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File 130385964059.png - (86.74KB , 300x300 )
927 No. 927
stare into the abyss and your death will be quik and painless.

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>> No. 928
Stare into the abyss
>> No. 930
File 130392565813.png - (1.18KB , 300x300 )
It's... so beautiful...

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>> No. 931
pretty purple rose!
>> No. 932
I dnt get dis,u confuzzlz meh
>> No. 933
With the upcoming birthday bash slowly creeping up, /o/ silently peeks from the corner, staring.
>> No. 935
quik? as in nestle quik? yummerz lol
>> No. 936
lol,stare in2 d abysss and reseeev nestle quik
>> No. 2114
bump 4 ;)
>> No. 2466
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