg - (8.86KB , 250x250 , sad_kitten.jpg )
>...have witnessed the fear and turmoil she has experienced.
>> No. 2397
Pocky bring a hardcore Boxxy/Catie / you fan with you too school you get extra credit + the fan will do your biding .
>> No. 2398
it's true, I talk about things that are personal and things that got catie in trouble in the first place. :9 theres much more to it, it's 4 pages long.
>> No. 2399
to sit down and have a talk with the two of you about what happened would be the most interesting conversation of my life.
>> No. 2400
but what made her hide?
>> No. 2401
Oh lawd this.
>> No. 2402
:/ nice tease
>> No. 2403
File 130270195753.jpg - (13.19KB , 233x216 , 1300318130952.jpg )
Post all the pages pl0x :D
>> No. 2404
it talks about 4chan and stuffs.
I say things about them id rather not post hah. xD

but obviously when Catie went into hiding it was a pretty terrifying and stressful time. D: the paper is about her being cyber bullied, essentially. so it isn't too happy until the end when I talk about her return to the Internet.
>> No. 2405
File 13027117404.jpg - (74.16KB , 500x499 , SadFace.jpg )
Oh ='( very sad
>> No. 2406
You should anonymously "leak" it on something inactive and stupid and one of us will "accidently" find it 2 weeks later. :3
>> No. 2407
Sounds like a plan.
Can't you give us some details? What was it like? "going into hiding"
What about you and your family? Did it affect you, and if so how much?
>> No. 2408
Yeah , must been so hard being harassed like that I cant even imagine, that is the thing that gets me, no one that makes 3 videos should be harassed like that, if Catie did hate speech videos then I could understand, but 3 funny videos and the first two was made for online friends, makes me sad to think how hatefull some are, even today some wan to attack Catie, I can not for one moment understand why.
Its a good thing she has friends like you Pocky.
Real friends that stood by her side through the craziness
>> No. 2409
This. I still feel bad when I think about what happened.
>> No. 2410
If things ever get bad again, we should all chip in to pay for a bodyguard for her. And no, not Kevin Costner. Some Bruce Lee clone.
>> No. 2411
uhh, i dont really get it.
Will pocky upload the whole essay or not?
>> No. 2412
Nominate Nathan jones. No one would do shot in sight of that guy
>> No. 2413
She didn't say yet.
>> No. 2416

She'll upload most of it because I told her to.
>> No. 2417
>> No. 2418
Oh nifty
>> No. 2419
>> No. 2420
File 130284560063.jpg - (30.31KB , 536x535 , 0106.jpg )
lol I'm not even going to read this.
>> No. 2421
Chuck Norris?
>> No. 2422
File 13028798788.jpg - (167.22KB , 597x410 , boxxybrucechucky.jpg )
>> No. 2423
d00d Chuck Norris iz 71yrz old.
I remember watchin sum ov hiz moviez wit my dad(who waz a huge CN fan).
>> No. 2424
And Chuck Norris could still roundhouse kick you into 1978 if he wanted
>> No. 2425
how bowt we jus ask her uncle Bruce?
>> No. 2426
>things that got catie in trouble in the first place
Om gizzle that question has been hanging over me since the first time I saw for everwun. FINALLY
>> No. 2427
Huh...is Pocky referring to the same "things" Catie refers to in Foar Everywun? And I thought that the "things" were her mentioning 4chan in Foar Ant...maybe not.

It seems like theres a bit of a Pandora's Box going on with this essay (and a lot of the information Catie, Pocky and the like have). As interested as I am in reading the whole piece, I can't blame Pocky for not wanting to share all of it.
>> No. 2429
But she said "Things that I mentioned in another video"

What else could it be?
>> No. 2430
I just received news that I got an A on my last essay :3 it was about the relationship between the society and the media.
>> No. 2431
and I had her read the essay this morning at my house :3
>> No. 2432
>I just received news that I got an A on my last essay
nice. good job.

I trust that she liked it?
>> No. 2433
jus look at it
>> No. 2434
>>2431 she lookd at it?
>> No. 2438
File 130298588761.jpg - (2.65KB , 104x126 , 1299526715253.jpg )
>> No. 2440
>> No. 2441
Nice congrats
Also have Nick translate it in to Swedish for fun :P
>> No. 2444
File 130299570620.jpg - (22.01KB , 281x211 , tumblr_lijtxkSFD31qhourio1_400.jpg )
>> No. 2447
>> No. 2464
Bonk for full paper!
>> No. 2465
bumpin a tred dat needz no bump cuz i kanz
>> No. 2466
File 130309195324.jpg - (65.90KB , 449x600 , tumblr_lj7ok98ebU1qz5ay9o1_500.jpg )
Oh good, there you are. I never see you around anymore.

Get right up close to this and smell it would you?
>> No. 2467
y u want me to smell/taste/touch somany tingz?
p.s. i liek da pic,wat iz it?
>> No. 2468
> y u want me to smell/taste/touch somany tingz?

> p.s. i liek da pic,wat iz it?
delicious scientific candy.
>> No. 2469
File 13030961768.jpg - (12.59KB , 300x225 , science.jpg )
ohhhhhh,meow i get it,ha narf!
>> No. 2470
File 130309733677.jpg - (82.94KB , 600x482 , 022711_rg_SovietSpaceCapsule_01.jpg )
I'm glad we see eye to eye on this.

You won't waste precious oxygen when the lsd I sprayed on everything wears off and you find yourself sealed inside a Soviet space capsule. It's a long way to Mars my mousey friend, you'll need every precious breath.
>> No. 2471
lol mau5 I luv how ur just flowing along with this
>> No. 2473
Wow Pocky. I don't want to seem mean, but your writing style in the OP is ... not good.

You can dismiss my opinion as trolling or whatever. You of course don't have to listen to some anonymous guy on the internet, and there's plenty of other people here who will tell you what you want to hear.

I like the subject, and I like that you posted it, and I like you. But I can't lie to you about this. If you're not interested in honest opinions and genuine constructive criticism then I suggest you use your hot little hands to leave a greasy stain on the mouse button right now ...

Seriously I think I could enter that first paragraph into the Bulwer-Lytton Literary Parody Contest. It suffers from that level of problems.

Writers use language to paint a picture, to set a tone, to say things without literally saying them.

I'll stick to the opening paragraph here, which is so clunky it's barely readable, (eg. "with a click on a link to join").

The language is so trite it's as if you bought a cheap romance novel, rearranged the words on page one, and inserted your own names.

"centres around"? "shortly after"? "permanently etched"? Are you srs?
>> No. 2474
actually the purpose of the paper was to answer the prompt. you don't only get points for tossing around fancy words.
this actually isn't my best writing style as I indicted in my first post, but thanks for the criticism. however I will probably disregard it as you really haven't gotten a taste of my actual writing style. :) I'm actually quite proud of some of the other things I write.
>> No. 2475
It seems like you're trying a little too hard to impress somebody. It's cool man you don't have to prove yourself and try to use big fancy words around us.

Oh hai pocky! Midnight love <3
>> No. 2476
Do you always lurk? Because you seem to reply pretty quickly when you have something to say.
>> No. 2477
Your writing style is not that great either. You spent half the post saying that if she didn't like criticism she could gtfo, and another quarter saying what other people do, before finally getting down to what was wrong with her paper in your opinion all the way at the end.

No hostile, that's just the facts as I see them.

Ya, I know it's just a post on an imageboard, but I like pointing out peoples fallacies no matter what they are arguing about or for.
>> No. 2479
I really don't know what to say.That was beautiful.
>> No. 2482
I just happened to be lurking and had something to say. Bl
>> No. 2483
looks like someone has time on their hands :3 ^ <3
>> No. 2484
B| B| B| B| B| B| B| B| B| B| B| B|
>> No. 2487
>> No. 2488
are you lurking right now? you should make a new thread about something random to give us something to talk about. /p/ is boring now.
>> No. 2490
you think pockys text is clunky? Well have one of these:
>Captain Caito Calenius, Master of the Marches, mighty Ultramarines Lord of a Hundred rode to war on a comet of steel and flame. His banner, held proudly aloft, bore the Imperial Eagle and the Skull for gone was better versed in the craft of death than he. At his command, the Wardens of the Eastern Fringe, the blessed brothers of the Fith, gave battle to the beasts on Calth. At their Head, Galenius, Master of the Black Company, wreathed in the light Emporer's just wrath, sundered the horde and drove them before him. By day's end a man could walk for miles without touching the ground, so thickly was it littered with the bodies of the slain. So great was the triumph, that Lord Calgar granted the Laurels of Victory to be borne on the banner of the Fifth as testament for their piety

But yeah, pockys tryin to hard...
>> No. 2530
I muss Pocks, she hasnt been here in forever :<
>> No. 2535
Where is thy fearless leader?
>> No. 2536
I was on vacation in Disneyland :0
>> No. 2542
you are back now, I thought you were a Easter bunny :P
>> No. 2544
Oh, ok. Hope you had fun.
>> No. 2545
pics or it didn't happen
>> No. 2546
>> No. 2563
I'll post a couple.
A again on my third paper :D
>> No. 2564
Can you do some of my work pleasssseeeeeeeee!!!!
>> No. 2565
You should write an essay about Disneyland for English class, then post it here.

I went to Disneyland once. It was OK; I only spent a day there. I had a Fastpass, which made it a lot better. It wasn't nearly as good as Disneyworld. Although, I spent like a week at Disneyworld, and it's a lot bigger as I remember it.
>> No. 2566
nice and nice. Good job.
>> No. 2567
File 130389426865.gif - (607.65KB , 250x273 , 13038321146.gif )
Pocky i have an idea. Why don’t you write an ebook? Like "Story of Boxxy". I would like to read the full story and i think i'm not the only one. :)
>> No. 2568
It was nice reading this one, so please do post more.
>> No. 2696
>>2282 "hiding from the internet due to the development of shame and a skewing of her identity. The alteration of Catie’s online identity soon carried over into her real life"

I would like to hear you go into greater depth on this fateful point in Catie's life (and perhaps all our lives to some extent). Specifically, I was wondering, who provided the greatest emotional support for Catie, during all the harassment, and hardship she went through? Secondly, how did her classmates deal with all of this? Were they supportive, or did they bully Catie too? Furthermore, were there any anons that provided any support, or comfort, during all the chaos? Lastly, at what point did you, Catie, or others close to Catie, realize the amazing potential Catie has to be an actress/entertainer/media personality, as demonstrated by the passionate reactions she invokes on her viewers? Especially considering she can say so little, and garner such a strong reaction. That is essentially the most important element to being a top notch entertainer (making people care). More to the point, at what point was it realized that Boxxy already has an enormous fan base, which would give Catie an advantage to jump starting her (inevitable if she so chooses) career in entertaining millions across the world?
>> No. 2716
nice write pocky. you and cate are blessed to have each other as friends. also it was cool to see ya in her birthday video, even if it was for a few seconds =P
>> No. 3363
>> No. 3366
File 130676921027.jpg - (38.54KB , 435x640 , 00128770_jbv.jpg )
i enjoyed reading it!
>> No. 3414
I love this. Thank you pocky for your literature.
>> No. 3420
y iz dis nawt a sticky?
>> No. 3428
/P/ockY/nU : #{eVyc63a
/P/tArdV.Y : #3UMmIECH
>> No. 3431

it's hardly neccessary like
>> No. 3434
File 130870308217.jpg - (42.34KB , 471x352 , maybmaybnotwhoknowzdatzdafun.jpg )
>> No. 3472
i luv June
>> No. 3493
File 130986580050.png - (29.36KB , 623x421 , junefd.png )
>> No. 3494
>> No. 3549
File 13109563902.jpg - (11.55KB , 320x240 , moar.jpg )
Can you please share more of your writing?
>> No. 3645
>> No. 3691
>> No. 3806
>> No. 3818
>> No. 3864
i wish i was boxxy
>> No. 3881
File 132113476779.jpg - (2.74KB , 300x57 , image.jpg )
I wish I were pocky, because then catie would be my very own bff.
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