Catie Chan

Rule 0 #

Please be nice. While this is a chan, we intend for it to possess a friendly, warm, comforting atmosphere.

Rule 1 #

Posting illegal content of any form on any board will result in a warning, then a ban.

Rule 2 #

Spamming on any board will result in a posting ban from all non-/m/ boards for 24 hours, if you spam /m/ as well, you will reset your 24 hours and be post banned from /m/ as well.

Rule 3 #

Off topic threads will be moved to their correct board. Your punishment is existing links not working.

Rule 4 #

Any post that is hateful, racist, or indecent is subject to immediate deletion.

Rule 5 #

You may always appeal a ban or board move by e-mailing us.

Rule 6 #

Please only post constructive criticism. Any other form is subject to deletion.