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No. 2188

This guy lost his job because he mispronounced an Indian's woman name. Thoughts?
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>> No. 2198
File 130220366025.jpg - (95.81KB , 335x324 , face42.jpg )
LOOOL that guy is an ass. Is that some comedy show? Surely they aren't on air?
>> No. 2199
  I bet the colonial days were just hilarious.
>> No. 2204
Real story, happened in a life news show, New Zeeland TV :

More from here

"Paul Henry has quit his job at TVNZ after anger over his ‘Dikshit’ comments boiled over into protests outside parliament, but support from fans has poured in.

Henry’s ridiculing of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, in which he deliberately mispronounced her name, led to the Indian government lodging a diplomatic complaint against him as well as a record number of complaints to TVNZ and criticism from the Race Relations Commissioner, politicians, ethnic and community organisations......"
>> No. 2205
Yep, it was during the morning show (not comedy) and it was live.
>> No. 2275
Why come to Pocky about it, why not just treat her the same as anyone else.
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