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File 141333117387.jpg - (78.38KB , 407x405 , 1250203934820.jpg )
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Holy shit. This IB Is fucking bullshit. All of it. Fucking faggots.
>> No. 12399
What is IB and why should I care?
>> No. 12407
Judging by the choosing of words, I'd say it OP came from 8chan; June has been mentioned a couple of times because of her vids and when asked about what happened to Boxxy they were directed here.

File 134350087758.gif - (1.70MB , 320x180 , lol2.gif )
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Anyone know a funny joke? Post it in this thread, and try to make others laugh.
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>> No. 9345
I wish I knew someone on the International Space Station. If I did, I would send that person a postcard with a picture on the front of the entire planet Earth taken from space.

On the back I would write, "Wish you were here."
>> No. 12388
did u hear about that zoo that has no exotic animals in it but instead just one dog?
its a shih tzu.
>> No. 12397

File 141149657780.jpg - (42.11KB , 369x242 , rescueswimmer.jpg )
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>> No. 12373
I don't remember the last time I had any drama.
>> No. 12390
no airlift for you

File 140805547659.png - (335.11KB , 474x692 , miniboxxy.png )
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>> No. 12375
  It might become interesting if Shoe0nHead would try to promote some cause and we would be able to make fun of her.
>> No. 12377
  NicciNarcoticxxx also known as Shoe0nHead performs what can be considered to be like a parody of Jessi Slaughter.
>> No. 12379

Shoe0nHead fits almost inside a refrigerator, so she can be called tinyboxxy.

File 140999432723.gif - (3.16MB , 480x270 , 1389322036149.gif )
12334 No. 12334 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
who /sp/ here?
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>> No. 12348
> Does catie read this?
I've seen her post in /m/ from time to time.
>> No. 12364
Croatia lost like never before. I believe it was 3-1 to Mexico after the same loss to Brazil :(
>> No. 12376
I only browse /hoc/.

>can she start a /sp/orts board?
I don't think there would be enough interest.

File 140756034061.jpg - (10.67KB , 125x100 , fauxy.jpg )
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>> No. 12361
Hey, no porn on this website.
>> No. 12362
>> No. 12363
Deal with it, nerd.

File 140441904480.jpg - (23.63KB , 319x320 , 7237.jpg )
12122 No. 12122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
The idea of a British or European meetup has been something that's popped up quite a lot, but as far as I'm aware there's been no official arrangements made - so that's what this thread is for.

So - would anyone be interested in a British or Europe meetup?

Just to clarify - by Brit/Euro I am only talking about the location, not the people. I'd love it if people from other countries could come along also.

And if we are to have one - where would you want it? Personally I think Britain would be most suitable because it shares the same language as most of you guys and there's even a possibility of getting Catie there because she's expressed a love for Britain before - but obviously as a Brit myself I have a bias - so I'm open to the possibility of other areas.

So.. yeah. Euro/Brit-meet general. Let's not discuss the time/date until later though because right now we just need to know if anyone's interested and where it's going to be.

If anyone knows of anons/trips who are in Europe who might be interested - please pass on the message to them.

Unichan thread:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 12244
Such wow
>> No. 12326
Okay guys - I think I've given Catie enough chance to give an answer, but unfortunately she still hasn't - so we're moving things on but she's still invited of course.

I've decided on London now - any ideas what sort of date you guys want to come?
>> No. 12333
Any date is fine but I'd rather not do it Christmas time

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  In this video Shoe0nHead performs the voice of a computer device.
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>> No. 12320
>> No. 12322
are you going to make a post about everyone in the sphere?
>> No. 12323
  Boxxology can be nominated for The oldest member of the sphere contest.
He is a close online friend of Boxxmom.
If Boxxology would be less shy he could ask her out on a date.

Boxxology is a linux expert. He made a Boxxy Theme Linux version.


File 140769984378.jpg - (75.08KB , 470x372 , test_pattern1.jpg )
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>> No. 12285
When you get old, memory isn't what it used to be. What can I do?
>> No. 12286
drink more milk :3
>> No. 12289
File 140814584029.jpg - (55.67KB , 250x250 , 53412049.jpg )
Excellent advice! Milk is love, Milk is life!

File 14080435463.png - (15.32KB , 200x164 , achoo.png )
12273 No. 12273 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Do I absolutely fucking need flash what the hell I thought HTML5 was the thing
>> No. 12287
HTML5 isn't really big yet. I still use flash, but I block it from saving anything on my machine.

File 140616595627.jpg - (70.16KB , 900x1200 , 1397782164744.jpg )
12223 No. 12223 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>tfw I'll never be as pretty and great as Catie.

it hurts to live. How can I deal with this depression?
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>> No. 12229
File 14062415376.gif - (499.28KB , 500x281 , gif cryy.gif )
that isn't me in the picture. I'm not even a female ;_;
>> No. 12232
>> No. 12236

make-up & photoshop if you want to be pretty like a girl

dude equivalent to that is just money

File 140541845626.png - (401B , 53x18 , Capture.png )
12198 No. 12198 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>/r/inging this song
Internet tough guys don't mess with us.
'Cause this shit's about to get dangerous.
We know how to get IPs.
Don't act surprised when you could R.A.T.
404 on your server.
Pizzas show up at your door.
Got you changing your number.
So go ahead and upload more.
>> No. 12199
>> No. 12202
File 140548363567.jpg - (42.25KB , 500x500 , avatars-000027516784-d576q9-t500x500.jpg )
merci! inférieur à trois

>dat pic do
June is so pretty jeez fo realz

File 14046840423.jpg - (10.05KB , 261x187 , GET-TIT.jpg )
12154 No. 12154 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
WTF is this shit /m/?

>> No. 12161
That entire site was made by the haters of 4chan.
>> No. 12177
File 140493475776.png - (65.76KB , 638x730 , really.png )
> Somebody makes a thread about CC's article in ED
> On the very same day in which CC's article creator logs in

> WTF is this shit /m/?
It's the shit you wrote that nobody reads, Wendell.

> That entire site was made by the haters of 4chan.
It was created to archive internet drama. Supposeddly nothing is sacred unless you're talking about the people who admin & moderate the site (I remember when the whole page was mourning the suicide of one of the mods there, suddenly there was a serious article in a site filled with memes.
The article about CC is updated from time to time by it's Austininte xbox-fan creator, which I guess it's a uninite.

File 140368743995.jpg - (2.85KB , 227x119 , skype.jpg )
12101 No. 12101 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Lets get social, guys. We haven't had a skype thread in a while so post your usernames ITT.
Mine is egninja
13 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12119
im so sorry,ur right n im despicable.
i hopeee u have a great day,tah.
>> No. 12121
over reacting much? Maus isn't even a mod anyway
>> No. 12124
Maus' original reply seemed appropriate to me. You writing "You must be new" was childish so Maus followed with a proper reply. You also could have just ended it there instead of making a big deal about it.

File 140434341891.png - (14.01KB , 1000x151 , bloc3.png )
12120 No. 12120 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So there's this geopolitics game that I play called >bloc where you play as a third world nation at the heights of the cold war. I figured we should start our own alliance and try and beat everyone. What do you guys think?

The community is driven by player led alliances, mostly people from 4chan, somethingawful, etc, so you can expect some typical culture from them, but i think it would be a fun thing to do.

link: http://blocgame.com/
>> No. 12219
i found it really neat. d:

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