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File 143527854346.jpg - (70.44KB , 728x546 , suicide.jpg )
12554 No. 12554
What do you think would happen if someone from the sphere committed suicide?
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>> No. 12557
File 143561355911.jpg - (46.16KB , 460x460 , 1409219662848.jpg )
I think it would suck. I would want to kick their dead ass if they did that. why do you ask?
>> No. 12558
what are you waiting for
>> No. 12559
Don't kill yourself.
The net is full of cruelty.
Some of just vent because everyone else on the net is cruel to them.
Get mental health help.
Call 911 if need be.
>> No. 12560
I think about it a lot.

after vidcon
>> No. 12562
I used to think about suicide when I was younger. It's a stage everybody goes through at some point in their life. Things change for better or worse, and the thoughts will eventually go away. Just keep your head up and wait for it to pass.
>> No. 12563
i thought about suicide when i was younger.
i think about suicide today.
>> No. 12565
maus can u unblock me on twitter
>> No. 12566
File 143576726052.jpg - (10.09KB , 367x306 , IMG_20141016_134757.jpg )
who are u?

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