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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 13011757807.gif - (195.92KB , 822x822 , 130009877350.gif )
1998 No. 1998
Repopulate /p/
Expand all images
>> No. 1999
File 130117778625.png - (22.31KB , 640x480 , 129947879612.png )
now I can post my favorite pocky art all over again. :3
>> No. 2000
File 130117787469.png - (18.92KB , 679x514 , 129257133221.png )
>> No. 2028
Dude someones gotta fix those cold, lifeless, eyes
>> No. 2029
File 130125680921.png - (34.20KB , 679x514 , 130117787469.png )
>> No. 2030
File 130125685719.gif - (7.13KB , 56x75 , Dancing_Pocky_by_gridlocked.gif )
>> No. 2033
>> No. 2043
/clap clap clap
>> No. 2053
Now I know where Catie gets her teeth from.

>> No. 2058
File 130133251452.gif - (266.22KB , 411x411 , you have been served a glass of stfu by pocky.gif )
why is OP's gif so fail?
>> No. 2060
when i read this a few times the words start moving in the opposite direction. am i the only one?
>> No. 2061
File 130133629496.gif - (1.39MB , 240x252 , holy shit dick balls wtf am I seeing.gif )
you're right
>> No. 2062
Nah, I can make it change by decoupling my eyes and refocusing on the pic. Almost like trying to see those 3d pics that pop out of a pattern wallpaper
>> No. 2063
I think it IS running counterclockwise, and your brain fucks it up by trying to read it going clockwise (left to right)
>> No. 2064
mind = blown
>> No. 2082
If you're talking about the thumbnail, the animation is all fucked up - on my browser at least. It only shows the first two frames and does that with a lot of the gifs. So on first blush the writing looks like it's rotating, but it's actually jumping back and forth.

When I open them up they're fine.

*Goddamn it - incorrect captcha my ass!*
>> No. 2083
Nope, I opened the gif up and the text is spinning counterclockwise. You can confirm this by keeping your eyes fixed on one point anywhere on the gif (the top is easiest), and you can read it as it spins by
>> No. 2120
I have a strange feeling that nick wants Pocky to have clothes like in OP's picture :P

correct me if I am wrong Nick.
>> No. 2121
lmfao where would you get that feeling?
>> No. 2122
Might be some kind of projection from my side :P
>> No. 2124

Cause it would be hot.
>> No. 2127
>> No. 2128
There's a name for that effect. But I can't think of it. Optical illusion works, but it has another name.
It is a real phenomenon where your mind is trying to make adjustments to reality. It's an adjustment in the motion detection centers of the brain trying to adjust a moving 2D image in a 3D matrix in the mind. Or something like that.
You should stand near a train moving towards you and look through binoculars. The foreshortening effect is incredible. It's almost like time is being bent.
>> No. 2133
File 13017875991.jpg - (2.45KB , 119x126 , 1288591362596s.jpg )
>You should stand near a train moving towards you and look through binoculars.
>> No. 2139
Question for Pocky

Have you ever spoken to Svetlana ?

>> No. 2140
inb4 Pocky has an another personality like Svetlana
>> No. 2141

>inb4 Pocky has an another personality like Svetlana
I will fix that for you
>inb4 Pocky has an another personality and is nice to Nick.
>> No. 2142
I've heard her, but I haven't had a conversation with her. xD I knew Catie planned this video beforehand though. :3 she even pulled from real life experiences for it.
>> No. 2143
Did you help Catie create Sventlana like you did with Boxxy? Huh? HUH?!!
>> No. 2144
as an actor and a person in general, you pull from real life experiences and surroundings for inspiration. every person she meets or every event in her life has had the opportunity to alter or influence her personality and perhaps her characters as a result.
so I hope so :D I could never take credit for any of things she's done as a result of this situation. merely being there for her as a friend has provided all the influence needed.

uhhh yeah.
>> No. 2145
So ur always making fun of people? ...kinda rude lol
>> No. 2147
File 130196666582.jpg - (21.06KB , 432x288 , face24.jpg )
Are you ever going to sing for us Pocks?
>> No. 2148
Is this copypasta or what?
>> No. 2150
yeah sure. :l
eventually :3
>> No. 2151
As this board's fearless leader, you should write your own copypasta. I would be happy to repost it over and over.
>> No. 2152
don't mind that other kid, he's only 13 years old.
>> No. 2153
>merely being there for her as a friend
thank you for that. it amazes me that you are supportive of this community.
>> No. 2155
o_O <--- you when Catie becomes Svetlana in a serous conversation with you.
>> No. 2163
File 130205536945.gif - (0.96MB , 170x190 , 1289629619290.gif )
not enough frames.
>> No. 2165
Chill, it was a joke
>> No. 2166

>>mfw catie AND pocky have gotten sucked into the world of tl;dr posts

>> No. 2167
I blame you.
>> No. 2168

if that were true then id gladly take credit, bwahah
>> No. 2176
> I have a strange feeling that nick wants Pocky to have clothes

Stopped reading there.
>> No. 2177
> _< your clothes are glued to your body?
>> No. 2206
ANYWAY... >>2061 That file name. Lol'd
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