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Boxxosphere SpreadShirt Store

File 135337015733.png - (291.82KB , 652x494 , Hype Hype.png )
9216 No. 9216
At long last, my almost-nine-month-long labor of love is finally finished. What I originally intended to be a small, silly birthday present for Catie back in Spring eventually grew and changed into something truly colossal. Today, on the two-year anniversary of Catie’s return to the internet, I’d like to present my tribute to one of the most amazing girls ever, and the awesome community that’s built up around her.

The first ever full-length, fully playable Boxxysphere RPG:


https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B14KKH ... VZCQ1dBdXc

This is the link to the game itself. You need to download this to play.


This is the link to the RMXP software. You need to install this to run the files. The free trial version will do. See below for specific instructions.


What is BoxxyQuest? It's an epic fantasy saga set in the magical land of the Internet.
A terrible, web-changing cataclysm has reformatted the virtual world and left this new Internet on the verge of total deletion.
Now, Catie and her companions must venture out into the Sphere and work together to stop an omnicidal maniac from erasing everything they've ever known.
Along the way, they'll encounter untold dangers, wonderous places, mysterious allies, shocking secrets, and so much more...

While playing BoxxyQuest, you can expect to find the following! :D

> A massively epic plot-driven adventure!

> Seven towns and Eight dungeons based on locations in the community!

> Everyone in the Sphere is in the game somewhere!

> Challenging bosses!

> Nine playable characters in the party! *

> 30-35 Hours of playtime! **

> Sidequests, bonus cutscenes, easter eggs, and loads of optional content!

* Two of these are optional, via sidequests.
** Maybe. See the corresponding question in the F.A.Q. below for details.


First, you need to download and install the RTP for RPG Maker XP. You can find it by following the link above. This is so that the programs will run properly and prevent random crashes. The free trial version works perfectly fine, and games will still be playable once the trial period has expired.

Once RMXP has been installed, download the game itself from the other link above. Extract all of the files and folders from the .rar archive into a safe folder.

Once that’s done, just click on “game.exe” and you’re good to go.

F.A.Q. - if you want to ask something about the game, check here first!

Q. How do I [Insert basic game mechanic here]?

A. Boxxyquest uses pretty standard fare RPG mechanics. The same basic stats and combat/exlporation systems that you're used to if you've played RPGs before.
If you're new to the genre, there is an optional tutorial area at the start of the game. It's called FAQ Woods, and the signposts
dotted around will explain everything you need to know.

Q. How do I solve [Insert dungeon puzzle here]?

A. Keep trying! Rest assured that every puzzle has a solution. If you get really stumped, feel free to contact me or post in the thread and I'll give a hint.

Q. Am I in this game?

A. Probably. I tried to include everyone I could think of. Naturally, it's impossible for everyone to have an important, plot-affecting role; but I tied to fit
everyone in somewhere, even if only as an NPC. If I've ever interacted with you before, chances are you'll see yourself walking around at some point.

Q. This game is bad an you should feel bad! I'm not going to finish it! D:<

A. Remember that BoxxyQuest was originally just a little two-month side project. I'll be the first to admit that the first act of the game is a bit
rough around the edges because of that. It wasn't until I actually got serious about the game that I stopped rushing and took the time to make everything perfect.
I suggest playing at least as far as 3V3's Spire before making any judgement calls. In my opinion, that's the point where the RPG gets genuinely awesome.

Q. What kind of optional content is there?

A. There's several different sidequests, including one bonus dungeon filled with optional bosses. As for content itself, there are two optional party members that can be recruited, many hidden items and weapons, and at least six hidden bonus cutscenes that can only be seen if certain conditions are met. The cutscenes help to advance subplots and storylines that the main plot doesn't have time to cover, so they're definitely worth seeing! Try to find them all! :D

Q.How long is this game?

A. That's hard to say, honestly. When I did my final playtest of the finished game, it took me about seventeen hours to complete everything to 100%. However, I'm also the guy who made the game, and thus knows exactly what to do and where to go in every situation. For someone who hasn't played the game before, I'd guess it would take maybe twice that long? Three times, maybe? So about 30-35 hours minimum for a full playthrough, I guess. :/

Q. Why is the filesize so huge? D:

A. Because it's a huge game. Before I compressed the files, it was over 1.4 gigabytes of data. With much effort, I managed to get the size down to less than half of that, but I literally cannot compress it any more than that without wrecking the game.

Q. I there a sound test in the game? I want to listen to the background music some more.

A. Of course there is. What kind of crappy RPG would it be without one? It's hidden, though. Keep an eye out for suspicious locations where it might be found! :O

Q. I'm not from the Sphere, and I've somehow found out about this game. I'm interested in learning more about this community.
How can I do that?

There's lots of resources you can use to find information on the Sphere's history; but the best is probably http://boxxy.wikispaces.com/
It's a comprehensive wiki with articles covering every aspect of the Boxxy fandom. There's even a community timeline if you want to look up specific dates
for whatever reason.

Q. I'm not from the Sphere, and I've somehow found out about this game. I want to get into contact with you. Is that possible?

A. Sure! The easiest way to talk to me would be on Catie's forum, htto://forum.catiewayne.com. My account name is "The Shrimp" if you want to send me a message.
I also have a Twitter that I use sometimes, @Shrimpses, and an email address at Shrimpses@gmail.com.


Enjoy! :D <3

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>> No. 9303
lol, you're supposed to go to the cliff that you wake up on at the start of the game.

and I think you have to accept jelly's quest before you can get rid of the slimes.
>> No. 9304
wow, thanks, i didnt remember about that place at all!
>> No. 9305
>That bug was fixed days ago.
Oops, you're right. Thanks. Couple of other minor issues I noticed: (1) When Hill is walking around naked there's some stuff above her head. It looks like a few pixels of her feet as if the sprite were out of alignment. (2) At the start of the game I talked to the guard in [b/ before talking to all the villagers, so I missed some of the greetings they said before they talked about whether they would travel with Catie or not. They should introduce themselves first.
>> No. 9307
File 135379306675.png - (310.83KB , 632x434 , Untitled.png )
Some parts of the map in the first cave are messed up. pic related
>> No. 9312

>Hill sprite malfunction
>[v/ villager dialogue
>Cave tileset issue

The first and the third are so minor I doubt I'll worry about fixing them right now. The second isn't even a problem because everyone in the village switches back to their original dialogue once Anon joins the party. :D
>> No. 9313


Fucking keyboard.
>> No. 9321
Connor uploaded a video of the game in case you haven't seen it.
>> No. 9324
damn who buttowns the buttowner?
i remember someone saying something about boxxology having fought gmaster in the past, but i cant find this person/place anymore. halp!
>> No. 9329
it's Madison at the inn. you have to ask her about rumors, and the Gmaster option will be there.
>> No. 9342
How much of the game was made by the RPGMaker and how much of the game was made by you? For example who wrote the music? How many sprites or textures did you make?
>> No. 9383
The final version is probably gonna be released in about a week and a half. Most likely on Friday the 14th.

It's going to have all the patches pre-installed, so you won't have to worry about manually shifting a bunch of files around.

It's also going to have a ton of bonus content that deadlines made me leave out of the original release. I'm thinking new cutscenes, new sidequests, loads of new background music, maybe even an alternate ending or two. It's gonna be fantastic. Just you guys wait. :D
>> No. 9384
that's so awesome <3
>> No. 9385
I love the music in the game.
>> No. 9425
> >A successful RPG made in flash
> >Pic related

Break the mold, ma nigga, break the mold.

Flash gives you a worldwide audience across many OS's who are willing to click a link but not download executables.

Tough part would be setting a server up to store their savegame.

New game could end up being the next Robot Unicorn Attack in popularity.
>> No. 9450
File 135562194156.png - (2.88MB , 2556x1858 , screenshotmosaic.png )
Ohai. I posted this elsewhere last night, but I forgot to make the announcement here.

I've finished the final (hopefully) update of the game. It's got a lot of new changes and additions. You can download it here:


As before, you'll also need some version of the software, that can be downloaded here:


If you're curious about the specifics, here's a basic changelog of all of the things I added and changed:

>Fixed all major glitches and bugs

Gameplay-wise, I figure this is the most important of the changes. In the original release, there were a metric fuckton of bugs that I had missed during my test run, mostly because I was lazy and had noclip on the entire time. Thankfully, Masonprof and Zeitgei5t both donated some of their time to do extra, post-release playtesting. All of the issues that they found are fixed in this version – no need to download a bunch of patches separately.

>Added new cutscenes

This version of the game contains five brand-new cutscene sequences that weren’t in the original. Two of them are storyline scenes that you’ll see just by playing normally; but the other three are hidden bonus scenes that you’ll only see if the right conditions are met.

>Added new music

I changed quite a bit of the background music to songs that I thought were more emotionally fitting. Notable replacements include: Boxxyfan’s theme, Eyrev’s theme, the background music that plays when you’re outside one of the Spires, the final boss themes, and a few others.

>Changed some character sprites

A few people requested that I made edits to their sprites. Notably, June wanted her hair to be brown instead of anime-blue. Jelly was going to make his own Porphyria sprite for me to use, but he was too lazy to finish it even though he had a month to do so.

>Adjustments to balance and difficulty

I altered some of the stats and figures for this version. First, I changed some of the enemy stats around, with the final result being that most of the monsters are a little bit easier than the original, but harder than the "easy-mode" patch. It's sort of a "normal" difficulty, of you will. I also nerfed a few of the endgame weapons, because they were way too broken. With the strongest sword in the game, I was able to bring down the final boss in five hits with no HP loss to my own party, which of course just wouldn't do. Basically, I just made everything more balanced. :/

>Made various cosmetic changes

I added several little touches here and there that just make the environment look better. For example, there are now seagulls flying over some of the beaches, and some of the grass in the fields is a little more overgrown.

Enjoy! :3



You make good points, but it just wouldn't work for me. I don't have enough faith in Flash to trust it with a project of this sheer size, nor do I have the skill required to make it. This isn't some little Browser-game time-waster like RUA, you know. This is a full-length game on par with a lot of commercial releases.

Also, I totally don't have the money or the resources to host a server. I'm a near-broke college student working off of an average-tier laptop on temperamental public wifi. D:

That doesn't mean you can't promote it, though. I'd love to get word out there about BoxxyQuest! Tell your friends! Summon the Tumblrfags! Post links in other communities you visit! :D <3
>> No. 9451
awesome. thank you so much Shrimp.
>> No. 9452
Thank you :) Downloading this again.
It will be nice to have some fun game to play now.
>> No. 9476
Holy shit, Shrimp.

>> No. 9503
If we download the new version would you recommend starting the game over? I'm only to the hall of archives right now, will I miss any of the newly added features?
>> No. 9505
I would start over.
>> No. 9506

Hi, Crimson! Long time no see, as usual. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it. :3


You haven't missed anything new, but since you're so close to the start, a new game would maybe be a better option. I'm still not sure how structurally stable old save files are in the new version.
>> No. 9536
Did anyone notice, while playing, that there were some spots where the background music just wasn't playing?

Well that's because, as I just found out, some of the audio assets became corrupted during the upload process. It's nothing I could have prevented - the source files still run perfectly - but it's still a major pain in the ass.


That is a re-upload of the files in question. Add those into your audio folder, and it should fix the problem.

I'll add that this download is totally optional. It's not like the patches from before, in that it's still 100% possible to beat the game without these files. This will just help to maximize the experience and let you play as intended.
>> No. 9699
File 135942912938.png - (217.39KB , 423x470 , 19.png )
This is so awesome!
>> No. 9786
>> No. 9797
File 135988075918.jpg - (95.04KB , 795x622 , 30.jpg )
suppose I was going to post some unofficial bonus material for this game, which file host would you recommend?
>> No. 9801
File 13599291654.png - (173.77KB , 477x358 , 129418748870.png )

This... Sounds interesting. What kind of bonus material? I'm excited. :D

If it's under 200 MB, you can use Mediafire. Otherwise, Google Drive is probably the best option, mostly because Mediafire likes to spontaneously "give up" when uploading larger files. You'd need a working Gmail account though.
>> No. 9890
File 136055622515.png - (234.64KB , 646x505 , Catie is sleeping.png )
I guess I'll leave this here
>> No. 10077
File 136156803272.png - (1.36MB , 6000x6000 , horrified_fluttershy_by_sirspikensons-d4vfzq9.png )

Oh God! I didn't ask for this!
>> No. 10078
Well now you know why i could not post it in /c/
>> No. 10334
>> No. 10336
I guess I'll make a gameplay of this. XD Should take a while though.
>> No. 10362
File 136533081770.png - (5.55KB , 492x328 , 1347854023488.png )
LOL @ Cornelia you guys
>> No. 10510
This is amazing. Thank you.
>> No. 10535
File 136814202892.gif - (1.99MB , 400x225 , implying.gif )
Okay gais. It’s been about half a year since release. I suppose the time for secret-keeping is long over by now. I thought I’d write up this little guide for those who might not have discovered everything, but are interested in doing so. :D

Sidequests, Bonuses, and Secrets Guide

It probably goes without saying, but FUCKING SPOILERS, HOW DO THEY WORK? I take no responsibility for any ruined surprises or expectations if you choose to read this. :3


Here’s a list of all the optional objectives in the game, the rewards you get for completing them, and how to go about doing it.

The Missing Paintings

In a house in BoxxyForever, you’ll meet Alex – an artist whose paintings have mysteriously vanished. He’ll ask you to recover them, in exchange for various prizes. There are sixteen paintings in total, and they can be found in the following locations:

Painting #1 – In a barrel in the extreme southwest corner of /m/. A nearby NPC comments on it if you talk to him.
Painting 2 – Speak to Math Guy in the Skype Community Theater. Only available after Boxxy’s Spire.
Painting #3 – In a chest in the VIP room of the Sparrow Inn in Skype.
Painting #4[b] – In the treasure cave in Tinychat Desert. You need Fence Climb to reach this.
[b]Painting #5
– On Floor 50 of the Pit of 100 Faggots.
Painting #6 – In a barrel underneath the large shady tree near the southern entrance to Social Road.
Painting #7 – Speak to Bracketsy in Skype until he gives you this.
Painting #8 – In the barrel next to Tuo and Maxie’s house in /m/.
Painting #9 – In Facebook Snowfield, on the ground near the campfire that can be found if you walk along the northern edge of the first screen.
Painting #10 – Win one of the obstacle courses at Racecart Crash!!
Painting #11 – Buy a plushie from JaKalibur in /m/, and then give it to the lonely child in Skype.
Painting #12 – Defeat Revvy in the colosseum to win a diary; then give the diary to the red-haired girl near the front desk.
Painting #13 – In Boxxy’s Spire. At the intersection just before the repeating hallways, take the upper-left corridor to find a treasure room.
Painting #14 – Speak to Leifr in his tent on the road leading east out of Skype
Painting #15 – In Shrimp’s treasure vault. You need Fence Climb to get inside the vault.
Painting #16 – Found at the summit of the mountains behind BoxxyForever. During the second “outside” portion of the mines, climb the ladder to the very top, and then jump across to the other side.

Reward – Lots of things, because you’re given items or money after each individual painting is returned.

The Pit of 100 Faggots

Halfway along Social Road, you’ll find an intersection where you can go left or right. If you choose the left path, you’ll discover a mysterious cave at the end. This bonus dungeon has 100 floors. You must defeat enemies to advance from one floor to the next. There are prizes and an exit on every floor ending with 0, and boss battles on every floor ending in nine. Once you go inside, you can’t save the game until you’ve left.
Note: you’ll need the “Fence Climb” ability and lots of healing items in order to make it completely through the dungeon.

Floor 10: Webring
Floor 20: Diamond-Obsidian Armor
Floor 20: Faggotglow Whip
Floor 40: 40,000 Posts
Floor 50: Missing Painting #5
Floor 60: The Blade of Fallen Memes
Floor 70: The Pony Bow
Floor 80: Gauntlet of Faggotry
Floor 90: Shield of the Basement Dweller
Floor 100: Crissa will join your party. (Optional party member one of two!)

Masonprof’s Archives

North of the Sparrow Inn in Skype is a brown-roofed building serving as the city’s archives. Masonprof is there, and will ask you several questions about things you’ve experienced on your journey.

Question One: Twenty People
Question Two: 380 Posts
Question Three: Three Times
Question Four: Water Attacks
Question Five: Three Butterflies
After answering all five questions correctly, Masonprof will join your party. (Optional party member two of two!)

Hide-and-Seek with Heyguise

You’ll find Heyguise standing in front of a market stall in /m/. When spoken to, he’ll challenge you to find him three times. If you do so, he’ll give you the Hidden User’s Shroud, which greatly increases the evasion of whoever equips it.

First hiding spot: Northeast of Racecart Crash!!, behind a tree.
Second Hiding spot: In the garden of Shrimp’s castle, up against the wall.
Third Hiding spot: Behind Kaylaa’s item shop.

Racecart Crash!!

Racecart Crash!! Is the red-roofed building next to the eastern exit of /m/. It’s a cart-riding obstacle-avoidance minigame. You have to make it to the end of the course without hitting too many objects.
There are four courses in total, and winning each for the first time will net you one of the exclusive light saber items.

The Colosseum

Also in /m/, this marble arena houses grand battles in which you can participate. By wagering one of your own items, you’ll be pitted against an enemy who has wagered an item of their own. Only one of your party members may enter the arena, and the winner walks away with both items.
There are a handful of prizes, such as the Golden Hairband and the Data-String Whip, that can only be obtained in this fashion.
For a complete table of items, enemies, and prizes, see here:


(Credit to Robert Paulson for the awesome chart. :D)
>> No. 10536
File 13681421579.gif - (163.64KB , 500x377 , tumblr_mcrbjzfyE61rwong6o1_500.gif )
Bonus Cutscenes

There are seven secret, optional scenes in the game which will only play if the right conditions are met. They serve to develop the characters, or to expand on plotlines that otherwise go without a lot of focus.

Scene One: Ornj and Normy’s House
How to activate: Walk into the house below the inn in ILB. That’s all there is to it.
Description: In a blatant rip-off of homage to College Humor, Catie and her companions will raid these random peasants’ house for much-needed battles supplies, ignoring their silly and useless NPC chatter in the background.

Scene Two: A Trip to Equestria
How to activate: Take a left at the intersection behind the Scandinavi Inn, and follow the path all the way to the end.
Description: After a game’s worth of hints and implications, it’s finally confirmed that The Boxxysphere shares it’s western border with the magical land of ponies. Going across the border will activate a cutscene describing Catie’s wondrous adventures in the neighboring kingdom. After the scene is over, you’ll be rewarded with The Sword of Sun and Moon
Note: Making Catie go to Equestria will change the dialogue during Princess Celestia’s scene later on. Instead of introducing herself and explaining who she is, Celestia will greet Catie as if they already know each other.

Scene Three: Jelly’s Morality Lessons - Part One
How to activate: Speak to the man standing to the left of the Sparrow Inn in Skype
Description: This apparently random NPC turns out to be a massive asshole who challenges you to a battle for no reason. Catie decides to take this opportunity to teach Jelly about forgiveness.
Note:The outcome of the scene will be different, depending on whether you battle the NPC or run from the fight.

Scene Four: Jelly’s Morality Lessons – Part Two
How to activate: Speak to the scholar in the Lacuna Lodge in BoxxyForever
Description: Jelly meets a former member of his castle staff, who has left him behind to pursue a quiet life elsewhere.

Scene Five: Shrimp and Cornelia – Part One
How to activate: After viewing the Eyrev cutscene following 3V3’s Spire, stay the night in the Sparrow Inn in the VIP suite.
Description: Shrimp and Cornelia find themselves having doubts about Eyrev’s plan to reverse-activate the Spires. They meet outside the inn at night to discuss the possible future and their fears.

Scene Six: Shrimp and Cornelia – Part Two
How to activate: After watching Part One, and after having beaten Boxxy’s Spire, stay the night at the Omniscient Inn in /m/.
Description: On the eve of the final confrontation, Shrimp and Cornelia have another midnight conversation, this time discussing strategy about how they can peacefully stop Catie from erasing their memories from existence.

Scene Seven: A Trip to the Hot Springs
How to activate: This scene has multiple steps needed to activate it.

Step One: Complete all four of the rotating door paths in 3V3’s Spire. The order in which they are completed does not matter.
Step Two: This will unlock the “un-openable” blue chest in the treasure room later on in the Spire. Inside the chest is an Ordinary Wooden Stick.
Step Three: Take the stick back to TinyChat Desert and interact with Jwagzz again. Somepony’s Super-Private Something will fall out of his pocket.
Step Four: Take the “thing” to Warm Hearths in the Scandinavi Inn. She’ll attempt to buy your silence by opening a portal to her private hot springs outside.
Step Five: Walk outside, make a right turn until you hit the cliff face, and then go down while hugging the wall until you see the portal. Go through the portal.

Description: Catie and her companions, weary and aching from adventure, take a well-deserved break at some secluded hot springs. Viewer discretion is advised. :P

Misc. Secrets and Easter Eggs

These are all little things included in the game which don’t advance the plot or give you cool items; but they’re still there if you feel like looking for them. :3

Twitter Port – Vermillion Mode
Speak to the Oldfag in Twitter Port after the Kelly situation has been dealt with. He’ll rant about nostalgia for a while, before tinting the screen orange and replacing the background music with the theme from Vermillion City. This lasts until you leave the map.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary?
There’s an abandoned house in Skype. A kid nearby comments on hearing voices coming from the dry well nearby. Uh-oh. Red flags everywhere. If you go into the house and go down to the basement, you might find yourself standing in front of a very spooky red door…

Sound Test
After beating Boxxy’s Spire, go into the Skype Community Theater and talk to Monz standing in the right-hand room. He’ll let you listen to almost any song in the game, barring the one’s you haven’t heard yet.

Fluttershy’s House
Just before the entrance to Equestria, turn northwards on the little stone path to reach a cottage belonging to Fluttershy It’s not exactly hidden, but someone staying on the main path might not know that it’s there. Fluttershy will give you some cool items if you visit her.

BehindFluttershy’s House
Go behind the aforementioned cottage to discover a staircase leading up to a nighttime version of the cliff from the beginning of the game. Now why is this here? Could it maybe be a set piece needed for a scene during the ending? Hmm.

The Glorious Cavern
This mysterious little cave at the entrance to Unichan appears to have no purpose. In truth, there are monsters called Glorious Cavern Fuckers wandering around in there. They only show up about one out of every 1000 steps, and they like to run away. If you can corner and kill one, though, they give fucktons of EXP.

Treasure Room in the Last Dungeon
Just before the tenth question gateway in the final room of the final dungeon, there appears to be a door on a ledge across a chasm. It’s too far to jump and there’s no switch to activate a bridge. The trick is to get over using the same method used in a similar situation in Ganon’s Tower in A Link to the Past. Turn back the other way, stand at the other end of the ledge facing away from the door, and THEN press the jump button to launch yourself over.

And now you know! :D <3
>> No. 10542
>> No. 10574
  another thing
>> No. 11336
File 137814008717.jpg - (21.32KB , 500x333 , 2000067174645735152_rs.jpg )
I am guilty of copying most of the music into my collection and listening to it on a regular basis...
>> No. 11541
If there will be an update for this, then i'd like to point out that the Sword of Shielding semms to be buggy. Costs 0 post, and can not be sold. It's really annoying. (Maybe you should include a delete item feature, if possible?)
Ps.: despite the bugs it's a very nice game, thanks!
Ps2.: if you are already on this than sorry
Ps3.: will there be any updates?
>> No. 11577
File 138707972415.jpg - (57.40KB , 283x441 , image.jpg )
>My spaghetti! It's falling everywhere! Oh, fuck no!
>> No. 11680
what happened to this place? is there anyone left from 2010?
>> No. 11689
> is there anyone left from 2010?
some people are still lurking, awaiting for someone to say something interesting.
>> No. 11766
Yes, but we are known to hang around at that other site. I'm sure you know which.
>> No. 11820
I'm still here :3
>> No. 12013
Holy shit, is it really you? :o

Also, I'm thinking about playing this game one more time... the nostalgia... oh man, I don't know if I can handle it.
>> No. 12428
File 141676152612.jpg - (7.32KB , 192x240 , index.jpg )
post your waifu
>> No. 12614
File 144366154252.gif - (18.91KB , 370x370 , hal_9000.gif )
boxxyquest wordpress site has a new owner
>> No. 12626

Elaborate, pls.

I kinda need that blog.
>> No. 12628
It's still there, same URL but now it is owned by doubledave
>> No. 12631

Bizarre. I'll ask him about it.
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