Catie Chan

Welcome #

Hello! Congratulations on finding Catie's fansite. Here are some guidelines and answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.

Q) Can I talk to boxxy? #

A) Yes, but her name is actually Catie Wayne. Boxxy is a character that Catie created. Catie posts here from time to time. You can tell it is her by her unique name !catie

Q) When can I talk to Catie? #

A) Please don't make a new thread just to talk to her, she posts here on her own schedule. Instead, just wait until she's on and then you can say hi. When she starts a thread it's usually pretty busy so she can't respond back to everyone, but she often enjoys interacting with new fans.

Q) I have some questions for Catie! #

A) If you have any questions we recommend that you first look up her formspring. She has answered alot of questions on there and chances are she already answered the one you want to ask.

Catie's formspring is found here: Catie's Formspring

She has answered thousands of questions, so if you want to quickly search for an answer to your specific question you can use this text based archive of Catie's answers: Catie's past formspring answers

Protip: Use Ctrl + F to search that archive for your question. For example, you can search the word "band" to find out that Catie's favorite band/artist is Mika

Q) What is this place? What is an imageboard? What is a chan? #

A) This is Catie's personal website, dedicated to her fans and fans of her work. An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images. Chan is short for channel.

Q) I just started watching boxxy videos. How can I catch up on all the stuff i missed? #

A) Lurk more! What does that mean? It means that at first you don't post anything, instead you read what people are saying and use this knowledge to figure stuff out on your own before posting questions.

However there are some very good resources available

and here is a list of sites related to catie

Q)How can I get an account here? #

A) There are no accounts on the chan. However making yourself known is pretty easy. You need two things, just type a username into the name field and then follow it up with two number signs and put a password after it