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File 130128718264.jpg - (16.57KB , 327x419 , south-asia.jpg )
2047 No. 2047
ITT we talk about all things south asian. we had a movie thread and I believe we had a food thread too, but those are all gone now.

i would like to contribute, seeing as I am, after all, an ABCD, which means "American Born Confused Desi," which means our parents ended up here, got green cards, popped us out, and then settled in at some point.

so ask your questions, talk about your experiences, share your knowledge, etc.
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>> No. 2048
File 130129024330.jpg - (104.56KB , 275x311 , durka durka.jpg )
Durka thread? Durka thread.
>> No. 2059
What part of India is your family from?
>> No. 2068
Bhutan is the most beautiful country in the world and I want to move there and build a house one day.
>> No. 2072
No real questions or experiences, but I would to see glimpse of Mt. Everest sometimes. No real intention to climb to the top, I couldn't manage it.
>> No. 2080
An uncle worked as a teacher in Bhutan for a couple of years. Nice place but getting there (and leaving) was a real bitch.
>> No. 2081
I'd imagine that's part of the appeal for a lot of people.
>> No. 2086
i have had many nepali employees. they have given me lots of cool stuff from there and taught me a lot of cuss words. i have a lot of respect and admiration for their culture.
sucks what the maoists and the monarchy has done over there.

(mfw i entered the catcha incorrectly but the back button brought my post back)
>> No. 2097

my dad was born in the Punjab region. when he was a baby the partition happened and he was 6 when he and my grandma high tailed it on a random bus, leaving all their possessions behind and heading to "the other country." one of my best friends from grade school told me stories about his family and how they went the other way (he's sikh) - his dad had to be disguised as a girl to be smuggled away from lahore.

still ranks as the most violent migration in the history of man. my grandpa was already in PAK for work when it happened.
>> No. 2098

* 6 months old*

as for my mom her side of the fam was already based in the area that later on became pak. fun story, about 10 years ago (before things got insanely crazy over there) i went to visit and saw her family's ancestral home, which is now basically like a dinky little abandoned village. i got to see the 100 year old well where apparently my grandfather fell in when he was like 7, and somehow managed to get out. lot of random nomads live on the outskirts in tents now, speak a language no one understands, very primitive. fascinated when i saw them. i guess they just moved from somewhere.

my mother's family is a big one in that country. instrumental in helping hindus escape from what had become pakistan during the partition. (you can tell i'm not fond of that country, even though technically i have roots there too)
>> No. 2099
My country's South East Asian. Do I count?
>> No. 2102
File 130150639152.jpg - (54.20KB , 540x373 , kashmir.jpg )
how bout that Kashmir huh?
>> No. 2110
delicious food. :3
>> No. 2111

haha, i love how youre hiding out here and no one else knows (yet) because everyone's in "catiemode"
>> No. 2112
Did you hear? We're doxxing your professor.
>> No. 2113
like a sea urchin hidin under a rock I see you Pock
>> No. 2114

lol, nevermind.
>> No. 2115
>> No. 2116

You ain't getting away easy.
>> No. 2117
Nope. Some of us just don't say anything unless we have something relevant to say.
>> No. 2118
I wish Pocky would visit more often, /p/ used to be the most happening board here. We love you Pocky, don't abandon us.
>> No. 2119
Don't worry, we'll get it kickin' again. You just can't force stuff like this.

I can't believe the Admin didn't seem to make any attempt to restore anything though. I figured they would at least be able to get some archived copies from people here and get some of the content back in here.
>> No. 2126
> you can tell i'm not fond of that country,

Did you watch the India/Pakistan match in the Cricket World Cup the other day? The paks got their asses whooped pretty good there. :)
>> No. 2129
Aaand they won the finals over Sri Lanka! That's India's first World Cup gold in 28 years. :3
>> No. 2135

yessir! my dad was pretty happy, being the native indian he technically is. my mom was like "WTF WHY ARE YOU ROOTING FOR THEM."
>> No. 2136
>> No. 2137
Why would your mom be surprised about that?
>> No. 2138

Well it's the whole "you're not Indian, you were just born there" argument from her end since in her eyes, other than than approximately the first yr of his life, he lived in Pak until he moved to the States. So he "should" be rooting "against" India. It's all in jest though, no one living in the US really takes the indo-pak rivalry ThAT seriously.
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