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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 130202534435.gif - (318.93KB , 320x240 , 829673e3whsofr1u.gif )
2154 No. 2154
I'll put dis here incase u come back sumday
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>> No. 2158
Did she get scared away by all them stalker pictures? :O Oh nooooo ;_;

Pawky... we're sorry for what mean people did to hurt you.
Pls holla at us sometime.
>> No. 2160
pocky was here just yesterday.

and yes, we do all still love you pocky. the boxxysphere is a little bit brighter when you're around.
>> No. 2161
What stalker pics?
>> No. 2162
Prolly meant the Pockyfan thread.
But she wasn't scared away by that. She's posted here a lot since :)
>> No. 2169
>> No. 2170
>mfw pocky posts in the middle of the night and no one sees it

if you're still around hi pocky
>> No. 2171
File 130207870727.gif - (58.22KB , 120x35 , shifty eyes.gif )
I see it
>> No. 2172
Hey pocks. Do you ever post anonymously outside of /p/? I suppose not, all this stuff probably doesn't interest you, seeing as how you're best friends with the girl we're all talking about in real life.
>> No. 2173
File 13020874028.jpg - (200.56KB , 1600x1600 , 11175.jpg )
Yeah, I seen it. I check /p/ pretty often. Just haven't had anything much to add lately, and need some inspiration for some good Pocky shoops.

How about another childhood Pocky/Boxxy story to get things going?

Oh, but one thing I wanted to ask you about Pocky was that earring stud thingy in your nose. I never liked those, but more so I never understood them.

They always looked to me like a zit or something - especially from a distance. I mean why in the fuck would any chick want to put anything that could be remotely construed as a blemish right in her fucking T-zone? How is that supposed to be a good idea?

I think you are a way hawt chick Pocky, but from where I'm standing that thing does nothing to enhance your beauty, and can only detract from it.

To me it's like the equivalent of putting mascara on your top lip or something. Mascara is decorative - it looks cool when it's on your lashes, but on your top lip it would look like a fucking moustache - and that can only be a bad thing - period.

Can anyone explain this shit to me? I just don't get it.
>> No. 2174

cultural thing. Almost every single Indian girl will wear one at her wedding. My mom used to wear one all the time before she got married, and then afterwards my quite-Americanized dad demanded she remove it, and demanded she cut her insanely long hair (which went down to her feet).

Over 20 yrs later she now wears the pants in the relationship and is telling him who needs to be removed as executor of their will, for example...lol
>> No. 2175
Well I'd seen Indian girls with them before, but I had no cause to assume it was anything to do with that necessarily in Pocky's case, since there are plenty of non-Indians who wear them too, (though more often the spherical gold ones that tend to blend in better with any skin tone, and look like more a wart or some shit even at close range).

Also it's not like Pocky wears a red dot in the centre of her forehead or anything either.
>> No. 2178
how about that red sniper dot? What's that all about?
>> No. 2187
yes I do, if it's the right occasion.
the dot is a representation of your third eye, but it's more of a cultural/traditional thing. same with the nose piercing, which is supposed to represent ease of child birth.
I quite like nose piercings, since I'm Indian i have an excuse to pull one off hah. I feel like my face is boring without one. D: plus I do enjoy embracing my culture.
and they don't look like zits, wtf? they're shiny. :l
>> No. 2190
> yes I do, if it's the right occasion.

/r/ pic of Bindi Pocky! :3
>> No. 2194
I second this.
>> No. 2195
>I feel like my face is boring without one

Awk, don't be silly <3
>> No. 2196
File 130219766368.png - (105.03KB , 386x384 , pockyfisheye.png )
do it faggot.
>> No. 2200
is dis sum kindar fetish?
>> No. 2201

Would you do it if we said no?

...would you do it if we said yes?
>> No. 2202
File 130220634271.jpg - (9.80KB , 320x240 , 13007854632.jpg )
mfw Pocky postd n my tread
>> No. 2203
>> No. 2209
lol,meow if ownly I cud get Catie,dat wuld b so werd
>> No. 2210
File 130230257117.jpg - (71.33KB , 490x272 , 24.jpg )
>dat spelling

pic related.
>> No. 2211
File 130230455726.gif - (320.17KB , 320x240 , 179693_o.gif )
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