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File 130186546829.png - (13.96KB , 300x300 )
642 No. 642
I can't belive the Admin didn't fucking see this coming. Now all our art is gone.

Captcha: relaxg

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>> No. 643
It isn't completely gone; I have it all archived.

I thought the admin would do the same thing as he did on [b/ (temporarily disable deletion), so I didn't even think to bump until I saw threads falling off of page 14. Ironically, the captcha stopped me from saving the other Catie thread in time.
>> No. 644
I made a thread with "mew" as the message. Could you please give me the picture I made? Thank you.
>> No. 645
File 130186665246.png - (9.61KB , 300x300 , 130060854638.png )
>> No. 646
Yes. Thank you.
>> No. 649
NOOOOOOOOO The chain oekakis thread is gone!! Nothing good can come out of this now.
>> No. 1812
fuck you eyrev
>> No. 1924
posting i guess
>> No. 1954
>> No. 2450
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